local installation – AMPPS on Windows 10…like it?

Just getting setup with my local environment on Windows 10 and finally got MAMP etc to stop breaking (I think!). The process was not as easy as I expected, and apparently there’s no way to “simulate” a virtual url on localhost.

Has anyone used both MAMP and AMPPS, and is AMPPS any nicer to use on Windows?

apache 2.2 – Creating a sub-subdomain with AMPPS?

I’m downloading AMPPS for macOS Catalina soon, and plan to have this fictional domain in my HOSTS file:


I’ve heard you can have sub-subdomains, but how would I do this with AMPPS?

I was intending on:



How would I do this with localhost and HOSTS?

I would welcome any advice on this.

Ampps apache server redirecting ip to "www."

I'm running a new installation of Ampps with a new WordPress installation. I can not understand why it redirects to www. because I have not changed anything serious. Just by using simple HTTP for local development work, not SSL. No changes to htaccess, apache httpd or mysql config.

No suggestion?

Thank you!