Android x86 blocked at _

I have a problem very similar to for example here.

I've installed Androidx86 on a partition of my Acer Aspire Switch 10E next to Windows.

I've added Grub as a trusted boot option in the UEFI and left Secure Boot activated.

By using this, I can start and restart, for example. Android x86 version 8.1-R2

but the problem is this: in this version, my Realtek RTL8723BS is not supported -> No WiFi / Bluetooth!

So I went back to older versions (I needed at least Android 6.0). By using CM 14.1-R2 and Androidx86 7.1-R2, I have a strange behavior:

Immediately after installation, if I select "Run Android", everything is working properly, startup is normal, Wifi / Bluetooth, everything is fine!

But I can not make it work after a reboot. It is still stuck on a black screen with only the display of a hotfix


I've already been looking for two days and tried a lot of parameters and settings in Grub input like nomodeset, xforcevesa etc … nothing has worked so far.

I've also tried 32-bit and 64-bit versions (the device is 64-bit), but that made no difference.

I do not understand what I'm doing wrong or why it starts all right the first time if not for the reboot but directly for the Android Launch option. So, I guess it can not be due to unsupported hardware because the system works in principle … I just can not boot anymore after I have stopped / restarted.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Improve the user experience of the application with push notifications – Everything else

Telemedicine helps support the health system among patients, physicians and medical institutions. The main task of telemedicine services is to provide remote visits to a physician, increase the efficiency of medical services and monitor health problems from a distance.

The development of telemedicine applications can be used in different medical fields such as dermatology, psychological and behavioral health, cardiology, chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.

5 successful use cases in the development of telemedicine applications

1) Doctor on demand

This is one of the best apps for online doctor consultations. The application associates patients and doctors within three minutes of videoconferencing. The application is available on smartphones, tablets and laptops. The patient lists his symptoms, then tells his medical history, makes contact with a doctor and finally gets the necessary prescriptions.

2) Medicis

This recent start-up telemedicine is reshaping the industry. The app raised $ 46.6 million in a round table and connected individuals to all their doctors. The application allows practitioners to connect directly and securely via video or text.

3) American Well (AmWell)

This telemedicine application has been used by health care workers, service providers and the government since 2009. American Well offers the SaaS platform for medical facilities. At the same time, the AmWell application focuses on consumers.

4) Babylon

Telemedicine application with the ambition to provide medical services worldwide. The application uses machine learning to provide accurate prescriptions in the form of a chatbot, which means that you can receive treatment in the absence of a doctor.


This app provides treatments for the most common medical areas, as well as behavioral health issues.

You can get more details on the benefits of developing telemedicine applications here


7.1 nougat – How to change the range of default DHCP IP addresses on Android 7.1.2

As the title indicates, I am looking for a way to permanently change the default IP address range form. at

Reason: On my router, some of my devices receive a static IP protocol via DHCP. interval. By using the hotspot on the road, I would like to have the same configuration.

I tried to change the range by following these steps, but it did not work on my two devices. They are rooted and Lineage OS is installed. The last answer suggests a simple way to do it, but this is not possible under OS Lineage.

Also this post of antiroidpolice suggests that it is possible thanks to an application, I seek a solution to do it with adb. I do not have access to Google Play, and do not use it.

Any help is appreciated.

Pie 9.0 – Android Auto does not work with the Samsung Galaxy S10

I have a Samsung Galaxy S10e smartphone with Android Pie as the operating system. When I connect it to my car with a USB cable (Audi A1) and start Android Auto from the car display, it does not work.

I can not say what the problem is because I do not see any error message.

What's wrong with that?

How to write an array of bytes in the module 5 ble in android studio

How to write an array of bytes in a 5.0 ble device using the Bluetooth Gatt service in Android Studio

Android Accessibility: Click When the Pointer Stops on Web Sites

I have a disability that requires me to use the Interaction and dexterity: click when the pointer stops accessibility setting on my Samsung Galaxy S9 +. Unfortunately, this setting (in combination with the Assistant menu) does not allow me to click on hyperlinks. Although you can use Wizard menu: Cursor To move a second pointer that clicks on links, it is almost impossible to do so accurately.

Is it possible to use the same cursor to navigate the user interface and to navigate web pages? I tried to use the Samsung Internet and Google Chrome unsuccessful applications.

Key Management – Android Key Protection

I read this documentation and saw this part;

When an application performs cryptographic operations with the help of an Android Keystore key, plain text, encrypted text, and messages to be signed or verified are passed to a system process that executes the cryptographic operations. If the application process is compromised, the attacker can use the application keys, but can not extract the contents (for example, to be used outside the Android device).

This makes me a little puzzled because I do not quite understand how to access the keys of the application, but the "input material" is still not secure (or secure). I mean if the key is the ultimate output of a KDF file, does that make any difference to not being able to access the corresponding input hardware? I can still use keys, for example, to decrypt messages, right?

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Sell ​​- android application manufacturers – make $ 1000 profit per app



No matter who can lead this business, no design or sales experience is needed to manage your own mobile app design and development business in this multi-million dollar niche encompassing the production of optimized mobile applications.

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You charge

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Monetization following best practices

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What is the difference between packages A and B?

Package A includes an application that runs on iOS or Andriod

Package B includes an application that runs on iOS and Andriod.

What typical jobs with customer order ..?

. Converting an existing website into an application for small business owners and entrepreneurs

. Design and develop an application based on an existing application with a point of difference

. Design and develop an application based on a totally new idea

. Reconstruction of existing applications for developers who need to keep them current and relevant to their customers


You do not need to continue the dialogue with your customer once the payment is received.

The provider then takes over, allowing you to convert more potential customers.

You simply need to provide the supplier with the details of the order. The supplier will also ask the customer to provide their own project details on which to build the application.

Very reliable supplier with proven track record.

This site runs on autopilot if you have reasonable communication skills. No telephone contact with customers is required. All you have to do is send e-mails. No Skype calls, email exchange or Skype text chat on occasion.

When a customer buys an app creation package, you simply place the order to the vendor who provides the service directly to your customer, leaving you with a profit of $ 500 or $ 1,000 per customer per sale.

Do not forget that you will get multiple orders for multiple mobile applications from the same customer as well as referral services. As a result, the income of 10 customers per week could quickly double from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 to $ 10,000 per week.

Why is this application design firm relevant to the current market?

In the current state of things, most mobile devices use one of the two dominant operating systems: Android (48.3%), developed by Google, and the iOS, developed by Apple (41%).

With the rise of the smartphone, it is obvious that we like applications. Just look at the statistics: App Store, 85 billion downloads until October 2014, Google Play, 50 billion downloads until January 2014.

Creating apps specifically designed for Android and iOS has many benefits:

They offer users the fastest, most reliable and most responsive experience.

They can access the broader functionality of the device; including camera, microphone, compass, accelerometer and sweeping gestures.

Publishers can use push notifications to alert users whenever new content is posted or when their attention is required. This is a key method of engagement. You have the opportunity to continually bring back your audience for more.

Users spend time on applications. The popularity of applications has increased enormously and continues to increase.

That's where your new business comes in … The market is still in its infancy!

Digital Marketing will end up relying exclusively on applications running on a mobile phone operating system that will be iOS or Android.

How will it work again?

1. You are buying this reseller site

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5. You then contact your supplier by email with the details of the order that have been completed by your customer. You have nothing to do from there … just pay the provider.

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More importantly, your provider provides this service quickly and efficiently … your customer will wait 30 days to see that his app is operational and he will be blown away by the price he will have paid when he receives his app in an average of 10 days.

The site targets primarily small business owners and new businesses in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Our marketing materials mainly use free methods.

So, what should you do after buying this site?

You generate traffic to your site by following the marketing plan included in the sale. The marketing element of this plan is the latest strategy used by marketers to quickly get converted sales traffic. You will have access to all this. And YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNTS ON SOCIAL NETWORKS.

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What do you get when you buy this site?

Premium Domain Name

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9.0 pie – Android 9. No graph of total data usage?

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