bugs – Problems with Google apps on the Nubia Z17 Lite

I bought this Nubia Z17 lite online and I got it with the world version and preinstalled Google apps. Everything worked but I wanted the new Nubia 6.0 user interface and so I installed it from the Chinese website.
Now, that does not support Google as such, so I used twrp and fastboot and rooted the phone with superSU and installed open GApps.
My problem is that I do not see any permissions in the settings of my phone. By that I mean that if I go to Settings> Apps> Permissions and scroll down to ALL the Google apps I've installed, none of them have d & # 39; authorization.
I've installed App Ops to change permissions. In fact, they have permissions, but they still do not work. For example, if I sign in to Google Play, it will give me the following error: "Google Play Games has had problems with Google Play services, try again". Until 10 minutes ago, if I went on Whatsapp, it told me that I had to enable sms permissions on Google Play services. Now that I've given him permissions via App Ops, it just does not work. Whatsapp asks for my number, I click ok, then nothing happens. No permission asking, no message, nothing. I have my sim and I can also use mobile data, from elsewhere.
And if I open YouTube, nothing works. I can not use the search bar, I can not add accounts because the loading is infinite, I can not use any of the bottom buttons (like trends or subscriptions).
What makes no sense to me is that apps like Google Play Store and Chrome work perfectly, while others are simply broken.
Maybe I've used a bad version of GApps? Initially, I followed a tutorial but the GApps link was broken, so I could not use it and I opted for Android 7.1 GApps on their website.
I've noticed that on the website it says that a fix is ​​required for versions above Android 7. Could that be it? I really do not know what it means, I clicked on the link and tried to understand but I could not, so I ask for help.
Why are my GApps acting like this?

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notification bar – How to prevent apps from going into immersive mode in portrait mode?

Some games in portrait mode will automatically enter immersive mode, and my navigation bar and notification bar will be hidden, which is really annoying for me.
Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Root, Magisk and Xposed (Edxposed) is acceptable.

google apps script – How can I add hyperlinks and images to the model (A1)? To use the text below, use the mail merge to send my mails.

getRowsData function (sheet, range, columnHeadersRowIndex) {
columnHeadersRowIndex = columnHeadersRowIndex || range.getRowIndex () - 1;
var numColumns = range.getEndColumn () - range.getColumn () + 1;
var headersRange = sheet.getRange (columnHeadersRowIndex, range.getColumn (), 1, numColumns);
var headers = headersRange.getValues ​​()[0];
returns getObjects (range.getValues ​​(), normalizeHeaders (headers));

getObjects function (data, keys) {
var objects = [];
for (var i = 0; i <data.length; ++ i) {
var object = {};
var hasData = false;
for (var j = 0; j <data[i].length; ++ j) {
var cellData = data[i][j];
if (isCellEmpty (cellData)) {
Carry on;
object[key[keys[clés[keys[j]]= cellData;
hasData = true;
if (hasData) {
objects.push (object);
return objects;

function normalizeHeaders (headers) {
var keys = [];
for (var i = 0; i < headers.length; ++i) {
    var key = normalizeHeader(headers[i]);
    if (key.length > 0) {
keys.push (key);
return keys;

function normalizeHeader (header) {
var key = & # 39 ;;
var upperCase = false;
for (var i = 0; i < header.length; ++i) {
    var letter = header[i];
    if (letter == ' ' && key.length > 0) {
upperCase = true;
Carry on;
if (! isAlnum (letter)) {
Carry on;
if (key.length == 0 && isDigit (letter)) {
Carry on; // the first character must be a letter
if (upperCase) {
upperCase = false;
+ key = letter.toUpperCase ();
} other {
+ key = letter.toLowerCase ();
return key;

isCellEmpty function (cellData) {
return typeof (cellData) == "string & # 39; && cellData == & # 39 ;;

isAlnum (char) {function
returns char> = & # 39; A & # 39; && tank <= 'Z' ||
    char >= & # 39; a & # 39; && tank <= 'z' ||

function isDigit(char) {
  return char >= & # 39; 0 & # 39; && char <= & # 39; 9 & # 39 ;;

sendEmails () function
var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet ();
var dataSheet = ss.getSheets ()[0];
var dataRange = dataSheet.getRange (2, 1, dataSheet.getMaxRows () - 1, 4);

var templateSheet = ss.getSheets ()[1];
var emailTemplate = templateSheet.getRange ("A1"). getValue ();
var emailTemplate2 = templateSheet.getRange ("A2"). getValue ();

objects var = getRowsData (dataSheet, dataRange);

// For each line object, create a custom email from a template and send
// to the appropriate person.
for (var i = 0; i <objects.length; ++ i) {
// Get a line object
var rowData = objects[i];
var file = DriveApp.getFilesByName (2019_MA_BenefitsGuide.pdf & # 39;)
var file1 = DriveApp.getFilesByName ('List of acceptable documents.pdf')

var emailText = fillInTemplateFromObject (emailTemplate, rowData);
var emailText2 = fillInTemplateFromObject (emailTemplate2, rowData);
var emailSubject = & # 39; Direct Mail Test & # 39 ;;

MailApp.sendEmail (rowData.emailAddress,
Subject of the email,
{attachments: [file.next(), file1.next()]});


function fillInTemplateFromObject (model, data) {
var email = template;
// Find all the variables to replace, for example $ {"Column name"}
var templateVars = template.match (/  $  { "[^"]+  "} / g);

// Replaces the model variables with the actual values ​​of the data object.

for (var i = 0; i <templateVars.length; ++ i) {

var variableData = data[NormalizeHeader(templateVars[NormalizeHeader(templateVars[normalizeHeader(templateVars[normalizeHeader(templateVars[i])];
email = email.replace (templateVars[i], variableData || & # 39; & # 39;);

return the email;

How can I add hyperlinks and images to the model (A1) so that I can use the elements below and use the mail merge to send my emails?

apps – Google Fit often does not count my steps

Previously, Google Fit counted my steps accurately and followed my bike. Now, often, do not count my steps and never follow my cycling. Is this my phone or the app? I changed my phone: I had a Sony Xperia and updated it with a newer version. Location services are enabled and satnav works well.

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LEGIT – Reviews about Buzzbreak apps: SCAM or LEGIT? | NewProxyLists

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ios – When I try to update existing free apps or install new ones, I enter a payment loop "Check Required"

On my iPad (iOS 12.2), I try to update my existing apps. The App Store requests that I authenticate with my Apple ID password. He then brings me to the payment information screen, where he asks me to configure my payment method.

I select "None" on the payment method screen, because I only plan for the moment to update the applications and install the free ones on this iPad. After clicking "Done", the Apple ID authentication box opens again, which brings me back to the payment mode screen. This loop continues indefinitely. I can not update my apps or install new apps, even free ones.

In the settings of my App Store, I have disabled the setting "Require a password for free downloads", but that does not change anything. I can not install or update free apps.

Can we disable / uninstall Google Apps from Realme2 Pro (Color OS 5.2)?

Let me know, can we disable / uninstall Google Apps like Chrome, Keep etc. Realme 2 Pro (Color OS 5.2)?

If so, please let me know, how?