United States – Transit (air side) between Terminals 2 to 3 of CDG Airport

As far as I know, there is no airside transfer between Terminal 3 and another terminal (Terminal 3 is the low cost terminal for charter flights and very low cost carriers – even EasyJet does not not use).

You will have to disembark, pass the immigration, collect your luggage, pass the customs, go to the terminal 3 (a little walk + CDGVAL + more walk) and register before the time limit (it depends probably from the airline, but often 1 hour).

Depending on the terminal where you arrive, your nationality and your status, whether you have checked your luggage or not, this can go from very bad to very good if the incoming flight is at the hour. Quickly impossible if there are delays.

In addition, since this connection is almost certainly on two separate tickets, remember that if you do not respect the time limit for check-in and baggage deposit for the second flight, they will consider you as a no-show, will cancel your ticket (and possibly the following flights). on the same ticket, depending on the airline), and you will have the opportunity to book and pay a new ticket (at the last minute, so usually a little more expensive).

If you have not booked yet or if you still have the option to change one or the other flight, I highly recommend booking again with a lot more margin.

tsa – What is the interest of DHS to warn passengers at Manila Airport?

I saw the following warning printed next to all the TSA checkpoints in an American airport:

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today announced its determination that the security of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL), which serves as the airport's last starting point for flights to the United States, does not maintain and does not exercise effective oversight. safety in accordance with safety standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

What is the purpose of this warning? Are they warning passengers that direct flights to Manila will soon be canceled? Or is it just a generic warning designed to force Manila Airport to improve its safety?

Transit Visa at Incheon Airport

I am a Nigerian and I make a round trip for holidays between Lagos and East Timor, with a transit to the airport of Incheon, South Korea. Do I need a transit visa?

I just enter the United States without passport control at Atlanta Airport.

You crossed the American CBP preclearance in Toronto before taking your flight. It's about immigration and US customs, with US immigration officers stationed on Canadian soil, and unless it's an unusual event, it means your flight is coming to the US in the same way as a theft domestic, without any additional procedure to enter the country. .

Since you are a NEXUS holder, your immigration journey has been short and simplified because the US considers you a trusted traveler, not having to see an agent unless you have something to report or if you are selected for further review.

As for your second question:

But how on earth did security know if I had already done preclearance at the Toronto airport and opened the door to a separate lane?

All passengers on your flight have passed preclearance because it was part of the process before you could reach your boarding gate in Toronto. The airline staff in Atlanta knew that you were doing a pre-clearance flight and opened the appropriate doors to direct you to the airport lobby rather than to the secure hallways of the immigration hall. If you had arrived in the United States by a flight without preclearance (for example, a flight from London), they would have rather assured you that your only way was that of immigration and that you could not leave the city. Airport until you are there by immigration and customs. If the airline staff spoils all of this, there could be substantial fines and a lot of problems and inconveniences for everyone.

can you leave the airport if you have a long wait on a connecting flight

Consider going to Beijing before continuing to Phuket. One of the connecting times at Beijing Airport is 9 hours. Do you have to stay at the airport all the time? or do you have the opportunity to go out and explore?


Trying to fill the 5h connection at FRA airport

Next 5 hour connection to FRA airport in Germany. Can anyone suggest tours or even a coffee that I can do outside of the airport during this time?

Visa for a 13-hour stopover at Bangkok Airport

I fly to Sydney from India via Thai Airways during the first week of June and have a 13 hour stopover at Bangkok Airport. I would like to explore the city and wanted to know which visa should I choose? Visa on arrival that costs 2000 Baht or is there another visa?


stopovers – Is it possible to pass from one terminal to the other of Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport without leaving the air side?

This is a question of people who are familiar with Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport (TLV).

In a few months, I fly to ELAL from Johannesburg Airport Tel Aviv-David Ben Gurion, and arrives at 7:10 am at Terminal 3 (according to Google).

I must then take the plane to Bucharest the same day. The flight I would like to take at 9:55 am, Wizz Air, leaves Terminal 1.

I intend to travel with hand luggage only.

My question is: Will I be able to transfer to take the Wizz Air flight without having to leave the airport and come back?

I need to know this because, if I have to leave the airport and go back inside, I may miss my Wizz Air flight because of the time that security can take to TLV. Opinion on the feasibility if I make leaving and re-entering, given the time constraints, are welcome.

Why does the Turkish Airlines ground staff at Istanbul Airport take pictures of passenger passports?

Turkish Airlines ground staff members have point-and-shoot digital cameras with which they take pictures of passengers' passports. They did not ask permission to do so nor provided any reason. An idea might be the reason they do this?

storage facilities at Sanfrancisco airport

Hello, we will leave Sanfrancisco June 30 and we will return the 2nd night. We would like to leave our heavy luggage behind and travel light. What are the baggage storage options at the airport while we embark for a night flight the same 2 to Boston