android – Recover firebase data – order items

Good afternoon

I am trying to list all the elements of an order in a recycler view, but the query only returns a value as follows:

 public void recuperarItemPedido(String idPedido1) {
    databaseReference = FirebaseConfig.getFirebaseDatabase().child("pedidos");
   Query query = databaseReference.orderByChild("id").startAt(idPedido1).endAt(idPedido1+"uf8ff");

      query.addListenerForSingleValueEvent(new ValueEventListener() {
        public void onDataChange(@NonNull DataSnapshot dataSnapshot) {
            for (DataSnapshot dataSnapshot1 : dataSnapshot.getChildren()) {
        public void onCancelled(@NonNull DatabaseError databaseError) {


on another screen, this same code returns all the items found in the order. I don't know what can be

wi fi – Android DNS network problem

I am using a custom development board based on Android Jellybean 4.2.2

i have problems in wifi network, i create realtek wifi usb drivers and add the required files, when i connect to wifi network, it is successfully connected.

but when i send the ping command to the adb shell i get: unknown host

I can ping the gateway, also I can ping any device in the same network and other devices can ping the IP address of my development board.

After debugging:

when i send the command> getprop | grep dns
I don't see (net.dns1) accessory!

when i send the command> dhcpcd -d wlan0 after manually setting the net.dns1, i can ping google dns, but some apps show that they are not connected or not internet.

what's wrong, where's my problem?

applications – Android for PC does not broadcast videos in applications

I installed Android for PC from It works well, but the videos don't play. YouTube works fine when it's open in chrome, but no apps stream videos.

Native Android libraries are also downloaded using settings. I can also create a custom Android app to fix the problem, but don't know where to start?

The OS is connected to VirtWiFi and the LAN and even youtube ads also work in the youtube app but only audio, not video. Is there a different network route for Chrome and for apps? The Android version is Pie

deep links – Android applying wildcard characters and common asset links json

I have an app that has 4 product flavors based on development environments, say alpha, beta, gamma and prod. So the extension of my application package will be the name env which is defined using applicationIdSuffix in gradle.

I also have two key stores to create my app. One for debugging and another for output.

I am adding the app to my app and I have two questions here:

1. can i use a wildcard in my intention filter? as i will have domain urls like,, and (the package name prod and prod will not have any applicationIdSuffix)

I tried to use * and using this wildcard actually causes a problem in the link and displays a selection dialog. what am i doing wrong here?

2. Can I have a json digital asset link for all approx? or should i keep an assetlinks.json file for each env? Right now, my package name changes depending on enc like "package_name": "", "", etc.
In addition, my "sha256_cert_fingerprints" changes depending on the keystore I use (debugging or version)

Any help is appreciated. I find a lot of questions but nothing seems useful to me.

Thanks in advance.

dns – Editing third party websites on an Android device with no browser extensions available

I am looking for a way to change the behavior of a website in a mobile browser.

For example:

  • Delete the canceled ad (specific)
  • Modify certain elements on a website, to facilitate reading on a small screen (change some css)
  • Make the site measure the time I spent there and "prevent" me from using it more time per day than I configured.

On the desktop browser, I usually solve these tasks using extensions such as TamperMonkey / GreasyMonkey (which allows me to add custom JavaScript code to the page and do what I want on the page), StayFocusd ( to limit distractions) and so on.

But most mobile browsers don't have extensions (and this is understandable because they often write poorly and can eat too much CPU on a not so powerful device).

To be fair, Firefox for Android has addons but there are very few. Just adblocking, privacy, and a few bugfix extensions. No TamperMonkey / GreasyMonkey analog.

Plus, I know UCBrowser has its extension store, but my Chinese is bad, and the store is all about Chinesse 🙂

I came to the following idea:

  1. Install my own DNS server and configure my Android to use it (now it's possible without root)

  2. Configure my own Squid proxy server

  3. Create a self-signed SSL certificate and add it to my Android's certificate store.

  4. For the sites where I want to make increases, my DNS should give the IP address of my squid-proxy (which uses my self-signed certificate or generates a certificate for the necessary sites, signed by my certificate of & # 39; self-created authority)

  5. The proxy should load the real site and patch its html files, adding my JavaScript file to it.

  6. I could therefore modify certain parts of the sites, remove advertisements, measure the time spent, etc. Everything is possible!

I have the knowledge and skills to perform all the steps described (or it seems so), BUT! I don't have enough free time 🙂

I want to know, maybe there is something like that implemented in one service?

Or maybe you could direct me to an easier solution to the problem?

android 10 – Remove "delete message" option from message notifications

I have a RealMe 5 Pro and it runs colorOS on Android 10.

My problem is with the notification options when I receive a message using the native messaging app. When I receive a new message, a notification will appear on my lock screen if I am not using my phone at that time. This is what I want. The notification includes below 2 options, "Delete message" and "Reply to message" at the bottom left and right of the notification respectively. The problem is that it is very easy to accidentally delete messages and I have already lost several by accident. It is a pretty poor design in my opinion. Is there a way to remove this "Delete message" option from the notification that appears?

I have tried to cycle through the application settings and the different notification settings, but I have found no option to adjust these response options.

career – How to move from Android development to game development?

I am a super Sr Android developer (since 2009) with a passion for video games. I graduated from CS in 2008, tried to get into the gaming industry and was unlucky. I ended up making Android and I stayed with it. Now, I would like to pursue my original passion and break into the game industry, but the problem is that I have no professional experience, and my experience in game programming is limited to a first person shooter that I wrote with 3 other guys at the university. I wrote the game engine myself and did a lot of the programming for the game. I would love some steps that I (and others) could take which are not generic advice.

adb – How to get all the pid processes on the recent android version?

Previously with Android KitKat or marshmallow, commands like ps -a or htop returned the entire process tree along the threads, zygote and init.

But now it only returns the processes of the application from which they are launched (even as root) while the full list of pid remains readable under /proc.

So how do you list the full list of processes again?

linux – How to use fastboot to flash stock Android ROM using Ubuntu

I know i can use fastboot flash recovery recovery.img to flash a custom recovery (on Windows).
I managed to brick my phone in the process of installing a custom mobile operating system.
So I start again. I have a stock Android ROM in my local machine but don't know how
to use fastboot to flash it on the phone.

fastboot flash boot (location) Where does fastboot look for the file in Ubuntu?

Android WebView NTLM authentication with Sharepoint 2019

I am trying to open some Sharepoint 2019 pages with NTLM authentication in an Android WebView. He keeps asking for credentials and won't let me in. I contacted the Chromium team about this problem, but they did not respond, so I try here if someone else has encountered the same problem with me.

When I try the same method with Sharepoint 2016, it works perfectly but the same code doesn't work on Sharepoint 2019. Has anything changed on the Authentication side on Sharepoint 2019?

Thanks for the answers.