combinatorial – Prove that among any set of 34 different positive integers that are at most 99, there is always a pair of numbers that differs by at most 2.

Okay, so I'm pretty new to this. I think this should be a pretty simple solution, but I do not know how to start.

So here's where I was going

if we have a set {1,2, … 99}, then I start creating groups that have an integer pair other than 2 at most.

group 1 = (1,2)

group 2 = (3,4)

group 49 = (97.98)

Now, I know I do not use 99 but it says at most 99. Another thing I could do is make sure that the groups

group 1 = (1,3)

group 2 = (2,4)

group 3 = (5,7)

group 4 = (6.8)

group 48 = (94.96)

group 49 = (95.97)

group 50 = (98.99)

and I think it works better.

Now, from here, I do not know how to progress, in fact, I think it's a bad way to go, but I do not know how to solve this problem differently. Maybe I could use the pigeon trap principle but I do not know how.

Sixershealth-related workers have made it possible, among other things,

The Sixers are starting to get beaten by the general public through a collection of family members' fiasco and the complexity of producing options towards a significant increase within the company. They consist of a disaster in the management of the concept, regardless of placing a new GM in the stage and doing it accurately. For a company that likes to talk to everyone about it every time a dazzling new toy is on display, whether it's a dominant beginner, an e-sports worker or a newcomer Coaching workshop that looked like them seemed pretty much all still. Anger consists of being put on the studies of the community inside Philadelphia, and rightly so. They are ahead of the staff for a reason. Sixers' medical staff, whose role is fundamental, is at the center of all disasters, and remains out of focus, despite a troubling past. This may be required. They exist without any proper test or counterbalance compared to producers of basketball options, and thanks to the benefits of their clinical certifications, they are validated and rely on the choice of the maximum team's treatment of vital people. Colangelo may quibble with Brett Brown over rotations and the offensive philosophy, but he is not very trained in choosing instant wagering techniques through doctors on the squad. Trainers are the first line of protection for exercise and stability of participants. They include their fingers in the avoidance, identification, examination and rehabilitation of damage to their players. Players constantly create stop links with practicing staff as they rely in part on their instructions to continue to be balanced. The Sixers foresaw a number of improvements to what could be called in more detail the fitness section under Sam Hinkie. In just 2-7 days during the 2015 summer season, staff employed Dr. David T. Martin as Director of Efficiency Development Efficiency Reporting and Todd Wright as Director of Electrical Power and air conditioning. Longer and shorter expression.We still need a much larger transfer than that of recognizing the GOs of the Sixersprofessional medical staff. The Sixers have had the same mental athletics teacher, Kevin Johnson, well grounded since 2003-04. For some, a long time ago, the team's training obligations had been lifted by Chris Ford and Randy Ayers during this period. The leading scorer behind Allen Iverson on 03-04 was Glenn Robinson II, whose 13-year-old son had won an NBA Dunk Contest and made a Sixers pass in his private in the same period. The Johnson Authority as a thought leader encountered in 8 coaches, many general managers and a possession distinction is important, as a considerable part of the commercial activity has been reduced to nothing. during the year for the following reason: he was working at the address To stay, this means a point of trust and appreciation vis-à-vis the company's contributors. I do not need to describe him as a gentleman or blame him for the role of the staff in a long sequence of health failures. Constructing issues seen as the long-running small business crisis centered on Hinkie's big wounded men, nonetheless the Sixers routinely incorporate ruined products into just about every marketplace where they appear. the most significant acquisitions of the last 15 years as evidence. In 2004-2005, the Sixers were looking for substantial popularity and a sidekick for Iverson every time they traded against Chris Webber's variant. In the summer of 2008, they signed Elton Model with the goal of concluding a flawless business deal, especially weeks after the coming energy suffered an Achilles tear. The blockbuster trade against Andrew Bynum in 2012 and his poor knees mean the worst, simply because the salsa demon has never finished taking part in the Sixers game. The first confusion behind Bynum's knees seems to be the retreat that includes a forerunner to the team's woes over the last few decades. The Sixers had initially identified Bynum with a single injury while he was working with a knee problem in September 2012. This dilemma immediately gained momentum, due to pre-existing difficulties immediately after Bynum headed for Philadelphia . Recent problems link the trio of Webber-Model-Bynum, a modern feat, provided they acquire a substantial percentage of the category of popular products in different ways. In the three difficult situations, the staff favored the alternative percentages of skills, acceptance of reputation and overall sales price performance to select a participant in a different way, in all probability, without any orientation. towards development. In all three situations, Sixersprofessional medical personnel experienced in the direction of the indicator during the consumption of the offer…n_Jersey-9, regardless of the fact whether it was done by exchange or without charging for business. Within the exchange scenario (applicable equally between Model and Bynum), NBA offers are traditionally only fulfilled in the very notion of changing contracts, insurance plans and clinical documents. can take points from 2 franchises. To receive it on the inside to the next level, this means a critique of the written content areas of these people as a result of reliable workers. Even though passionate gamers constantly exceed the large number of windows of restoration, usually the absence of previous destruction stories, it is much more impossible to consider public relations as the main trigger of the problem. What can be said about people hungry for gamers is that the brand's energy ethic has never wavered after its athletics is gone. Nevertheless, in the situation of the three passionate players, the staff took advantage of the opportunities offered to players who suffered exceptional damage, and the health problems of people limited the performance of their mandate in Philadelphia. These challenges would be negative within isolation, and they would worsen each time one would attempt the extended-expression ramifications of this kind of substantial miss. Choosing the wrong partner for Iverson, a totally free agent who lived through his less complicated times, and a crumbled knee center made it a point to reset separate steps for the franchise. On a certain point, the professional medical staff helped to create opportunities (and many others) that went wrong, which forced the control of the direction to seek by themselves to counter the least possible adverse contracts , a shortage of selections, and a country of total decay. Refusal (or inability) to find a right foot. At the beginning of the year, the Brand suffered a shoulder injury compared to the Dollars on December 17th. After being lost for nearly thirty days, he came back in order to enjoy under duress. a few minutes in just 6 game titles towards the conclusion of the month of January, until workers introduce the requirement to undergo end-of-period surgical treatment on February 5th. Then GM Ed Stefanski insisted on Brand's need to stay in the audience room. As a decisive element, Elton wanted to do what he wanted to be back in the court and start by choosing to give up the surgical procedure to help his teammates. He worked as hard as possible over the last 6 months towards the return, but the scope of the destruction would not let him allow it. The Jerryd Bayless saga is a much more prevalent example of this phenomenon. In the early days of uncertainty about the nature of his wrist problems, we learn in October that he would let the season pass in a period of thirty days, even if his efforts are relieved in the face of a torn ligament. He planned to make his debut November 21 for his new collaborators and expressed a lack of interest in the community for surgical interventions that would knock him out for the current year. I must have in the sense of performing. I must have to take to go in the direction of reality in which I can perform and not anxiety about it. j & # 39; imagine [taking part in basketball is] even further from an outlet for me and maximum of us in just listed here. Therefore, if it were to be for a calendar year, I would fight. Fortunately, I included other passions. Nevertheless, in the same year, I am pleased to accomplish that. The launch of Sixersindividual on its terminal surgeries encouraged a marriage between men and women The assets shown in the direction of Freedom Ballers are not an appropriate illustration of the dynamics. According to Bayless, employees are motivated to act quickly, regardless of the workers who prefer it, but they are treated faster than afterwards. Forget about their advice was clearly defined by Embiid when he played in the televised national game against the Houston Rockets. Embiid pointed out that the workers allowed him in one way or another through the movement, despite the knowledge of the year when he was wearing a bruise to a bone and a tiny tear in his meniscus. My knee is a little painful. It was a little painful the moment [the sport]. Nevertheless, this is what is needed with the health care provider who explained to me. It's a blue of bones. It was meant to get 2 or 3 months of healing. I have just forgotten 7 days. Inside his brief article about the match for journalists, he has talked far too much about the attraction technique that he has experienced in the sense of moving to take advantage of at night, while he did not need me to direct him, they did not need me in the sense of commitment. at all, Embiid explained Sixers clinical workers. I have experimented to encourage them. There is a trust between me and them. Athletes are not cattle, and they often go (and should have) company inside to know, no matter if their work is effective or not. It would be disappointing to allow health professionals to expect more care and authority than their bodies. Nevertheless, there is variation regarding the attempt to maintain a place of trust among avid gamers and health staff members and allowing for them in the sense of being reckless. The Sixers must have supporters who recognize the principle that Embiid should no longer perform: backwards or already mentioned, a safe minute, and that's realistic. If you move in order to be rigorous and selective within your larger system, give Embiid the power to know whether or not he can appreciate that sport is at the rendezvous, ESPN does not you do not feel it. By the time you authorize a signature that generates significant revenue, no one is likely to complain. Even if a future franchise presenter who contains work-related disorders is able to discuss a method based on a good idea, humans are likely to be taken into consideration. Deadlines that even a mother would not have likedBynum meant a simple inflection for the franchise, just as easily because it led to the use of Hinkie's services (which warned the Sixers owners over the transfer) and a regular radio silence on the entry of the problems. The Sixers, to position themselves equally, acquired a burnout through community replacement schedules for the debut of Bynum Sixers who were in no way sweated. Chris Vito, author of earlier fights, God bless him, has compiled a complete chronology of the saga at the end of the year 2012-13. The staff members first mentioned on 1 October that it was organized for the opening of the period, but only to guard against its final exclusion until the end of the period. November 24th. Bynum announced on Jan. 29 that it needed the direction of its debut when splitting the All-Star and buying components even lower. Given the following:, the Sixers have already tried using a lot harder in the sense of dealing with information (or at least controlling it) as it refers to the moment when the players are equipped in the direction of the return to the audience room. All they do by engagement is to let the general public just fill in the blanks, question their approaches and keep an eye on the players to move forward in the direction of 'Exceeding the regular requirements for restoration periods.Michael Carter-Williams Has undergone surgery to maintain the labrum inside his shoulder instantly in early 2014 could be 2014 https: // www., and employees declined the invitation to the agenda of their launch on the subject. A classic restoration indicates somewhere in the near vicinity of 2 to 4 weeks. However, MCW ended up losing the initial 7 game titles of the year 2014-15, placing it close to 6 weeks to medical procedures in the direction of return. unidentified and contradictory suggestions on the restoration of Jahlil Okafor as opposed to meniscus surgery, and again highlighting a number of factors. Okafor continues its fight against knee agony to the mere fact that game titles are lost in February this calendar year, almost 11 weeks of surgical treatment for an injury that normally requires a restoration of 6 to 7 days . He had first learned to suffer inside the front knee in a Magic match in February 2016 alone. However, a tibial collision took him out of the contest inside the miracle and at first kept him apart until he 39, they are reassessed and determined on the medical meniscus. It was Ben Simmons' timeline (or deficit) that motivated a new wave of reviews of the team's interaction and restoration process. In a Sixersprivate article on what was supposed to be Simmons' best analysis in January, elements under pressure from employees are emerging again for the youngest. Just as they graze the personalized net of the Sixers on January 1

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c ++ – Largest chain lexicographically among authorized exchanges

Problem: Given a string str and a pair array that indicates which string
the indexes of the chain can be inverted, returns the lexicographer
the largest chain resulting from authorized exchanges. You can exchange
indices any number of times.


For str = "abdc" and peers = [[1, 4], [3, 4]], the output should be
swapLexOrder (str, peers) = "dbca".

By exchanging the given indices, you get the strings: "cbda", "cbad",
"dbac", "dbca". The lexicographically largest chain of this list is

My comments: My program has passed all the tests of the CodeSignal website, but since I am relatively new to algorithms, there is probably a more efficient way to solve it. In addition, I am looking for a general revision of the code: does my code indicate that I look like a beginner? Thank you.


std :: string swapLexOrder (std :: str string, std :: vector <std :: vector> pairs
if (pairs.size () == 0) returns str;
std :: vector <std :: set> pairpool; // pairpool: contains interchangeable index sets
std :: vector <std :: vector> stringpool; // stringpool: contains interchangeable character vectors

// create a pair structure
for (std :: size_t i = 0; i <couples.size (); i ++)
bool alrExists = false;
std :: set newset;
for (auto & p: pairpool)
for (auto ele: p)
if ((pairs[i][0]    == ele) || (pairs[i][1]    == ele))
if (! alrExists)
alrExists = true;
p.insert (pairs[i][0])
p.insert (pairs[i][1])
newSet = p;
if (p == newSet) pause;
p.insert (newSet.begin (), newSet.end ());
pairpool.erase (std :: remove (pairpool.begin (), pairpool.end (), newSet), pairpool.end ());
Pause; // really needed this breakout statement
if (! alrExists)
newSet.insert (pairs[i][0])
newSet.insert (pairs[i][1])
pairpool.push_back (newSet);

// create a sorted string pool structure
for (auto p: pairpool)
std :: vector newset;
for (auto ele: p)
newset.push_back (str.substr (ele - 1, 1));
std :: sort (newset.begin (), newset.end ());
stringpool.push_back (newset);

// use stringpool and pairpool to change the string only once
int counter = 0;
for (auto p: pairpool)
for (auto ele: p)
str.replace (ele - 1, 1, stringpool[counter].return());
stringpool[counter].pop_back ();
counter ++;

back str;

int main ()
std :: cost << swapLexOrder ("acxrabdz", {{1, 3}, {6, 8}, {3, 8}, {2, 7}}) << " n";
std :: string STR = "lvvyfrbhgiyexoirhunnuejzhesylojwbyatfkrv";
std :: vector <std :: vector> PAIR =
{13, 23},
{13, 28},
{15, 20},
{24, 29},
{6, 7},
{3, 4},
{21, 30},
{2, 13},
{12, 15},
{19, 23},
{10, 19},
{13, 14},
{6, 16},
{17, 25},
{6, 21},
{17, 26},
{5, 6},
{12, 24}
std :: cost << swapLexOrder (STR, PAIR) << " n";
returns 0;

you tell me who is the best leader in history among these?


Among the javascript code snippet below, which one is considered the most appropriate?

Scenario 1:

elements.personWrapper.getElement (& # 39; span[name=personClass]& # 39;) .set (& # 39; innerHTML & # 39;; & # 39;);
} catch (TypeError) {
elements.personWrapper.getElement (& # 39; input[name=personClass]& # 39;) .set (& # 39; innerHTML & # 39;; & # 39;);

Scenario 2:

                                                                                var span_element = elements.personWrapper.getElement (& # 39; span[name=personClass]& # 39;);
var input_element = elements.personWrapper.getElement (& # 39; input[name=personClass]& # 39;);
if (span_element) {
span_element.set (& # 39; innerHTML & # 39;; & # 39;);
else if (input_element) {
input_element.set ('value', & # 39;); & # 39;);

The above code fragment serves the same purpose (please disregard legibility and naming conventions, they have been changed). So, I would like to know which one is the best. Anyone please provide your valuable suggestions.

Please note that one of the two is defined while the page is loading. The span and input elements are dynamically created. The goal is therefore to define innerHTML if it is an extent or value if it is an input type element.

I want to know which code snippet is the most efficient in terms of code execution and less prone to errors, thanks!

5 awards are spread among 20 students What is the probability that a particular student will receive 3 awards?

There are 5 prizes to be distributed to 20 students. What is the probability that a particular student will receive 3 awards?

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