new delhi – What is the duration of the custom process at Indira Gandhi International Airport?


The customs at Indira Gandhi airport in New Delhi is quite fast, especially very early in the morning in your case. I have made international transfers in domestic in one hour and a half. Since yours is at rush hour, it should be even faster for you.

Unless your incoming flight is significantly delayed, you do not have to worry about it.

tickets – Train from Geneva Airport to Fiesch

I see no reason why you could not do it. There are ATMs and workstations in the Geneva airport station. As long as you have money or an acceptable card, this should be pretty simple.

There are two trains per hour, so even if you have to queue a little, that should not be a problem.

However, I do not see any reason for not being able to buy tickets online. Have you tried

luggage – The best way to abandon a bag at the airport in Hong Kong?

A strange question, I know.

I expect to arrive with a normal-size baggage, containing items that I brought in the flight, but I do not want to take away any more, objects that I'm going to transfer in my main luggage between drop it with WFS for the subsequent delivery, and some stuff that I will carry with me in a much smaller bag waiting in my main suitcase. I do not really want to explain why this is the case because it will distract the attention from the main question – nothing bad happens, I just have a slightly complex route and I do not want to hang out more than I need at any moment.

I then stay with unwanted hand luggage containing some harmless and cheap possessions (nothing unpleasant, not even dirty clothes). I will deliberately use an old slightly broken bag (ripped handle) that I have already replaced and that is currently cluttering my home. If it was a soft bag, I would roll it and put it in a wastebasket, but it's a somewhat rigid wheel bag that does not can not be placed in a normal basket.

What I obviously do not want to do is leave a bag hanging around the airport and trigger a security alert. My best current plan is to casually drop it on a loaded baggage belt, where it can turn in circles until the baggage handlers eventually pick it up. There will be no obvious means of identification, and I will leave a note inside English and Cantonese to say that I do not want more, to avoid wasting any effort to find an owner. Then, they will probably dispose of them by all the means they have for non-identifiable lost objects.

Does anyone have better ideas? Maybe all this is a useless subterfuge and that there is actually a convenient container for bulk garbage hidden in a place where I could throw it away? In or near the baggage claim, ideally.

transit – Leave the airport with a connecting flight

I am a citizen of the United States. I will travel from South Korea to the United States. There is an 8 hour stop in Taiwan for a connecting flight. Am I allowed to get out of Taiwan airport by this stop to meet friends for a meal? If so, are there any complications that I should expect, such as immigration and baggage check?

network – What will happen with AirPort?

I am using 3 AirPort Extremes in my home network setup, one of them being AirPort Time Capsule, and I'm afraid Apple will kill my network, if you see this I mean … you know, since they killed the Air Port line. I do not really want to buy three new routers. Will I still be able to use the AirPort utility in 5 years, for example?

uk – Do I need DATV to meet my family at Heathrow Airport during my stopover for a connecting flight?

DATV means direct Trackside Transit visa. The only thing for which he is good is to be able to take a flight to a British airport when you do not expect to have to spend the immigration there.

If your friends do not travel themselves, they can not come out to meet you, so your only chance to meet you is if you cross immigration to meet them land side. Having a DATV is not relevant for that.

You have two options:

  • Pay to request a Visitor in transit visa in advance, which will allow you to enter the UK.
  • I hope that the immigration officer will let you enter the UK under the Transit without visa scheme. Since you most likely have a visa for Canada, you meet the official conditions – but as I understand it, they do not do it. to have to grant, and the immigration officer can take the position that since you can stay on the airside for your transit (there are airside transfer buses between the terminals), you should.

There is no reason why you need to see your luggage during the stopover, if you can make the departure airport mark it in Canada (which they will usually do if your flights are all on one ticket).

Indian citizens – Is a transit visa required at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok?

I travel from Ho Chi Minh to Mumbai by connecting flight. Thai Airways HO CHI MINH to Bangkok and Bangkok to Mumbai.
There is a 3.30 minute stopover at BKK airport. I need a transit visa because I have to cross emigration to retrieve the baggage.

I 3rs 30 minutes time to take the connecting flight from Bangkok … help pls

macbook – [MBP9,2]Can I replace the Broadcom AirPort card with the 802.11 from another provider?

My MB Pro Mi-2012 A1278 has a Broadcom AirPort card.

I will be brief and I will simply say that I have lost a lot of time trying to run this device on a Linux distribution that I run on the MacBook. I can use a USB dongle to connect to the Internet, but I would really rather have all my USB ports free.

Given that:

a) It does not bother me to have no Bluetooth on the map because it is useless and above all,

b) I do not plan to use Mac OS X in the distant future

Can I replace the Broadcom AirPort card with another 802.11 mini PCIe wireless card, such as an Atheros / Intel / Realtek card?

Thank you.

Does Kapalua Airport (JHM) have no TSA checkpoint?

I flew from Kapalua Airport (JHM) to Honolulu (HNL) on 2019-01-27. I did not go if the TSA at JHM. I wonder if the absence of TSA is due to the current shutdown of the United States. Does Kapalua Airport (JHM) have no TSA checkpoint?

I've read about

On November 15, 2016, Hawaiian Airlines announced that it was temporarily suspending the sales of its Honolulu-West Maui service while waiting to ensure a TSA presence at Kapalua Airport. .

On January 11, 2017, Hawaiian Airlines announced its intention to return to service at Kapalua West Maui Airport by the end of March.

It is unclear whether Hawaiian Airlines has decided to resume service at JHM because JHM has secured the presence of TSA or because Hawaiian Airlines has changed its mind.

Should I book Uber in advance (at least a week) at the airport for a flight?

For their flight to Chicago (then Maui) at 8 am, my grandparents must go by themselves to Pearson Terminal 1 from the North York Center station. As explained here, they want to arrive at 2 o'clock in the morning. Today, they booked Uber in advance for 2 am. When:

  1. Uber transmits reservation to Uber drivers?

  2. my grandfather knows if a driver has accepted his reservation (on his phone)? He thinks no one answers until 28/01/2018, he will cancel his Uber booking and book a taxi.

They read this horror story about Quora:

I have tried it once. Plan a trip 7 hours in advance with an hour pick up at
4:50. The application confirmed the trip and indicated that the pick-up time was
guaranteed, and if he's late, I'll get $ 10 in credits. Until here everything is fine
until …

In the morning, waiting for my pickup, I just found THE DRIVER
canceled the trip at 4:25, and Uber m charged $ 5.39 for cancellation

It's early and it's impossible to find another taxi or Uber soon. So the worst
Part of it was that I could not get to the airport at the time.

From my experience, this feature does not work at all.

In addition, Uber's customer service is almost 0, there is virtually no way to
speak to a human, the "customer service" simply leaves the customer to choose
a list of problems, and this problem does not even appear in the list.