5th dnd – Can a wizard use the senses of his familiar to enlarge his "Can you see" area?

Yes, you can teleport to a place your pet sees, provided you are currently see through his eyes.

Find a pet:

… as an action, you can see through the eyes of your familiar … (PHB 240)

If you took the steps to see through the eyes of your familiar, and then launch Misty Step, so yes, you can teleport to a place that your pet can see, provided that it is not more than 30 feet from your current position.

html – tag generates a blue area behind the preformatted text and a table around it on the printable version. How to disable this?

I use Pre tags to embed lines of code into my MediaWiki page. The problem is that the Pre tag generates a blue box behind the preformatted text that is parsed into an array when you set printable = yes in the URL of the page. The question is whether there is a way to change this, change the table in any way, or disable it when printable = yes?

Late 5th – Teleport everything in a large area; or teleport all living things and make disappear a lot of equipment

Imagine a travel group made up of about thirty people, animals, carts and a set of equipment (for example, a traveling theater). I'm trying to find a way for an evil entity to teleport all this (on the same plane); or teleport everyone and their animals, then remove all their belongings. The kidnapping takes place at night while everyone sleeps. Some constraints for my scenario idea to work:

  • This must be done in a relatively discreet way, people located a few hundred meters away should not notice that nothing is happening (this can not be done). too much noise, setting fire to everything is not an option);
  • This should leave no obvious trace; people who would watch the scene later could get good clues, but nothing too obvious.
  • It should be compatible with the powers of a CR-level spellcasting daemon between 9 and 11; perhaps with a time of preparation and a consumption of important resources (engraving of parchments, etc.), as well as the help of some henchmen.

Existing spells seem ill suited to this, teleporting reluctant people is difficult and requires high level spells. But perhaps there is a creative way to do this, for example with mind control, or servants with the right skills?

Ideal area for fishing shop

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Ideal area for baby products

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Ideal area for modern PC Store games

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Ideal area for camping shop

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Sales area

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Ways to prove the area of ​​an ellipse formula

We can prove the formula of the ellipse $ A = pi a b $ ($ a $, $ b $ the major and minor half-axes) either by integration or by the argument of the extended circle. See for example here: https://proofwiki.org/wiki/Area_of_Ellipse

Is there any other evidence of this formula?

Indian citizens – Can I work temporarily in the offices of my company located in the Schengen area with a Schengen type C visa and in the UK with a level 2 visa?

I am an Indian national working in the UK with a level 2 visa. I have recently received a French Schengen visa with multiple entries of 2 years and I have used it to travel to France.

My UK company has an office in the Schengen area (not in France) and as an employee I can be allowed to work there for a week or two to experience and know the team .

I understand that my Schengen visa would allow me to travel to any Schengen country for a business meeting, but is it ok to work as planned in my situation? If not, what visa do I need and its acquisition would cancel my current Schengen visa?