reactjs – When using styles to move buttons, the & # 39; hotspot & # 39; stays in place but the buttons are moving

When you use styles to move the buttons where I want them, the touch area where you can press the button stays in the same place and does not follow it. This makes the button inactive and can only be operated if you find the original location!

I have tried:

  • using TouchableWithoutFeedback.
  • Moving the order of components
  • Put all sorts in the style reference.

Here is the rendering:

render () {

if ((this.state.isOn) === true) {


      Timer: {ms (this.state.time, {verbose: true})}



       Reset the timer





} else if ((this.state.isOn) === false) {


     Timer: {ms (this.state.time)}  


       Reset the timer





      { (function (item, i) {

return (i <5)? {Item} : null}). filter (x => x)


        { (function (item, i) {

return (i <5)? {Item} : null}). filter (x => x)


here is the style:

const styles = StyleSheet.create ({
container: {
flex: 1,
backgroundColor: # fff #,
alignItems: & # 39; center
justifyContent: "center",
pissbutton: {

upholstery: 10
borderWidth: 3,
borderColor: # 111 & # 39;
reset button: {

upholstery: 10
borderWidth: 3,
backgroundColor: # ed1c42 & # 39;
submit button: {

marginBottom: 36,
Top 100,
upholstery: 10
borderWidth: 3,
backgroundColor: # 42f471 & # 39;

I think when I use the style to move the buttons, they stay responsive instead of moving, but the hot spot stays where it is.

network – Resetting an iPhone with the error "No Service & # 39;

A few days ago, my iPhone 7 began to display the "No Service" error in the upper left corner of the screen. I've tried several ways to solve this problem, but nothing is done there. When trying to reset it, I received the error message:

Title: iPhone requires service

body: You will not be able to configure this iPhone after erasing. A cellular update is necessary before it can be reactivated.

What does it mean? Is it safe to proceed?

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waiting time, waiting for the captcha result. last answer: CAPCHA_NOT_READY -. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

Hi, I have to show this error to the GSA community ->
I'm using 2Captcha and I've added the 2capcha API to GSA SER. But I do not know why I'm getting this error?
Can any one help me understand the problem I am facing with this 2Captha?

Below, I will copy-paste this complete error into the text:

SerEngines: failed with 2Captcha: delay waiting, waiting for captcha result. last answer: CAPCHA_NOT_READY –;require_hint=1&amp;origin=hostroot_homer_reg_ru&amp;retpath=;ba

Should I use another captcha support? or it is a recurring problem that will be solved automatically by 2capctha (riddles). Looking forward to hearing from the community.

: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

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