According to the current guildlines of the Apple App Store, iOS browsers using a WebView are prohibited?

According to current Apple App Store guidelines

4.7 HTML5 games, Bots, etc.

Applications can contain or execute code that is not embedded in the binary (for example, HTML5-based games, bots, etc.), as long as the code distribution is not there 39 main objective of the application, the code is not offered in a store or store-like interface, and provided that the software (1) is free or purchased using help 39; an in-app purchase; (2) uses only the capacities available in a standard WebKit view (for example, it must open and run natively in Safari without modifications or additional software); your application must use WebKit and JavaScript Core to run third-party software and must not attempt to extend or expose native platform APIs to third-party software; (3) is offered by developers who have joined the Apple Developer Program and have signed the Apple Developer Program License Agreement; (4) does not provide access to real money games, lotteries or charitable donations; (5) adhere to the terms of these application review guidelines (for example, does not include objectionable content); and (6) does not offer digital goods or services for sale. Upon request, you must provide an index of the software and metadata available in your application. It should include the Apple Developer Program Team IDs for the software vendors as well as a URL that App Review can use to confirm that the software meets the above requirements.

It looks like all third party browsers are banned. Break it down

Applications can .. execute code that is not embedded in binary

Ok, this is a browser

… provided that the software …

But they have to follow these rules

your application must use WebKit and JavaScript Core

and all the software will run in your embedded web kit view

is offered by developers who have joined the Apple Developer Program and have signed the Apple Developer Program License Agreement

This means that downloading random web pages that run software from users and sites that are not part of Apple's developer programs is against these rules.

This would mean that all third-party browsers are prohibited. I don't see any exceptions for browsers. He mentions running "HTML5 Games, Bots, etc …" Well, browsers are running HTML5 games and running "etc …"

What am I missing?

applescript – Can I handle the "open" Apple event in a bash shell script using the osascript command?

I am using a bash script ( in an application bundle (, which starts "java -jar myJarFile.jar" with additional JVM arguments (which work well up to now). My goal is to pass a file name as an argument to the application as well, each time the user opens a file via "open with …".

I have tried to implement OpenFilesHandler in the java application and copy an AppleScript-scpt file into the bundle which calls without success.

The last thing I tried just to test all the possibilities was to call osascript in the bash


#test: set command line args
MY_TITLE="Launching myJavaJarApp"
ARGS_MSG="command line args: "

osascript <<-EndOfScript
    set arguments to ""
      on open theFiles
            repeat with anItem in theFiles
               set arguments to arguments & space & (quoted form of POSIX path of anItem)
            end repeat
      end open
    display dialog "$ARGS_MSG" & arguments with title "$MY_TITLE"     

Didn't work, the dialog just says $ ARGS_MSG and no arguments, when I open a file with

It seems to me that defining the bash script as CFBundleExecutable "consumes" all AppleEvents.

Or is there a way?

applescript – Click Manager in Apple Script

I created a standalone macOS application using Script Editor. On start-up, the application runs a bash script and on exit, the application runs another bash script. The code looks like this

do shell script "complete path to start script"
on quit 
     do shell script "complete path to quit script"
     continue quit
end quit 

When I open the app, it does what it is supposed to do and the app resides in the dock until it is closed. I would like the viewfinder to open a specific folder when I click on the application symbol in the dock. Is there a way to do this?

macos – When I use iTerm, the name iTerm appears to the right of the Apple menu item. But now it doesn’t appear

Like iTerm and most other apps, when you run it, the name of the app appears in the menu bar right next to the Apple menu. Recently, this has stopped happening for iTerm. I can start iTerm from the dock or from my applications folder and it starts but it does not appear in the menu bar. So I cannot change the appearance or the functioning of iTerm as there are no menus. In its place is another running application or the Finder. Below, a screenshot of my screen with my iTerm window active but the name does not appear in the menu bar.

enter description of image here

I restarted my machine and restarted iTerm. Neither helped.

tar – How to open encrypted Apple DMGs so quickly?

On the remote drive, I have an encrypted .dmg and the same files in an encrypted gpg tar file.
The DMG opens in a few seconds, but to access the tar file, I must first decrypt it, in those 10 minutes, and then expand it, another 10 minutes.

How can Apple DMG be so fast? or where to find out more about how it works?

macbook pro – Mojave installation issues macOS – Apple installer keeps closing, how do I download files manually?

I am trying to perform the standard installation of Mojave macOS on MacBook Pro 2012 as described here with endless problems:

  • Used the Apple App Store to download the installer file "Install macOS Mojave".
  • Problem 1: Starting the installer and clicking "Continue" results in what appear to be network requests taking tens of minutes or freezing.
  • Problem 2: Even when this step succeeds and I can follow the terms acceptance step, the next step goes from 15 minutes first to 6 to 14 hours and then falls off pretending that the network connection is interrupted.
  • Problem 3: each new attempt goes back to the very beginning, no partial downloads are recorded.

Is there a way to get around this painful process and download all the files manually?

macos – How to create a point cloud using Apple numbers?

I am trying to create a point cloud in Numbers, but I can't seem to get it to work. If I select columns A and B and create a scatter plot, it uses column A for both axes. If I click on the plot and go through a series, it shows the values ​​used for x and y, see the image below.

enter description of image here

The image above is what I get when I select columns A and B to try to plot. If I go to this setting box and manually change the y-axis on column B, it returns to A when I click on the plot. I have tried several times to change the x-axis or the y-axis and the same thing happens. It continues to plot the same values ​​for x and y.

I cannot use a line plot because a line plot assumes that the points on the x-axis are evenly spaced and distorts your plot.

An example of the numbers I am trying to trace is given below.

Values ​​X 1,2,5,7,8,9

Y values ​​43.56,103,156,215,300

I just want a simple x, y plot … Can anyone do that in numbers?

I have looked at the previous questions but none of these answers help me.


iphone – Unable to receive calls on my mac although connected with the same Apple ID on all devices

I noticed that I cannot receive phone calls from my iPhone (6S, iOS 13.3.1) on my Mac (OS Mojave, 10.14.6). After examining this problem, I was returned to the configuration menu of my iPhone under Settings -> Phone -> allow calls from other devices. This toggle was disabled, but when I tried to click on it, I received a system pop-up message telling me that all of the services – iCloud, Facetime should be connected with the same Apple ID.

I have verified and verified that the two services – iCloud and facetime are both connected with the same Apple ID on both devices.

Has anyone ever addressed this problem?

Can Apple mdm see the YouTube videos I watch on iPad?

The image is out of all rights available to the device manager.
And I'm just curious if it means that they can see which YouTube videos I have watched on my iPad?enter description of image here

Running Apple Arcade with other apps

I can't seem to work in other apps while Apple Arcade is running. I am running Apple Arcade on a secondary screen to keep the kids busy and I want to continue working on my main MBP screen. However, focusing on any other application will pause Apple Arcade.

How to run Apple Arcade with other apps?