html5 – [Angular][Bootstrap] -Effect Reduce open and close with one click

I want to make a reduction effect as soon as I change the item in the slider below. When I change item, I get the service, various information reloading my child component (performed a ngFor). I would like to make the effect narrow and open on the article change. In the startup documentation, I have to click to close and another to open. Is it possible in one click (change the item in the cursor) to run the event opening and closing of the div being rendered?

If you have another function to move the div by performing the loading effect in the cursor navigation, do not hesitate.

Note: I'm using the ng5-slider component

"(valueChange)" – Calls my service method in my .ts component for data return.


Thank you in advance for your attention.

ng5-slider html

HTML of my slider


Div that is rendered in the change when navigating the cursor