Going on vacation from an airport at a cool temperature, can airport security detect this and think it is a Coronavirus?

Neither the metal detectors nor the full body scanners currently used in UK airports are designed to measure or detect body temperature. However, the infrared camera systems designed to do this are fairly simple to install and are known to be installed at various airports around the world to catch people with fever. At a much simpler level, the same type of contactless technology is also used in portable thermometers.

For the moment, this mainly targets travelers from high risk areas (i.e. mainland China). Since the known cases in the UK are still extremely rare, it is likely that you would be recognized as having a high probability of having another virus (they are quite common after all). That said, the situation is likely to change, so keep up with the news and take into account the concerns of your traveling companions (for example, bring handkerchiefs and hand sanitizer)

Airport MCO – how long is the flight safe for the connecting flight?

I fly from SFO to MCO and I connect to Peru. The incoming flight will probably be in section 2 (terminal A) and outgoing in section 4 (terminal B). The waiting time I have is 1 hour and 52 minutes. Does it seem safe enough? I seem to have to pass another checkpoint at the main terminal.

note: I only have hand luggage and I book my flights with only one airline.

airport transfer – Lithuanian citizen traveling to Lithuania via Abu Dhabi with 2 months passport validity

I am a Lithuanian citizen going from Sydney to Lithuania but my passport expires in two months from the day of travel. I will travel to Lithuania to change my passport via Abu Dhabi and will only change planes and will not leave the airport or enter the country, only transfer from one terminal to another. Can someone please advise if it is ok to transfer to Abu Dhabi Airport with a passport validity of 2 months.
Thank you!

Will my Indian passport be stamped at Bangkok Airport during my transit?

Please assume the following:

I travel from Bangalore to Singapore via Bangkok.
I am an Indian national.
I will travel with one ticket.
I will not leave the airport.
I have no check-in baggage.

Why is the airport tax of some airports charged outside the air ticket but must be paid at the airport?

Why is the airport tax of some airports charged outside the air ticket but must be paid at the airport?

Example from Uyuni Airport, where the airport tax is 11 BOB per passenger:

enter description of image here

Can I get a transit visa on arrival at Cochin Airport?

Cochin Airport does not currently have an airside transit facility; anyone arriving from outside of India must pass immigration and customs before traveling on their next flight. This means that you will need a visa to enter India.

You can get a transit visa which allows you to enter India for up to 3 days. You can leave the airport with this visa. There is no visa on arrival; you need to get the visa in advance. You can get the visa by following the instructions given at the High Commission of India in Kuala Lumpur. There are many fake websites and service providers; you should only use websites and service providers provided by the High Commission.

Customs and Immigration – Can You Leave the Airport After Passing International Security

I am going to Taiwan in a few months, and due to a change of plans, I will be staying an extra week while the others I am supposed to go home with continue.

I am unable to cancel my original ticket, but I am happy to leave others an extra seat available to them.

My question is, if I go through security and up to the door with them, would I have problems getting out afterwards? I would tell them at the door not to call me or wait because I will not be going up.

And when I enter the country, I guess I should show immigrants my second ticket instead?

Where is the belt 1, 2, … at Brussels Airport?

I have checked the arrival information for my flight and it says that I am arriving at "belt 2".
I checked the airport website and did a Google search, but I couldn't find where this "belt 2" is. I only found one baggage claim named Belt 2.

What does "belt 2" (or other belts) refer to on arrival information?

Do I need a visa to be at Sydney Airport from 6.45pm to 11.45am? I'm from Argentina

I am Argentinian, I travel from Papua New Guinea to Argentina. I will arrive in Sydney on June 19 at 6:55 p.m. and I will board my next flight on June 20 at 11:45 a.m. I will not leave the airport.

International Travel – Baggage Assistance at Canberra Airport for a Woman Traveling with Children

My wife and I will be traveling from Canberra to Doha on Qatar Airways with our two children. I will come back to Canberra before she does. My research tells me that there is no porter service available at Canberra Airport to assist with baggage claim.

I thought of an elaborate plan to try to help him. Basically, I will fly to an inland destination in Australia and time my flight to Canberra to coincide with its arrival, so that we can meet at passport control and proceed to the baggage claim area together.

The problem is that I don't know if domestic and international flights arrive at the same terminal in Canberra. Is this a workable plan? Are there better alternatives?

Thank you…