ANNOUNCEMENT – Help NewProxyLists Recover 5000 USDT ( | NewProxyLists

Hi BMFers,

Just don’t ask… I’m stoopid… It happens to everyone. ?

Long story short I managed to lose the Blockchain wallet secret phrase and on the blockchain wallet, there was about $5000 worth of USDT at that time. (funds put aside for company bad days).

I waited for a reply from support and they did answer on Twitter and unfortunately, they cannot help me because they don’t have “forgot blockchain password” feature.

The last chance to recover the funds would be with the help of team that can recover significant funds of USDT as you can see here. And read somewhere the amount must be greater than $1000 and it is. These funds would be enough to cover company basic expenses for 2-3 months.

Please comment/Tweet/ReTweet this post

Hope to catch attention from Tether team and help us out, the original USDT sender also said he will help me out verify ownership of the address.

BMF Team

Announcement of 2022 lottery results

The announcement of the 2022 lottery results is very close, there are only 6 days left and I am very stressed, I hope to win

ANNOUNCEMENT – Donation Function Enable Request List | NewProxyLists

trading of bmf is not allowed since 2 weeks ago.

believe me you don’t want donation to be enabled site-wide, someone found a way to steal member’s coins, do you want to lose your coins? do I want hundreds of people upset they lost balance? hell no. have patience. the developer is looking into this bug. until then donation option is given upon request and if we believe you need it.

IPv4 announcement on ISP ASN


I would like to announce my IPv4 blocks on ISP ASN, thinking about BT UK. I would like to ask what are the steps needed to be done in… | Read the rest of

ANNOUNCEMENT – NewProxyLists Facebook Bounty | NewProxyLists

Уважаемые BMFers,

Начните зарабатывать больше очков BMF за участие в NewProxyLists

Если вы охотник за головами, вы можете получить вознаграждение в размере 100 баллов BMF за каждую публикацию в Facebook, начать делиться нашими сообщениями в Facebook и бесплатно зарабатывать баллы BMF.


  1. Войдите в свою учетную запись Facebook, чтобы следить и ставить лайки на нашей странице
  2. Делитесь и ставьте лайки недавним сообщениям со страницы BMF в Facebook по адресу
  3. Делитесь и ставьте лайки только за последние публикации этого года (2021)
  4. После публикации сделайте снимок экрана и загрузите его ниже.

Когда ваша работа будет проверена, средства будут отправлены на ваш кошелек BMF, это может занять до 7 дней.

• Минимальное количество друзей: 99+ друзей
• Профиль Facebook должен быть общедоступным.
• Подписывайтесь на BMF на Facebook:
• Должен понравиться исходный пост
• Нельзя публиковать одно и то же сообщение дважды.
• Каждую долю нельзя удалять, чтобы участвовать в будущих наградах.


100 BMF Points за акцию + ЛАЙК (MAX 1500 BMF, чтобы заявить, учитывая, что есть 15 сообщений, которыми можно поделиться + лайк на данный момент)

IMPORTANT: Plagiarism or submitting content that isn’t yours will get you banned from all bounty offers by NewProxyLists
NOTE: Stay tuned, because every new post shared is worth 100 BMF, so make sure you check from time to time to grab more free rewards for free.

ANNOUNCEMENT – NewProxyLists Twitter Bounty | NewProxyLists

Dear BMFers,

Start earning more BMF Points for being part of NewProxyLists

If you are a bounty hunter you can get rewarded 100 BMF Points per LIKE & Retweet our posts from Beer Money Forum Twitter official page.


  1. Log into your Twitter account to follow and like our official page
  2. LIKE & Retweet any/all posts from Jan 2020 and upcoming 2021 from
  3. After you finished take a screenshot and upload it below in this thread to be approved and paid accordingly.


  • Must have at least 10 HQ posts in NewProxyLists
  • Minimum Friends Required on Twitter: 99+
  • Twitter profile: public
  • Must Follow BMF Page on Twitter:
  • Must Like The Original Post
  • Must not share the same post twice
  • Every share must not be deleted to be approved for future claims

NOTE: Don’t submit content that is not yours, you will be banned from bounty offers and our network for the attempt of cheating.


Claim: 100 BMF Points per LIKE & Retweet
(Posts from 2020 + 2021 = 25 posts = 2500 BMF = $2.50 USD + Any Future Posts = 100 BMF)

Share below your Twitter profile link, make a screenshot of the LIKE & Retweet of our posts and tell us the number of posts you LIKE & Retweet to claim your rewards.
In a maximum of 7 days, you will be verified and given rewards for your work. Keep visiting our Twitter page because every post we share worth 100 BMF if you LIKE & Retweet it.

BMF Team

sharepoint online – Use fields of announcement list in attached word document

Is there any Chance to use fields of an announcement list to fill in blank fields in an attached word dokument?

I managed to do so in a document library by activating contenttypes in the list and adding build in document properties in the world dokument.

tooltips – New features announcement / app cue

I am working on the announcement of new features for our existing portal users. The announcement will be made by displaying a distinctive modal element that is triggered by some specific events. Through this element, the user can either upgrade, get more info or close the modal by clicking a standard icon. The question is if there is any pattern/research about how many times this element can be displayed before the user considers it annoying? How insistent should we be promoting new features? I am sure you know what I am talking about :] Thanks in advance.

I need IPv6 /32 BGP announcement in Africa

Hi everyone!

I need IPv6 /32 BGP announcement in Africa

Please contact me if you can offer it…. | Read the rest of

ANNOUNCEMENT – Grab your cut from 1,500,000 BMF Points pool. | NewProxyLists

Dear BMFers,

Thank you for your interest in the new referral contest, I know a lot of you guys expect a new referral contest however we decided to push the funds into increased rewards until 28 Feb 2021. This means for posting quality reviews in below sections you will earn between 100 and 200 BMF Points. (before was only 50 BMF)

List of activated forum sections for increased rewards: (your own site) (your own money-making journey) (no blogs, no ptp forums) (no apps under 100k downloads)

The minimum number of characters is only 500 to grab the reward. That’s about 100 words. A thread must fully describe the company you review, and because companies have plenty of features will be very easy to achieve this small limit of words.

Grab your cut from 1,500,000 BMF Points pool.
Increased rewards will be active until 28 Feb, 2021.

BMF Team