mac – I am looking to create an application that will contain the right click / any key that the user will determine on command. Where do I start?

I am very new in this field and I have never created an application before, but I want to create a menu-bar application (with the players who go to AFK in their games in mind) that will imitate the right click or n any key of the user's choice held down when activated. Does anyone have any tips for getting started?

And yes, I know that nobody plays on their Mac, but I do it and I build this application mainly for myself.

Windows of the application – Complete Genealogy Reporter / Builder 2018 Build 190819 Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

Full genealogy Reporter / Builder 2018 Build 190819 Multilingual | 12.6 MB

Complete Genealogy Reporter uses GEDCOM data exported from any genealogy data management program to create comprehensive genealogy reports, books, or websites. Complete Genealogy Builder is a new genealogy data management program that provides 99.

9% genealogy data standard compliance through a user interface that provides maximum data visibility, fast navigation capability, and layered data entry forms.
These can be configured to include narrative text, notes, sources, images, ancestor and descendant diagrams, family tree diagrams, and occupation, location, dates, anniversaries and fully referenced individuals.
Simply export your data from the "File" menu of your genealogy data management program in GEDCOM format, specify the result as an input file for The Complete Genealogy Reporter and you can start producing a high quality report in a few minutes!
Whether you're starting from scratch or looking for a better alternative to your genealogy data management program, no other known, standards-compliant product provides the full range of standard GEDCOM data fields and supports all types of data. international files (Unicode). ) character sets
Includes all the basic features of "The Complete Genealogy Reporter". (Full specification of report preference options and section customization are enabled only when Complete Genealogy Reporter is installed and registered separately.)
Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, 10


How to change the names of applications after starting the application windows

Hey, I wonder if it is possible to rename the name of a process after you open it. I'm not talking about display name, I mean, for example, Google Chrome. If I opened it, it would be chrome.exe, but is there a way to change it too chrome2.exe while it is still open?

upgrade – Upgrading an old application from SQL Server 2000 to 2017

My company currently has a project to help an agency with an old application still running SQL Server 2000. Most of my experience is Oracle. So I am a bit out of my comfort zone with SQL Server, but the expertise of this agency remains a long time ago and they do not have competent database staff. I asked why they had not upgraded to a newer version of SQL Server and were told "we tried this and there was no way to do it" . I've been trying to get the details of what they've done, without much success so far, if it's that "Microsoft has changed the database and that it will not work. I took a copy of their database and went through it in 2005, then 2008, and then 2012 and the database looks OK, but I do not have it. I have not tried to run the application against it (it's a VB.Net application, and that's coming out of my wheelhouse). In trying to help with the maintenance of this system, I have more and more problems since 2000, especially as regards its interface with Oracle 11g and 12g. How can I restart the upgrade conversation? Being so old, are there still resources available to address the path from 2000 to 2005/2008, with respect to the required configuration / architecture changes, and then from 2005 / 2008 to 2017? I realize that this is a pretty generic question, but I need to consider it, and as I do not have much knowledge from both sides, I need help to frame the conversation.

thank you,

customization – Any application launcher that allows you to group applications instead of folders or tabs

Everyone, is there a launcher that allows to create groups of applications using dividers or something in the application drawer? I am aware that we can use folders or tabs, but I want to display multiple groups of applications at once in the application drawer. I currently use Nova Launcher. I've tried Apex, Poco, Microsoft Launcher and others, but they do not seem to have this feature. I also found that some launchers offered intelligent sorting, but again, they came in different groups on different tabs. All pointers would be appreciated.

javascript – Plan the construction of the Web application

I want to build a web application. This is a website where you can sign up and play my poker game. When you sign up, you automatically receive all the starting chips you can use. If it runs out, then it's over (for now, I'd like to update later).
It is a condition for me to use Java technologies. How can I start? What should I use? In what order should I do it?
I would appreciate any helpful advice.

Thank you in advance for your answers!

sharepoint enterprise – Get "No user profile application available to process the request." Contact your battery administrator.

I receive the message "No user profile application available to process the request." Contact your farm administrator. while enabling the "self-service site creation"

The user profile application has been created and associated with the web application.

"Use self-service site creation" has been enabled in "User Permissions"

I've checked the link below too, but no luck.

Please suggest.

android – Is it possible to create an application in this model?


Good night person!

I would very much like to receive a response from you in which I create an application on the mobile that contains its information such as: messages that were sent (what is, face, etc.), outgoing calls, a keylogger, and others. I know that there are authorization codes and many of others are:

The question I was trying to find out is: how can I get these permissions created in the app to receive phone messages, among others, and when I install the application? on the phone, send the information to a site containing a panel (I took an impression of the panel), to perform their viewing?

Image where I take an example of the Spyzie website

I want to create an app so that parents can control their kids, but I wanted to know first if you have the opportunity, research, research, and conclusions, but I wanted to confirm here.

Where can I start?

What should I study specifically to create both?

As far as I know, is it a web service that creates an API between Android and Page? HELP PLS !!!

Use of 600% of the Mac processor by java and intensive use of I / O from a deleted application

After downloading "MCreator" to start coding again, I had big problems. A process called "java" uses 600% CPU permanently, the fans run at max. Please see the screen shots below:

Thank you in advance for your help!

Screenshots of the process:
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screen capture2

screen capture1