ireland – What is the drinking age on American operated airlines to Canada?

I live in Ireland and was hoping to go with my friend to Los Angeles in December of this year and it seems that the American carriers (United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta) are cheaper than British Airways or Aer Lingus

He just turned 20 last month and I’m 22. It will be a long flight from Dublin to Vancouver so we want to drink. The thing is, I’m not sure what the rules regarding the purchase of alcohol are on flights.

When I went to New York 2 years ago during Christmas using Delta, I asked for alcohol and the flight attendant denied me as I was ‘under-age’. By this I take it that the minimum age on American air carriers is the same as the one in the U.S, 21yrs old.

I was told it’s determined either by the airline carrier that one is travelling with or the minimum age in the destination/origin country.

Even though I could drink in Ireland as the age is 18, I was seen as underage. What would the age limit be if travelling to Canada from Ireland?

hand luggage – Does anyone know if I would be allowed to bring my power bank of 30,000mAH in my carry-on bag for all 3 three of these airlines?

The IATA passenger guidelines for lithium batteries for passengers are here.

Your powerbank has a capacity of 30000 mAh, which probably means 111000 mWh (based on the 3.7V nominal voltage of lithium batteries), or 111 Wh. Note if they don’t display their capacity in Wh (or mWh), most people would use the 5V output and count 150 Wh.

This means they exceed the 100 Wh limit which would allow you to carry them onboard without hassle. You are allowed to have 2 of those in your carry-on, but you need operator approval, which probably means you need to call them to secure that approval, if that’s even possible.

Note that those are only guidelines and individual airlines may deviate from them. You’ll have to check each airline’s dangerous goods regulations to see if they differ.

It’s probably much easier if you use 2 similar powerbanks with a 20000 mAh capacity.

air travel – How to book a United Airlines ticket if my passport doesn’t have a last name?

For US Visa puporses, it looks like you need to use your single name as “last name” and FNU as first name. FNU means “first name unknow”. See FAQ section. It’s likely that United will adopt the same process since they need to communicate booking data and Visa data to US immigration authorities. However, you should call and ask them to confirm.

However, it’s likely that you will run into a lot of issues and if possible you should try to get your Indian passport fixed before you travel.

air travel – Book United airlines ticket with only Firtsname in passport

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covid 19 – Is eating permitted on Southwest Airlines today?

From Southwest’s FAQ—When the Federal law requires Customers to wear a mask (emphasis added):

Customers will be required to wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times during their Southwest travel experience—while checking in, boarding, while in flight, deplaning, retrieving baggage; and any other time they may engage with a Southwest Employee or another Customer. Customers are required to wear a mask in order to board the plane.

The following are times when a Customer may need to briefly remove their mask:

When necessary for identity verification purposes such as during Transportation Security Administration screening or when asked to do so by our Employees or any law enforcement official

While eating, drinking, or taking oral medications. Prolonged periods of mask removal are not permitted for eating or drinking; the mask must be worn between bites and sips.

While communicating with a person who is hearing impaired when the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication

If, on an aircraft, wearing of oxygen masks is needed because of loss of cabin pressure or other event affecting aircraft ventilation

If unconscious (for reasons other than sleeping), incapacitated, unable to be awakened, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance

“Due to a technical error the e-ticket cannot be shown” error with Turkish Airlines. Anything I can do to view my reservation?

I’m trying to get into my Turkish Airlines reservation and I’m seeing the error on their website:

Due to a technical error the e-ticket cannot be shown.

If I try the mobile app, I’m seeing the error:

There has been a schedule change on your flight. Please contact our sales office or call center to confirm or to request a change and refund.

Is there a workaround that would let me see the latest status of my reservation, short of calling them? The current phone support waiting time is 27 minutes and in my experience the line often disconnects before you get a chance to speak to a human.

air travel – Codeshare flight – CM702 – GRU to PTY ticket sold by Emirates Airlines via COPA Airlines

I bought a ticket from Emirates website for CMB to DXB, DXB to GRU, GRU to PTY. This is all a single ticket issued by Emirates. In this ticket, GRU to PTY is operated by COPA airlines (CM702 flight number).

After the order, I selected my seats for CMB to DXB flight and DXB to GRU flight.

How do I select the seats for GRU to PTY? The Emirates website is saying seat selection isn’t available for flights operated by other carries. I took the ticket number and plugged it into COPA airlines website and it’s saying that seat selection is not available for this passenger.

Can airlines open your checked-in luggage without telling you?

The presiding government agencies have the legal right and authority to open, inspect, and search your luggage. Do they have the duty to inform you? I don’t know. In the US, my checked in luggage has been searched. Sometimes they leave a note. Sometimes they do not.

In the case of a non-government agency like an airport or airline, in the US, the following regulations apply:

From Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations:

1544.203 Acceptance and screening of checked baggage.

(a) Preventing or deterring the carriage of any explosive or incendiary. Each aircraft operator must use the procedures, facilities, and equipment described in its security program to prevent or deter the carriage of any unauthorized explosive or incendiary onboard aircraft in checked baggage.

(b) Acceptance. Each aircraft operator must ensure that checked baggage carried in the aircraft is received by its authorized aircraft operator representative.

(c) Screening of checked baggage. Except as provided in its security program, each aircraft operator must ensure that all checked baggage is inspected for explosives and incendiaries before loading it on its aircraft, in accordance with §1544.207.


1544.207 Screening of individuals and property.

(a) Applicability of this section. This section applies to the inspection of individuals, accessible property, checked baggage, and cargo as required under this part.

(b) Locations within the United States at which TSA conducts screening. Each aircraft operator must ensure that the individuals or property have been inspected by TSA before boarding or loading on its aircraft. This paragraph applies when TSA is conducting screening using TSA employees or when using companies under contract with TSA.

(c) Aircraft operator conducting screening. Each aircraft operator must use the measures in its security program and in subpart E of this part to inspect the individual or property. This paragraph does not apply at locations identified in paragraphs (b) and (d) of this section.

(d) Locations outside the United States at which the foreign government conducts screening. Each aircraft operator must ensure that all individuals and property have been inspected by the foreign government. This paragraph applies when the host government is conducting screening using government employees or when using companies under contract with the government.

My checked luggage has been searched traveling from Hong Kong to the Philippines. It has also been searched traveling domestically between cities in South Africa. Neither time was I notified nor a note left. Since nothing of value was taken, I can only surmise that it was done by government security. The only way I knew was that the lock (non-TSA compliant) was damaged in China. And, in South Africa, a 20,000 mA rechargeable battery and a book were removed.

The South African incident was very shortly after the ban on lithium batteries in checked luggage went into affect. I had placed the battery in my carry-on. At the last minute, we were told that there was not enough room on the flight for all carry-on bags. Ours would have to be checked. I did not even think about the battery. Upon arrival to our destination, the battery and the book (which was in the same pocket of my luggage)were gone. Nothing else was touched. And, no notification given.

What does cancellation policy mean Turkish Airlines fare rules page?

I would like to purchase a roundtrip ticket from Turkey Airlines and am somewhat confused on the cancellation policy in fare rules page

For international flights, under “economy promotion”, it says that the rules for Cancellation/Refunds are

Cancelations and refunds not permitted. Only taxes are refunded.

I get the no refunds parts but not sure about the no cancellation part. How does this even work? If I were to purchase a ticket with economy promotion and for whatever reason I won’t we able to flight. And based on the rules, it means I can’t cancel it, right? So, will I be charged a fee for not getting on the flight since I wasn’t able to cancel it?

air travel – If I am going from Shenzhen to HK airport for an outbound flight, what are the covid specific rules and what airlines can I actually fly with

I am aware that sky pier and ferry service are open for SZ to HK at the moment, but not sure about the exact procedures and eligible airlines. The part of “upstream check in services” from the HK airport announcement confuses me a bit, since i have never used the pier before and I have no idea what is what there.

link to the announcement: