java – Is there some kind of smaller IDE with Android programming?

I have 8GB of RAM, i5 processor in a laptop that dual booted with Ubuntu 19.04 and Windows 10 Pro. Android is one of my subjects. I need to pass the exam. I use Linux Distro 90% of the time, which in my case is Ubuntu since it is 10 times faster than Windows. I am a Java programmer (beginner for 5 months now). For that, I use IntelliJ Ultimate for my training in Java, Grails, Groovy, etc. I want to learn basic Android programming as fast as possible because the exam is close.

Recently I have tried using IntelliJ Ultimate for Android programming. I felt behind and slow. Hugh SDK for each APT level. So, my main concern is that Is there a kind of very lightweight IDE that can be used for Android programming without delay or slowness? A technique, no matter what.

Note: My class contains only Java programming for Android. No other language

applications – Folder .chat_temp – Lovers of Android Stack Exchange

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boot – How to avoid starting from a Live CD, Android X86, Virtual Box

I'm trying to use Android x86 8.1 in Virtual Box using Ubuntu 18.04 as a host operating system. The problem is that once installed, if I send the stop signal, then if I close the system …

enter the description of the image here
enter the description of the image here

When I restart the virtual machine, it starts from the Live CD instead of the local disk (so I have to reinstall the system).
enter the description of the image here

In the Live CD, there is an option under "Advanced Options", which allows you to boot from the local drive, but when I select that one, I have this problem.

enter the description of the image here

I imagine that one solution might be to not turn off the virtual machine and back up its state. But I would like to know if there is a solution to turn it off without it being necessary to install it every time you turn it off.

Changing the ISO, aperture and shutter speed of the camera with android

The latest update of the FV-5 camera dates back to November 2017. Saying that it's a bit long in the tooth is a euphemism. It was only three months after the first public release of Android 8.0. Many reviews regarding the FV-5 camera are negative and indicate that it causes the blocking of many phones when accessing certain features. Your phone may not work completely with the FV-5 camera.

In "pro" mode, I could find the setting for ISO but not for aperture and shutter speed.

The shutter speed (exposure time) is to the right of ISO. The duration of exposure is currently 1/17 second.

enter the description of the image here

Very few smartphones allow control of the opening because the vast majority of smartphones do not have an adjustable aperture. The aperture in the lens is fixed. Most phone cameras that seem to allow "open control" simulate a change in aperture by using software to process images from two different cameras facing the same way.

As far as I know, the only smartphones with an adjustable aperture camera are the Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 +, Note 9 and the currently available Galaxy S10 and S10 +. They only have two points: two aperture settings, f / 1.5 and f / 2.4. The recently announced Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ include a three-step camera with f / 1.5, f / 1.8 and f / 2.4 formats.

wi fi – NordVPN Works on iPad but not on Android at school

I have the NordVPN configuration on my iPad and my Android phone. On the wifi network of my school, my phone can not connect and I have to disable the VPN to use the Internet. But on my iPad, it connects, even though I configured it with OpenVPN UDP. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

automation – Android 4.2.2 adb connect

I know that there is a lot of talk with tips on how to connect an Android 4.2.2 device to adb. My situation is a little different. My device is not of a particular brand. This is also not a phone or tablet in itself. It's a console manufactured by the company I work for, its behavior differs slightly from that of a classic Android phone and the drivers are out of the question here. I can connect to the console via wifi, but I can not run my automated tests via wifi. There are problems with the location of the items. I therefore really need to establish an adb connection via USB. I have enabled the devs and debug options, but there is no pop-up window allowing the console to trust my computer. I am on Windows 10. Adb version 1.0.41. Ideas?

google play store – What could cause a "violation of the Android ad ID policy"?

Google Play has notified me that my application has been removed due to an offense relating to the collection of advertising identifiers.

My application, however, only retrieves some publicly available data from the internet and uses firebase to send push notifications to devices that install the application and subscribe to specific FCM topics.

My question is: how could I have advertising IDs? Are these identifiers sent in HTTP requests made by the application? (for example, in headers?) Or maybe it's because of FCM subscriptions?

The full text of the email I received follows.

Hello the developers of REDACTED,

After review, REDACTED has been removed from Google Play due to a violation of the policy. This app will no longer be available to users until you submit a compliant update.

Problem: Violation of the strategy of using the Android advertising ID and section 4.8 of the distribution agreement for developers

Google Play requires developers to provide a valid privacy policy when the application requests or manages sensitive information about the user or the device. We have identified that your application collects and transmits the Android advertising identifier, which is subject to a privacy policy. If your app collects the Android ad ID, you must provide a valid privacy policy in the designated field of the Play Console and from the app.

Next Steps: Submit your app for another appraisal.

  1. Read the rules for using the Android ad ID and user data, as well as the Developer Distribution Agreement, and make the appropriate changes to your app. If you decide to collect sensitive user information, be sure to follow the policies above and include a link to a valid privacy policy on your app's store list page and in your app.
  2. Make sure your app complies with all other rules of the developer program. Additional enforcement could occur if there are other policy violations.
  3. Log in to your game console and send the update to your app.
    You can also opt out of this requirement by deleting any sensitive authorization requests or user data.

You can also opt out of this requirement by deleting any sensitive authorization requests or user data.

If approved, your app will be available again with all installations, ratings, and reviews intact.

If you have reviewed the policy and think that this removal may have been a mistake, contact our strategy support team. One of my colleagues will answer you within 2 working days.

Thank you for helping us provide a clear and transparent experience for Google Play users.


The Google Play Team

Android – How to put 2 RecyclerView in 2 columns?

I'm trying to make two lists to scroll independently. I want something like this:

two recycleviews

When nothing is displayed on the screen, here is my xml code:





Note: With a single RecyclerView if it displays the list.

Problems encountered are not downloaded to Android devices

I'm using drupal7 for my website. I've also created the View android web application and IOS for my website. the files are downloaded correctly on the laptop, the computer and the IOS application. but on Android mobile files are not downloaded. I have tried different fields of files but no luck. I've tried the Drupal core file field, with the download recovery modules and the file field source module for direct download via my VPS server. I'm also using the theme adopted with the mobile detection module. any clue or solution would be appreciated.

Where can I change to make a custom rom to debug an apk without Android: debuggable = "true" in AndroidManifest.xml?

I am trying to debug an Android application that have an integrity check. Then I can not decompile it and change AndroidManifest.xml. And this application does not work in the emulator. Therefore, I try to flash a custom ROM that can debug any application with no android flag: debuggable = "true" in my real devices. I've tried changing the ro.debuggable = 1 in default.prop in boot.img then flash on my device. But that did not change anything. Please give me a suggestion. Thank you so much.
Edit: Custom ROM that I use is CarbonRom it's link: