[ Politics ] Open Question: Why are we worried that 200,000 Americans will die from coronavirus when one million Americans are aborted each year?

I think it's great that we are concerned that 200,000 Americans are dying from coronavirus … but I think it is illogical to worry that 200,000 Americans are dying from this virus while at the same time each year, about 1 million American babies are aborted.

why so much inconsistency?

Do you consider the Native Americans to be of American origin?

The first residents of North America long preceded most of us and should not be rejected as citizens if they were born in the United States.

I am not sure of the status of people born and living on reserves. The book laws regarding their status are not well known by most of us from other subsequent imports.

The United States was created by our founders, and the resulting laws replace the previous legal status of the descendants of the Native Americans.

Rush Limbaugh: "There was always something we had in common, that we were Americans, and we were very proud to be Americans."?

False: Rush has been one of the most confrontational people in this country. It was a fanatical and fanatical propagandist who got rich by tearing this country apart. Rush has always pushed the concept that the Liberals and the Democrats are not even real Americans. His constant and weak attacks against the political opposition were designed to stir up hatred against the political opposition and designate them as anti-American. Rush is a disgusting hypocrite.

[ Politics ] Open question: why don't americans have emergency funds?

If we all had an emergency fund, there wouldn't be such a crisis right now with everything closed.

I have an emergency fund, so I'm not worried at all.

What's wrong with the Americans?

[ Politics ] Open question: Why are the Fs democrats who are blocking the recovery plan!?!?! Americans don't work anymore, we could use the extra money πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ‘ΉπŸ’€?

[Politics] Open question: Why are the Fs democrats blocking the recovery plan!?!?! Americans no longer work, we could use the extra money πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ‘ΉπŸ’€?

Why are thousands of Americans with symptoms of coronavirus being denied the tests they need?

Why would they "need" tests? A test is not a cure. If you test positive for covid-19, what will you do with this information? Besides, if you test negative for covid-19, what are you going to do with this information?

And what do you think the doctors will do with this information? There is no known effective antiviral treatment.

The only treatment for cases of covid-19 is to put you on a ventilator while your body is fighting the infection, and they only do so if the infection has progressed to pneumonia and you are unable to breathe.

If you are unable to breathe, they put you on ventilation with or without covid-19.

If you are able to breathe, they will tell you to stay home, rest, and take tylenol. Everything you should do with flu-like symptoms, whether it's covid-19.

[ Politics ] Open question: Really … how Americans are DUMB?

Nervous Americans start to panic buying firearms as a rocket for sale across the country amid fears linked to coronaviruses https://trib.al/xtLrVDX

Why do Americans care more about guns than people?

Americans have a long history of possession of firearms. Without arms, we would have lost to the British, lost to the Nazis, and our own government would likely dictate our lives. You don't know the story? The first thing each government does before it becomes a socialist or a communist is to take up arms with the people.

Are Americans Lazy?

This question was raised in another thread. Anyway, why should there be outsourcing to other countries – when tons of government money takers – who could possibly do "Chinese work" – exist in the USA? I mean, what are these people doing – playing on their cell phones all day, watching TV, chatting on forums?

Don’t try to offend anyone – but that’s an obvious question.

[ Politics ] Open question: 10,000 Americans have already died from the flu this flu season?

is coronavirus just hype?