dnd 5e – How do the different DND-5e character sheet apps compare?

I'm thinking about what my players are using apps to keep track of their characters as they are a bit new. How do the available character sheet apps compare in terms of:

  • Require the purchase of additional source books in the app
  • Poor performance or a user interface
  • Bad mobile apps in general
  • Does not support iOS or Android
  • Any other relevant element
  • Allow DM to display character sheets

7 best apps to earn #bitcoin for free and other cryptocurrencies

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Higher risk of missing certificate pinning on mobile apps compared to web apps?

TL, DR: The protection of attachment to certificates is the same: almost none.

The risk is essentially the same and the Pining certificate is not something that will deter any determined attacker. As soon as part of the code is not executed in your own environment, you have no control. Just look at all the successful games and their protections, and the myriad of cheat tools bypassing all the protections: anti-debugging, pining certificate, checksum, and everything in between.

In the case of web applications, pining is mainly useless since the attacker will have all the source code easily accessible at all times, and each browser comes with a full debugging environment. In this scenario, the certificate attachment will be defeated with a well placed breakpoint and a change of variable.

On a mobile application, the path is a little longer. The attacker will usually need a rooted or jailbroken phone, and will change the application to use another certificate, or to bypass the verification. Either way, nothing like a dedicated attacker would have a hard time doing it.

services – blocking all other apps notifies notifications if my app is running in the foreground in Android Studio

I create the application game mode. if my app is running in the foreground or in the background, then all other app blocking notifications installed and no disturbance in Android Pie. So I have no idea. I am using Service, Broadcast receiver And NotificationListenerService.

Please help me if you find the best solution.

// ************************************************ ***

public class BGService extends service {

public int counter = 0;
Sqlitehelper sqlitehelper;
CallReceiver callReceiver;
private ActivityManager mActivityManager;

public BGService(Context applicationContext) {

    Log.i("HERE", "here I am!");
public BGService(){


public int onStartCommand(Intent intent, int flags, int startId) {
    super.onStartCommand(intent, flags, startId);
    return START_STICKY;

@RequiresApi(api = Build.VERSION_CODES.M)
public void onDestroy() {
    Log.i("EXIT", "ondestroy!");

    Intent broadcastIntent = new Intent(this, RestarterBroadcastReceiver.class);


private Timer timer;
private TimerTask timerTask;
long oldTime = 0;

public void startTimer() {
    //set a new Timer
    timer = new Timer();
    //initialize the TimerTask's job

    //schedule the timer, to wake up every 1 second
    timer.schedule(timerTask, 1000, 1000 * 15); //

 * it sets the timer to print the counter every x seconds
public void initializeTimerTask() {
    timerTask = new TimerTask() {
        public void run() {

            Log.i("in timer", "in timer ++++  " + (counter++));


private void printForegroundTask() {
    sqlitehelper = new Sqlitehelper(getApplicationContext());
    AppChecker appChecker = new AppChecker();
    String packageName = appChecker.getForegroundApp(getApplicationContext());

    if (packageName != null) {
        for (int i = 0; i < sqlitehelper.getAllQuestion_practice().size(); i++) {
            if (sqlitehelper.getAllQuestion_practice().get(i).getApplicationPackageName().equalsIgnoreCase(packageName)) {

                //***************current foreground app if save in db -close all notification-----
                if (sqlitehelper.getAllQuestion_practice().get(i).getNoti_block() == 1) {
                    //************notification off
                    NotificationManager mNotificationManager = (NotificationManager) getSystemService(Context.NOTIFICATION_SERVICE);

                    StatusBarNotification() barNotifications = new StatusBarNotification(0);
                    if (android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= android.os.Build.VERSION_CODES.M) {
                        barNotifications = mNotificationManager.getActiveNotifications();
                    for(StatusBarNotification notification: barNotifications) {
                        if (notification.getId() != 11111) {
                            Intent intent = new Intent(getApplicationContext(), NotificationListener.class);

                } else {
                 //notification off
                    try {
                        NotificationManager mNotificationManager = (NotificationManager) getSystemService(Context.NOTIFICATION_SERVICE);
                        if (mNotificationManager != null) {
                    } catch (Exception e) {






 * not needed
public void stoptimertask() {
    //stop the timer, if it's not already null
    if (timer != null) {
        timer = null;



public IBinder onBind(Intent intent) {
    return null;


// *********************************************
NotificationListener class.

@SuppressLint ("OverrideAbstract")

public class NotificationListener extends NotificationListenerService {
Contextual context;

public void onCreate() {
    context = getApplicationContext();

public void onNotificationPosted(StatusBarNotification statusBarNotification) {
    if (statusBarNotification.getId() != 11111) {


            boolean condition = true; // say your test is running
            if (condition)
                cancelAllNotifications(); //Cancel all the notifications . No Disturbance




public void onNotificationRemoved(StatusBarNotification sbn) {
    Log.i("Msg", "Notification Removed");

    if (sbn.getId() != 11111) {


// **** manifeste–






apps – Is it possible to open new tabs / links next to the current tab in Chrome?

In Chrome (or Chrome Canary), I would like to be able to open new links / tabs next to the current tab. If it was on a PC, the equivalent would be open tabs / links at the top of the tab tree / stack.

The best workaround I have found is to select any piece of text on the current tab page, then do a "web search" from the context menu. This opens a tab next to the current tab, then I'll use that tab for what I wanted to search for. However, this does not work for opening links next to the current tab. And I prefer that it can be done without the need for a workaround.

4 Go-To apps for review and exam preparation

After so many weeks writing essays, reports, end-of-term articles and other academic work, it's high time to start revising the exams. This period of student life is really difficult, especially for those who weren't serious enough with classroom activities. Students who have not taken notes during class have a hard time preparing for exams. As a rule, their memory is not clear enough to keep in mind all the details that their teacher said. Learners have a lot of trouble before their exams. They have to spend long hours in libraries reading a lot of sources and doing extensive research. Don't you want to be one of those students with their hands full? Get the most popular academic help apps that will make revision more effective and less stressful. Download them to your mobile phone and revise them for university exams like a pro.
Study Blue
If you are a fan of memory cards, consider a Study Blue study app. It is a free application, so you can download it to your device and get quick help from the outsourced material library. This app can be used to create and share memory cards, to add sound and images to your study material, to check subject knowledge by taking tests and continuing to progress. After downloading this app you will have access to an impressive library of study materials and helpful guides created by the students.

SpeedyPaper Advisor
Another useful application for all students is SpeedyPaper Adviser. This writing app will help you increase your grades and prepare you for exams more effectively. By having SpeedyPaper Adviser on your phone, you will have unlimited access to the huge database of college and university documents. You will be able to consult examples of various academic works. Find the essays, reports, research articles, coursework needed and increase your grades. Students will know how to create, structure and quote assignments. Customer support is available 24 hours a day, so if you're having trouble finding the required paper, you can contact managers and ask any questions. Many positive comments about this app prove that it is really great and worth a try. To find out all the features, download an application on your mobile phone or visit their website.

This app was created to help students have a smooth review. Undergraduate students can use Gojimo both online and on mobile devices. An app contains useful content for learners and some quizzes. You can select an exam for which you want to revise, and it goes with a list of questions that may be asked. If you haven't found a required subject, you can contact support via instant messaging.

This is another useful application for students who are going to prepare for exams. It's free, easy to use, and a good choice for self-study. Having Quizlet on your device, you can learn using memory cards, share them with your peers, learn foreign languages ​​and get more information on coding, math, science, history and other academic subjects. Many students benefit from Quizlet and leave positive feedback on this study app.


google play store – Repair apps without uninstalling

I need to fix an app without uninstalling it. The game works fine except for one setting! I tried to reinstall without uninstalling because I am afraid of losing my progress. Can i fix the game app without uninstalling it?

How to use Google apps with VPN on? (Android 10)

I'm using VPN because Google apps only work through proxy connections, but recently all Google apps stop working if VPN mode is enabled (if I switch to NAT mode, it works). I think Google detects the VPN and disables network requests from its apps.

iphone – Can I buy iOS apps on a computer and then offer them to the end user?

In my organization we have different employees who use the iPhone in their work. Sometimes they have to buy apps.

In order to make this process smoother, I would like (as an administrator here) to have an account that purchases the apps and then sends them with the "gift" feature.

I would also like to be able to do this on a computer and not on an iPhone, for the sake of convenience we sometimes have to buy quite a few apps here.

Is it possible? When I go to https://apps.apple.com/, it only says "This app is only available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad."

Thank you!

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