looking for 3 VPS in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

we need 3 VPS in Saudi Arabia, the servers must be located in KSA, not just the IP routed there.
server specification

CPU: 1 core
H.D.D: 20 GB
IP: 1
Traffic: not important
OS: Ubuntu
Location: Saudi Arabia (important)
unmanaged server without control panel

server usage: LAMP, DNS, CDN

Thank you

Do you think the Iranian general was killed by Trump because he gave a bad opinion on Trump Hotel Saudi Arabia?

Trump claimed to have ordered on January 4 to kill the Iranian general due to crowd damage to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad on 12/31/2019. The idea being that when you hit a tough guy like Trump, he responds. BUT!! Subsequently, on January 8, Iran fired missiles at American troops at an air base and injured more than 50 soldiers. Trump did nothing. On January 26, Iran hit our Baghdad embassy with more missiles, and Trump did nothing. Trump looks inconsistent and weak if he cannot respond to all of these new attacks. Where's the badass?

Iran – travel to Saudi Arabia

I am currently booked to travel to Dammam in Saudi Arabia, next to the Persian Gulf and in front of the water of Iran, this Friday. I am very concerned about the development of the situation in Iran and Iraq in the past few days and the mounting tensions in the region.

Is there currently someone in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia who can give a personal overview of the current situation in Saudi Arabia? I would like to hear from someone on the ground to find out if there have been signs of danger, threats or higher tension in the area … will it be safe to travel at this time or is it better to cancel my trip?

Do i need a transit visa if my stopover is in saudi arabia

Hi, I have a Tunisian passport and I travel to Malaysia via Jeddah, do I need a transit visa if my layover is 5 to 6 hours and I don't have it Planning to leave the airport? I also have to return in the same way, is it allowed to have two stopovers in Saudi Arabia if my trip lasts 2 weeks?

Thanks in advance.

Saudi Arabia Postal Code – Forex Training

you can check the expiration date of iqama using this new guide. The validity of Iqama is one of the main concerns of an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia. The expiration date of Iqama is also mandatory when filling out certain application forms. Saudi Arabia postal code

Whatever reason you are here for, I will show you simple methods to check the expiration date of your Iqama date.

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Application concerning a Schengen visa application in Saudi Arabia

Me, my wife and our son are residents (Iqama holders) in Saudi Arabia. My mother-in-law has a multiple exit visa with a validity of 2 years and stays with us most days of the year. if we have to apply for a Schengen visa, can my mother-in-law also apply in Saudi Arabia? Or should she apply for the visa of our country of origin (India). It will remain almost until the time of our travel dates in Europe and therefore will not have enough time to return to his home country to obtain the Schengen visa.

Thank you for responding so we can plan our trip accordingly.

Saudi Arabia trip to Pakistan and return with passport expiry of less than 3 months

I am working in Saudi Arabia and I have planned to travel to Pakistan for a month on November 20, 2019 and my passport will expire on January 15, 2020. Can I travel and return to Saudi Arabia without a problem?

Customs and Immigration – Is my name on my wife's passport sufficient to establish a relationship with her and take her to Saudi Arabia on a family visit visa?

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Is my name on the passport sufficient to prove the relationship and bring it to Saudi Arabia with a family visit visa?

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Saudi Arabia settled the price of oil in Iran by 3%, while safe haven sales in gold fell by $ 30. Europe and the United States pushed new lows and pushed up the dollar.

Exchange ofof

– US dollar index of

Last weekend, US President Trump signed a short-term grant agreement, the US market worrying about Trump's impeachment proceedings, which dropped below the loonie of the day, but the economic data of the euro area have been better than expected. However, the president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, has shown optimism about the least currency, which pushed the euro up and down, which pushed the dollar to the rise, which caused a fall in the dollar. After surpassing the day's high, the resistance zone presented a transfer value adjustment, while the New York Fed's Nowcast model has revalued US GDP in the fourth quarter, once again pushed the dollar to the 99 mark and finally increased.of

MT4Analysis, from the daily linear chart, a Changyang candlestick bobbin line fell on the 5-day moving average, the euro continued to fall due to the persistent weakness of the European Central Bank's currency pushing the dollar to 99, the moving average is multi-line, short-term It arrived in the Resistance Zone on 3 September and the KD indicator entered a multi-party overheating trend and attention to short term has shown a tendency to correction. Yesterday, euro area economic data was positive, but unexpectedly pushed up dollar gains in the ECB's speech and Fed Evans said the US economy had become weak. Yes, if economic data can not push the dollar to a new high today, they will have a great chance. Influenced by the speeches of European and American politicians, the trend of recall.

Exchange ofof

– EUR / USD: of
Last weekend, Trump signed a short-term appropriation agreement. Yesterday, the US dollar appreciated early, leaving European and US companies behind. As expected, the European Central Bank has been optimistic about the weakness of the currency, causing the euro to be sold again by the market: in the evening, the German index of Consumer price [CPI] fell short of market expectations, which caused Europe and the United States to fall below the new low price this year. Only Europe and the United States rebounded to 1.0900, but according to the Nowcast model of the New York Federal Reserve: to increase US GDP in the fourth quarter, once again pushed the US dollar to the bar of 99 and let Europe and the United States fall again.of

MT4According to the analysis from the daily dashboard, we have blocked a five-minute moving average of the long-fiber candlestick of a spindle, while the European Central Bank's optimism about the loss silver showed that Europe and the United States had fallen below the new low price this year and that the moving average had fallen. Short-term return in the vicinity of the falling support price, while the KD indicator has a negative lateral deviation, which may lead to a rebound. Yesterday, economic data from the euro area did not accelerate the rise in Europe and the United States: after taking notice of European and US data published today, Europe and the United States United States showed resistance.

Exchange ofof

– Gold: of
In the United States, the short-term credit deal was signed in the United States and yesterday morning Saudi Arabia called for peaceful treatment of Iran to avoid military operations. gold began to press and fell, then collapsed around 1490 US dollars. The upward trend of the US dollar has also caused a further fall in gold: it was shocked at the $ 1,480 mark at night, but it was subject to the Nowcast model of the New York Federal Reserve: increase the US GDP in the fourth quarter, raise the US dollar and US stocks and let the gold sell. The market plunged $ 20 and, after midnight, with the US stock market correction, there was a refueling station buying at $ 1,470, and the market had dropped another $ 25.of

MT4An analysis, taken from the daily dashboard, indicates that the five-day moving average of the long-fiber candlestick from a spindle line has been blocked. Saudi Arabia, no military attack has been unleashed and l & rsquo; The US economy was optimistic and should benefit the US dollar, causing gold to fall below the 60-day moving average. Up to 2 months above the volatility trend of US $ 1,500, since the highs of August and September have formed a representative of the empty square head and shoulders, l 39; Gold fell below the neck support will continue the great opportunity to continue the decline. Today, we are paying attention to the shocks caused by the publication of European and US manufacturing data: if Brexit has no power or if the Fed officials are closed, the market refuge funds will find their way back. rebound, but the 5-day moving average will not be able to break through and will keep the trend empty.

Exchange ofof

– GBP / USD:
The pound sterling against the US dollar was pushed back yesterday by the US dollar. The German Foreign Minister: not ruling out the Brexit deadline has been postponed to an hour later in the morning. He has already led the book to bounce back. On March 31, there was no agreement on the Brexit strategy and the conclusion of an agreement with the European Union on the completion of Brexit remained confident; which caused a shock in the United States and then fell under pressure in the zone of resistance. The resistance zone in US dollars was adjusted in the evening. The US pound was pushed up by hedge funds and jumped 57 points, while the US dollar rose lower and lower in the selling price and fell 76 points below the 1.2300 mark. He bounced around 1.2300 at midnight. At the end of the game, the price has risen slightly.of

MT4Analysis, from the daily contour chart, a long shadow on the short-term 5-day high average moving average candlestick was blocked, the dollar returned to below the 60-day moving average, close to two days at around 1.2300 Shock Consolidation The short moving average has a dead cross under the bend. If it is not at 1.2300 today, the great opportunity will seem to resell and resell. Today, we are interested in the announcement of the manufacturing index and in the UK's detailed Brexit rights proposal: if the British Prime Minister still prefers to keep the contents of the old case, the British pound could further accelerate its decline.

Exchange ofof

– USD / JPY of

The USD / JPY hovered under 108 yen early yesterday. At noon, the US dollar was down by the market. In the afternoon, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said: The Japanese economy is recovering moderately, which has led the United States and Japan to fall below the lowest price of the day . The strength of the US dollar led the upward trend: the US dollar adjusted in the evening, while the United States and Japan hit 108 yen and sales dropped, then the Nowcast model of the New York Fed: increase US GDP in the fourth quarter, causing a further rise in the US dollar, while the United States and Japan speculate. Replenishing virgin sheets of the market led to a breakthrough of 108 yen. After midnight, it hovered around the high point last Friday and the market realized only slight gains.of

MT4Analysis, taken from the daily line chart, of a threaded hammerhead candlestick to return to the 5-day moving average, the dollar on the rise and the Bank of Japan's loose currency speech, which pushed the US and Japan to continue to rise, short-term moving averages have The 60-day moving average has maintained a downward trend and the short-term resistance level has reached 19 September. It should be noted that the high strength zone may be under pressure. In the beginning of the session, Japan announced today that the unemployment rate was better than expected, but that it was motivated by the upward movement of the US dollar.

Forex – Crude Oil:
In the United States last Saturday, the number of boreholes fell, causing widening gaps, but Saudi Arabia said that peace with Iran would prevent military operations, as the Oil prices seemed to fall below the $ 56 mark and the European market continued to sell in the afternoon to return to $ 55. In the evening, US stocks rose a hundred points, then the area of ​​resistance was again under pressure to return around 55 USD. After the fall of US stocks, the price of oil jumped and was sold down to $ 54. A decrease of 3% was made.of

MT4An analysis, taken from the daily dashboard of the levels, indicates that a long candlestick hit the 5-day moving average stuck, after Saudi Arabia said to avoid the action military with Iran, the price of oil continuing to sell below the previous three days of the next benchmark to buy In addition to the support of the uptrend line of August, oil prices have again falling back into the downtrend line related to this year's highs, returning to the empty side. After the resumption of Saudi Arabia's production capacity, the price of oil returned close to the gaping price. Economic data published in Europe and the United States today have caused shocks. In recent weeks, manufacturing data began to be affected by the trade war. Opportunities have pushed down oil prices.



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