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Hello, I downloaded a room file to my Google pixel 3a XL and it left an .apk file with the name of the game. I am no longer able to delete the file and when I try, a pop-up says "I can't delete 1 file". If someone could advise me, I fear I have this file. Thank you

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How to integrate the data of an Android application with the application in a new apk file?

I found this Windows program to integrate the data from an Android app into a new apk with the app.

But it looks like it is using old smali, baksmali, apktool files.
I tried with new files but it made no difference.

To change the language to English, simply change the first menu option and select the language as English.

If anyone can test the program and see if it can make it work, let me know.

I have tried it with a few apps like Kodi, but after installing the modded apk, it looks like a regular install and does not restore any data or user settings. Some other apps also cannot be repackaged due to old jar, apktool files that it still uses.

To use it
1] You make a backup of your application with Titanium Backup
2] Load the apk with the first button of the program
3] Load the backup of the tar.gz application data made with the Titanium backup with the second button of the program
4] The third button creates the modified application which includes the application data.

It would be great to use to install an app with its data on unrooted Android devices.

The best Vidmate Apk topics to read for you … 2020

The best Vidmate Apk topics to read for you … 2020

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  1. The best Vidmate Apk topics to read for you … 2020

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Is there a possible way to convert apk to exe?

I already know that you cannot directly convert apk to exe, but is it possible to create a program which will decompress an apk file and then compress it into an exe file?

Installation – Automatically install an APK file after saving it to the SD card from a laptop

Is there a way to install an APK file in Android that has been placed in the SD card from a laptop?

For example: I accessed my phone storage in my laptop via a cable connector and saved the APK. When i have disconnected the cable connector, i want the apk to install it automatically on my android phone. Is it possible?

The best FRP bypass tool – Technocare Apk 2020

Nowadays, all users of Android devices can use their devices without keeping any problems regarding this unlocking process. FRP is a useful feature introduced as a security layer for the Android device used to keep the device properly. Technocare Apk 2020 is the best solution designed for users who have locked the issue. Users of each Android device have the ability to get a clean process without any locks using this article Technocare Apk 2020 for a later process.

Technocare Apk 2020.png


About FRP in brief

FRP or Factory Reset Protection creates a powerful security process on an Android device without any problems. If your Android device has slow performance or your device is not working properly, you will feel, FRP is the best for your smart device. After setting up the Android device, you need to use the login information from the previous Google account to continue accessing your Android device again. Otherwise, you need to find a suitable solution compatible with the device.

Learn more about Technocare Apk 2020

This method was an indispensable term for the community to unlock the smart device the way you want. Using this ultimate process, every user of Android device has the opportunity to get their own unlock experience for the device by removing all restrictions from Google account without any hesitation. You can create a new Google account to recover the Android device and it is very important to follow this process to get the best unlock results.

Features of Technocare Apk 2020

  • It is a simple and safe unlocking app for all users of Android devices.
  • You can unlock the bootloader and install custom ROMs for your Android device without any problem.
  • Continue unlocking without registration or account.
  • Technocare is safe from all bugs, malware and viruses for your convenience.
  • You can get an easy unlocking process for your Android device smoothly.

Is it safe for the user of your Android device?

When you are going to install this app for your Android smart device, you will need a rooting or third party app. But you can use this Technocare app without any problem and you can continue downloading without using the root app. thanks to you, you will get higher security for your smart device, including an easy-to-use interface saving precious time.

Technocare Apk 2020 latest version

As I mentioned before, an Android user can get the most complete unlocking process possible on the device without any problems. This will give an incredible FRP unlock process to perform perfect recovery on your device without any problems. if you use the latest version of your smart device, you will get more updated features for your convenience. So you have to try the latest version to unlock the locked FRP device.

In short, you can continue the best of FRP unlocking on your Android smart device using this introductory method of Technocare Apk 2020 for an additional improvement process. You can follow this comprehensive guide to get the best guide for your Android device smoothly.

installation – does adb install do an apk signature verification?

When in use adb install something.apk, does the Android package manager check the apk signature? adb install seems to show nothing on the phone screen, so it's hard for me to know if this is the case.

I like the idea of ​​using apk mirror websites to download apk files with a phone that doesn't have google play services, but since I can't trust any of these websites apk mirror, I want to make sure that the app data is not at risk when used adb install when upgrading to a new apk version.

Yes adb install does signature verification, what does it do if the signature does not match? Does the installation fail, a question appears on the phone screen or automatically erases existing data from the application?

How does the answer to my question change if you use -r option with adb install?

If I use adb uninstall -k before installing the application upgrade, does signature verification occur from the previous installation before old application data is shared with the new installation?

Bonus: we have the possibility adb install -l, or -l means "lock app forward". What does this "forward lock" mean and does it have anything to do with signature verification and access to application data?

The latest music downloader to download unlimited music [ free ] – DeezLoader Apk

Deezloader Apk 2020

DeezLoader 2020.jpg

You will now extend the experience of downloading and listening to music using one of the best applications available on the market. Deezloader Apk 2020 is the latest app you can instead of downloading music apps and already most of the smart device users have taken the best out of Deezloader. Due, you can use Deezloader Apk 2020 for an additional entertainment process by referring to this article.

Why do you need Deezloader?

In the truest sense of the word, everyone enjoys listening to music with easy download steps. Because Deezloader is the best app out of dozens of apps will help you to make music download smoothly on Android device without making any problems. This is a completely free service and you will get a simple music download experience with a smoothly organized app.

What's more about Deezloader Apk 2020?

The developer of DeezloaderDeezer will release the latest version for your convenience. With the help of the next version of Deezloader, you can update your experience however you want. Thanks to the latest version of Deezloader, you will be able to download music efficiently without any risk. So it's best to use the latest version for your Android device to continue the music improvement process.

Presentation of the features of Deezloader Apk

  • You have the option to use this Deezloader for your Android device to download any kind of music track.
  • Download multiple music files to the Android device at the same time.
  • You can download a full music album for your device using Deezloader saving your time.
  • You can continue this music download with a clean, simple and easy to use interface.
  • Use this app for your smart device at no cost

About Deezloader Premium

In fact, all the users of Android smart devices have the ability to update the music download experience in a better way. in addition, the latest version of Deezloader available on the market that you can use for downloading music by paying a little money. As well as this version will offer more updated features to continue downloading music easily and smoothly. You can make the perfect music download experience using this premium version without a doubt.

Deezloader apk 2020 installation process

Every Android device user can download and install this app for your smart device without using root or third-party app. in other words, you can get an amazing download process on your smart device by saving your precious time. Due to the fact that you can get an easy installation process by properly improving the entertainment. Without a doubt, you will get a cool enough installation process to make the process powerful.

Deezloader Apk for free

The Android community has a good time to make downloading music smoothly in a better way. you can use this service for free on your android device and you can get amazing music download without any problem. These beneficial facts help you inspire entertainment better than other complex applications.

I hope you will read this full article to start the best music download via Deezloader Apk 2020. So don't miss this content to get more information to enrich the music download as desired.

Download 1xBet apk – Everything else

The famous bookmaker 1xBet has developed an official application for smartphones on Android, and now the owners of these gadgets have a good opportunity to play always having access to the bookmaker and being constantly informed of all the sporting events. 1xBet mobile application has been quite interesting, and it deserves to be taken advantage of.
How to download and install 1xBet app?
Download the 1xBet mobile app via our link. Immediately after clicking on this link from your smartphone, you will be redirected to the site page with the button to download the free 1xbet apk file. Without hesitation, click and start downloading the mobile application on your Android device. It won't take more than a minute. Do not forget to allow the installation of mobile applications from unknown sources on your smartphone which is done in the security settings of the mobile device.


Main advantages of 1xBet app
Attractive promotions and special bonuses;
Quick registration;
Possibility of deposit / withdrawal;
Large choice of different types of bets;
Live betting;
Pleasant design and understandable interface;
Casino and Poker;
Instant access;
Betting history;
Retransmissions of matches;
Always at hand;
Online customer service;

In addition, the online company 1xBet offers all its customers a fantastic bonus on the first deposit up to 50,000 XAF when creating a new account.