blockchain – What am I supporting? Anarchy?

I started buying crypto in 2018. I’m holding on for the ride…boom or bust. However, that doesn’t mean I’ll ever understand it, and I certainly don’t need to jump on any anarchic or utopian blockchain bandwagons.

My most pressing question is this: who or what am I supporting when I buy bitcoin or ether? Did I unwittingly support the overthrow of governments when I bought crypto?

Lastly, who benefited the most in the early days of crypto? The miners? Investors who got in early? And who stands to benefit now? Where is all the money going? (By money I still mean US Dollars!)

So in November, a Democrat vote is a vote for chaos and anarchy and a Republican vote is a vote for defending civilization. ?

I love how Trump supporters pretend trump isn’t the CURRENT president and republicans don’t control the Supreme Court, Justice Department and Senate.

It’s like you are more in your comfort zone criticizing those in charge then telling us how great it is when your side is in charge.   

Spoiler Alert:  It’s not great with Trump in Charge.  It’s not great with a republican senate and supreme court.  It actually sucks.  

And that’s going to suck for republicans in november.