macos – How to restore the default Apple version of Git after renaming it in Mac OS Mojave and linking git to the homebrew version?

I wanted Mac OS to use my homebrew version of git after brew install git. So I mistakenly renamed my default Apple git by doing:

$mv /usr/bin/git /usr/bin/git~apple
$ git --version
git version 2.25.0

I'm trying to uninstall the homebrew version of git and downgrade to the Apple version of git.

$ echo $PATH

$ which git

$ brew uninstall git
Uninstalling /usr/local/Cellar/git/2.25.0... (1,523 files, 45.6MB)
$cp /usr/bin/git~apple /usr/bin/git

$mv /usr/bin/git~apple /usr/bin/git

$ echo $PATH

$ which git

$ git --version
-bash: /usr/local/bin/git: No such file or directory

It looks like after uninstalling homebrew and moving the original git file to its location, git finds the correct $ PATH for git, but git –version can't find git. How to correctly restore the original Apple version of git? – Mailbox suggested in Apple Mail ("Move to …" button) sometimes works, sometimes not

A big improvement is the "Move to …" button in Apple mail, which suggests (or plans) a mailbox to move mail to.

Now, for some emails, Apple Mail has learned the right mailbox, but for other emails, it doesn't learn it.
For example, I receive emails from a specific address and I always move them to the same folder, but Apple Mail learns not to suggest the mailbox.

Anyone have any ideas on why these features work sometimes, sometimes not?
Is there anything I can do to make it work, especially for these specific cases?

apple id – How to change the device to which my AppleFA 2FA "PIN code" is sent

I have a single AppleId for multiple devices – around 20 devices (and up).

Whenever I get a new device, I have to connect to the App Store using my AppleId. In doing so, I am asked for a 2FA PIN code. This PIN code is sent to the same Macbook Air. If this device is not at hand, I have to say "has not received a code" and then select my phone number (txt / sms message) as the next way to receive the code, which works well.

Is there a way to define which device will receive the initial Pin Code pop-up box with the verification PIN?

How to uninstall MacOS / System / Apple Applications like TV, Music, Find My, Stocks on macOS Catalina?

I tried to uninstall them from LaunchPad, not possible.

I tried to remove them from /Applications directory, it will not show the "Move to tray" menu operation.

i tried sudo rm -rf /System/Applications/, Operation not authorized. I tried to run chown and chgrp, this will not allow me to modify them at all.

Is there a way to remove the apps from Apple in /System/Applications/ that I don't use at all?

Rzusa – Standard – Apple Watch 4

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Is there a way to manually download the files downloaded by the Windows version of Apple Software Update?

If you are installing the Boot Camp drivers on a Mac, the Apple Software Update application is included as part of the installation.

The Apple Software Update installer appears to set a scheduled task so that every day the application opens in the background and, depending on the model of the application. computer, polls Apple servers to see if drivers or updated versions of the Boot Camp installed drivers are available.

Is there a way to manually download these files if Apple Software Update has been removed?

siri – Is there an effective way to create a shortcut to an Apple Book?

Although you can create shortcuts, shortcuts to the home screen and ask Siri to do things like play a specific song or open a certain URL, I don't know of any way to open a specific book. Is there a way to quickly open a specific book while you are working on something in a certain application?

security – Why did I unexpectedly receive a notification on my iPhone saying "Use this iPhone to reset your Apple ID password"?

A notification regarding resetting my Apple ID password appeared randomly on my iPhone:

Reset password notification

I am alarmed that this means that someone is trying to break into my Apple account.

If I follow the notification, it just gives me an option "Do not allow" or "Allow":

Reset password allow or disallow

I didn't select any options and reset my phone, which made the notification disappear.

To be sure, I updated my Apple ID password (on

What caused this notification and should I be concerned about the security of my Apple ID?

iPad – Apple ID for a child under 13 and a parent without an Apple device

I bought a brand new iPad for my child under 13. During setup, the iPad wants to create an Apple ID. I seem to have two options:

  1. Create one for me and just give my kid the iPad to use
  2. Buy another Apple device and create my Apple ID on it.
    Then create the Apple ID of a child linked to mine to use it on iPad. Continue configuration on iPad and use child's Apple ID

I really, really don't want to do option 2) over the next two years. Is there any other way? Brainstorming here: I have root access to Apple hardware at work, including Apple IDs, but these devices don't belong to me … will that help me? one way or another to get started? Emulators? Virtualization? Hackintosh? I guess not, but I had to ask.

Now back to option 1), there are several sub-options here:

1a) Use my first name, last name and birthday and just live with the fact that when my child interacts with others, it's under my name. Am I understanding this right? Maybe this name and age will not always appear? Maybe it can be replaced with display names and other parameters? What are the limits and flexibilities here? For example, I want when my child uses iMessage, Facetime, etc., it shows up with the child's name, not mine.

1b) Use the first name, last name and fake birthday of the child 13 years and older. What are the negative consequences of this approach?

1c) Use the child's first name, last name and fake birthday of 18 years and older
What are the negative consequences of this approach?

Is there an option 3) that I haven't considered? … For example, one thing that came to my mind was that I could do option 1) and then create a child account from the iPad, disconnect the # 39 Apple ID, then reconnect with the child account. It looks like it would work, but has anyone tried it? What could go wrong with this approach?

My biggest concern is that these days it seems like the Apple ID is being used as proof of ownership (more than having the actual device in my hands) and playing with dates birth and this will create hassle later in the device life cycle: lost device, password reset, sale, etc. etc.

Additionally, the Apple ID appears to be connected to the device serial number. If I have multiple accounts linked to a single serial number like option 3) will this create a problem?

Note that I do not plan to enter my credit card in any scenario, so I am not concerned that the child will make unauthorized debits. If I do, it will be very rarely … maybe once a year (and I will delete the credit card information again)

I have a feeling that there is no "best way" and I will have to choose between different compromises. What are these trade-offs to take into account? What would you do if you were me?

Thank you