Chinese Citizen Apply for French Visa (Passport Talent) in USA with H1B Extension Pending Approval

My H-1B visa expired on Aug 28, 2020, and my employer in the US applied for an extension for H-1B on Aug 13, 2020. Per 240 days rule, I can legally stay in the US and continue to work while my extension is pending for approval with USCIS. I applied for a French visa last week (Passport Talent) as I”m relocating to France for work. I submitted 1) my original I-797 showing my H-1B was valid until Aug 28, 2020, 2) USCIS receipt on Aug 13, 2020 showing they have received my H-1B extension application, 3) USCIS’s explanation on 240 days rule. I received an email today from French Embassy asking me to provide additional documents to prove my legal stay in the US . Any advice on what kind of documents I should provide? Thanks!

Need Someone For Google News Approval Service


I am looking for someone who can help us to get our site approved in Google News.

I can do the changes on the website as per the guidelines and Can do all the necessary changes required. But, I need someone who can give a guarantee for Google News Approval.

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sharepoint online – Get comment of requested approval in Power Automate

I’m trying to get the comment which you can leave when you submit a modern page for approval.

Submit for approval

But if I use “Comments associated with moderation of list item”, I get no result!

Power Automate

How do I get this comment? Is the dynamic content “Comments associated with moderation of list item” right? Or do I need to use a other dynamic content?

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Does the Yoast news plugin require Google News approval?

I have Google News approved Tech Website, in the Google News Publisher it shows the listing as “LIVE”. But my website and its contents aren’t showing in the Google News tab, hence no traffic at all. Meanwhile, my website is ranking very solid on Google web search, but not on Google News.

Do I need to get my site approved by Google before it shows up in Google News from the data provided by the Yoast plugin?

facebook – How to require moderator approval of newly added group member?

I’m a moderator on a private Facebook group. It’s not uncommon to see requests to join the group that I consider suspicious, most commonly situations where I suspect they may be spam accounts with the intent to post spam on our group rather then to actually utilize it. However, I’m hesitant to entirely forbid people from joining the group to get help on an unproven suspicion.

As such what I would like to do is approve them, but set all their posts to require moderator approval for the next month, so if they do post something unwanted I can catch it and kick them back out of the group without the regular group users having to witness it.

I know how to set it so a user requires moderator approval after they have made a post on the Facebook group (not that I’ll remember them by then), but I’m not sure how to preemptively set the requirement. I don’t want to make all users require moderator approval of posts, I just want to set it on specific individuals who’s Facebook profile looks suspicious to me. Is there a way to preemptively set suspect accounts to require approval to post.

I will provide google news publisher center approval service for $50

I will provide google news publisher center approval service

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  • Brand Awareness
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sharepoint online – trigger Approval Worflow Action using powerapps button –PowerAutomate

I created a simple Approval Workflow in PowerAutomate. When that workflow is triggered Assigned to user gets an email with two workflow action: Approve and Reject. When i click on Approve workflow proceeds to next step.

Then i created a Approve Button on PowerApp gallery. Now what i want to do it when i click on Approve button, it will do same what above Approve Button does. It should GO to next step in workflow.

Is that possible to achieve.