amazon – Obtaining AdSense approval on blank website homepages

I have a websiteand I plan to publish a growing number of projects (blogs / newsletters / newspapers / photo albums) on a back-end system – something like: selected project )

As all projects are of different nature and theme – some are aimed at an adult audience – I do not really want to projects contain a lot of information. Maybe just a central logo or a few words explaining what this section is for if the site is intended – not what it contains.

My main plan is to direct people to projects via social media, forums, groups and offline media, once again emphasizing why I do not need it. projects contain any content.

The problem is … I really intend to use projects for a financial gain, and the best way is with something like AdSense and other networks for adult-focused work. However, registering with them means that you need to list a domain as the root of your website content, which is problematic for the following reasons:

  1. The root is a business site and nothing to do with my projects.

  2. the /projects/ the page is empty as shown above.

  3. If I recorded a brand new URL, there would always be a blank page as an index.

So, how can I register my site on these networks?

The same thing is happening for Amazon affiliates too!

amazon rds – The time performance of MySQL RDS queries are considerably slower than those of MySQL on EC2

We have an MySQL 8.0 db under EC2 (t2.xlarge for example, a general-purpose 300 GB SSD) that was doing pretty well with our entire load (about 500 requests per minute during working hours).

We have just made a migration to use RDS (db.m5.2xlarge example, 300GB SSD for general purpose) as a slave to manage our SELECTs queries.

However, RDS performance is considerably lower than that of EC2. It's just crazy how slow is it compared to EC2.

On the following graph, you can clearly see that just as we did the migration, the APDEX score (obtained from a new relic) dropped sharply (Fig 1). And not only that, but the response time of the database was clearly worse on the SELECTstatements s (Fig. 2).

Apdex before and after RDS

enter the description of the image here

To be clear, we are 100% sure that there is no ongoing replication problem with the database on EC2. Since we had already used RDS as the only master, the APDEX score was worse (permanently in the gray area of ​​the graph).


  1. Both dbs are on the same Availability Zone.
  2. There is no problem using the credits on RDS.
  3. MySQL 8.0.x does not support the query cache.
  4. Our requests are already settled.
  5. IOPS is identical for both instances.
  6. Points 3 and 4 are not really relevant to the problem because we are talking about the same database version, the same queries, the same region, different architectures (EC2 vs. RDS).

We really want to use the RDS system because we can handle restores, backups / snapshots, upgrades, and more. However, with this performance, we are struggling to remain a sustainable option. Is there a way to improve / solve this problem?

magento2 – Amazon payment error Magento 2.3

I have an Amazon payment method in my shop, used Magento 2.3

If it's sandbox mode, it's good. But in live mode, it displays this error. Please help me, thanks to all

Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 2 passed to MagentoEavModelAttributeDataText::validateLength() must be of the type string, null given, called in /home/public_html/vendor/magento/module-eav/Model/Attribute/Data/Text.php on line 80

amazon web services – SPF registration for SMTP server

I'm trying to configure my SPF records to account for the fact that I send emails via office365 directly into Outlook, as well as into an AWS-hosted web application that sends an email to (JavaMailSender sends MIME email to smtp server for delivery, etc.)

My SPF registration is currently:

v = spf1 include: include: include: ~ all

If I send an email via Outlook, SPF passes and is checked, and everything is fine.

If my web application sends an email to, SPF is not verified.

What can I do to solve this problem?

The only way to solve this problem is to indicate the IP address of my web application in the SPF record?

Thank you

Buy Amazon Reviews of is safe?

Some of my friends buy reviews validated by Amazon

They recommend me to buy reviews on this site. I want to know if my Amazon seller account is secure?

Amazon Web Services – AWS Unable to Reach RDS Instance

I have a publicly accessible AWS RDS (PSQL) instance. To test, I've attached a security group that has on port 5432 all access My VPC is associated with an Internet gateway.  local igw-0f41c33417cbccb8c 

If I try to connect to the instance, the network timeout is exceeded and my request seems stuck.
But I can not find anything else that can block the connection

Amazon web services: accelerate and make cloud-based applications available around the world

I work on cloud applications. These applications include a web portal that allows merchants to place new orders and REST APIs to integrate into their platforms.

These applications are currently hosted on the AWS cloud in the Singapore region.

But some of our clients (based in Thailand and Vietnam) complained that we felt that our application was slow.

Also recently, one of our China-based customers said that he was unable to call our APIs or access our Web applications.

How can I optimize the optimization of an existing cloud application to serve customers around the world to make it faster and more accessible?

Our solution is to deploy applications in different regions and to expose different endpoints to different clients.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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Amazon web services – How to find the attachment ID of the aws strategy for terraform import?

I want to import an existing resource into my status file.

One of them is an attached policy.

Since the attachment is missing from the status file, if I launch terraform plan I will see this exit:

  # aws_iam_role_policy_attachment.ec2_adhoc_instance_sqs_policy_attachment will be created
  + resource "aws_iam_role_policy_attachment" "ec2_adhoc_instance_sqs_policy_attachment" {
      + id         = (known after apply)
      + policy_arn = "arn:aws:iam::141225792464:policy/import-sqs-read-write-policy"
      + role       = "import-sqs-user"

If I want to import it, I need to know the ID of the attachment:

tf -f dev import  aws_iam_role_policy_attachment.ec2_adhoc_instance_sqs_policy_attachmen 

However, I can not find it in the console:

enter the description of the image here

And I have trouble running the aws cli,

$ aws clouddirectory list-policy-attachments --directory-arn 999999999 --policy-reference import-sqs-read-write-policy

Error parsing parameter '--policy-reference': Expected: '=', received: 'EOF' for input:

How to find the identifier of an attachment to a strategy?