dungeons and dragons – Is there more information on the Galder & # 39; s Tower spell available in previous editions?

I play 5th and plan my 3rd level spell acquisitions. I came across the Galder Tower spell. The description of the spell says:

You evoke a tower with two floors of stone, wood or similar suitably
robust materials.

He then describes some additional details of the tower, such as how the rooms are furnished and what happens when you cast the spell. I wonder if this is a "New on 5th" spell it out, and if it's not

Is there more information on the Galder & # 39; s Tower spell available in previous editions?

About the benefits of js & css, minify in magento 2?

Advantages of js & css, minify in magento 2?

System Agnostics – Is it possible to emulate all the dice rolls required for a D & D5e game using only a d6, and if so, how?

d2 (I will need this later): if the result is odd, read as 1. If the result is even, read as 0.

d4: ignore the results of 5 or 6.*

d5 (I will need it too): discard any result of 6.

d6: completed.

d8: launch d2 and d4. The result is d2 × 4 + d4.

d10: launch d2 and d5. The result is d2 × 5 + d5.

d12: run d2 and d6. The result is d2 × 6 + d6.

d20: run d4 and d5. The result is (d4-1) × 5 + d5. Or the result is (d5-1) × 4 + d4. It doesn't matter which one, but decide before you see the results to prevent unconscious bias from creeping in.

My kids do spelling tests every Friday and every Friday at breakfast, I take their list of 20 words and the 2d6's that are still in my pocket and I question them in random order, using the 2d6 to simulate d20, d15, d12, d10, d8, d6, d5, d4, d3 and finally d2.

Once you train a bit, it's second nature.

* – Okay, this is how I Actually roll a d4, without having to discard the results. 1-4 remain the same. On a roll of five or six, I look at the orientation of the die. If the number is closer to the right side than at the top, read the 5 as a 1 and the 6 as 2. If it is more upside down than the right side up, read the 5 as a 3 and the six as a 4. If these are pips (which are mine, small 8 mm suction cups), read the 5 as a 1 if it looks more like a + that a x, and in 3 if it looks more like a x that a +. The six you read as a 2 if the "lines" of three pips are closer to the vertical than horizontal, like a 4 if the lines are closer to the horizontal than vertical. In other words, || → 2, = → 4.

TypeError not captured: Could not read property & # 39; map & # 39; d & # 39; undefined (REACT NATIVE – Javascript)

I tried to import a Json file, then browse through it and display it in a React Native application.

enter description of image here

enter description of image here

The Json is next.

enter description of image here

This is the code, I'm just learning React Native and Javascript at the same time.

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Project Template Backup – Template.articles File Question -. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.


I downloaded the backup of my project template. I changed the extension .ser to .zip and I was able to extract it. There were 2 files:
– Template.articles
– Template.prj

I would like to edit Template.articles because i'm trying to optimize project creation with python, but there is one thing that confuses me. This is it (this is a screenshot of a file opened in Notepad ++): https://i.imgur.com/pDAmyip.png

Are these letters important to something, or can I just use random letters? I would like to create a template where I will enter 6-7 items here, but I don't know what to use when it comes to this part.

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Can't even create an article link! -. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

Today, for some reason, I can't even create an article link.
I check my powers of attorney and they work well. I am trying to change the setting, clean the cover but nothing solves the problem.
I also get many captchas like the one from the screenshot from yesterday.

At the moment, only blog comments work …
Any idea what's going on?

Thank you.

Apps & Coronavirus: What You Need To Know About Protecting Your Privacy Forum promotion

If you are one of the millions of Australians working from home and using apps to maintain social life online in the coronavirus pandemic, it is more important than ever to look at what information and how much. Information you may unintentionally share with them.

What should I watch out for when downloading apps?
First of all, check the permissions requested by the app when you install or open it, depending on the platform you are using. Anything you don't think is relevant, don't allow it. If the app doesn't allow you to use it without accessing these features, ask yourself if it's worth it.

"Often the default settings for these types of services may not be set based on your privacy or security, so it's important to adjust your settings accordingly to ensure the security of your account," a said online safety commissioner Julie Inman-Grant.

"We also encourage users to read the terms and conditions of these services so that they understand what type of data is collected about them and how it is used, as well as the mechanism for reporting any abuse. This will help you limit the amount of personal information shared with the service or third parties. "

Do I have to worry about the data that apps collect at the time of the coronavirus?
Your attitude towards the data collected by these applications should not be different from when we are not in the middle of a pandemic. It is always good to be vigilant.

Is Houseparty safe?
Houseparty is a video conferencing application designed more for non-commercial purposes. The app has been around for about four years, but was picked up last year by Epic Games, the company behind the famous video game Fortnite. Its popularity has skyrocketed. It is estimated that it has been downloaded millions of times in the past few weeks, as more and more people are trapped at home and want to socialize.

Cybersecurity researchers have suggested that the application permissions he is looking for are consistent with those of a video conferencing application. It accesses your microphone and camera if you allow it, as well as Facebook contacts and friends if you provide it.

In its privacy policy, Houseparty describes the usual type of data, the information you provide, as well as the analysis data that is automatically collected. Houseparty also says it could use anonymized demographic and location information.

And Zoom?
The other video conferencing platform that has grown in popularity in the coronavirus pandemic is Zoom. Similar to Houseparty, it's important to check permissions, but Zoom has had some privacy issues in the past.

Meetings are public without a password, so people can “zoom in” on them if meetings use the default settings. And last year, the company had a flaw that allowed hackers to hack into people's webcams via the app. This week, the company was also forced to fix its iOS app, which sends data to Facebook even if you don't connect via Facebook.

A number of built-in features may also be of concern, including one that shakes users who do not focus on the app for more than 30 seconds when a screen is shared.

Can I use the coronavirus app without being tracked?
This week, the federal government launched a new iOS and Android information app that basically mimics the information available on the Department of Health's website about the symptom checker, case counts, press releases and telephone numbers.

The main piece of personal information it collects is that if you voluntarily register to isolate yourself, it will ask for your location. Guardian Australia understands that information is only saved when their information is saved or changed (no continuous tracking) and is used by the government to determine where these self-insulators are located. for purposes of analysis, research and protection of public health.

On WhatsApp, the chat developed by the government with the help of Atlassian is an automated service that only provides information. It is not a method of sharing information with government, as the coronavirus application can. The only personal information the government collects is your phone number.

What about information that I provide to government by other means?
If you return to Australia in the coming weeks and beyond, the federal government has simply made it easy for a wide range of federal and state agencies to access your movements.

Thanks to new migration regulations, internal affairs have expanded the uses that can be made of information on passenger movement records. These documents include citizenship, visa class, passport number, departure date, flight number, planned place of disembarkation and final destination.

Under the rules, state police can access information for law enforcement and crime prevention, as well as for investigations of missing persons.

The Office of National Intelligence will have access to the information for its own purposes and to assist other agencies that carry out security checks.

The Australian Election Commission will have access to it for the purpose of "examining and treating voters who appear not to have voted in an election".

The 2020 instrument also clarified that fair labor ombudsman inspectors – who verify compliance with workplace laws – will have access to it.

State and federal privacy commissioners released a statement this week saying that privacy laws allow different jurisdictions to share personal information at a time like this, but urged governments to carry out privacy impact assessments to ensure that the processing of personal information is reasonable, necessary and proportionate.

dnd 5th – End of the Levitation spell at a height greater than 120 & # 39;

Unfortunately, you are limited by the range of levitate (PHB, 255), which is 60 & # 39 ;.

Otherwise, you can use your action to move the target, which must remain within the range of the spell.

Unless you are also climbing to stay in range, you must stay within 60 feet, which most likely limits the total levitation height available.