Number of comparisons in the table where each item appears $ n / k $ times

Given a table of $ n $ elements with $ k distinct elements, each appearing $ n / k $ time, how can I show that the number of comparisons to sort the chart in the worst case is in $ Omega (n log k) $?

backup – How to export a large WhatsApp conversation with a media exactly as it appears on my phone?

I want to export a huge WhatsApp conversation (346,000 messages) with media (photos, videos and voice notes) on my computer, as it appears on WhatsApp.

There is a Chrome extension that does exactly what I want by downloading the conversation from WhatsApp Web to HTML. But, it hangs around 100,000 texts. Is there another possibility?

I can not export it directly via WhatsApp because it is limited to 40,000 texts. Plus, my phone is not rooted, so extracting SQLite files is not an option.

(Technical answers are strongly encouraged)

windows – A mysterious translucent rectangle appears at the bottom left of win10 after the last update

I had to move the taskbar to the side so as not to cover the box in question. you can see the box here

This area is mainly visible in full screen, such as the background, the game, etc. She is always present. I do not think it was there before the update of yesterday from Windows 10 to the latest version.

Someone knows what it is and how to get rid of it?

Thank you!

PS: I just clicked on my own link, only to realize that screen capture does not reproduce this box. I thought I was going crazy for a second. His low left side behind the search. But this is visible only in full screen and without the bar that covers it.

I've taken the snapshot with my trusty iPhone and here's what it looks like

statistics – probability of combination / permutation that an element appears in two groups

To do his exams, a teacher has a database with 2000 different questions and an algorithm to choose n different questions in the database. During the semester, the teacher did two exams, the first with 25 questions, the second with 50 questions. What is the probability that at least one of the questions will appear in both exams?

Whenever I search for the meaning of a word, the suggestion "in hindi" and others appears on Google

What does the title say? For example, search on (without country redirection):

enter the description of the image here

I speak no of these languages. I am looking for the meaning of an English word, using English terms, I expect answers in English. Leaving aside the question of why these Google search suggestions are so stupid (especially if I never click on any of them, I never open pages in these languages ​​and I know that Google always follows this problem despite all my efforts, and he also knows that I am not up to par India or Pakistan, etc., but will still not learn), what can I do to block them, apart from the Complete blocking of search suggestions with an ad blocker?

I've already seen a very similar, almost duplicate (remove Google search suggestions) question, but this one raises questions about Chrome's omnibox and is also open to other languages ​​as well. OP knows. Personally, I do not care about any language other than the one I use to write the search query.

The screen of the iPhone 5s appears?

My laptop had a swollen battery and was replaced by a new one. However, there was screen damage and now it is coming out.
I searched for the reason and discovered that some fasteners that "snapped" the screen into place were damaged.
More precisely those of the image The sound click

I would like to know if there is a way to fix it without having to replace the entire screen.

applications – The Undefinde object appears in the GUI

Today, I have tried to create a graphical interface with two different visible layers (look at the pictures).

enter the description of the image here

By default, layer 1 is defined as visible with the function setVisibility and layer 2 is defined as faded away.
Here is the XML file of the page, which describes the individual components of the GUI.


And here is the java file in which the switchover between the two layers is implemented.

import android.os.Bundle;
import android.view.LayoutInflater;
import android.view.View;
import android.view.ViewGroup;
import android.widget.Button;
import android.widget.LinearLayout;

Public class Default_Calc extends fragment {

@ Nullable
public View onCreateView (@NonNull LayoutInflater inflater, container @Nullable ViewGroup, @Nullable Bundle savedInstanceState) {
View view01 = inflater.inflate (R.layout.content_main, container, false);
// layer 1
final LinearLayout layer1_line1 = viewid01.findViewById (;
final LinearLayout layer1_line2 = viewid01.findViewById (;
final LinearLayout layer1_line3 = viewid01.findViewById (;
final LinearLayout layer1_line4 = viewid01.findViewById (;
final LinearLayout layer1_line5 = viewid01.findViewById (;

// layer 2
final LinearLayout layer2_line2 = viewid01.findViewById (;
final LinearLayout layer2_line3 = viewid01.findViewById (;
final LinearLayout layer2_line4 = viewid01.findViewById (;
final LinearLayout layer2_line5 = viewid01.findViewById (;

Button bttn_swtch1 = viewid01.findViewById (;
Button bttn_swtch2 = viewid01.findViewById (;

layer2_line2.setVisibility (View.GONE);
layer2_line3.setVisibility (View.GONE);
layer2_line4.setVisibility (View.GONE);
layer2_line5.setVisibility (View.GONE);

bttn_swtch1.setOnClickListener (new View.OnClickListener () {

empty public onClick (View v) {

// defines the invisible layer 1
layer1_line2.setVisibility (View.GONE);
layer1_line3.setVisibility (View.GONE);
layer1_line4.setVisibility (View.GONE);
layer1_line5.setVisibility (View.GONE);

// place layer 2 visible
layer2_line2.setVisibility (View.VISIBLE);
layer2_line3.setVisibility (View.VISIBLE);
layer2_line4.setVisibility (View.VISIBLE);
layer2_line5.setVisibility (View.VISIBLE);


bttn_swtch2.setOnClickListener (new View.OnClickListener () {

empty public onClick (View v) {

// defines the visible layer 1
layer1_line2.setVisibility (View.VISIBLE);
layer1_line3.setVisibility (View.VISIBLE);
layer1_line4.setVisibility (View.VISIBLE);
layer1_line5.setVisibility (View.VISIBLE);

// defines the invisible layer 2
layer2_line2.setVisibility (View.GONE);
layer2_line3.setVisibility (View.GONE);
layer2_line4.setVisibility (View.GONE);
layer2_line5.setVisibility (View.GONE);


return viewid01;

public void onViewCreated (view @NoNull View, @Nullable Bundle savedInstanceState) {
super.onViewCreated (view, savedInstanceState);

As you can see in the Layer 2 image, line1 appears twice. One appears on the position where should and the second on top of the GUI and I have no idea where it comes from because as you can in the xml file, it is in implemented once.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

swift – I added a marker to a point X and it appears at this point and also at my position

I changed the design of a marker in the mapView, but in doing so, I changed the marker of my location and it was not what I wanted … I want just change the marker of MIT, and that of my location to leave it only with the normal blue marker that appears on all cards.

Here, I leave code that could fail.

mapView.register (MKMarkerAnnotationView.self,
forAnnotationViewWithReuseIdentifier: MKMapViewDefaultClusterAnnotationViewReuseIdentifier)
let mitCoordinate = CLLocationCoordinate2D (latitude: -41.471373559102965, longitude: -72.94215917587279)
let mitAnnotation = SchoolAnnotation (coordinate: mitCoordinate, title: "MIT", subtitle: "mit - USA")

mapView.addAnnotation (mitAnnotation)
mapView.setRegion (mitAnnotation.region, animated: true)

BusinessViewController extension: MKMapViewDelegate {
func mapView (_mapView: MKMapView, viewFor annotation: MKAnnotation) -> MKAnnotationView? {
if leave schoolAnnotationView
= mapView.dequeueReusableAnnotationView (withIdentifier: MKMapViewDefaultAnnotationViewReuseIdentifier) ​​as? MKMarkerAnnotationView {
.animatesWhenAdded = true
.titleVisibility = .adaptive
.titleVisibility = .adaptive

back to schoolAnnotationView

returns zero

enter the description of the image here

I hope you can help me, thank you very much.

My 2TB external drive appears as 2 separate drives and I want to merge them together

I have an external Seagate Backup Plus 2 TB hard drive and it appears as 2 separate external drives in Disk Utility, rather than an external device with 2 partitions.


I want to merge these, so I only have one external drive. Is it possible?

wp query – Pagination appears but does not work on the custom gallery page

I'm trying to build a message gallery page with a pagination. Messages and pagination are displayed correctly, but for some reason, the pagination will not show the page you clicked on and stays on page 1. Here's my code:

1 & # 39; post_per_page & # 39; => 8, & # 39; paginated & # 39; => $ paginated, ) $ the_query = new WP_Query ($ args); global $ wp_query; $ tmp_query = $ wp_query; $ wp_query = null; $ wp_query = $ the_query; if ($ the_query-> have_posts ()): while ($ the_query-> have_posts ()): $ the_query-> the_post (); ?>
<a href = ""title ="">

<a href = ""title ="">

2)); wp_reset_postdata (); other: // no post code found end if; $ wp_query = null; $ wp_query = $ tmp_query; ?>

I've also been using query_posts before, but apparently, it's no longer good. Is the code I'm using now up to date and trouble-free in addition to faulty paging?

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