bitcoind – How to get the entry address and the amount of wine using bitcoin core rpc

I'm trying to find the details of each transaction using Bitcoin Core RPC. First of all, I use bitcoin-cli getblock to get the blocking data, then I use bitcoin-cli getrawtransaction to get the details of the transaction.

For example:

    bitcoin-cli getrawtransaction "1024cb12a576b69defa67dbc2f1899700ab58e5ad3d5e058edefb907f59865bc" true "00000000000000000024fb37364cbf81fd49cc2d51c09c75c35433c3


"in_active_chain": true,
"txid": "1024cb12a576b69defa67dbc2f1899700ab58e5ad3d5e058edefb907f59865bc",
"hash": "1024cb12a576b69defa67dbc2f1899700ab58e5ad3d5e058edefb907f59865bc",
"version 2,
"size": 339,
"vsize": 339,
"weight": 1356,
"locktime": 499989,
"wine": [
      "txid": "0d6cbc21a1b1a3e5df1eae4fc37aa849174b6b727e53f9f505a605f066b7f000",
      "vout": 0,
      "scriptSig": {
        "asm": "304402203f198d9695a293c41d2124e790d473e68f4b35a09ece5517c7adfffc797f91760220304feb1cc2829d3c937665bcb4b7f9735acbcac50e9169bc53c9e689ce20b3bc[ALL] 025743bce4e775bb754e784dd2cfdc8dabc2023154eee539bb155612101a583e7e ",
"Hex": "47304402203f198d9695a293c41d2124e790d473e68f4b35a09ece5517c7adfffc797f91760220304feb1cc2829d3c937665bcb4b7f9735acbcac50e9169bc53c9e689ce20b3bc0121025743bce4e775bb754e784dd2cfdc8dabc2023154eee539bb155612101a583e7e"
"sequence": 4294967294
"txid": "aac498279d50ee81237d704cb495b243b50def5ecdcb36d9d78f596f73b1d3e9"
"vout": 1,
"scriptSig": {
"Asm": "3045022100b763b986b17beddac1ac96c3656fa7af188a28cfacfc87390e1e796b7fdbc0d102201e76f77db6093306028e681e2fe6354ae12649afb5c27c549243b67d505a1bb6[ALL] 0349ebb9d180938ab3a571d8c2e9771fb4fecb9f4484c337bb35d8fd8b48283ca9 ",
"Hex": "483045022100b763b986b17beddac1ac96c3656fa7af188a28cfacfc87390e1e796b7fdbc0d102201e76f77db6093306028e681e2fe6354ae12649afb5c27c549243b67d505a1bb601210349ebb9d180938ab3a571d8c2e9771fb4fecb9f4484c337bb35d8fd8b48283ca9"
"sequence": 4294967294
"Vout": [
      "value": 0.17450000,
      "n": 0,
      "scriptPubKey": {
        "asm": "OP_DUP OP_HASH160 d63cc1e3b6009e31d03bd5f8046cbe0f7e37e8c0 OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG",
        "hex": "76a914d63cc1e3b6009e31d03bd5f8046cbe0f7e37e8c088ac",
        "reqSigs": 1,
        "type": "pubkeyhash",
        "addresses": [
"Hex": "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"
"blockhash": "00000000000000000024fb37364cbf81fd49cc2d51c09c75c35433c3a1945d04",
"confirmations": 85927,
"hour": 1513622125,
"blocktime": 1513622125

I know that some web APIs, such as, provide this information for each transaction. How can I get the address and corresponding amount of wine using another bitcoin rpc kernel?

Thank you.

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Lightning Network – Can my 10,000 satoshi channel with a large LN node receive multiple LN payments greater than the channel amount?

Can my LN channel receive an LN payment greater than "X" for an "X" amount?

No, you can only receive payments until all the channel capacity ("X") has been pushed to your side of the channel. At this point, you have no more incoming capacity.

..or receive several small payments that exceed "X"?

You may receive multiple payments in excess of "X", but you must also send payments between receipts (to transfer the channel balance to the node of your channel counterpart).

What happens if:

(1) I receive 15,000 orders / satoshi payments routed through the 100,000 node LN … channel or

Assuming that your channel starts with 100% of the capacity of your counterparty's node, you will be able to receive 9 to 10 payments, then no path will allow you to complete the last 5 or 6 payments.

I say 9-10 instead of 10, because each node involved in a channel must keep a small spare capacity to trigger a channel closure in case of uncooperative closure. So, if the capacity was exactly 100,000 sat and if the payments were exactly 10,000 sat, you probably would not be able to receive all of the 100,000 sat in consecutive payments because of this reserve requirement

What happens if:

(2) I receive a payment of 1,000,000 routed through the 100,000 Big Knots channel (purchase of my "expensive" item of 1,000,000).

As above, you may not be able to receive this payment due to reserve requirements.

I think that to manage my store, I would have to create several giant channels to take care of any payments received … no? Thus, in both cases above, the channel must have enough resources to receive payments and can not receive a payment in excess of the channel amount.

You can not receive a payment greater than your current incoming capacity on this channel (the remote_balance). As a store owner, you can actively manage channels with incoming capacity, but you can also allow customers to directly open channels with you. There are also training services that allow you to buy inbound capacity and so on.

Can I bring a photocopier of the amount of RS.30000 value. pay the duty or not sir

enter the description of the image hereenter the description of the image hereHello sir, I am going to thiruchirapalli (India) from Singapore. Can I bring a photocopier of the amount of RS.30000 value. All that I need to pay the duty or not sir.

Micropaymentchannels – Why does the amount of sats in a lightning payment channel vary if no message is transmitted?

I've recently put my Lightning knot on (I've borrowed the easy way via the Casa knot).
I noticed that I had trouble keeping track of the number of sats in a given channel. I did not do any dealings with them, but they seemed to vary from 1,000 sats upward, 2,000 down, and so on.

Confused, I finally opened a payment channel just to watch it, see how it moves, with a nice round figure: 1,000,000 of satoshis.

He is still waiting (try to open it with the ACINQ node for some minor money, still has not been recovered by a btc minor) … anyway. He is still waiting for status, but the amount says "989,869 sats waiting" not 1 million sats that I tried to open the channel with. . .

Should not the amount of satoshi remain the same for a given channel (if everything is open and no txns message occurs, or if, as in my case, it is waiting?). Does the rise or fall in the price of bitcoin affect the amount of btc / satoshis in a channel?

magento2.3.1 – Magento 2.3.1 non decreasing amount when the order is placed

I recently moved to magento 2.3.1. After the update, I noticed that the quantity of product was not diminished when ordering (even if Decrease the stock when the order is placed is set to Yes) so I decreased the amount via a cronjob. But now, when I try to mark an order shipped, I receive an error. All your products are not available in the requested quantity, any suggestions on how to solve this problem, please?

Thank you

Where to host / how to store a large amount of data (terabytes)

Hello hosting experts,
I create a tool that requires storing a large amount of data (which, as an integer, means "hundreds of terabytes"). The question you can help me solve is how to store this data during Phase 1 of the project.

In Phase 1, I do not want to invest resources in the development of a complex custom infrastructure. I want a turnkey solution established (even with a slightly higher price) to prove the concept (the tool is able to acquire users willing to pay).

So where to host or how to store terabytes of data at reasonable costs?

I know this is sometimes enough to search for the right keywords. What KWs are established in the industry for hosting / server companies and focused on data storage?

I have booked a package and I cancel it now..The tourist company does not refund the amount

Hi booked a package with a travel agency called Amazing Tour in Gangtok-Lachen-Lachung .. Website After paying 50% of my amount, they still did not book my hotels and almost 10 days have passed, so I decided to cancel my booking with them. After repeating several e-mails and calls regarding the refund, they do not take any necessary action or reply to my e-mail. Please, help what I should do.

MultiBit HD Portfolio showing an unconfirmed amount

another idiot here with an old MultiBit HD wallet that has lost the words of the wallet.
I've had some hard drive issues on my laptop and after solving them, my wallet suddenly shows that the balance equals 0 and that the amount is not confirmed. This is incorrect in fact because I can see that everything is confirmed correctly in the blockchain:

A strange thing happened at the first time after solving the hard drive problem and syncing, the MultiBit HD complaining that the system time on my computer was incorrect, which was true. Maybe this caused an incorrect synchronization?

As I said, I do not have words in the wallet, I only have the password and the .wallet file.

I have tried the option "Wallet Repair" several times without result.

I'm using version 0.4.1 and this prompts me to upgrade to version 0.5.1, which I have not done yet

If any of you can give advice, I will consider you as my hero

Programmatically update the amount of product disabled in magento 2.1.X

How to update the quantity of product deactivated by programming.
Under the code, update the quantity of products whose status is enabled.
Some help for this one.

Here is my code.

    public function updateStock ($ productId, $ productQty)
$ product = $ this-> productFactory-> create () -> load ($ productId);

if ($ product-> getStatus () == 2) {// 2 => Disable, 1 => Enable

$ product-> setStatus (1);

if ($ product-> getStatus () == 1) {
$ product-> setStockData ([
                'use_config_manage_stock' => 0, //'Use config settings' checkbox
                'manage_stock' => 1, //manage product stock
                'is_in_stock' => 1, //Stock Availability
                'qty' => $productQty 

$ product-> setQuantityAndStockStatus ([
                'qty' => $productQty,
                'is_in_stock' => 1

$ product-> setStatus (2);

try {
$ product-> save ();
echo & # 39; SKU quantity update => & # 39; $ product-> getSku (). & # 39;
& # 39 ;; } catch (Exception $ e) { echo $ e-> getException (); } }other{ $ product-> setStockData ([ 'use_config_manage_stock' => 0, //'Use config settings' checkbox 'manage_stock' => 1, //manage product stock 'is_in_stock' => 1, 'qty' => $productQty ]) $ product-> setQuantityAndStockStatus ([ 'qty' => $productQty, 'is_in_stock' => 1 ]) try { $ product-> save (); echo & # 39; SKU quantity update => & # 39; $ product-> getSku (). & # 39;
& # 39 ;; } catch (Exception $ e) { echo $ e-> getException (); } } }

computational complexity – Calculate the amount of FLOP for an eigenvalue problem solver

I have 2 complex and unsymmetrical matrices $ A_ {1000×1000} $, $ B_ {1000×1000} $ and I use Matlab to get its own values ​​(functions like eig or eigs). The two matrices are different – one is denser and the other has more complex values. To compare the complexity of the eigenvalue resolution process for both matrices, I would like to calculate the amount of FLOP needed for this procedure. Of course, it is possible to calculate the time required for the resolver of eigenvalues ​​to carry out its task, but this is extremely unstable, because many processes in the background are likely to generate noise.

In Matlab, no function allows me to get FLOPs for wigs but I could use another software because the only thing I need are these dice $ A, B $ which can be exported. Does anyone have any idea of ​​how I could reach my goal?