appletv – How to gift an Apple TV show to someone else (living under Windows)?

Is there a way to gift an Apple TV show to someone else?
And is it possible for them to watch it under Windows?

I would like to give the series “Calls” to someone else as a present.
That person, however, lives under Windows.
I guess I could give them an iTunes gift card. (But, maybe, there is a more “dedicated” way?)

But, would it be possible for them to watch the series somehow on Windows?

appletv – Remote not connecting to Apple TV 4 (2015) model after a factory reset

Ever since I did a factory reset my remote and Apple TV are not working well together. I’m in the screen where you have to press any button to continue. This doesn’t work because it seems like my remote is not connected. No hard feelings, I’ll try to connect it. I have to press the MENU and volume UP button for about 5 seconds.

When I do this, the Apple TV does recognise me trying to pair the remote, as it says that I need to bring the remote closer to the Apple TV to continue the pairing. When I do this however it seems like the pairing is not being done and it seems to freeze. At the very top a message appears where it asks me to press the MENU and volume UP button together again.

It doesn’t matter what I try but unfortunately it does not pair and it does not let me past the setup screen. Is it possible to do this setup without my remote, for example using my Macbook Pro?

appletv – iPhone remote apps – “Apple TV Remote” vs … something else?

I use the “Apple TV Remote” app to control my Apple TV 4K (A1842). From Settings I can see that I have version 2.2 (344.28) of the app (it’s called merely “Remote” in there, but the info screen confirms it is “Apple TV Remote”).

I can access the app in three different ways:

  1. Via its icon in the Control Center (this is my normal method)
  2. By telling Siri to ”Open Apple TV Remote”
  3. By tapping the app’s icon (labelled “Remote”) on my iPhone

HOWEVER: the main screen I get using method 1 looks different from what I get with the other two methods. They look like the following, with method 1 producing the first view and methods 2 and 3 producing the second view:



It almost looks like the first method is running a different app from the other two methods.

However, if I go to Settings>Control Center and see what remote app is in there, I find that it is called Apple TV Remote.

So, what’s going on? When I go into Control Center and tap on what Settings claims is Apple TV Remote, why do I get something different from what I get if I tell Siri to open Apple TV Remote (or if I simply find the Remote app and choose it).


appletv – I bought movies on iTunes before, and when I saw it on iTunes or Apple TV, and it asks me to purchase again?

Let’s say I purchased 300 movies on iTunes, and then sometimes I browse the iTunes store to see if there are some new or movies I can purchase. I would then see a movie, and iTunes says I can purchase it, but only that when I check my email searching by

<that movie name> itunes receipt

Then it shows that I have already purchased it before. If I go to my movies Library tab, I can’t find it there either.

Today I tried it on my MacBook Air, and then I checked my iPhone, and it is the same result: nothing found.

So I tend to communicate to iTunes support, wasting 15 minutes to get back a $4.99 or $9.99 movie.

This time, the online chat support said at first the purchased movie has an expiration date, so I have to repurchase the movie. I asked her “why did I purchase a movie and it can expire?” And she searched and found the following.

One “Solution”

However, it seems more apparent that there is “one way” to solve it, which is to find a way on the UI of iTunes or Apple TV to go to

Account -> Purchased

and search for the movie. Now the movie is found and you cannot just watch it, but have to download it to watch it.

This time, this movie happen to be a movie that is on Apple TV that is part of “Try it for free on Cinemax” on the iPhone, but doesn’t show such line on the MacBook. But both places asked me to buy it again.

So is that it? Always follow this “trick” to solve it? This problem has been happening for close to 10 years and still it is not fixed. If it happens merely 5, 6 times every single year, it is enough to make it annoying.

Asimov's Foundation Teaser Trailer AppleTV+

Asimov's masterwork- the Foundation Saga finally coming to AppleTV+. Watch the trailer here.

appletv – Features: Apple TV -vs- Apple TV app on Samsung smart TVs

Is the Apple TV app on Samsung smart TVs the same as a separate Apple TV?

Can the Apple TV app on Samsung smart TVs run other Apple TV apps, such as Netflix, Amazon Video, etc. or can the Apple TV app on Samsung smart TVs just run iTunes Pay per view movies / TV and Apple TV + subscription content. While leaving Netflix, Amazon Video etc. as standard "Samsung Apps"?

AppleTV app on Mac – play episodes on a separate monitor (not on MacBook)

Is it possible to specify the external full screen monitor to use for the AppleTV app on a Macbook? It always appears by default on the Macbook screen even when the application is maximized in an external monitor.

appletv – Apple TV's remote play pause does not work

I have never updated the beta and my play pause button does not work at all, I hesitate to download updates because my remote that was already working well does not have a pause button reading and I usually go to my Roku or my Firestick, because my Apple product does not pause or play. I can press the mouse button to pause, but what can I do to solve this problem?

Airplay works but a remote application does not find the AppleTV

I can not understand why my remote Apple TV application or my built-in control center for controlling Apple TV does not work. He can not find an Apple TV.

I am on the same network, my iPhone is paired with Apple TV; it appears in the device list. When I held it close to the Apple TV, I offered the opportunity to pair it. I can also stream videos and a screen mirror on the AppleTV, so it's something to do with the remote application. Ideas how to operate the remote application?

appletv – Can Apple TV stream video from an external server using the SMB or FTP protocol with external subtitles?

I'm seriously considering switching from my Android TV-based player to an Apple TV player because my current solution fails completely when streaming / streaming video from an external server via the SMB protocol or FTP with external subtitles.

Some software players (VLC, for example) can browse network shares (but not all), but all fail when opening external subtitles, that is, stored in the .srt or .srt file. txt with exactly the same file name as the corresponding video file. Subtitles can only be displayed if they are embedded in video files that support embedded subtitles (MKV) or subtitles downloaded from

This is particularly strange because only occurs on the SMB / FTP protocol. When you use exactly the same drive on the local drive, everything works like a charm.

I would like to ask how this works in the case of Apple TV?

During my research on the Internet, I learned that Apple TV could play content from a local network (I do not know, whether you were using the SMB protocol or FTP), using VLC or other readers . But I can not find any confirmed information on subtitle recovery. The srt, .txt, etc. files, stored exactly in the same source and using exactly the same protocol (local share using SMB or external share using FTP) used to retrieve the main video file.

Can any one shed some light on this problem? Thank you.