Does the Samsung Galaxy A30 support HDMI and/or MHL?

Dad’s phone is a Samsung Galaxy A30. We’ve got several TVs and monitors but none are smart TVs or capable of screencasting. But some have HDMI.

I have a USB C to HDMI adaptor that works with my M1 MacBook Air that I expected would work with the A30 too but it did not.

Most info about Samsung’s HDMI / MHL support I can find is about how Samsung’s older micro USB version was nonstandard, having a different number of pins. But there’s a lot less info about the newer ones that have USB C.

I can find sites trying to sell aftermarket cables and adaptors for this phone but I don’t trust them. So far none of the pages on the A30’s specs I can find specifically state that HDMI or MHL is either supported or not supported, it’s just not in the list.

usability – Displaying and/or searching across thousands of contacts?

The Need

Our application has a chat feature that allows our users to chat with other users within their database.

However, we’re adding a feature that allows clients to share data between multiple databases as an “Enterprise” configuration, and we’ve been asked to update the design of the chat feature to allow users to chat with other users within any of those databases.

We’ve looked at the numbers of possible users in these scenarios, and the number of chat users in these shared database environments can be as many as 5,000.

Users need to be able find people they need to chat with out of these thousands of contacts. However, up til now, we’ve had a list of contacts the users can browse. Since that is a user expectation, we were hoping to still maintain a browse-able list of contacts. We have ruled out trying to display a list of 5,000 contacts, as this doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to useful or usable.

We’ve come up with three approaches to solve the problem:

Option One

Show a list of contacts from the local database that user’s can browse. Have a second tab that allows users to search the “Full Directory”, returning results from multiple databases.

enter image description here


  • Allows us to show a browse-able list of relevant contacts
  • Clearly indicates to users that another source of chat contacts are available


  • Search would be limited to the current tab, meaning users would have to be in the right tab to return the right result
  • Adds a possible source of user confusion: whats the difference between “contacts” and the “full directory”?
  • Adds another tab to what should be a simple chat list

Option Two

Show a list of contacts from the user’s local database, but if they search for a contact, include results from other databases as well.

enter image description here


  • Maintains a list of contacts the user can browse
  • Avoids adding adding another tab
  • One search field searches all sources


  • Searching a finite contact list and returning results that weren’t in the contact list may defy user’s mental model of how the search will work.
  • Not clear that another source of contacts exist. May need to add explanatory text that says “Search to see contacts from the full directory”.

Option Three

Add a dropdown that allows a user to select a what to search in: the local database, or the full directory.

enter image description here


  • No additional tab required
  • Indicates to users that another source of chat contacts are available, though not as clearly as option 1


  • Search still isn’t universal: the right search category must be selected to return the right result
  • Users may not notice the dropdown or understand intuitively what its function is. May require explanatory text in search results, reminding the user they can expand the search to the full directory


Right now I’m leaning towards option two, but is there another option I’m not considering here? Is there another alternative worth considering?


Amazon, Etsy, Wish and/or Other Platform


Recently we are working for a client who is selling his textile products specially in USA, UK market.

I created his store on Amazon, Etsy, Wish. But after few weeks i notice that client is getting sales from amazon (20% about) and from etsy about 30% to 40% but not getting sales from wish. So want to ask is there any special creteria to increase visibility (not paid advertisement) and sales on wish. I check online that wish traffics is also very high but not getting good response while same products are doing well on amazon and etsy.

Need also suggestion for other top selling platforms for USA, UK, Australia market ……. where i can list store and products of our clients.



Functional equation and/or growth estimates for a shifted L function

Consider the $L$-series defined by
$$L_{alpha,chi}(s) = sum_{ngeq 1} frac{e^{2pi i alpha Omega(n)} chi(n)}{n^s} = prod_p left(1 – frac{e^{2pi i alpha} chi(p)}{p^s}right)^{-1}.$$
It should have an analytic continuation the left of $Re s = 1$.
Does it have any poles other than (possibly) $s=1$? Does it satisfy a functional equation? Or rather (since this is why I want a functional equation): what kind of growth estimates do we have on $L_{alpha,chi}(sigma + i t)$ for fixed $sigma < 1$ and variable $t$, $|t|to infty$?

(I’m sure this function is known and has most likely been studied – I just do not remember where I have ever seen it.)

security – can an edited photo and/or video on my iphone be reverted or recovered if the person who edited also deleted the originals

I noticed someone had been going through my drawers and sometimes things would be missing or out of place. It was only my gf and I most times so I asked her but she constantly denied. I bought indoor cams and set them up around the house, still happening. the cameras could be set to watch constant or to record for events which i set up and somerimes i just set times. still happened. about three weeks ago I was going through videos on my phone and came across one I didnt recognize so I warched it. The video was a man in my house while my gf nd i are arguing holding either my phone recording himself saying this is how we distract your asscoz in the background I say what is this. Then I realize shes cheating and starting fights to get me out then sneaking him in. At some point he had access to my phone given to him by her while i showered and he got all of my sign in info from apple google the security cams etc and has been deleting and editing footage then backing up my accounts so i never saw the actual footage. then the scumbag that he is backed up my old photos over the years but edited with overlays, and after a little digging i could see the overlays were pictures of my girl in sexual positins with him….hundreds. the videos always have some glitch when its only her in the room or itll show a video should be there but no video can be watched. We have two young chidren and after that despicable behavior Idont think she has any business raising our children and plan to fight for custody but she denies it all and my evidence is difficult to see if youre not well invested I would like to recover the evidence but more importantly my memories are all covered in her betrayal and his genitals.please help.

react – Custom SPO SPFx webpart causes page reload and/or redirect to

I’m developing a custom SPFx web part for our Sharepoint Online intranet. A couple of our test users have reported loading the page containing the web part, the page is either reloaded and/or they’re automatically being redirected to Since I can’t reproduce the error, I can’t be 100% sure it’s my webpart that’s causing the redirect, but as this page is the only one causing such a redirect I think it’s fairly safe to assume it’s my web part that’s causing the redirect.

As I’m not able to reproduce it, it’s hard debugging the issue. So I though I’d reach out to the SPO community for advice. Have other SPO devs experienced the same type of issue, and could shed some light as to what’s causing this?

I’ve wrapped the entire business logic inside a try/catch in an attempt to try to prevent any errors to crash the web part, like this.

public async componentDidMount() {
    try {
    await this.loadStuff()
    catch (error) {
        this.setState({errorMessage: JSON.stringify(error)}); // Displays an error message to the user

I don’t believe the this.setState would cause the webpart to crash, so I don’t believe it’s this feature that’s causing the page reload and/or automatic redirect.

Update #1: I looks like the redirect is caused by the login action performed by the webpart, in which the user is temporarily redirected to a spfx login page, and then back. Don’t have the exact details at hand at the moment, but if this is the case I need to find a way to avoid this redirect. This may explain what’s been experienced as a page reload, though I doesn’t explain why users sometimes are redirected to

optimization – What x86 instructions do todays best compilers use and/or ignore?

I am working on a compiler and am interested in x86 machine code statistics.

enter image description here

But what about all the rest of the instructions? How much work does a team put into a compiler to get more optimization out of it by using different optimized instructions?

Specifically, there are instructions like for crypto operations (eg CRC32). There are advanced bit manipulation instructions (eg BEXTR). There are MMX and SSE instructions (tons and tons of these), and floating point instructions. Etc.

Other than these top 20, what do compilers typically take advantage of. If it’s all over the place, that would be good to know, but I’m mainly looking for a sense of what the cutting edge is in terms of today’s compiler implementations, what instructions or groups of instructions they use, and what they ignore.

ag.algebraic geometry – Chiral homology for the Virasoro algebra and/or affine Lie algebra

I want to understand what concrete analytical objects are found in chiral homology of higher degree of a vertex algera (-module) $M$. More precisely: I can obtain conformal blocks on a surface $Sigma$ for the Virasoro algebra as invariants of $M$ under the action of vector fields – for the torus one can then indeed work out a modular function depending on the structure of the torus and possibly the location of singularities. One can also compute elements in it by gluing the vertex operator on a 3-punctured sphere to a torus (a.k.a graded character of $M$)

But what about higher homologies: In the Lie algebra standard complex the chains are functions depending on an $n$-tuple of (here) vector fields up to…how does this relate for the torus to modular functions or something similar?

Same question for affine Lie algebra at negative level – I have found the great work of Gaitsgory, but I would like to know if there is any concrete analytic realization of the elements by…?

(But maybe it is simply the wrong question !?)

Also, I would already be very happy for reference like to as for references you might have on the chiral cohomology of the Virasoro algebra on surfaces (I know the computation for $M$ trivial, but for say $M$ a irrep of a minimal model?).

Thanks alot in advance,
Simon Lentner