Are there foreign customs officers on American soil?

According to this answer (and many others that I have read), there are American customs officers on Canadian soil.

What about the reciprocal (Canadian, Mexican, Japanese, etc.)?

readability – hyphens or hyphens – which are more readable when used in number ranges (for North American netizens)?

The correct use of em and in

The scoreboard (- U + 2014) is used to indicate a sudden break in thought ("I thought I was writing – what time did you say
movie started? "), a statement in parentheses that deserves more
be careful that parentheses indicate, or in place of a colon or
semicolon to link clauses. It is also used to indicate an open range,
as from a given endless date (as in "Peter Sheerin
[1969–] author of this document. "), or vague dates (replacing
the last two digits of a four-digit year).

Two adjacent dashes em (a dash 2-em) are used to indicate the missing letters in a word ("I just do not pay attention to").

Three adjacent dashes (a dash of 3 em) are used to replace the name of the author when a repeated series of works are presented in a bibliography, as well as to indicate a complete missing word in the text.

The dash (- U + 2013) is used to indicate a range of just about anything with numbers, including dates, numbers, game scores,
and pages in any type of document. It is also used instead of the word
"to" or a hyphen to indicate a connection between things, including
geographical references (such as the Mason – Dixon line) and routes (such as
commuter train New York – Boston).

It is used to break compound compounds, where at least one pair already has a break. The Chicago Manual of Style also states that it should be used "If one of the components of a compound adjective contains more than one word" instead of a hyphen. These two rules are intended to clarify what is changed by the compound.

Conclusion: use the dash


Why do they want to change the game as soon as blacks begin to enjoy the American dream?

It's been like this forever, and maybe that's why people do not notice it. We had discrimination and segregation and exclusion, a de facto class system, built into our system forever. It seems that this long-standing tradition will not last very long because the Whites themselves become a minority. So, a lot of whites are really crazy.

I always say it here: they insist that there is no white privilege, but they will fight to the death to preserve and perpetuate it. They simply see it as "the way things should be". But they can not continue like this when the majority of voters are other than white. Whites think that they are – special – and deserve special rights and privileges, and they are shocked that others do not share this view.

But in the end they can not win. Even the most racist and supremacist Republican leaders of whites can not find a way to curb demographic change. And the ultimate madness of the Republican Party is that they are really struggling to become the White Party at a time when whites are losing their power.


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Is the use of the British accent dataset helpful when training on American speech recognition?

I'm driving a robust voice recognition system with as much data as possible. The target recognition speech will be American English, but I have also found some free British English data sets. Now, the question is: Will this data improve the final recognition or make it worse? The best way to find out is to try it, but as the training itself takes a lot of days, I would be happy if I had any opinions on it before I tried it. Are there at least some chances for some minimal improvements?

Why do American windows open up?

I've seen a lot of windows in the United States open by sliding up. I come from Europe where all windows open laterally by pivoting on hinges.

enter the description of the image here

I was wondering why the reasons are and why they are so common in America but not everywhere else.

If Hitler were an American of today, would he be a Democratic or Republican elector?

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