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javascript – lambda function vs anonymous function vs callback function

I’m writing a introductory JavaScript tutorial series, I have a question about terminology.

When explaining the Array.prototype methods, I’ve given an example of some code like:

const letters = ('a', 'b', 'c'); 
letters.forEach((value) => {
    console.log("the value is: " + value)

I’ve said what’s happening here is:

  1. Firstly, we’re calling an object function (a function that belongs to and object, in this case the object is the letters array).
  2. We pass as the first and only argument, a function: (value) => {//...} This is commonly known as a lambda or anonymous function.. (Unfortunately AWS Lambda functions, which is a service provided by Amazon confuses the terminology a bit 😭 )
  3. That function has a parameter value, that is is going to be the current element as the we iterate over the array.
  4. We print the value.

So the first question is, say instead my code looked like:

function printCurrentValue(value) {
    console.log("the value is: " + value)

const letters = ('a', 'b', 'c'); 
  • Would we still call that an anonymous function? After all, it it is now assigned to a variable.
  • Would we still call it a lambda function?

That is – intuitively I would say an anonymous function is any unnamed function, whereas I would still want to say that a named function can be used as a lambda function, as would be the case here, because lambda function, if you’ll excuse my vagueness, is a ‘a function that produces one value from another or something’, I’m sure there’s a better definition.

Elsewhere in the tutorial, I want to talk about callbacks.

For example, I might have some code like:

.then((res) => res.json())
.then((json) => console.log(json)); 

Where (res) => res.json() and (json) => console.log(json) are callbacks and they are also anonymous functions – but I’m not sure it’s correct to call them lambda functions.

That is, I would define a callback as ‘a function that is called else where in your application’. By that definition, the lambda functions passed into an Array.prototype method are callback functions.

Is there a tidy way to differentiate between the three terms?

document library – Anonymous access for SharePoint Views with Paging and Sorting

I have a SharePoint Publishing site with document library views added , when the anonymous users are trying to do sorting or to move to next page using paging they are prompted for credentials.

Is there a way to get rid of this issue and make this Paging and sorting workable for the Anonymous users.

Tried Solutions :

  1. Enabling Server Side Rendering in Views (cannot use this as I need
    Client Side rendering)

  2. Disabling Limited-access user permission lockdown mode (Cannot
    use this as disabling this feature will allow anonymous users to access
    all the application pages)

Any suggestions on this is highly appreciated.
Thank you

Is it possible to generate a link to a private file that can be shared with an anonymous user to download the file?

In Drupal 8 we need to generate a link to a private file that can be shared with an anonymous user to access.

In our function we have the file object for the private file and are currently generating the link to the file like this:

   $build('#link') = Link::fromTextAndUrl(t('Download original file: ' . $file_name), Url::fromUri($url, $options))->toRenderable();

However, the link generated is only accessible to privileged users.

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Anonymous, Private, and Secure File Storage and Distribution made easy.

AnonArchive is a free, privacy/anonymity-oriented file sharing, storing and distribution platform, with a completely unique website, and form of security, completely controlled by the end user, we are a service to beat!

We allow anyone, to store any files they wish completely anonymously, with optional encryption (AES-256). We do not store your archive keys in plain-text (SHA256 HASHING) or have access to any kind of “access_logs” that could point us toward the controllers/managers of specific archives, if you lose your keys (encryption & archive keys), then you will either lose access to your archive, or the encrypted file.

Privacy, begins with anonymity.

Some of our key features:

  • Optional (User-Controlled) File Encryption with AES-256bit (Military Grade).
  • No Login Needed. 100% controlled by Public and Private Keys.
  • Delete archive and, or any or all associated files.

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anonymity – Anonymous video uploading on an internet host

depends on platform, some websites processed metadata (to track activities). basically its one of the way to trace video. there lot of articles and white papers on TOR tracing. 🙂

yes there are people/groups who can trace this activity, they are specialized in Digital Forensics and Threat Intelligence.

plugins – Hiding Tutor LMS lesson names for anonymous users

plugins – Hiding Tutor LMS lesson names for anonymous users – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

❕NEWS – Anonymous Hacker Says Elon Musk’s Crypto Tweets Destroyed Lives | NewProxyLists

Recently, a video goes viral that mentioning that Elon Musk’s tweets ruined lives. He manipulates the crypto market. The video contains many criticize of Elon Musk and exploring much news. Showing many peoples liquidated their investment for his nature temperature behavior. The anonymous group warned Elon for further crypto tweets.
It uploaded 5th July and till now it got over 2 million views.
What do you think about this video?

Javascript anonymous function in settimeout function

Please refer to the below code. This code works correctly.

let user = { 
  firstName: "John", 
  sayHi() {   
  alert(`Hello, ${this.firstName}!`);  
 //using anonymous function 
  setTimeout(function() { 
  user.sayHi(); // Hello, John!
 }, 1000);

But when I code

setTimeout(user.sayHi, 1000); 

instead of anonymous function, it doen’t work(I know why. it’s because “this” of “this.firstName” loses its context ). But I can’t understand, why does it work when you use anonymous function?

how to disable access to mongo shell to anonymous users?

i have created users in mongodb . one user among them is admin. but when i do
it is allowing me to connect to mongo shell with out me specifiying user and password. what should i do to prevent access to mongo shell for all with out user login? please help

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