Make a list of different sheets depending on the answer

I want to make a list from a different sheet based on Google's answer. For example, if mom registers her son at FB, her name will go from the main list to sheet 2 entitled "Football"

r – How should I handle multiple choice / answer (check-all-that-apply) data?

I am working on survey data that interest me and I have encountered a minor problem. Some questions ask respondents to rank in the top 3 candidates …

For example,

  • This is a list of fruits that you can choose from 3 on.
    1) Banana 2) Apple 3) Grapefruit 4) Peach 5) Watermelon

  • and then, several respondents gave different answers to this question.

    defendant a – 1, 3, 4 (banana, grapefruit, peach)
    defendant b – 1, 2, 5
    defendant c – 3, 4

  • and whoever is in charge of cleaning up the survey data has formed this column in three columns and each column represents one of the three choices made by the respondent.
    Q1_1 Q2_2 Q3_3
    a 1 3 4
    b 1 2 5
    c 3 4 NA

    • My question is … can I make a column? I know I can dummify them and make 5 columns corresponding to the types of fruits up there …
      Watermelon Peach Grapefruit Banana Apple
      a 1 0 1 1 0
      b 1 1 0 0 1
      c 0 0 1 1 0

    • However, I am concerned that this will affect the accuracy of the predictive model that I intend to use later in my research. One of the questions provided respondents with approximately 990 options they can choose from. If I want to dummification, the data dimension will increase significantly …

Please let me know if there is a good way! I would also like to know if there is a R package specified to be used in this type of subject.

sysprep – Add an answer file to existing image windows

I am not a system administrator, but I am setting up a Windows 10 Enterprise image that will be distributed on a number of tablets.

My process is essentially to make changes in audit mode to enable / disable certain parameters, to perform some additional operations in an answer file, and then to capture the image with the help of the Sysprep command and to specify my response file as the one that will be used.

I have the impression that it is not as it is nowadays (the Windows configuration designer seems to be the way to go) but I got a little familiar with it. using these tools and I found documentation on making the changes I need to make.

To my question:

This would, however, speed up my workflow if, instead of deploying my image to a device and repeating the operation with my updated answer file, I could apply a response file directly to an existing wim image.

I have not been able to find an answer via Google or here on the server fault forum, which leads me to believe that it is super fundamental, but if anyone could m & # 39; steer in the right direction, I would be very happy.

TLDR: How can I add an answer file to an existing wim image without having to capture the image with the help of sysprep?

Review paid but no service and no support (all options do not answer)

I'm buying a Linux VPS at Serveria a few days ago. Even after payment, my VPS order was stuck on Pending. After waiting a few hours (maybe 3-4 hours), I created a support ticket that went unanswered during the working hours of the place where the company is registered.

After the 8 hours of no answerI closed the ticket and created a billing ticket with a higher priority, assuming that I may not have posted the ticket in the correct section. Surprisingly, I was informed in less than 2 hours that the automatic procedure had failed and that they would take care of everything immediately. They asked what operating system I wanted to install and I informed them via a new response on the ticket. It was More than 30 hours since the last time I heard about it on anything via tickets.

As the responses to the ticket were very, very slow (I may have been spoiled by the good hosts who usually answer within 2 to 6 hours), I decided to contact them on skype. No help has been provided via Skype. Only silence; still waiting for an answer from them for almost 24 hours. In total, this has been around 72 hours since I paid for a service I did not receive However, I did not have any support on this question nor on a refund that I asked but which was not answered.

I understand that things are bad. I do not mind waiting. I hate that no one is communicating with his team to inform his clients of what is going on. Very disappointed! Stay away from this host! It seems to be typical at Serveria; in the past, they had ignored the tickets and provided bad customer service: – I had assumed that their service needed to be improved over the 3 years but I was wrong

Skype chat log:
(Images and videos can be provided at any time)


Customer, 9:19 am: Hello
Serveria, 9:21 (wave) 9:21: Hey there

Client, 9:21 am: I was wondering if you could send my tickets to a senior representative? I paid for a VPS (censored). Payment (censored) more than 24 hours ago. I have created a ticket to support it has not received any updates for 9 hours. I closed it and another ticket was created for billing. I had been waiting for another answer for about 8 hours now. Until now, I was waiting for an assistant.[sic] for more than 24 hours. I am very disappointed.

Ticket # 359XXX (Billing)
Ticket # 655XXX (Support)

Client, 9:31 am: Do you know what is the best thing to do given the situation? I waited a moment. Is the assigned person offline? Should I send an email directly to someone in your organization (in the affirmative, who?)?

Customer, 9:53: Hello, are you there?

Serveria, 10:39: Hi yes sorry for the delay. Your tickets are being processed at C & # 39; is in progress

Client, 10:41 am: Do you refer to the last ticket, the refund or the ones I had previously created? I have already configured with (censored)

Client, 3:29 pm: Updates?

Next day cat diary

Customer, 7:39: Hello?


Ask me something and I probably will not answer it (but maybe I will …)

Ask me a stupid question. I probably will not answer it, but if I consider myself lucky.

symbolic – $ p $ power coefficient in polynomial expansion: mathematica does not answer me

I would like to access the coefficient before $ n ^ p $ for a polynomial expansion.

I have written the following code:

F[n_, q1_, q2_] : = (n ^ q1 + (n + 1) ^ q1) * (n ^ q2 + (n + 1) ^ q2)

SérieCoefficient[f[n, q1, q2], {n, 0, p},
Assumptions -> {Element[q1, Integers] && q1> = 0,
Element[q2, Integers] && q2> = 0}]

However, mathematica does not calculate anything. Why ?

I would expect an expression that would show the binomial coefficient (I can do it by hand, it is not very complicated, so I wonder why mathematica can not).

Customs and Immigration – What questions should I be able to answer when I want to enter the United States for the 4th time?

On my third visit to the United States in June, I went on a second visit and the immigration officer asked a lot of questions. In fact, the first trip took place last January for just one week, the second trip in March lasted two weeks and my third and last trip took place in June for 13 days. Same point of entry, Las Vegas. I am worried because I will come back for thanskgiving and I forgot the answers I gave him. I've said nonsense things like I want to blog, but I have not started them yet and asked for deeper absurd things and he was typing on the computer while I was asking him. Do you think that after 5 months, when I come back to the United States, especially to Las Vegas, will the agent ask me about the answers last time?

I want an answer to all these questions on this photo


description of the image here](Https://

c – This is not compile! And I do not think the answer!

I do not want to compile …


int main ()
system ("Title-Adjust System: Windows 7") // Title declared
printf ("SYSTEM 00.1-BETA  n  n"); // - Name
system ("view") // Windows version
system ("color 2") // color

for (system ("hour"))

// Time setting (not compile)

                        int time;

if (time = 0, time> 0, time ++)
printf ("Error changing time ...  n"); // error message
d & # 39; other
printf ("Time changed successfully  n") // modified message time


for (system ("date")) // Setting the date (I can not compile)
int date;

if (date = 0; date> 0; date ++)
printf ("Error changing the date ...  n"); // error message
d & # 39; other
printf ("Date of successful change!  n"); // date of the modified message

for (system ("tree")) // file manager (also giving an error)
int tree;

if (tree = 0, tree> 0, tree ++)
printf ("Error displaying files  n"); // error message
d & # 39; other
printf ("open files successfully!  n";) // open file message

/ *
Note: The program is based on easier management of the operating system.
of, if you have an idea continue with the line of code ...
* /

returns 0;

oracle – If I do not get a result, change the answer to null or zero in SQL

I have the following query that returns the result "does not exist" so to speak, since I filter it by a number and that number does not exist (that's it). ;idea).


Now, what I want to know and how that could be done, is how to go from not getting "does not exist" to changing the value in null or zero or something else simply.


select G323.G303MNTD as SALDO
from GSCF323 G323, GSCF300 G300
where G300.G300CTA = 1104070196
and G300.G300UUID = G323.G303UUID

I use Oracle.