rooting – ADB Root Grant Root permission to App or Package

I have a little problem with my development board, it's Orange Pi 4B, running Android 8.1

Currently, I have access to the ADB root and I can also change the system folder or even place files in the system folder, but I want to grant root permission to my application as the operating system doesn’t 39; not allow. It also placed SU in the xbin folder, but when I install SuperSu, it says root not detected.

The commands I am trying to get root access to the system were

adb root
adb disable-verity
adb reboot
adb root
adb remount

All of these commands run successfully and I have access to change the system folder but after trying everything, I am still unable to grant SU access to my application.

Even I tried to flash TWRP but the card does not enter Bootloader with the following command.

adb reboot bootloader

Can you add stories to publications on the Medium mobile app?

The title is basically the question. I noticed that the official Medium website only talks about Windows or macOS for desktop, but not about mobile app. Does anyone know if I can add an already published story to a particular publication?

Thank you.

appletv – Features: Apple TV -vs- Apple TV app on Samsung smart TVs

Is the Apple TV app on Samsung smart TVs the same as a separate Apple TV?

Can the Apple TV app on Samsung smart TVs run other Apple TV apps, such as Netflix, Amazon Video, etc. or can the Apple TV app on Samsung smart TVs just run iTunes Pay per view movies / TV and Apple TV + subscription content. While leaving Netflix, Amazon Video etc. as standard "Samsung Apps"?

AppleTV app on Mac – play episodes on a separate monitor (not on MacBook)

Is it possible to specify the external full screen monitor to use for the AppleTV app on a Macbook? It always appears by default on the Macbook screen even when the application is maximized in an external monitor.

google play store – How to block silent installation of an app

Recently, I noticed that I had installed an opera browser. I definitely didn't install it because I was sleeping at that time. I checked the installation time and revealed that it was the day before yesterday

enter description of image here

Check the installation source like this does nothing

adb shell dumpsys package com.opera.browser | grep -e "installerPackagename"

so I don't know if it was via Play Store or via APK.

Can I find out who did this and how can I prevent future intrusions?

P.S. I have a device based on MIUI 11.0.3 Global

Reach a wider audience with an Airbnb app for X – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The emergence of smartphone apps has enabled business owners and customers to connect seamlessly. It has become easy for customers to book services by simply swiping and tapping on their screens. Not only is this convenient for customers, but entrepreneurs also benefit from several advantages of using an app to manage their business.

If you launch your own service in today's economy and don't have a smartphone app, you're missing out on a big chunk of potential revenue. No matter what type of service you want to offer your customers, it's worth developing mobile software for it. The best way to get started is to use an Airbnb app for X.

With an Airbnb app for X, you will be able to emulate the main business model and functionality of Airbnb. This benefit will help you develop and launch your application in no time. It allows your customers to rent services and products by simply registering on your application, choosing a service and paying for it via several channels.

Start today! AppDupe is an exceptional application development company that has immense expertise in the creation of Airbnb-type applications. Contact them right away.

airbnb for x.jpg


How to edit or add more dictionary tabs in the Cambridge Dictionary quick app?

Cambridge Dictionary Fast App

As you can see from the picture, this Cambridge dictionary app has a few dictionary tabs, such as: Cambridge, Oxford. And these dictionary tabs have a link to their website. Now how can I add more dictionary tabs like collins, merriam dictionary.

TV app subtitles in the center of the screen

Catalina's TV app displays subtitles in the center of the screen rather than at the bottom as usual. Is this behavior that can be changed? (I haven't found any way to do it) Or is this a bug / defect in the TV app?

apps – Is there a difference between disabling app notifications in the app and the Android operating system?

Is there an effective difference between disabling notifications from an app in the app itself and via the app-by-app notifications panel in Android?

By default, I first tried to turn off all notifications in the apps themselves, attacking from the root, rather than relying on permissions for notifications by app from the operating system Android. My thinking is that doing it this way prevents the app from sending notifications – and therefore, less battery used – against Android simply hiding certain notifications from view.

The downside is the downside of having to access the app itself and go through the settings, the notification settings not always being the easiest to reach, and in some cases , the application does not have the granularity of the notifications to modify or limit.

Is there a basis for this or is there not an effective difference in handling / disabling notifications via settings by Android app?

android – What are the best ways to give design feedback to mobile app developers?

You must first consult the developers and find out what works for them.

They may tell you whatever works for you, or they may have specific requests, but there is no point in looking for a solution on your own only to find that it does not suit the workflow.

The simplest method is to request exports of flattened screens and use any tool for annotation / markup for example. Windows Paint, Mac Preview, Snagit, Photoshop.

Managing all different versions of files can, however, introduce inefficiencies, which is a problem. design collaboration tools like ConceptShare try to solve. Conceptshare allows the downloading of static images which can be commented on by several collaborators and the software allows an easy management of the versions of the assets.