Can I block numbers based on the area code, preferably without an app?

I have a pixel 4a, on Android 11.

Can I block numbers based on an area code? Preferably without an app, but happy to use an app if it’s necessary.

Split area defined by curve into equal parts

I have a curve $y=x^2$ defined for the region: $0<=x<=2$

Whats the best way to work out the values $b$ and $c$ so that the three area’s defined by the shaded regions are equal. I believe this is the regions defined between:

  1. $y=x^2$ and $y=c$
  2. $y=x^2$, $y=b$ and $x=sqrt(c)$
  3. $y=x^2$, $y=4$ and $x=sqrt(b)$

Image showing shaded regions

javascript – In WordPress, how to embed a google map to a form, let the user draw on the map, and submit the custom area as an image or a PDF?

There are some plugins available that do similar things, like this one:

How to Draw in google maps

…but no plugin has this functionality as far as I can tell.

We need to send the image with the user-selected area as part of the form.

Maybe we could convert the map with the area to a screenshot on submit event, then in JS base-64 encode it and then wrap it in a div and assign the base-64 encoding as a jpg bg image of that div, and have all of that stringified and injected into a hidden input field and submitted with the rest of the form.

Ideally, the admin should receive an email with the area in PDF or as an image, with the rest of the form’s data (the usual stuff – contact info).

Any ideas? Hopefully, a plugin 🙂 Here’s google maps relevant documentation I could find:

advertising – Local Campaign Strategy – Core Towns vs Extended Service Area

I’m a local service business that services 5 core towns very well but we also service 10-15 towns frequently but can’t provide nearly the same level of service as the core 5 towns. What’s a “Best Practices” approach to this common local business problem from a Campaign Structure perspective?

One Solution I’m considering: 2 Campaigns

Have a Core Business Area Campaign with Ad groups that really make stronger advertising statements, maybe has a higher budget and more restrictive location area. And then have a Selective Business Area or Broader Business Area campaign that is a little more restrained as far as claims of what we offer, maybe has a lower budget and reaches a larger location?

If this is a good solution, would it be OK if the locations in these areas overlapped because wouldn’t the higher bidding Core Campaign campaign overwrite the lower bidding Broader Business Area campaign?

Alternatively – only 1 campaign:
With 1 campaign, I’d be able to use the bid adjustments at the location level.

I’m feeling like it makes sense to have 2 campaigns but I was hoping someone on here might be aware of best practices.

geometry – Find area of triangle given orthocenter and centroid

The centroid of a triangle is at $G(0,6)$ and the orthocenter is at
$H(0,8)$. Knowing that one of the vertices of this triangle is at the
origin, find its area.

I deduced that this triangle must be isosceles. I also know that the centroid divides the median in $2k$ to $k$ ratio, and it seems that we can draw the other altitudes to construct a solution using similarity. Is there an analytic approach or an alternative approach without using similarity?

javascript – Dibujar un polĂ­gono en un mapa con php y java y calcular el área

tengo una consulta se me presento un problema con un proyecto en el cual se necesita dibujar polígonos con coordenadas y que se calcule el área dentro del polígono y una ves dibujado se pueda ver el área dando click al polígono dibujado, actualmente trabajo con mapas en leaflet.
Busque en varios lugares referencias de como poder hacerlo aun sigo en bĂşsqueda, si alguien lo hizo agradecerĂ­a mucho una mano, o alguna guĂ­a o referencia gracias.

Can I travel freely (no COVID-19 restrictions) within Schengen Area after formally entering a Schengen country?

Does this US traveler needed to take any COVID-19 test again

No, testing is not necessary once you are vaccinated in most countries.

to go from Rome to Paris you need to have proof of vaccination although it’s unclear what they will accept and fill out the “Statement of honor” document there.

Paris to Marid? “You must complete the entire Form from the website or the app, and from 48 HOURS before the flight you can send the form to the health authorities. Once sent you will receive an email with a QR Code that will allow you to access the destination airport. You must have it printed or on your mobile phone”.

Or he/she can travel freely without having to do anything?


air travel – Traveling by plane to Schengen Area. What are the possible reasons that prevent me from entering the country?

I recently applied for a Schengen Visa (from: Canada. First entry: Germany) and waiting for the result. Even with the visa, I’m still a little bit nervous and started making up different scenarios in my head.
Let’s say I get approved, I have taken at least 2 covid vaccine shots, I have the negative covid test result 3 days before travel date. What would be the possible causes that might prevent me from entering the country?

usa – Do some Schengen area countries share entry-exit data with the United States automatically?

As a follow-up to this question I asked a while back, a recent article on QZ claims

Despite holding valid visas and proof of being out of a restricted area for more than 14 days, some travelers are being denied boarding at Dubrovnik’s airport. They are receiving little explanation as to why, other than it is the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that is not granting them permission to travel to the US.

What is happening appears to be nothing more than a glitch, and travelers who have been denied visa clearance were eventually allowed on later flights (…)

As I mentioned in my previous question, this claim seems true, as it happened to a friend.

The article then quotes the CEO of APEX:

Joe Leader (…) believes European citizens leaving the Schengen areas and eventually heading to the US might not have their passport correctly scanned when leaving the Schengen area, even if they request a stamp, because that is not routine for European passports.

The lack of an electronic record delays the time CBP needs to verify the European citizens meet the requirements to travel.

How likely is it that this is the issue? I thought until EES comes into service, even Schengen area countries do not have an electronic way to check entry-exit records for other Schengen countries. Does the US CBP really have access to electronic Schengen exit records?

budget – Cheapest transport (other than walking) from ACY to touristy area in Atlantic City

My suggestion would be the Atlantic City jitney

Current cost is $10 to $15 dollars each way. They also do an in city service for $2.25.

You could also look at the free shuttle to Egg Harbour rail station

Which also connects to a couple of Nj transit bus routes
However times are quite limited incomparison to the jitney service

Hope this helps