Advanced SharePoint Analytics

The team I am working with would like advanced site usage analytics for our website. They want to know the role level and area where users are coming from who are clicking on their pages and on their documents. Are there any apps we can install which can provide this information onto our sites? Thanks!

google analytics – changing GA property after changing domain?

google analytics – changing GA property after changing domain? – Webmasters Stack Exchange

Google Analytics is not showing Data

I am reaching you because I am unable to see data from today and I am unable to go to the main dashboard after logging in, it has automatically redirected to the admin panel. I do not understand why this is happening.

I have posted a question on the google analytics community but I haven’t received any response yet and that’s why I have raised my question here. I have tried using a different web browser as well as a mobile app but the issue is the same, data is not showing in Google analytics.

I have also attached a google analytics screenshot.enter image description here

Please help me!

I will teach you to read and interpret google analytics data for $50

I will teach you to read and interpret google analytics data

About This Gig
50% discount for the first 5 orders.

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Come to me with your account in Google Analytics or learn via my account how to read data about your website.

You will learn from the expert how to read data and improve the conversions of your website by yourself.

Online audio lesson with sharing your or my screen with recording. You will learn how to read and interpret data from Google Analytics.Online audio lesson with sharing your or my screen with recording. If you need, we can create your account together and I’ll help you with all the settings or make all the changes you need in your existing account.

  • Deep analytics in GA with video

Video lesson with sharing your or my screen with recording. You will get a detailed explanation of all the figures in GA and all the help you need with your account.


I will do website data analysis in google analytics for $60

I will do website data analysis in google analytics

About This Gig

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Please contact me before the order to clarify your goals and to have a chance of a personalized offer.

Give me the access to your Google Analytics and get full analysis of all the data you collect there.

It can be a landing page, online shop, blog or any other type of websites.

  1. effectiveness of each traffic channel,
  2. seasonality of your traffic and business,
  3. content effectiveness.
  1. socio-demographic profile of your audience,
  2. geo and devices your visitors use,
  3. content consumption,
  4. users’ path.
  • To-do list for the optimization
  1. Traffic analysis,
  2. visitors’ profile,
  3. users’ path,
  4. effectiveness,
  5. the list of ideas to increase your conversions.

If you have advertising in Google and/or Facebook I can calculate ROI and estimate the effectiveness of your investments.

Please make sure you totally understand what you will get and I don’t have any questions to you before the order.

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Google analytics dashboard in SharePoint Online

How to integrate google analytics dashboard into a modern SharePoint page? Please let me know.

I will set up your google analytics and personalized objectives for $30

I will set up your google analytics and personalized objectives

About This Gig

Think of information as the 21st century’s oil. If you are not tracking your data, you are making uninformed decisions. Google Analytics allows you to track many vital metrics and enables you to monitor the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies, onsite content, user experience, and device functionality. This Gig is everything you need to set up your website or app with Google analytics.

Correct implementation of Google Analytics done by an expert is vital. If the data is not reliable, it is useless. I am a Performance Marketing Analyst with extensive experience with Google Analytics. I know exactly what to do to set your website up for success.

What you can expect from this Gig:

  • I will create an Analytics account.
  • I will install the code on your website.
  • I will set up personalized goals (Google Analytics Universal), filters, and views that are adapted to your business needs
  • I will make sure it is working correctly by doing tests on different devices and browsers.

I will only take 48 hours to complete the service, and you will be ready to make data-driven decisions!

Before ordering, please contact me first to make sure we’re the right fit for each other!


google analytics – Number (or percentage) of sessions visiting product pages n+ times

I’m trying to come up with a metric that shows percentage of sessions visiting the product details page 3 or more times. I’ve lost days because of the issues described here. But now, at least I know where I went wrong.
I got two facts I can use:

  • All my product pages have /products/ in the url, or
  • An event labeled Product Viewed is being fired when a user visits one of those pages.

I thought about using Unique Pageviews but metric doesn’t have a meaning in aggregate I believe. So far I couldn’t come up with a solution.

PS: Pages visited doesn’t have to be unique, i.e. if a user visited ProductA, ProductB, then ProductA again, that can be counted as 3

How do you exclude yourself from Google Analytics on your website using cookies?

I’m trying to set up an exclusion filter with a browser cookie, so that my own visits to my don’t show up in my Google Analytics. I tried 3 different methods and none of them have worked so far. I would like help understanding what I am doing wrong and how I can fix this.

Method 1
First, I tried following Google’s instructions,, for excluding traffic by Cookie Content:

Create a new page on your domain,
containing the following code:

<body onLoad="javascript:pageTracker._setVar('test_value');">

Method 2
Next, when that didn’t work, I googled around and found this Google thread,, where the most popular answer says to use a slightly different code:

SHS Analytics wrote:

 <body onLoad="javascript:_gaq.push(('_setVar','test_value'));">

Thank you! This has now set a __utmv cookie containing “test_value”,
whereas the original:


(which Google is still recommending)
did not manage to do that for me (in
Mac Safari 5 and Firefox 3.6.8).

So I tried this code, but it didn’t work for me.

Method 3
Finally, I searched StackOverflow and came across this thread,, which suggests that the following code might work:

 <script type="text/javascript">
    var _gaq = _gaq || ();
    _gaq.push(('_setVar', 'exclude_me'));
    _gaq.push(('_setAccount', 'UA-xxxxxxxx-x'));
 // etc...

This script appeared in the head element in the example, instead of in the onload event of the body like in the previous 2 examples. So I tried this too, but still had no luck with trying to exclude myself from Google Analytics.

Re-iterate question
So, I tried all 3 methods above with no success. Am I doing something wrong? How can I exclude myself from my Google Analytics using an exclusion cookie for my browser?

I’ve been testing this for several days now, and I’ve confirmed that the 2nd method of excluding yourself from tracking does indeed work. The problem was that the filter settings weren’t properly applied to my profile, which has been corrected. See the accepted answer below.

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