applications – Virtual camera for Android?

Is there a way to use a virtual camera for android apps?
If I understand correctly, virtual camera means feeding footage of your choice to what the app recognizes as a webcam, right?

Obvioursly if I can do it all within the phone, great.
But if not, I’m willing to use a computer etc.
What tools do I need, including hardware and software?
Where do I even begin to look for this kind of information?
Seems very “nichy”

Sorry I’m not a power user… thanks for your help

permission – What the heck is going on with Catalina? SIP disabled, sudo mounted -uw etc. Applications folder won’t move!

I have googled everything, I am desperate. I have installed Catalina yesterday and tried all the steps here (and more) that were logical to me. The thing is I have the feeling the current version has changed again. I have a parallel MacOS / Windows System with a third exFat partition and in Mojave and Lower I always create links for /Applications and /Users to put all non systemrelevant data into the exFat, it always worked fine (thought you have to make some adjustments in order to work with iCloud apps etc). I wanted to do the same, so I followed all the normal steps to create links for /Applications (also tried with /System/Volume/Data/Applications. But it does not work at all. Usually for example I ditto the /Application to the exFat partition and mv the old one into /Application.old (just to be safe), then I create the link. But I cannot rename or delete /Applications! Is it because they created Hard/systemlinks in Catalina?? I don’t get it. Will I be able to link out the folders to my exFat partition? Any suggestions?

macos – Can’t figure out why Service doesn’t execute from other Applications

I wrote a short Python script that inserts text into an Excel file. I’m calling this .py file via Run Shell Script from a Service in Automator.

  • When I run the python file through either PyCharm or Terminal, it works.
  • When I add a Get Specified Text before the Run Shell Script in the
    Service and pass some string as an argument, it works.

However, when I try to invoke the service from any other application I get a PermissionError: (Errno 1) Operation not permitted from some built-in python library (

I don’t understand what is happening!

Error log:

The action “Run Shell Script” encountered an error: “Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./", line 26, in <module>
  File "./", line 19, in insert_to_excel
    book = load_workbook(file_path)
  File "/Users/ben/PycharmProjects/Excel_writer/venv/lib/python3.8/site-packages/openpyxl/reader/", line 312, in load_workbook
    reader = ExcelReader(filename, read_only, keep_vba,
  File "/Users/ben/PycharmProjects/Excel_writer/venv/lib/python3.8/site-packages/openpyxl/reader/", line 124, in __init__
    self.archive = _validate_archive(fn)
  File "/Users/ben/PycharmProjects/Excel_writer/venv/lib/python3.8/site-packages/openpyxl/reader/", line 96, in _validate_archive
    archive = ZipFile(filename, 'r')
  File "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.8/lib/python3.8/", line 1251, in __init__
    self.fp =, filemode)
PermissionError: (Errno 1) Operation not permitted: '/Users/ben/Desktop/Ben_Test.xlsx'”

shell script:

source /Users/ben/PycharmProjects/Excel_writer/venv/bin/activate && cd /Users/ben/PycharmProjects/Excel_writer
./ "${1}"

Note: Automator and Finder have been added Privacy > Accessibility

applications – Using personal keyboard in Shelter on Android 10

I am using Shelter to create an isolated space for apps which I don’t trust very much and to disable them when I am not using. Shelter works by creating a work profile in Android and registering itself as the administrator, thus granting it rights to disable apps.

This has been working great in my Android 8 phone, but I recently got a new phone which comes with Android 10, and unfortunately it looks like I can no longer share the same keyboard in work profile apps. This is important to me because I use KeePass2Android
to store my passwords and it provides a virtual keyboard to automatically input credentials into any text field.

Is there any way to get back the old functionality and be able to use personal keyboards in work apps?

applications – When update the app from Play Store are external files deleted?

My question is pretty simple.

I developed a game, uploaded it on the store. In order to keep player level record and UI prefs it writes an ini file.

When the next update is up on the store and the users will update will they lose their progress? Will the file be deleted?


Content Security Policy applied to Single Page Applications: Is it worth it with unsafe-inline?

does applying ‘unsafe-inline’ render CSP more or less pointless?

Preventing XSS is one of the main benefits of a CSP. If you need to allow inline scripts, that benefit is mostly gone.

But there are still some situations where a CSP can prevent exploitation of issues. Examples:

  • Clickjacking: a CSP can prevent it
  • HTML injection: Even if no XSS can be gained, HTML injections can be used to exfiltrate data. A CSP may be able to mitigate some of the impact (by restricting form actions, images sources, etc)
  • CSS injection: If you don’t have inline CSS, you can prevent CSS injection via CSP
  • even with unsafe-inline, a CSP may make XSS more difficult to exploit. The easiest way to exploit XSS is to include a remote script, as an attacker doesn’t have to worry about length or special character restrictions in the payload
  • enforce content to be loaded via HTTPS

Does anyone have any good ideas of how to handle CSP on an SPA?

The same way as with any application: Don’t have inline scripts. Instead, you should have all your scripts in .js files, which you then include from a trusted origin (this actually seems easier to achieve in a SPA compared to a classic application which may have inline JavaScript all over the place).

You can also allow a specific script block using a nonce or hash source (which implemented correctly prevents XSS).

Even if you need to allow unsafe-inline for now, I’d still recommend implementing a CSP which is as restrictive as possible given the situation.

It will help you implement future features in a way compatible with a restrictive CSP. And when you get around to removing inline js, you just need to remove unsafe-inline from the CSP that you have in place already (instead of having multiple issues to worry about implementing a new CSP).

Joining google photo videos – Web Applications Stack Exchange

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applications – How do I enable a forced stop & disabled Bluetooth Share app on Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Over enthusiastic to disable many distracting apps on my Sony Xperia U (ST25i) I went “settings>apps>all” and disabled away. Where no disable option was available, I clicked on force stop. With Bluetooth Share I stupidly took it to be a social networking app and disabled it, later force stopping it. Dumb, I know, but how do I get it back? I’m fairly new to all of this, obviously, so please be very specific in responding. Many thanks.

sd card – MicroSD permissions & move applications to microsd

I am using Android version 9.

I was using my mobile with an microSD, formatted as external storage.
Most applications were moved to microsd/running from there.
So I decided to buy a faster one; I copied all files to my PC (just copied all files loosing all extra attributes).

Then I formatted the new one as external storage and I copied all files.
But it crashed (DoA) after a few hours. During troubleshooting I accidentally formatted as internal but didn’t work (obviously). Luckily no data was lost as it wasn’t writable.

Now I have again a working microSD formatted as external.
I copied all files to it. However, all application are not capable of moving to microsd and use the internal storage.

Any idea how to make “move to sd card” button available again ?

Thank you

Is this allowed in web applications?

I took an online programming test.The instruction says that browsing history, copy/paste history and screenshot history will be monitored and recorded. I am wondering if that is possible when you just open it in browser.