finder – Clarify previous post by David Anderson and Steve Chambers Request

To: Steve Chambers and David Anderson,
Here is the process I used which led me to step 6. Everything worked perfectly. I restarted my Mac Mini and held down the option key. Mac HD and EFI HD appeared. I clicked on the EFI. The Windows logo or badge (the little boxes) appeared and it looked like everything was fine for about a minute, then the screen went black. The Mac Mini remains on but the screen is blank. When I talked about "Finder Ways", what I meant and should have said was the new process that David proposed to work around the need for a flash drive and load the Windows support folder and ISO Windows in the 16 GB partition, inside the Winstall volume.

(((Download the latest Windows 10 ISO file from Microsoft's website Download Windows 10 disk image (ISO file). Currently, this would be update 1909 (September 2019) .
Download the Windows support software. Open the Boot Camp Assistant app. From the menu bar, select Action-> Download Windows Support Software. By default, files should be downloaded to the WindowsSupport folder in your home folder. When the window below appears, enter your password then click on the Unlock button.

When finished, exit the Boot Camp wizard.
Connect the external player. Open the Disk Utility application. In the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the Disk Utility application, make sure that Hide sidebar is not checked and Show all devices is checked, as shown below.

Highlight the external drive and select the Erase button. Enter the following information in the pop-up window, then click the Clear button.

When erasing is complete, click the Done button. With the external drive still highlighted, click the Partition button. Make the following changes in the order shown below.

Note: The size entered below must be large enough to create a volume that can contain Windows ISO and Windows Support Software files. The value of 16 GB should provide more than enough space. However, a smaller value can be replaced.
Click on the + button.
Enter a size of 16 GB.
Enter the name WINSTALL.
Select the ExFAT format.

The result should appear as shown below.

Click the Apply, Partition and Done buttons in the given order. When finished, exit the disk utility.
Using the Finder application, mount the Windows 10 ISO file and copy the content to the WINSTALL volume. Then copy the contents of the WindowsSupport folder to the WINSTALL volume. In your case, the result should appear as shown below.

Restart the Mac and immediately hold down the option key until the boot manager icons appear. Boot from the external drive by selecting the external drive icon labeled EFI Boot.
When a window similar to the one below appears, press the Shift key + F10 c)))

I really appreciate the opportunity to converse with all of you.

Thank you for everything you do!


Andrew Wilis

Is Anderson Cooper from CNN anti-white?

Disgusting, is not it?

It is now fashionable to openly celebrate the decline of a particular breed in the country.

When the Democrats passed the Cellar Act of 1965, they assured the Senate that the law would not change the ethnic makeup of the country. But now, they say it's a good thing.

If this is the policy of the Democrats, why can not whites organize and start playing a white identity policy and taking care of our racial interests?

Anderson Cooper could be white. They are elites who live in 97% of neighborhoods with white lilies. They do not know the non-white neighborhoods.

They do virtue by reporting to MSM for money.

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BlackHatKings: General Discussion on PPC
Posted by: MizspesE
Time of the message: July 2, 2019 at 05:05.


BlackHatKings: General Discussion on PPC
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GET – Seth Anderson – The $ 100 start-up | NewProxyLists

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    Uploader: imwarrior / Category: IM / Seeders: 2 / Leechers: 0 / Size: 4.47 GB / Ripped: 2 times

    Seth Anderson – The $ 100 start-up


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Why does CNN's Anderson Cooper calling NAZI think it will make me change my Republican vote to Democrat?

He does not think that.

He does not ask the Nazis to change the Nazi votes. He points out the Nazis thinking that normal people will realize that they are in bed with the Nazis.

The world does not revolve around you. Nobody cares about how you feel and Anderson Cooper just shows shit in the punch bowl.


[ Celebrities ] Open question: What nationality is Gillian Anderson?

I would have said american

Yet, her British accent is excellent, she made a television adaptation of Dickens' Bleak House in 2005 and an interview to promote it. His British accent is probably better than mine and I have been living in Britain for 30 years.

How come she has such a good British accent? .

Reference Request – Location of Anderson for Fractional Laplacians

There is a vast literature on Anderson's location, namely the study of the disintegration of the operators' own functions. $ l ^ 2 ( mathbb {Z} ^ d) $ such as
– Delta + lambda V

or $ Delta $ is the discreet Laplacian network and the potential $ V $ is chance given by a vector $ (V _ { mathbf {x}}) { mathbf {x} in mathbb {Z} ^ d} $ of iid normal normal variables. The constant $ lambda $ is the force of disorder.

Has any one studied similar random operators?
(- Delta) ^ { alpha} + lambda V

with a fractional laplacian?

I am particularly interested in the literature references in physics that provide some heuristics, for example a theory of scale to Abrahams et al.