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expert in content and article writing

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Macro in the article field

Hi @Sven,
I am planning a project and I am thinking of extracting articles from a folder using macros.
Do I remember correctly that the SER item duplicate check feature does not work if I pull items from a folder?
Thank you!

soft question – Error in a Wikipedia article on forbidden graph substructures

I'm sorry if that's a trivial matter. But I was hoping for clarification on what I think is a mistake in an article on wikipedia that I was reading.

To explain, given two classes of graphs $ mathcal {F} _1 $ and $ mathcal {F} _2 $ to write $ mathcal {F} _1 cong mathcal {F} _2 $ and say $ mathcal {F} _1 $ is isomorphic to $ mathcal {F} _2 $ if there is a bijection $ f $ of $ mathcal {F} _1 $ at $ mathcal {F} _2 $ so that for all $ G in mathcal {F} _1 $ we have $ f (G) cong G $ say the same $ mathcal {F} _1 preceq mathcal {F} _2 $ if and only if $ forall G in mathcal {F} _1 exists H in mathcal {F} _2: G cong H $. (This can be extended to the appropriate classes using these ideas) Now, given any class of graphics $ C $ and any pre-order $ leq $ so that if $ G in C $ and $ H leq $ G then $ H $ in C $ (that is to say. $ C $ is an ideal of $ leq $ on the class of all the graphs) we will say another class of graphs $ F $ clogs $ C $ under $ leq $ When we have $ G in C $ if and only if there is no graph $ H leq $ G which is isomorphic to a graph $ F $.

For example if every time a graph $ H $ is a minor graphic of a graph $ G $ we write that $ H leq $ G then by Wagner's theorem if $ C $ is the class of graphs then plans $ {K_5, K_ {3,3} } $ clogs $ C $ under $ leq $.

That being said, is not it true that there is a unique $ preceq $minimal obstruction (up to isomorphism) defined for any class of graphs $ C $ under any pre-order $ leq $ if and only if $ (1) $ $ C $ is an ideal of $ leq $ and $ (2) $ the order of the quotient $ leq / $ is based on the graph class not $ C $?

In this case, the whole set of single obstruction up to isomorphism would be any maximum class of inclusion $ F $ non isomorphic graphs per pair not in $ C $ so if $ G in F $ so for all $ H prec G $ we have $ H $ in C $ this is to say:

enter the description of the image here

Now, it sounds trivial but simply assumes the condition $ (2) $ is always true Which does not seem right to me, unless we only work with finished graphs. Am I wrong here? Where is wikipedia?

The proof would be essentially if $ C $ had a unique up to minimal isomorphism $ preceq $ set of obstruction and the order of the quotient $ leq / $ was not well ordered on the class of graphics not $ C $ then for any obstruction set $ F $ of $ C $ under $ leq $ it exists $ G in F implies G not in C $ so that for some $ H leq $ G we have $ H not in C $ as good as $ H not cong G $ now $ F = (F setminus {G }) cup {H } $ is a set of obstruction of $ C $ and $ F $ F $ with $ F $ F $ contradicting our hypothesis that $ C $ would have a unique $ preceq $ up to the entire obstruction of isomorphism, even if $ leq / $ is based on the graph class not $ C $ then for any obstruction set $ F $ of $ C $ we know for each graph $ G in F $ there must be a $ leq $ minimal isomorphism chart up to $ G $ leq on the class of non graphs $ C $ so that for all the graphics $ H prec G $ we have $ H $ in C $ now, if we define $ F = {G in G $ $ we see $ F & # 39; form a set of unique isomorphism obstruction since each set of obstruction $ F & # 39; $ must have $ F & # 39; preceq F & # 39; & # 39; $ and if we delete any graph of $ F & # 39; then the deleted chart would not be comparable to any of the remaining charts and therefore could not interfere $ C $ under $ leq $ which means that there is no class $ F & # 39; & # 39; prec F & # 39; $ such as $ F & # 39; & # 39; $ is a set of obstruction of $ C $ under $ leq $ So $ F & # 39; is $ preceq $ minimal. Although the fact that $ C $ must be an ideal of $ leq $ is trivial, so putting these together gives us the biconditional for $ (1) $ and $ (2) $.

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Someone posted a fake article on his website, and I have no opportunity to contact or report

Hi, how are you? I want to ask you something.
This website, which contains a fake article (I am involved in this article), and I have no opportunity to contact them.

This website generates links from other websites and articles that talk about me are removed from the original pages. But there is still catche in Etleboro.
When someone searches on google, Etleboro displays my name.
Is there a way to report them? Because they have no possibility of …

Someone posted a fake article on his website, and I have no opportunity to contact or report

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