javascript – I need to consume one api before consuming another

I need an API containing the information about the results of the API below …

For example: I have the result api with these results …

"characters": (


But since I did not have this other API, I do not have the result of the request …

Google Oauth consent screen verification issues and access to the Gmail API

It's been frustrating for me for a few months now.

We use the Post SMTP plugin in WordPress for sending emails via Google's SMTP server. The application is configured as such in the Google Developer Console.

However, since we have done this (regardless of the website or domain used), when we connect the app (website) to Google, the Oauth consent screen always displays a warning of danger indicating that the application is not verified.

I've been trying to check the app for years and I've never been successful. The status remains just in the phase of:

Your consent screen is being verified. This may take up to several days. Your last approved consent screen is still in use.

And it will stay that way for months / years without change, email or notification of anything.

I'm trying to get to the bottom of things (again) and I'm not even sure to use sufficiently sensitive scopes to require a verified domain.

This is what is happening right now:

Oauth consent screen

It indicates that he will have full access to Gmail. Is it correct? If it is authenticated to Google's SMTP server for sending mail, should this be the case? Whatever it is, I've disabled the Gmail API in the Google Developer Console and this has not even changed.

I really do not know what else to try to get a domain checked for that.

I have read all the support documents on Google and I have done everything they ask (for example).

spfx – 403 when trying to add a list item with the REST API

I would try to use the SPFX feature with

import { SPHttpClient, SPHttpClientResponse, ISPHttpClientOptions } from '@microsoft/sp-http';

You do not need any numbers – the framework does it for you (you also do not have the problem of an expired x-requestdigit).
You can do it as follows:

var itemType = "SP.Data.User_x0020_FeedbackListItem";
var absoluteUri = this.props.context.pageContext.web.absoluteUrl;

const itemData: any = {
    "__metadata": { "type": itemType },
    'Title': new Date(),
    'ReportedBy': reportedby,
    'Page': page,
    'Note': note
const itemHeader: any = {
    'Accept': 'application/json;odata=nometadata',
    'Content-type': 'application/json;odata=verbose',
    'odata-version': '',
    "X-HTTP-Method": "POST"
const spHttpClientOptions: ISPHttpClientOptions = {
    "headers": itemHeader,
    "body": JSON.stringify(itemData)
    absoluteUri + "/_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('')/items",

web development – Integration of Websockets in the Backend Flask API

If I code a web application with Flask as REST API to use with interfaces and instead of, I do, what will happen with the functions that are not decorated as Websocket functions ? Will they work normally? For example, I want to handle HTTP POST requests and pass them to a database for authentication even before a websocket connection is opened.

magento2 – How to use the Python 3.7 code in the custom module for Magetno 2? (Not the Python API)

I need to create a custom module for Magento-2 that has Python code.

so, how to integrate python + Magento into a custom module.

and we do not use the Python API, I need Python code.

Means that Magento 2, custom module and Python code are on the same platform

sharepoint online – API to download documents from shared links

I was trying to download documents from a shared link via an API. I could not find any other solution than adding download = 1 in the url parameter. However, it does not work if the shared link has restricted access, I can not download the file even when I authenticate via oauth2.0.
Are there any other API methods to download via share links?
How to authenticate using api for sharing links.

Thanks in advance

How to get all messages of custom message type by rest API?

I have CPT transcription on the WordPress site. And create 250 posts in the CPT transcript.

Now I want to recover all the data from the transcript and store it in another database using the URL of the remaining API


HTTP request using CURL

$ ch = curl_init ();

$ url = & # 39; http: // ;;

curl_setopt ($ ch, CURLOPT_URL, $ url);

curl_setopt ($ ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);

curl_setopt ($ ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 1);

return curl_exec ($ ch);

curl_close ($ ch);

But this report contains only 10 transcripts,

Help me, please, how to get all the transcript post data.

web application – Web page tutorial API

I wonder if there is a library / access point allowing the creation of a tutorial on a page for a web application.

The idea is to guide a new user of the web application during the early stages of its use.

I know that this is very used in games but not so much in web applications.

Any suggestion, link or idea is welcome.

Magento 2: How to Get Banner Slider Images Using a Custom Rest API

I've uploaded a banner image in the admin panel of magento and I do not know how to get the banner images and display them in the API response.

Thank you.

What industrial alternatives exist to "define" in an API affecting values

I create a library in PHP. I prefer to avoid making properties a part of the public API.

class Something 
    private $value = "";

    // getter
    public function value(): string
        return $this->value;

    // setter - traditional (most well-known??) solution
    public function setValue(string $value)
        // do some sanity checks against submitted value
        $this->value = $value;

Curious to know if a term other than "set", which could also be a group of things, was used to make the API totally strange.