user accounts – With Sharepoint hosted Excel file I’m getting the error message “trouble signing in” when trying “Open in Desktop App”

I’m unable to Open any Excel files on my Desktop Excel App from Sharepoint “Open in App” or Excel online “Open in Desktop App”.

I’m able to log into my company’s Sharepoint, and Office365 with my business credentials using my company login, which for the sake of argument I’ll call I have an old personal hotmail account that I use on my desktop, Frank**** And I have Excel Professional 2010 Desktop installed.

When I try to open an excel file from Sharepoint on my desktop with “Open in App” or “Open in Desktop App”, I get the sign in error as pictured below. Where even though signed in as Excel is stating that User acccount Frank**** does not exist in tenant ‘Mycompany’.

I’m using a newly installed Edge browser that doesn’t have me signed in on anything with my personal email, Frank****, so where is Excell getting Frank****, and why does it think I should be singing in with that, instead of opening it and singing in with my company credentials,

Excel does explicately ask for a sign in, it just does this automatically. Also, I can download the Excel file from Sharepoint or Excel online and open it with my desktop Excel with no problems.

Anyways, I appreciate the help.

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layout – How is this UI called (multiple pages with settings, dots on bottom marks progress, usually after install of app)

On mobile phone when I install some app it shows few pages with basic settings, at the bottom are dots indicating progress, sometimes back/next button. How is this thing called? I want to find and try existing css solutions, but I can’t find it because I don’t know proper name.

First page

|     Welcome     |
|                 |
|                 |
| Lorem ipsum...  |
|                 |
|                 |
|      o---  Next |

Second page

|      Email      |
|                 |
|                 |
| [@            ] |
|                 |
|                 |
| Back oo--  Next |

Third page:

|  News settings  |
|                 |
| [x] foo         |
| [ ] bar         |
|                 |
|                 |
| Back ooo-  Next |

Last page

|  All done       |
|                 |
| Blah bla        |
|                 |
|                 |
|                 |
| Back oooo Finish|

interaction design – Tradeoffs in buy-in/uptake, retention, usability and engagement when splitting an app in two (or more)

I’m designing an app that, due to its nature, has 3-4 absolutely distinct but interacting role-types. However, importantly, a single person can be tagged with any combination of these roles. One possibility is to have a single app where a user can select the role-type through which they are currently interacting, and another approach is to have separate apps for the roles that coordinate data appropriately.

I’d personally lean towards distinct but communicating apps, but there are scenarios that will force a user to switch roles, hence in the multi-app scenario, switch apps. I am curious if anyone has looked at the effects of switching apps on how usable the “ecosystem of apps” is. Does having to switch apps occasionally affect usability, engagement, retention, confusion, initial uptake, etc? If so, is it known how much the number of switches per day/week modulates the effect?

macos – How can I troubleshoot this re-occuring prompt to give a mysterious app security access?

For a couple months now, I’ve been getting this error, periodically, a few times a day, randomly. It’s been happening ever since I’ve gotten my new Macbook (I did the thing where I connected both laptops with a USB-C and copied everything over the first time i launched the new laptop)

enter image description here

Never have I ever, on this laptop, or in my last laptop, installed this before, to my knowledge. I have googled the error and found nothing

This application also does not exist in /Applications or ~/Applications, and there’s no process that looks like this in Activity Monitor.

I also did a disk search with sudo find / -name network and there were 0 hits that looked like this could be it

I also checked login items in my Account preferences, and this doesn’t exist either.

Even if I restart my machine, it will eventually show up again

I also do not run much on my machine. Here are my login items, and besides that day-to-day I use Xcode, SourceTree, and Chrome.

In the past I have used Shadow App and Parallels, I’m thinking maybe one of those apps may have placed something in that was just sleeping, and then got backed up onto my new machine… but I still can’t find anything.

Does anybody know how I can troubleshoot this further? it’s been driving me crazy!
enter image description here

macos – Why is Options button for Photos app missing in iCloud settings?

I’ve turned on family sharing and want to share photos. There should be a shared album in Photos called “Family” but it’s not there. I’ve found instructions that say I have to use the Options button in the iCloud settings for Photos, but that button doesn’t show up for me.
screenshot of icloud apps settings

How can I get that Options button to show up?

software – Looking for a desktop app to sort my photos library by face

I am looking for a desktop application that can index my local photo library and understand faces on its own. As a 2nd step I want to copy these found photos per each person into a separate folder. I am not looking for apps where I need to tag people first.

I believe Picasa was able to do that many years ago, but it no longer exists. I tried several new ones without success. I tried Google photos by uploading but it does not work with my account/country, there are many bugs reported around that. I am sure there must be a desktop application.

Any help or hints are appreciated. Thank you!

macbook pro – How to lower app notification volume

I have a new MacBook Pro running Big Sur. The sound effect for individual app notifications, such as Chrome or Slack, is much louder than other sounds on my machine and I would like a way to lower their volume without changing the system volume.

I have gone to System Preferences > Sound > Sound Effects and lowered Alert volume but it has no effect on these sounds. For example, if I move the ‘Alert volume’ slider all the way to the left to where I hear no sound at all from that panel, but leave the system volume around the middle, the notification sounds I get from, apps like Slack are still extremely loud. Any help would be much appreciated.

cellphones – How can I check out the balance on my Vodafone Italy SIM card without a mobile app?

I purchased a SIM card from Vodafone in Italy, which costs €30 and includes 8 GB of data. Now I want to check the balance of my SIM card.

According to SIM card wiki Vodafone Italy offers an iOS app. But it is only available in the Italian App Store, and since I don’t like to change the store region, I could not install it.

Another source is to call 404 as instructed here, but it only tells me how much credit is left on the account, which in my case was €2.51, and does not tell me the current monthly balance on the data.

I asked a staff but she told me usually the customer checks it on the mobile app, and in the store she only told me the €2.51 credit, not on the amount of data I can use.

So is there any way to check out how many GB I can use right now?

Android app for live-streaming and access livestream on server

I am looking for an android app that live-streams video from an android device (over cell connection), so we can access the livestream in the cloud (using ffmpeg) and do some processing on it.

Any apps or tools that can do that?