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How can I update the app ID for my family ?. I've used an unassigned application ID to schedule an interview for a b1 / b2 visa. I can no longer recover those used to schedule an interview. Only the principal applicant's identifier can be updated on the CGI website, but other members of the family can be updated as well. If I fill out another form ds 160 for them, how can I update it or how to fix it?
Thank you.

sharepoint online – How to add an application ID to "Application Permissions"?

Go to /_layouts/15/appinv.aspx and you will see the ID of the app and the title, get the ID of the app and make sure my main of the & # 39; The application has the appropriate permissions. In a properly installed PowerShell console with PnP PowerShell, enter the following commands.
$ Connect-PnPOnline -AppId -AppSecret
$ Get-PnPTenantSite

2013 – Uses a tool called "Symantec Backup Exec / Veritas Backup Exec", a good way to back up the share point application servers and its databases

I am currently reviewing our backup policy for SharePoint SharePoint 2013 and 2016 server farms in which our IT administrators have indicated that they back up all Microsoft applications such as exchnage, sharepoint, SQL server, and so on. with the help of a tool named "Symantec Backup Exec / Veritas Backup". Exec "now, in our case, we have these 2 farms for 2 customers: –

  1. Windows 2008 R2 server acting as sharepoint 2013 application server + another Windows 2008 R2 containing databases.

  2. Windows Server 2012 R2 serving as sharepoint 2016 application server + another Windows 2008 R2 containing databases.

Can any one therefore advise if using "Symantec Backup Exec / Veritas Backup Exec" is a supported tool for backing up SharePoint application servers? and their databases? and do these types of backups support disaster recovery scenarios? for example, in case the entire sharepoint application server crashes? or the entire database server hangs? or both?

Now, for SharePoint site backups, I already do daily backups for site collections using this "Backup-SPSite …." command, this backup allows me to restore some site collections if we performed a configuration incorrect or an incorrect critical update. data .. but backup using "Backup-SPSite" does not cover disaster recovery scenarios, because we can only restore site collections from the same farm that have the same patches and updates up to date and do not cover the backup of managed services. Can anyone therefore give advice if the "Symantec Backup Exec" and "Veritas Backup Exec" tools are supported for backing up SharePoint application servers? and their databases? to cover disaster recovery scenarios?

India India application development

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18.04 – How to restart the Ubuntu welcome application?

I just installed U18 in VirtualBox 6 and, unfortunately, I inserted the CD Guest Editions before running the Welcome application, and I ended up accidentally leaving it. Application as soon as it appears. I can not find it in the "Show Applications" screen. How can I rerun it?

Best practice for the use of the grid in the Web application (desktop browser), scrolling is the main concern

Grid is the name of the extended table component, which allows scrolling, sorting, grouping columns, allows you to select one or more rows, sometimes allows you to select individual cells and sometimes allows you to modify cells. Cells can have fairly complex editors (date / time, mask change, color picker, file loader, and so on). There are usually quite complex grid components available from component vendors.

My question is about the web application (for desktop browser). There are 2 examples of grid configuration:

The grid is provided as a single component (for example, component / label React). The best use I can imagine is: the grid component must occupy all the remaining space of the page, strictly use the vertical and horizontal scrolls of the page (and not try to introduce its own internal scrolls) and some parts of the component (for example, for example, the header line and possibly the fixed lines) the footer line (with the numerical summaries for each column)) is fixed in the page so as to remain visible all the time. Is this description of use consistent with UX best practices? Or maybe I should avoid the tabular grids of the modern web application (for example, the list of shutters in the timeline of stackexchange questions is an example of an alternative solution). The scrolling and absolute positioning of the header and footer lines are my main concerns.

I develop the desktop browser application. This application expects quite complex actions of the user, that is why I do not predict that the application will be used from mobile devices. Of course, I can also provide the mobile version, but I do not see why users should use it.

Can not create multiple subdomains for the installed application from the SharePoint store?

I am this tutorial. Configure an environment for applications for SharePoint Server. I'm trying to connect my SharePoint 2016 server on-premises to the SharePoint store. I am able to download many applications from SharePoint Store, but when I try to open the applications from the site content or include them anywhere on my site. it gives me the following error

error in opening the application

I have followed all the instructions of the network, but several subdomains are not created on my SharePoint server on site. Please help.

notification – What is the difference between "alerts" in the Azure App service and "alerts" in Application Insights of this same application service?

I want to create custom alerts for multiple events (for example, when the site is down or if the site behaves badly). I found that I could do it by setting up alerting rules. I have two resources – one is the actual site (application service) and the other, the information about the applications that follow that same site. Both resources have the alert menu.

I am confused as to which alert is useful according to my needs. Does the alert menu in Application Insight monitor the Application Insight resource?

allow Google Chrome to update the website every second for a chat application (ANDROID) [on hold]

How to allow Google Chrome to update the website every second for a chat application on an Android phone?
I am working on a chat application written in "DJANGO, Python3"
it works properly on the laptop but when i try to use it i

biometrics – Change the Java architecture during initialization of the application (64 and 32 bit)

I have the following configuration

  • A Windows 10 64-bit operating system
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • JDK1.8.201 (64bits)
  • JDK1.8.201 (32bits)

But I have developed an application that must work in 32-bit

  1. Stops the execution of an application at 64, I give the following command on the terminal inside the application folder

    java -jar app.jar

  2. To run with 32bits java I do the following

    "C: Program Files (x86) Java jdk1.8.0_201 bin java" -jar app.jar

Everything worked.

  1. But I would like to use it with start javaw which does not depend on the terminal and can close at any time

    start "C: Program Files (x86) Java jdk1.8.0_201 bin javaw" -jar app.jar

But in this way, he even runs the program, but it does not work at 100%.

What do you mean?

It's a biometric reader. If I give the order of point 2

"C:  Program Files (x86)  Java  jdk1.8.0_201  bin  java" -jar app.jar

The application is triggered and the bed is triggered

But if I run the order

start "C:  Program Files (x86)  Java  jdk1.8.0_201  bin  javaw" app.jar

Only the application is triggered.

Give it right in the future, I would like to put it in a .bat file

Where can I go wrong?