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dnd 5th – How does this potential ally in Curse of Strahd become the party's ally?

in the Curse of Strahd Adventure, you learn from reading an ally's tarokka card which is intended to help you against Strahd. These possible allies are listed on pages 15-17 under the Enemy section of Strahd.

This ally often does not know it and must be convinced or at least informed of the reading of the tarokka card before wanting to join you. This is mentioned either as part of their description on pages 15-17, or as part of their description in the area where you meet them for the first time. As examples, the book describes:

This map refers to Ismark Kolyanovich (see chapter 3, zone E2). Ismark will not accompany the characters to Castle Ravenloft until he knows that his sister, Ireena Kolyana, is safe.

– p. 16, Strahd's enemy

This map refers to Clavin Belview (see chapter 8, area S7), the two-headed mestizo. Clavin serves the abbot out of fear and perverse loyalty. His job is to deliver food to the other half-breeds, whom he abhors. If the abbot still lives, Clavin does not want to gain the wrath of his master by trying to leave, and he refuses to accompany the characters. But if the abbot dies, Clavin has no reason to stay in the abbey, then he is ready to come if he is bribed with wine. Clavin offers no advantage to the party without its violation.

– p. 17, Strahd's enemy

If your card reading reveals that Sir Godfrey is Strahd's enemy and the characters persuadingly ask him for help, he offers to join the fight against the vampire. Fate has unlocked his memory of the love he and Vladimir once shared, and the power of that memory prompts Godfrey to help fight Strahd and restore the honor of order. (…) Although Sir Godfrey is not aware of the reading of the tarokka card, he somehow feels that he must do one last task before his mind rests with Vladimir, and he therefore accepts to help the characters face Strahd at Ravenloft Castle.

– p. 139, Ravenloft Fortunes

So on.

However, there is one ally in particular for whom there does not appear to be an exact description of how this character becomes your ally (there could be other allies who do not receive a description of how they become your ally, I didn't do an exhaustive search for a description of each possible ally; I know there are some who will obviously help you, like Ezmerelda, and therefore don't no need for a specific description of what it takes to convince them, but the ally I ask question is not as obvious):

B. Tempter (Queen of Diamonds)

I hear a wedding bell, or maybe a death knell. He calls you to a mountainside abbey, where you will find a woman who is more than the sum of her parts.

This map refers to Vasilka the flesh golem (see chapter 8, zone S13).

– p. 17, Strahd's enemy

Zone S13 can be found on pp. 150-151, and the entirety of its description (ignoring the "boxed text") is as follows:

The woman in tattered red dress is Vasilka, a Flesh golem who was wonderfully set up to serve as Strahd's wife. Figures within 5 feet of Vasilka can see the seams in his powdery skin where disparate body parts stolen from Krezkite graves have been carefully sewn together.

The abbot teaches Vasilka the intricacies of etiquette. He also intends to teach her to dance. Vasilka obeyed all of his orders. She cannot speak but lets out an impious cry if she is hurt. If she is mad, she fights until the abbot regains control or until she is destroyed. It has the supernatural strength of a typical flesh golem despite its small size.

– p. 151, S13. Main hall

Unless I forget something, there doesn't seem to be any guidance given to the DM on how such a character would become the party's ally against Strahd. Of course, as DM, I could come with Something, but I would prefer to have information on the possible advice of the adventure, because currently I do not know how I could give a narrative sense to this.

Are there any indications that I have ignored on how this character becomes the party's ally against Strahd?

dnd 5th – Can I take an ally out of the fight with Thunder Step?

As long as the ally is the same size or smaller than me, is within 5 feet of me and there is room for him in the space where I am teleports.

Thunder stage:
You teleport to an unoccupied space that you can see within range. Immediately after you disappear, a booming boom will sound and each creature within 10 feet of the space you left must make a Constitution saving throw, taking 3d10 thunder damage on failure. , or half the damage if successful. Thunder can be heard up to 300 feet away.
You can take items as long as their weight does not exceed what you can carry. You can also teleport a willing creature your size or smaller that carries equipment up to its carrying capacity. The creature must be within 5 feet of you when you cast this spell, and there must be an unoccupied space within 5 feet of your destination space for the creature to appear in; otherwise, the creature is left behind.

dnd 5e – What happens when the UA Bait and Switch maneuver is used on an ally when the user and the ally are still within range of the grappler?

This question is based on this: what happens when the UA Bait and Switch maneuver is used on a battling ally when the maneuver user is out of range of the battling monster?

Variants of the Arcana-class features found include the bait and switch hunting maneuver (page 5), which states:

When you are within 5 feet of an ally on your turn, you can spend a superiority die and switch places with that ally, provided you pass at least 5 feet of movement. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity (…)

What happens when the Bait and Switch maneuver is used on a battling ally when the maneuver user and the ally are still within range of the battling creature's grip?

I see two possible results:

  1. The maneuvering user takes the place of the ally in the socket and can then attempt to get out of this socket.

  2. The ally is still struggling, but may have now been moved to a more advantageous position.

I'm not sure what would happen, because normally in a grapple, the grappling creature can never move. (And I could be confusing trying to think of how it would even work IRL.)

dnd 5e – What happens when the new UA Bait and Switch Maneuver is used on a struggling ally?

Recent variants of Arcana Unearthed class entities include the bait and fighter maneuver (page 5) which indicates:

When you are within 5 feet of an ally of your turn, you can use a superior dice and change places with this ally, provided you pass at least 5 feet of movement. This movement does not cause any attacks of opportunity (…)

The grappled condition indicates:

The condition also ends if an effect removes the creature grappling from the reach of the grappling hook or a grappling effect, for example when a creature is hunted by the a wave of thunder to spell.

Suppose a monster with a range of 5 feet attacks an ally and the Fighter is adjacent to the ally 10 feet away. What happens if the fighter tries to use Bait and Switch on a struggling ally?

For an image format, F is the fighter, has the ally and M the monster


dnd 5th – How is this character useful as an ally in Curse of Strahd?

As part of reading the Tarokka card, this is one of the possible allies (under Strahd's Enemy, 17):

A. Tempter (queen of diamonds)
I see a child, a Vistana. You have to hurry, because her fate is at stake. Find her at the lake!

This map refers to Arabelle (see Chapter 2, Area L). She gladly joins the party. But if she returns to her camp (chapter 5, zone N9); his father, Luvash, refuses to let her go.

However, the other two sections of this reference, Zone L and Zone N9, do not mention how this character could be useful to the party, given that:

It's a seven-year-old girl with no statistics block that lets her presume that she's a fighter, not that I expect her to be that character, nor that she has powers. , knowledge or anything.

This character is not supposed to be able to help the party against Strahd. Is it something the deputy minister has to propose himself or is something missing?

dnd 5th – Does a pet count as an ally?

If a hobgoblin wizard had summoned a pet, would that pet be considered an ally, reinforcing the Saving Face ability?

Saving Face:

Hobgoblins is careful not to show weakness in front of his allies, for fear of losing his status. If you miss an attack roll or fail an ability check or save roll, you can get a roll bonus equal to the number of allies you can see within 30 feet of you. (maximum bonus of +5). Once you use this feature, you will not be able to reuse it until you have completed a short or long rest.

5th dnd – Can an ally benefit from help during a fight round?


Help me

You can help another creature in the performance of a task. When you perform a help action, the creature you help gains the advantage in the next ability check it performs to complete the task you are helping, as long as this check is done before your next start. tower.

Alternately you can help a friendly creature by attacking a creature within 5 feet of you. You pretend, distract the target or, in another way, team up to make your ally 's attack more effective. If your ally attacks the target before your next turn, the first attack roll is done with advantage.

The Help action works on your (designated) ally, not on the target.

5th dnd – Can an ally use your shadow blade without it dissipating?

Xanathar's guide includes the spell blade of shadowwhich seems
intended for use by the launcher only. He creates a real weapon (XGtE, 164):

You assemble shadow leads to create a solidified shadow sword in your hand.

However, the spell also says:

If you let go of the weapon or throw it, it dissipates at the end of the turn.

Instead of letting go or throwing the sword, what happens if the caster hands to an ally? Can this ally attack with the sword during subsequent turns (especially, without any of the parties using Ready to act on the same turn)? The sword would it dissipate if a ally was the one who dropped it or threw it?

Pathfinder – Is a creature immune when it moves into an ally space?

We do not know

I have seen this wondering repeatedly in Paizo's display boards (recently, here), and it's a question that no developer has dared to tackle. . The rules are vague about this and you can interpret it in both directions. Since they are all focused on a 2nd edition of the game, I do not think we'll ever get an answer (but I could be fooled).

My personal point of view is that nothey are not covered. Because of the way you define if a creature is covered:

To determine if your target is covered by your ranged attack, choose a corner of your square. If a line from this corner to a corner of the target's box goes through a box or border that blocks the line of effect or provides coverage, or through a square occupied by a creature, the target is covered (+4 to AC).

If this line does not pass through instead, just touch the square, then the creature will not benefit from the cover.