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Describe Alexa Rank in SEO?

Hello friends,

Describe Alexa Rank in SEO?

Firewall – Siri / Bixby Block / Google Assistant / Alexa / Cortana / … in the Home Network

Since the release of Siri by Apple, I'm worried that these "wizards" send records to a server on which the answer is calculated. In reality, they are not an "AI" who would pass a test test, which could understand you and react accordingly, even if they are marketed as such.

Wanting a "smart digital assistant" is a great idea unless you realize that some companies actually have access to these recordings. Worse, as has been unveiled in recent weeks and months, not only do all companies store these records, they also ask their employees to listen to them and correct them.

I'm saving you shit "1984 is here" at this point …

I do not have a dedicated device, such as an Amazon Echo, but Android phones (Samsung and others), iPhones, Win10-PCs and Macbooks are used in my home. All of these devices / systems include at least some sort of "wizard" – and seeing it on my Samsung S10, they are quite inclined to make you use their system even when you have disabled the wizard in the settings .

With a variety of such devices in a home and the way current systems are enabled, a more or less continuous record of what is happening in my home is ultimately stored in a "cloud" attached to my point of view. Internet access. Awesome. Sensational. I do not want that. It's not that I have to hide things, but …

It's the same for businesses: imagine an office with, say, 20 people. Everyone wears / uses a private phone, a company phone and a computer. As a business owner, would you like to record all discussions / meetings on another company's server? Would you trust your employees to disable ALL their assistants? Would you like to take this risk?

What I want is to BLOCK all connections from a device in my network to one of these main servers. At the same time, I do not want to block other services from Apple / Amazon / Google / …

This should be fairly simple and you should be able to create a small firewall rule to install on your router. So I looked for it. Interestingly, I found only discussions like "why would you block them?" and more "how to unlock my Siri in my local / business network".

I am confused! Nobody sees an invasion of privacy? Can not be!

So, everyone knows the ranges of IP addresses of these services so that I can block outgoing connections on my home / business router?

Warning: I am aware that this only works for the devices on my network and nothing prevents the devices from using Siri, and so on. via mobile phone networks. But I guess I can not do anything about it, can I?

Chatbots – What are the common conversation patterns used by voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and Cortana?

The conversation UI is common in IoT and other connected devices nowadays, not to mention smartphones and computers. The main players in the market would probably be Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft's Cortana.

It is usually rare that someone owns products from all of these providers, but I wonder if there are any common conversational design patterns shared by these types of devices in the way they interact with them. user, or they are designed to behave differently to match the market or target group, and where these differences might exist.

The specific areas I think from the point of view of the user experience are:

  • Default voice choice (and variety available for customization)
  • Language used to trigger specific actions
  • Type of language used by the voice assistant to answer
  • Type of indices and audio indicators for specific actions / states

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nodejs – Intention Invocation Problem in Amazon Alexa

I am something new with Alexa. My issue is the following. I've developed a skill with Node.js that makes you a three question quiz. The first question is triggered in the launch request, that is when the user calls the skill. The user enters the answer only by saying the number. From there, the dialogue goes on to the next attempt for which I put the name of Reply, this intention is programmed to answer the last two questions. When the user answers the first question, the intention of Reply. When Alexa gives me the second question and the answers, this is where I only get the audio answer, I specify that I use the simulator to test the skill. I develop the skill with the module ask-sdk and I raise it locally with alexa-skill-local.

The example would be like this:

User: Alexa opens the forum

Alexa: Welcome, we will ask you 3 questions ….. blablabla

User: is 1

Alexa: The answer is correct. The second question is ….. blablabla

User: 3

only audio response ————> it's here that it fails

I share my two relevant intentions, I will omit the code to generate the questions and answers, because this is not the big problem. I suspect that this can be the interface that allows the self-delegation of dialogue. In itself I seek that my intention Reply is invoked as long as my statements match those entered by the user, and not just invoked once and already. With Google Assistant and DialogFlow, I was able to use the application without any problem.

This is the LaunchRequest:

const LaunchIntentHandler = {
canHandle (handlerInput) {
return handlerInput.requestEnvelope.request.type === & # 39; LaunchRequest & # 39 ;;
handle (handlerInput) {
const speech = `Welcome to the Factly questionnaire. You will be asked 3 questions.
Try to answer correctly. Just say the number of the answer.
Let's start $ {buildQuestions (0)}. The possible answers are:
$ {buildAnswers (0)} `;

handlerInput.attributesManager.setSessionAttributes ({question: 0});
return handlerInput.responseBuilder.speak (speech) .reprompt (speech) .getResponse ();

And here is the answer:

const AnswerIntentHandler = {
canHandle (handlerInput) {
const request = handlerInput.requestEnvelope.request;

return request.type === & # 39; IntentRequest & # 39; && === & # 39;
handle (handlerInput) {
const choice = getSlotValue (handlerInput.requestEnvelope, & # 39; choice);
const {question} = handlerInput.attributesManager.getSessionAttributes ();
const responseResult = isCorrectAnswer (question + 1, choice);
let result = & # 39; Your answer is incorrect & # 39 ;;

if (responseResult) {
result = & # 39; Your answer is correct & # 39 ;;

const speech = `$ {result}. The next question is $ {buildQuestions (question + 1)}. Y
Its possible answers are $ {buildAnswers (question + 1)} `;

handlerInput.attributesManager.setSessionAttributes ({question: question + 1});
return handlerInput.responseBuilder.speak (speech) .getResponse ();


What is the rank of Alexa?

I want to know about Alexa's rank. why use it?

Short field – Alexa Alexa Rank 257K
da11 pa30
Alexa United States: 257,178
dynadot, exp 12/2019

See attachment 242543

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