Studio Android – Google Play – The Open application button does not appear

My published application is downloaded and installed on the phone, but the open button does not appear, only the uninstall button is visible. The app also does not appear in the menu, only in the Playstore settings and the list of apps.

Has anyone experienced this? How to solveinsert description of image here

amazon web services – Flask application on ECS which extracts images from the s3 bucket

I have a flask app that I want to extract images to display from an s3 bucket.

How to implement parts of identifying information? What I mean is:

Should I use boto3 with aws credentials to extract the images from the bucket?

Can I use boto3 without the aws credentials and attach a role to the ECS? so that he can extract the images without credentials?

For now, what I want to achieve is to put the application in CodePipeline to ECS and I want to update the images in compartment s3, so that the flask application on ECS will display the new images on the s3 sket.

I am confused as to what is a best practice for credentials, etc.

applications – magnifying glass application, on fingertips only

I'm looking for an app (maybe it never existed and I imagined it), but it's a screen magnifier that just does enlarge a small circle around the tip of your finger, like the equivalent of a 5 letter word, ideal for enlarging specific words or areas on your screen, I think I saw it once (on iphone maybe?), you just have to keep the tip of your finger on the screen for about 2 seconds then a small circle appears above your finger while magnifying everything that is below, and you can move it all around your screen, and disappears when you lift your finger, is there such thing?

There is triple TAP but it zooms the whole screen and I don't want it.

Web application – Is it safe to store user uploaded ID scans in S3 (with server encryption)?

Currently, my web app stores user uploaded ID scans in S3. I am concerned about a possible data leak.

The S3 compartment is encrypted with server-side encryption (AES-256) but I think the next obvious risk is that an attacker could access the AWS account itself. I have secured the root account with 2FA but there are several user accounts that still have full access to S3 (like a Travis CI account).

The solution I can think of is to periodically move the ID scans to another source with client-side encryption (where I only know the private key). That way, if a leak occurs, there will only be a small amount of data leaked.

Is this a common practice or are there better solutions in this situation?

sharepoint server – A home provider has not been configured properly. Check the web.config settings for this web application

The SharePoint 2010 environment with form-based authentication gives the error below which worked when accessing the "FBA User Management" in the site settings. I tried to restart the SharePoint and IIT timer services but that did not help.

Error: "A membership provider has not been configured correctly. Check the web.config settings for this web application."

IOS Application Offer – Forex Training

Finding apps is hard work. Seriously, people, there are over 500,000 of them, each with their own iTunes page, notes, and version history. It is sometimes confusing, discouraging and just plain difficult. IOS app offering There are several discovery apps, including the recently purchased Chomp. Today's tip is about the discovery app that won the award for best app for best app, the app that voters thought was worth much more than what she had paid for.

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macos – The Music application on Catalina is blocked

I have a strange problem with the Music app on Catalina. When I want to play a playlist, sometimes it only plays one song, then it stops. The "Up Next" list has other songs listed, but the app doesn't play anything, and even when I press play, nothing plays yet. He's sort of stuck. Sometimes when I play with the Repeat button, it is temporarily corrected, but it returns again after a while. This is a new issue that I have after upgrading to Catalina. Ideas?

.net – How to resolve the format string error alert in OWASP ZAP for a web application (ASP.NET C #)?

I have a web application with a login page.
In the login page, I have defined maxlength for entering the username and entering the password, which looks like the code below.

@Html.TextBoxFor(m => m.Username, new { @maxlength="30"})

When i run OWASP ZAP, it gives me an alert with the following description.

String format error occurs when data submitted for input
the chain is evaluated as an order by the application

Potential format string error. The script closed the connection on a /% s

But when I withdraw @maxlength="30", the alert disappears.

I tried to find the fix for this alert, but I read that the Format String vulnerability doesn't really exist in C #: Are there C # or Java formatting string vulnerabilities?

Is it just a "potential" error and nothing to worry about as it's in C #?
Or .. if this is something that needs to be taken care of, what can we do to resolve this alert from OWASP ZAP? (I believe that deleting @maxlength is not a solution).

javascript – Can I run a Reactive Native application on iPhone from Windows?

Well, I have an Iphone Xr and I want to develop a Reactive Native application and test it using my Iphone (via USB, no emulator required), but my computer is a Windows 10, not a Mac. Even if I'm not a Mac, I use Reactive and the iPhone USB stick, can I run?

Or would an iPhone or Android emulator be necessary?

design – Mobile application design approach for an existing desktop optimized web application

Regarding the mobile app – or the mobile version –
it is advisable at the beginning to choose the form and the technology.

Whether it's just the RWD version of the existing platform, a native (IOS, Android) or non-native (Flutter, Native) application

I like the way you think, when it comes to minimize components and information, because of his repeatability.

The fewer the variables, the fewer components – easier management, less complexity.

I think problems can arise details – because the logic will most likely be the same and within the framework of the implementation, only a style change will be necessary (except on the IOS, Android platform)

Likewise all – 4 screens may appear to be the same – but slightly different – then determining the differences can be problematic.
There is often a problem that slips easily on the desktop – it is not necessarily easy to adapt to the mobile.