dnd 5th – How does the Time Stop spell interact with AoE deferred damage spells?

I'm getting ready to play some popular lich and I'm reviewing the possible combinations of spells that he would use for the players.

One in particular that I want to use is Time Stop + Cloudkill + Lightning Chain (This is a pity Wall of strength is also concentration – I would like to trap them with the Cloudkill).

Now, Cloudkill is one of those spells that seems to fall under the fuzzy rule of delayed attack zone spells, such as Cloud of daggers or Moon Beam, who have the confusing decision to cause only damage when the creature enters the area and starts his turn there.

It makes me wonder how he interacts with Stop timewho has this stipulation:

This spell ends if one of the actions you use during this period, or effects that you create during this period, Affects a creature other than you or an item worn or worn by someone other than you.

The accent is mine. Because Cloudkill and AoE type spells were required not to cause damage, and so affect creatures until the beginning of their turn, does that mean that the casting Cloudkill just above them does not break the Stop time? (at least until I throw something like Chain of Light)