[ Politics ] Open Question : Is America ready for a second Trump term?

Are we worthy?

Since America was established by imperfect people such as slave holders and Indian fighters, should we dismantle the whole Union and start?

The entire world has tried to dismantle this nation. 

Dynamics of world dominance, from the most powerful control-freak to the humblest Citizen, have only acted normally. 

And, by them acting normally, all attempts to dismantle this nation? 

…They have ALL failed.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why should black lives matter more than the normal humans in America?

Why the anger, liberals?

[ Politics ] Open Question : My solutions to make america great again?

1] eliminate minimum wage

2] eliminate the right to strike as well as collective bargaining for union employees

3]give trillions of dollars of tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans and mega corporations

4]privatise public schools and run it like a business instead

5]outlaw abortion and defund planned parenthood

so what do you guys think?

Why did America invent slavery and then go and kidnap African-Americans from Africa to be there slaves?

They didn’t INVENT slavery; it has existed for a long long time.  What was new in this last round of slavery in North and South America and England (yes, they had slaves in England) was CHATTEL slavery, which meant “if YOU were a slave, your children would automatically be slaves, and so on, down the line” – previous to this, slavery ended with you, and as a slave, you could even marry a free person.

[ Politics ] Open Question : America has had enough of trump and his constant failure? ?

Latest polls have Biden up by 10 and ahead in every swing state. 

[ Politics ] Open Question : Is 2020 the beginning of the end of America ?

With the coronavirus and civil unrest going on I see things getting worse, this one YouTuber who’s a strong believer of Jesus Christ and a trump supporter and also did drugs like shrooms and dmt and saw god, anyways he was going on that Democrats could collapse the economy and society and blame it on Trump and the streets will be like the movie “the purge” and lost of law and order,

I’ve been living in America for almost 25 years and never have I encountered problems with police. Do you think this is all exagerated?

And I would guess you are white, live in a reasonably affluent neighborhood.

Sir/madam, I am white and have lived in all kinds of neighborhoods, and even I know that when one has a direct encounter with the police, you assume that they are not your friends, that at any moment the tide can turn against you . . .

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If Capitalism is so great, then why is every major corporation in America supportive of Antifa and the Black Lives Matter rioters ?

By “supportive”, you mean virtue-signalling some tripe to proactively keep the progressives from calling them out?

Pfft.  That’s a no-brainer.  Slap up some slogan and the rabid pack will move on to the next victim.

These companies will say anything to stay out of the crosshairs of the rabid left.