javascript – How can I embed non-google ads on my single page react app?

I have a single page reactjs application that serves movie information whenever a user searches for it.

I recently decided to monetize it with Adsterra since I don’t have google AdSense, however, every single library out there for embedding ads in react apps seems to be built around google AdSense or google AdSense manager.

I’ll really appreciate it if someone here can point me in the right directions, or perhaps give me some hints on how to build an ad component myself.

Or perhaps a npm library that is easy to use, where I can place the ad scripts and have them displayed on my page.

web app – Should my webapp’s tabs use browser tabs or an in-page tab?

That depends on how tabs/pages are related in your application; but speaking of a more general scenario:

Are the tabs related amongst them i.e. different parts of the same information? Or are them different instances of the same page with different information?

In the former, tabs inside the app make sense, while in the latter navigator tabs (or “different windows”) are more like it.

Using your sample image about invoices:

  • If tab1 is product info and tab2 is payment info and tab3 is shipping info, all from invoice F00001, then they should appear as tabs inside the app (UNLESS each tab is a completely different process)
  • If tab1 is info from invoice F00001 and tab2 is info from invoice F00002 and tab3 is info from invoice F00003, they should appear as different pages. It’s up to both the navigator and the user wheter they’ll be grouped as tabs in a window or as separate windows.

But then again, it completely depends on your application and how the information between pages is related.

Rebranding IPTV App

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How to track QR code scan from my site to app store in Google Analytics?

I have a QR code on my site that links people to the mobile app store. Since it isn’t a click but rather a QR code scan done on the user’s mobile device, what is the recommended way of tracking this action in Google Analytics?

I was thinking it would be an immediate meta refresh from a blank page on my domain to the app store, as in:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=">, with being the app store URL.

If the content is set to 0;, would GA still be able to pick up the UTM parameters? Or would it need to be set to 0.5;? Or something else?

Or perhaps there is a more reliable tracking method entirely.

google chrome – Pycharm app keeps opening my html files and links

Issue: .html files and links and ipython notebooks seem to be all routed through pycharm.

Whenever I open a html file or start a jupyter server, it opens up with pycharm instead of chrome.

I made sure that Chrome is my default browser in settings. Tried several times this one:
when opening a html file click open with -> other -> tick always open with chrome. It works just for that file but then html files are still associated with pycharm and next time it still opens with pycharm by default.

builds – “app not installed” error on installing rebuild recompiled resigned after editing modifying app manifest through Apk editor?

How to solve “app not installed” error on installing rebuild recompiled resigned after editing modifying app manifest through Apk editor for changing Android storage location?

I was trying to edit manifest installLocation=”preferExternal” I tried with to modify apk manifest of installed app through apk editor app from apk editor apps comman edit option menu it worked successfully with many apps it recompiled rebuild and resigned and then I unistalled installed and moved the app it worked great and made unmovable apps movable

But some of the user apps apk mainfest edited changed builded signed properly but after uninstalling and reinstalling recompiled rebuilds resigned apps again it gave error “app not.installed ” out of 10 apps I edited modified it didn’t worked for 3 apps but 7 it worked installed perfectly.

I saw some video on YouTube they resigned the file recompiled rebuild file by all editor with zip signer app or apksigner app I tried with Both but still same error

Is there any other parameters to be changed in manifest to resolve the problem.Or its not possible to rebuild edit with some other apps.

Is there alternative apps like apk editor which modifies edits apk mainfest and auto decompile compile builds signs automatically .

Any solution suggestion advice for solving the problem

facebook – Auto Download of photos working in WhatsApp Desktop App, but not in mobile App

A couple of months back, I was working on a project and all the collaborators were staying in touch via WhatsApp. As it is a fairly large group of about 80 people, lots of photos tend to get generated each day. Since I was working on my laptop, I decided to use the desktop application rather than the mobile app, as it was more convenient. We were required to complete a certain task, within a fairly short amount of time, so everybody was working full throttle at that moment. As the deadline was approaching, the number of photos in the WhatsApp group started to increase. Moreover, as the navigation in the desktop application was becoming difficult, I decided to switch to the android app.

To my surprise, absolutely none of the photos had been downloaded on the app. As per my knowledge, whatever auto-download settings are applied to the mobile app, are also followed by the desktop application. But that didn’t happen.

I’ve checked all my settings and everything seems to be fine. All permissions have been granted. There is no data usage check applied. But still, the auto-download feature didn’t work on my phone, while it did flawlessly on the desktop application.

After that incident, there have been several other instances wherein auto-download was only working on the desktop application, instead of working on both the desktop and mobile version of WhatsApp in tandem. This has begun to worry me a little, as it is affecting my work. Can anyone suggest any tips to fix this?

operating systems – Can a java app that was bundled with modules of an x64 JDK (with jpackage), run on an x86 OS?

operating systems – Can a java app that was bundled with modules of an x64 JDK (with jpackage), run on an x86 OS? – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

mkdif – How to Edit apk manifest Android:installlocation through app or adb shell commands?

How to Edit apk manifest Android:installlocation through app or adb shell commands?

I have Android 6.01 mobile without root. It have 16 GB total ROM from Which 11GB is occupied by Android OS and system apps. Remaining 5 GB for user data and apps.

As Android 6.01 marshmallow have option To format as as internal but installing apps out of 100 user apps 70 user apps still store in internal memory and only 30 installed in internal formatted micro SD card. Which resulted again in full of internal memory and lack .

I googled and founded that many apps have are not movable programmed developed as system and configured to install on internal memory by default and not all apps move to external memory card

So founded that we can change the install location. Parameter settings by modifying apps manifest and change the default Android location to external SD card which can make apps movable.

Many .experts commented in forums that editing all manifest will disable apk updates as it’s not digitally certificate signed and may crash or may act strange.

For that I saw YouTube videos for editing app manifest with apps like apk editor app apk praser app which can edit and rebind and make apps digitally signed and finally making apps movable thus making apps movable.

As I tired all editor app it worked fine with some apps. But still it’s not working with All apps out of 10 ..6 apps location can be changed but it’s fails in giving error and not installing for remaining 40%. ,

Editing modifying Altering app mainfest Android :install location installs the software in internal memory first and then make app movable . We can move the individual app one by one to internal formatted external micro SD card this saving 40% of more space but not working 100℅.. it’s time consuming.

Now my queries are:-

  1. By editing apk manifest Android install location still it install in internal memory why not it installs directly to.external.card? Is there any another parameters of app manifest except default install location which can be edited modified to install directly to external SD card. Is there any app or advice shell fastboot Android script command which can make directly to install on external as card.

  2. By editing all manifest Android install location as it installs in internal memory and then moved to external the only it’s static files are moved or all data hex or lib cache files folder are to moved to a external as card.

  3. As many some of the recompiled apk apps are not able to install or give error unable to praise file is there any more parameter can be altered modified which can make them move to.

  4. As the whole procedure of editing app mainfest then moving is time consuming work to edit then move one by one I do individually on 100 of apps is there any app or is there any script or.adb shell fast boot batch programmed file which can loop and do automatically to edit manifest file and move the app to external as card for all apps.

  5. Is it possible to save edited modifed recompiled rebuild apk file to later use on installing apps.

  6. Does install location. Changes on update of software again from external to internal memory on updating the app.

  7. Except apk editor is there Any other app which can make apps movable. Or edit alter modify apk mainfest and recompile rebuild apk file with digital signed certificate.

Any more suggestions advice opinions expert advices are most welcome.i am.novice and new learner of Android kindly guide me.the correct way procedure to do fly correct me if am wrong and do any mistake.

Thanks in advance for your precious time advice opinio sharing your knowledge and answering to my queries .

What does this "App Stack" app do?

I found an app called "App Stack" that was factory installed. Here is the screenshot of its permissions:

What does this app do? Is it ok to give it full permission?

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