Does Google Chrome’s on Android ‘Lite mode’ affect PWAs?

If I install a PWA onto my Android phone using Google Chrome, does that PWA use Chrome’s Lite mode?

Say I install the Twitter PWA, and use it to view a photo. Does that photo go through Google’s servers to be trimmed and compressed like it would if I were to view it in Chrome as a browser?

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Android 11 changed IPSec VPN behavior?

I have been using an IPSec Xauth PSK VPN connection via the built in client on Android for work since 2014 and have never had any problems with being on the VPN to connect to my workstation and still be able to access the internet at large at the same time. We do not forward traffic meant for the public internet through the VPN connection and nothing has been changed in our firewall config (Cisco ASA). My provider is TMobile and always has been. I use the same VPN on my other computers (Mac and Linux) without any issues still.

However once my phone was upgraded to Android 11 this stopped working correctly and it appears the built in client is now trying to route all traffic over the VPN instead of using the routes provided by the firewall. I’ve tried adding a specific forwarding route for the subnet my workstation is on but that didn’t seem to do anything.

I have searched around several times since this has started but have as of yet to find any solutions that aren’t the exact opposite of what I am trying to do (seems an awful lot of people want to route EVERYTHING over a VPN) or are for older versions of Android or talk about settings that don’t exist. I have zero options for controlling whether all traffic is sent over the VPN or not aside from adding a forwarding route but of course that doesn’t seem to make any difference with the connection.

I’ve tried both on wifi and on LTE with the same results. This wouldn’t be such an issue if I could at least keep my Duo 2FA working but that has to work over an internet connection as well so it too is blocked while I am on the VPN.

Since I have to use an IPSec Xauth PSK connection I have as of yet to find any 3rd party VPN client’s for Android that even support that option. Apparently most are meant for their own services or very limited VPN types. Plus I am not thrilled about allowing a 3rd party app any kind of control over the VPN I use for my job as a sysadmin.

Image overlay on video between two times using mobile-ffmpeg android

I am trying to add image overlay on video using “mobile-ffmpeg-full-gpl:4.4” library but faced ‘Error when evaluating the expression ‘between(t’ for enable’ error.

I have a class that create overlay filter for adding image:

`class ImageFilter {

static String getFilter(String input, String output, ArrayList<ExtraTL> listImage, int order){
    String filter="";
    for (int i=0; i<listImage.size(); i++){
        ImageHolder image = listImage.get(i).imageHolder;
        int index = i+order;
        String in = i==0?input:"(out"+index+")";
        String out = i==listImage.size()-1?output:"(out"+(index+1)+");";
        filter += prepareImage(image, index);
        filter += addImage(in, out, image, index);
    return filter;

private static String prepareImage(ImageHolder image, int index){
    return "("+index+":v)scale="+image.width+":"

private static String addImage(String input, String output, ImageHolder image, int index){
    return input+"(ov"+index+")overlay="+image.x
            +":"+image.y+":enable=between(t,"+image.startInTimeLineSec +","
            +image.endInTimeLineSec +")"+output;

FFMPEG Command used:

-loop 1 -i /storage/emulated/0/OP_Video_Editor/.temp/background.png -ss 0.0 -t 21.18 -i /storage/emulated/0/OP_Video_Editor/.temp/1614097633623.mp4 -i /storage/emulated/0/OP_Video_Editor/.resource/sticker_i02.png -filter_complex (1:v)crop=640:360:0:0(crop);(crop)scale=1280:720(v_scale);color=black:1280x720,fps=30(bgr0);(bgr0)(0:v)overlay(bgr);(bgr)(v_scale)overlay=(main_w-overlay_w)/2:(main_h-overlay_h)/2:shortest=1(v1);(1:a)aformat=sample_fmts=fltp:sample_rates=44100:channel_layouts=stereo,volume=1.0(a1);(v1)(a1)concat=n=1:v=1:a=1(v)(a);(a)aformat=sample_fmts=fltp:sample_rates=44100:channel_layouts=stereo,volume=1.0(a0);(a0)amix=inputs=1:duration=longest:dropout_transition=1(outAudio);(2:v)scale=333:333,rotate=-0.0:c=none:ow=rotw(-0.0):oh=roth(-0.0)(ov2);(v)(ov2)overlay=333.33334:333.33334:enable=between(t,0.0,10.0)(inText) -map (inText) -map (outAudio) -format yuva420p -preset ultrafast -video_track_timescale 90k -b:v 2000k -c:v libx264 -bufsize 64k -c:a aac -bsf aac_adtstoasc -strict -2 -y /storage/emulated/0/videoExport/videoplayback_22_21_28_18_44_10.mp4 

Also my log when I run program is:

2021-03-05 10:06:13.212 18957-19112/com.hecorat.azplugin2 E/mobile-ffmpeg: (overlay @ 0xdfa96880) (Eval @ 0xc3f5eb70) Missing ')' or too many args in 'between(t'

2021-03-03 17:26:32.167 11664-11830/com.hecorat.azplugin2 E/mobile-ffmpeg: (overlay @ 0xdc5f3b80) Error when evaluating the expression "between(t" for enable'

2021-03-05 10:06:13.212 18957-19112/com.hecorat.azplugin2 E/mobile-ffmpeg: (AVFilterGraph @ 0xc74469c0) Error initializing filter 'overlay'

2021-03-05 10:06:13.212 18957-19112/com.hecorat.azplugin2 E/mobile-ffmpeg: (AVFilterGraph @ 0xc74469c0)  with args '333.33334:333.33334:enable=between(t'

How can I resolve this error?

c++ – curl_multi_wakeup doesn’t seem to wakeup the associated curl_multi_poll – Android (but may not be limited to)

Curl version: 7.71.0 with c-ares


We are building a library that’s being integrated into mobile apps. We are targeting both iOS and Android.
Curl initialisation happens in a static block inside the library.

The iOS version of the library is bundled into a framework, which is loaded at app startup, if i’m not mistaken.
The Android version of the library is bundled in a module, which is lazily loaded. (I know this is an issue, especially since we link against OpenSSL, but it’s probably important for context).

We built a small HTTP client with curl, that allows use to download some data blob from trusted servers.

Quick architecture review

The HTTP client is running on its own thread. It holds a curl_multi_handle, and any transfer started append a curl_easy_handle to it, and return a handle to a Response that contains a buffer to read the received bytes from, and is used to control the transfer if needed.

Since cURL handles are not thread safe, any action (referred to as Tasks from now on) to the handle is dispatched to the HTTP client’s thread, and a boost::shared_future is returned (we might want to block or not depending on the use case).

Here is a rough idea of how the main loop is structured:

while (!done) {
    curl_multi_poll(multi, nullptr, 0, very_large_number, nullptr);

Appending to the task queue also performs a curl_multi_wakeup(multi) to make sure that task is executed (e.g. adding a new download is also a dispatched task).

The issue

We’ve only thus far tested on Android, and we’ve seen in some cases, HTTP client tasks that are blocking are sometimes never returning.

Logs and stacktraces show that we wait on a task being executed on by the HTTP client, but the client is still polling. Everything seems to indicate that it was’t woken up when appending a task.

I can’t seem to replicate the issue locally, on a device, but it happens often enough to be a blocker issue.

I’m a bit at a loss here, and I don’t really know where to start looking to find a way to reproduce the issue, let alone fixing it.

I hope I gave enough context to start making educated guess, or even find a the source of error!

Thanks for reading!

9.0 pie – Does Samsung Galaxy S10 run Android version 12?

I’m reading about the Samsung Galaxy S10 here. It says The S10 range ships with Android 9.0 "Pie". I made an app and a user is reporting a bug on it with the S10.

What I Want To Know: If the S10 ships with Android 9.0, does that mean that these phones will always have 9.0 only, or would they get updated to later versions of Android? If so, what’s the highest version they run?

android 10 – Trichrome library

I was downloading android system webview from apkmirror due to downloading an unsupported version through aurora store, and there when I found the right version for my system the page said that it needs “Trichrome library” with the same latest version as system webview. What is that? I downloaded it and installed it. Webview is working fine. But I failed to find the package. I am pretty sure that I installed it and now It is no where in my apps.

Is it safe? Am I downloaded something wrong? What that library does?

wi fi – How to transfer files from PC to Android via wifi without special software? came out in late 2020, when most home networks use wifi.

After searching for hours, I have been unable to find a built-in way of transferring files from my Windows PC to my Android Pixel (and ideally the reverse too) without downloading a special app from the Play store.

This is shocking to me.

Is it really the case that Android doesn’t natively support wifi file transfer?

(I’d rather not need to search for (and decide whether I trust) a third-party app. And I’d certainly rather not use a physical cable for file transfers like it’s 1990.)

android – Application stops working when I add two fonts

I created a game that has two fonts.

Being precise, the two fonts are PRESS_START_2P with the difference only in size. One of the fonts serves to write the title and the other for all other things.

The problem occurs after building the application (apk). As it is a special font I click on the option “copy to project” for it to be exported to the cell phone.

Image of the two fonts:

enter image description here

A detail is that the program does not recognize the original source directory, so I need to copy the source to the desktop to be able to copy it to the project.

Image demonstrating the problem:

enter image description here

Adding any of the fonts (alone), the game works. The problem happens when I add the second font.

Before posting here, I posted on the official engine forum, but I still haven’t gotten any response.


android – How should I configure my firewall using iptables commands to defend against hacking?

I need to add extra security to my Android device using iptables and a firewall to defend against hackers. My specific goals are to prevent a hacker from remotely breaking into my device to begin with and, in the event spyware is remotely placed on my device, my data/activity cannot be uploaded to whatever command center the hacker controls. Which commands should I use for maximum hacking defense? So far I only know about closing all ports except 80 and 443. I also need to know how to block all ports except those two, both incoming and outgoing, without preventing myself from browsing the web and other basics.