ID proof to present in airport for domestic travel

I have a color printout of a scanned copy of either card will it accept in airport for domestic travel

In which countries do airport security swab passengers on the stomach

Someone told me that she was swabbed on her bare stomach at airport security. In what countries does this happen?

Is it legal for a male airport security guard to ask you to lift up your blouse and swab your bare stomach?

Is it actually legal to ask me to lift up my blouse, as I find it a bit indecent?

Yes, its “legal” because it is not against the law. The security personnel have asked me to remove shoes, belt, lift up my shirt, turn over my pant waist, all in the name of security and all in the public area.

I guess the question in your mind is if it is okay for a male to do that for a female. In many airports, you can ask for a person of the same gender to screen you in private, or have one present while screened. However, as mentioned in the comments this has to be requested and even then it may not be practical as there may not be someone available; which may add to a delay for you.

As for the reaction on your skin, simply apply any topical allergy cream or ointment. It is likely a reaction against the fiberglass strands in the swab. If the rash persists or it becomes itchy, consult a medical professional.

spain – is it usual for airport security to swab people’s stomach and wistband?

Recently, when i was coming home from spain, after going through security, i was told by a security agent that i need to follow her. She took my to a more private area, and then a male agent came and searched my bag, asked my to take off my shoes, and swabbed my hands. But then, he asked me to lift up my shirt behind. I was shocked, but i lifted it, and he swabbed my waist in the back. Then he came to the front of me, and this time, he lifted my top in the front himself and swabbed my waist and stomach. I felt humiliated especially since i’m female, and there was a female agent there, but the male agent searched me instead.
Is it normal to have your bare stomach and waistband swabbed? And furthermore, is it normal for such searches to be done on females by male security agents?

transiting Miami airport with the current COVID restrictions

Will USA immigration authorities allow me and my husband to transit through Miami airport. we will be coming from Merida Mexico and will be getting on a flight to Istanbul, Turkey the next day. we have ESTA but we are wondering what restrictions there are under COVID 19. We have UK passports.

airport security – Why are passports checked at the gate for inter-EU flights?

Answers to the question Why are passports checked at the check-in counter, Immigration and even at the gate? point to the fact (among others, but this is the main trend) that airlines are held responsible by the arriving country if they did not do some due-diligence on the capacity of an individual to enter the destination country.

The EU (Schengen area) allows, in normal times, for free travel between the EU countries. I therefore cannot think of a reason for the airlines to check the IDs or passports of the travelers at the gate.

  • I remember that 15 years ago the check was random (sometimes they would check for the ID, sometimes not) and further back there was no check at all.

  • Since you can drive between EU countries freely the “can they go to the other country” aspect is moot.

  • The ticket is already payed off so whoever travels does not make a difference here (except if there are fees for changing the name (which is the case at least for low-cost airlines), but this is not the problem of the airport and their staff)

Is this just tradition or security theater, or is there a specific EU reason for that?

public transport – Direct bus at 4pm from Edinburgh airport to Dundee on the 17th May.?

There aren’t any direct buses or trains from Edinburgh Airport to Dundee. Any journeys will involve at least one change somewhere.

For travelling by bus, the quickest and cheapest option would probably be via Halbeath park and ride, near Dunfermline. This is doable in about 1 hour 40 minutes, depending on what time of day. From Edinburgh Airport, take the Stagecoach Jet 747 service to Halbeath, this runs every 30 minutes. Then you can get a Megabus service from there to Dundee. You can book a ticket for this whole journey, from either Citylink or Megabus. Megabus is usually cheaper, though the ticket will be for a specific journey. Or you can buy a ticket from the bus driver, though this would be more expensive.

Alternatively, you could go via Edinburgh city centre. Take the Airlink bus service 100 to Waverley, then it is a short walk to the bus station on St Andrews Square. The Airlink bus runs every 30 minutes. Or you can get a tram, these are more frequent, but may take a bit longer. Then you can get a Citylink or Megabus service from Edinburgh to Dundee.

Or you can go by bus or tram into Edinburgh, then a train to Dundee. This would be quicker than a bus, but probably a bit more expensive. For this, get the Airlink bus or tram to Haymarket station, where you can catch a train to Dundee.

To check times for any of these services, you could use the Traveline Scotland website. This includes nearly all buses, tram and train services in Scotland. You can search for journeys on a specific date and time.

Fira to Santorini Airport transportation early in the morning

Due to COVID-19 our leaving flight from Santorini, Greece to Athens (middle of September) got moved early in the morning. We are scheduled to leave from Santorini Airport at 06:20 (in the morning).
Therefore we have to be at the airport at 05:00 in the morning.
What (safe) means of transportation are there in order to get from Fira to the airport in time? We’re thinking of leaving our accommodation at around 04:00.
What options do we have? Taxi, bus? Any shuttle service?

transit – Arriving from Myanmar by Finnair via Helsinki to Geneva Airport. British passport is it permitted to go directly to France, second residence?

Work contract completed after 5 years in Yangon. Want to travel from Myanmar by Finnair via Helsinki to Geneva Airport. British passport is it permitted to go directly to France, second residence? We have no residence in the UK. Our main residence is in central asia and I cannot get a visa as borders closed indefinately.

Is it possible to change tracks in the train station of Brussels Airport Zaventem without a Diabolo Pass?

It should be possible. The Diabolo surcharge is checked at a row of automated gates between the foyer of the train station and the rest of the airport. You can go up and down the stairs leading to the platforms and around the foyer before going through the gates. Facilities are minimal (maybe a toilet and of course some machines to buy a Diabolo pass if your ticket doesn’t include it) and staff is there to guide the people leaving to the airport through this peculiar process.

That’s how I remember it and it is confirmed by the Belgian Railways website:

It is still possible to take a connecting service at Brussels Airport-Zaventem station, without having to pass through the gates.