Developing iOS apps as a high school student

I would like to start by apologizing for the length of the question, but the situation is complicated and I thought that more specific details would allow me to get more accurate answers.

I am a 16 year old man from Tennessee who has developed an activity sharing / social media app for iOS. I've finished developing the application and would like to start testing it in beta. Depending on how the tests run and the level of interest of my users, I can display it on the Apple App Store or not. To use Apple's beta test software and make an app available on the app store, I must be registered with the Apple Developer Program, which requires you to be an adult or other legal entity such as an organization or business. I am not old enough to register as an individual and I do not wish the application to be related to the personal identity of my parents. I have therefore decided to register as a company. I can not claim to be a business because Apple needs a DUNS number, which is a unique way to identify legitimate businesses around the world. I've researched different types of companies and decided that an LLC is probably my best option because it offers liability protection. In Tennessee, the filing fee for an LLC is $ 300, with an annual fee of $ 300. Since I'm not even sure I can start the application, much less make money, I do not want to spend that much. I realize that some other states have cheaper filing and renewal fees, but if I deposit my LLC in another state, I would have to hire a licensed agent and pay him a fee. After learning how expensive an LLC training would be, I started to think that I might not need to start the application. maybe I should just test it with my close friends and put it on my resume.

I am currently in high school and it is far from the only thing on my plate. I am not willing to spend an exorbitant amount of time or money for that because of it. However, I spent more than 200 hours on this project in the past year writing over 7,000 lines of code, so I do not want to throw it away altogether. I've also considered making my github page public in order to have something to show for my work even if it's not a finished product, but I do not I'm not sure of the impact this could have on my application if I decided to run it. .

Now that all the background is far away, here are my questions:
Is there another more cost-effective way to launch an iOS app for a 16 year old?
If not, what is the best way, apart from Apple, to beta-test an iOS app?
Is it a bad idea that my github page is accessible to the public?
If I had to abandon the project now, how can I get the most out of my job?
I am aware that there are several issues, which are not all related to software engineering, but are all related. Any answer / advice that can be offered will be very appreciated.

google apps script – How to get getFullName ()

I'd like a sample code to get getFullName (), in Google sheets.

Basically, several users use Google's sheets and would like each time they edit a cell in the sheet, its name with a timestamp be saved.

I have a code but it does not seem to work properly. It's only looking for the name of the user. I have the name also registered to the contacts, so it should work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Mobile Apps Offering the Best Accessibility Experience for Reference

Can you suggest some mobile apps that offer the best accessibility experience for reference?

design patterns – Best practices: removing the keyboard and displaying buttons in mobile apps

We have iOS and Android apps with forms in multiple locations and we are looking for an appropriate UX template to continue once the form is complete.

Example: On the login screen, the user must type in a user name and password, and then trigger the login action.

1) Should the connection button "float" above the keyboard? Only when the last field is active?
2) Should the keyboard be turned off every time you type outside of it?
3) Should the "back" button on the keyboard say "continue" when the first field is active and "connect" when the last field is active?

This sounds like such a standard use case that the behavior should be set and standard for iOS and Android platforms, but I have a hard time finding it documented anywhere!

Is there a way to increase the limit of apps on the Android Nougat's Recent screen?

I find it very annoying that Android Nougat limits the number of recent apps available on Recents Screen. On my device, this limit is limited to 5 applications, which is too small. There are lock buttons on the applications but even the lock does not prevent the system from removing the application from the list. This seems very inconsistent and offensive.

My questions are therefore: Is it possible to increase the limit (I do not believe that this number is hard coded)? Is this limit the same for all devices with Nougat? What is the reason for providing a lock button for the list of 5 applications only?

Power Apps form integrated with Power BI to update the Sharepoint list

I've created an online Sharepoint list that tracks the cases. Users review and update cases through a Power Apps form on the site. I also have a powerful bi visualization that queries the Sharepoint list to display graphs. Is there a way to put the existing power application form in the power bi so that users can update the cases from there? I want users to be able to update the Power Apps form in Power Bi and have those updates reflected in the SharePoint online list.

NEW – Renaissance: listen to get reviews on apps: SCAM or LEGIT? | NewProxyLists

Renaissance: Listen to Earn – The 3.1-star app on Google Play that pays you stars for streaming music via Spotify.
Description of the application:
"Renaissance allows a direct link between the music you have listened to and the artists who compose it.

Here you can:
– Collect stars by streaming music on Spotify.
– Use stars to get exclusive rewards.

* You need a Spotify account to start collecting stars. Please send an e-mail [email protected] to let us know what other platforms you would like us to support.

Our value to artists: enable artists to create a direct channel with their audience and give back to their loyal fans.

Our value to listeners: check your support for artists, with whom you may never have the chance to speak in real life. We know that you are always connected in a certain way.

In this special edition, we are also organizing a campaign in early 2019 with our live event partners for:
* Dance to raise awareness and make a donation to those affected by the campfire in California * For every 1,000 moves you have made during qualifying events in your city, a $ 1 donation will be made to our name to the campfire victims. The more you dance, the more dollars you can collect. "

Someone tried this?

google apps – Is there a way to install ark survival evolved on Android 5.1.1?

I've already installed the apk to install, but it hangs a few seconds after it's opened. I was wondering if I could change the application Actuall so that it works on Android 5.1.1 rather than 8. (I think it's a design problem, as it means that ### 39; it works on 8 and not 5. I'll really like to know everything you play at Android. Modders! (I'm on Linux, so Windows does not count)

How can I get more reviews and downloads of apps?

Hi guys, I'm new here.
I need an idea of ​​my reviews and application downloads. How to get more reviews and downloads for my new app. I need your help.