google calendar – Navigating between appointments with the keyboard?

It appears that somehow Google neglected to address the need to navigate between calendar appointments via keyboard. There seems to be no documented keyboard shortcut for doing this.

I’ve tried cursor keys, the tab key, and have tried various views including the agenda view without success. I want to move between calendar appointments with my keyboard so I can select and edit them without reaching for my mouse.

Is this really impossible?

Finding Vaccine Appointments in MA

Everyday I spend a crazy amount of time clicking though each maze of hyperlinks and forms on this horrendous site:

Is there anyway that Mathematica can help speed up the process of finding out if there are available appointments for people with 2+ co-morbidities?

Nexus appointments in Blaine, WA

Is NEXUS enrolment currently working in Blaine, WA? I got a message about conditional approval, but as far as I can tell there are no appointment slots available.

highlighting – In Microsoft Outlook (2016), how can I highlight only today’s elements, for single and series appointments

In Microsoft Outlook (2016), how can I highlight only today’s elements, for single and series appointments?

I learned (here and here) how create a rule that highlights single elements that start today, but the rule will highlight also all series elements – even if they have no element starting today (see picture below). I want all elements on “MONTAG” (German for “monday”) and “MITTWOCH” (“wednesday”) to be green, and only all elements on “DIENSTAG” (“tuesday”) to be red.

Example Outlook appearance

Outlook – Unable to save / edit calendar appointments – All are labeled with "Followed by"

have a very strange problem with a user who cannot save or edit calendar appointments in his own calendar. User has an Office 365 mailbox and is using Outlook 2019 on a Windows 10 workstation. The problem is present on several workstations using users' Outlook profile, I also tried to ; using Outlook 2016, I noticed in 2016 that Outlook would receive an error in the taskbar, it triggers event ID 25 which says "Sorry, something is wrong" ; has gone wrong. You 2019 can stay there without error and the appointment window will not close when you click save, if you close the appointment window you will be prompted to save, but nothing happens when you click yes and the window stays there. The problem is with cache mode on or off. What I see is that the appointments that cannot be changed Saved all have a " Followed by "with a date just above the subject line, items ents simply have an undated follow-up. If I see the calendar in list view, you can see all of the calendar items that have been tracked in red text if the date has passed.

I tried to add the Task view to the calendar list to see if there is an indicator for tracking, but there is none, the task list doesn & # 39; Displays no items. I've tried to tag the email for follow up and then clear the tag. It makes the red text disappear but still doesn't allow you to edit or save the item.

This user has more than 10,000 calendar entries and blowing their calendar is not an option. What is more distributive is that the new appointments that the user creates sometimes have this "followed by", I cannot understand what is causing it. The user will use Outlook and the iPhone Default Mail app to create appointments. To repeat the calendar items that DO NOT have this "Tracking" message can be edited and saved just fine.
Has anyone seen something like this? Am I confronted with corrupted objects? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is an example of the message "Followed by" which appears on the calendar appointment
enter description of image here

Here is an example of the calendar items in list mode, note that the appointments which are in red have the follow-up by message, the items in black do not and can be modified or saved without problem. If I add the Marked column to this view, none of these red elements show that they actually have a flag. If I use this column to flag one of the red items and then clear the flag, the follow-up message on the appointment will be deleted, but I still won't be able to edit or save the appointment. To note that none of these calendar items appear in the task list where a normally flagged email would appear.
enter description of image here

Dentist Website USA Buy if you can manage dentist appointments with medicaid

Why are you selling this site?
I do not know how I can place the tracks that I receive from this site. Plus, I'm not used to the dental industry. I've won this site in the GoDaddy auction and have restored it.

How is it monetized?
This is not monetized yet, but we are getting appointments at this dentist. This website benefits all those who can use these appointments or have contacts with dentists.

Is this site provided with social media accounts?

How long does this site take to run?
It is already an established site, so you have nothing to do. Just make an appointment with the dentist for an inquiry via the contact form. A little work on the site can also increase its commercial potential.

What are the challenges of managing this site?
You will have to discover it yourself.

Visas – Biometrics for TRV Canada, VFS says that there are no more appointments, do I need an appointment?

I have therefore submitted my visa application for VRT and I have received an email today to submit my biometrics. I only have 30 days left. I go through the VAC online and I am told that there are no more appointments left.

I have something to ask, is it mandatory? Do I need to make an appointment or can I enter with my passport and my biometrics application letter without one?

I come from Nigeria.

How can I make appointments together and do I have to fill out the application form separately or the same form?

I want to go to the UK with my husband and my child, but I did not make an appointment the same day. How can I make appointments together and do I have to fill out the application form separately or the same form?

france – Appointments for a Schengen visa at the New York Center (VFS office)

I plan to travel to France on August 16th for tourism (short stay).
The appointment for the Schengen visa is entirely reserved for the VFS office in New York and the most recent date I see when it is available is August 8th. Since there is a weekend between August 8th and 16th, I am not sure to get my passport back before August 16th. I did not encounter any cases in which the visa had been sent. Has a Schengen visa been issued to someone in 3 working days? What should be my remedy?

Thank you

USCIS Appointments for UK Visas – General Availability

What is the general availability of biometric appointments on USCIS sites for British visa applicants? I will apply for a Level 5 visa and will need to make an appointment for biometrics in St. Paul. I hope that they will have an appointment in two weeks. Is it a chimera? The USCIS website talks about sending meeting letters 3 to 5 weeks after the deposit. So I suppose biometrics appointments for UK visas have to be on a different system?