Air travel – How can I be notified when a flight between a given airport and a given country becomes available in the next n days?

Assuming you wanted to go home (and you shouldn't try to go home), your best bet is the consular staff of your country. For example, various Canadian government agencies tweet about flights to Canada from specific airports. Here is an overview of the flow of

Twitter feed

In addition to tracking your country (and subsets of it like the "Canada in Lebanon" and "Canada in Singapore" accounts you see in the screenshot), you must have registered with your government so they can email, call or text you, and you should probably have called your embassy or consulate to find out how to get home.

If you are not trying to get home, but are trying to reach a parent or someone else who really needs you, these same sources are likely to help you. If you think your travel need is not urgent enough to involve an embassy, ​​then stop trying to travel. People are desperately trying to get home, reunite families, get out as long as they can. If you've always wanted to see a particular place, now is not the time.

Conclusion: make sure that at least one qualified human who is connected to your target country knows that you are trying to get there, then start monitoring the airlines, airports and these embassies and consulates on all social media that you can think of and participate in group discussions and multiple emails and Facebook groups, so you will be notified when there is a chance to go. And be ready to go when the opportunity arises.

When booking a flight to a train, can we recover the airport taxes?

Recently flew GOT-DUS-HAM (booked directly with the airline), the DUS-HAM section was canceled at the last minute and I got an open rail voucher.

Can I get reimbursed for airport taxes on the second flight?

Are stopovers currently permitted as of March 20, 2020 at Taipei and Manila Airport?

I am planning a flight from Brisbane to Osaka and wondering if it was possible to stop at Taipei or Manila Airport?

Can I buy Australian dollars at the exchange offices at Bucharest Airport?

Before shortening my trip and going home to hide from the virus, I still have a few hundred dollars of Romanian Lei. Who knows when or if I can come back, but I'm sure I will need this money when I return to Australia. And changing money in Australia practically means giving a third of it to a wealthy foreigner. My rule of thumb is that the exchange rate is always better in poor countries.

But are Australian dollars available at Bucharest International Airport?

I will buy Euro or USD as a backup plan, but I will also change to AUD, so I hope someone knows if I can just change my RON to AUD.

navigation – Manufacturer of interactive airport maps

I am working on a UX concept of an airport website and at the same time I find the technologies to use. I'm looking for ways to build interactive maps. Software or service that allows a user to create and manage the application.
The card must be intuitive to use on computer / tablet / mobile.

Anyone have experience with this?

Thank you!

security – COVID-19 US Airport Testing: what do they do if they are confirmed?

Traveling companions, simple question:

Is there a known policy on what airport and US government employees will do if they test someone for COVID-19 and find it positive?

In addition, does this policy depend on the airport, state, country, etc.? That is to say. is there no strict federal code?

Please explain / link to sources if anyone has information.

Thank you very much and stay safe friends.

wifi – 2 airport extremes, one extends main network but does not provide internet via wired ethernet connection

I have 2 Apple Airport extreme base stations, one is wired to the modem, the other is configured to extend the network of the former.

I want to be able to plug in a computer via ethernet at the airport configured as an extender, but it doesn't read any internet connection.


For the context, the two base stations are configured with the same SSID and the same password

Air Travel – Latest Delta Flights Departing from Athens ATH Airport (Airfrance, Alitalia, KLM)

I am booking a trip to Athens, Greece from JFK. I planned to return to the United States on March 18, but I called Delta, who told me that the last day their partners (Airfrance, Alitalia and KLM) would leave from ; Athens was March 17. So I am booked for March 17, the last flight from Athens according to them.

Does anyone know why Delta stops flights after the 17th? They didn't say why, but I could only think of the precautions related to the corona virus or the problems with Turkey.

Is this a reason to worry? Could I end up getting stuck in Greece? If that matters, my flight has a short stopover at CDG.

Any idea regarding this specific situation or similar situations is greatly appreciated.