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Today, Bitcoin is on everyone's lips: bloggers, media, webmasters, investors learn digital currency. Read below five Bitcoin questions that many are ashamed to ask about this new kid.

1. What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is definitely an open peer-to-peer payment network and a digital currency that is called cryptocurrency.. It is not managed by a central entity like a bank, but by a distributed network of computer systems that preserve the Blockchain. Learn more about blockchain and fintech industry.

The Blockchain keeps track and history of all transactions in bitcoins. Bitcoin is certainly an emerging payment instrument that can be used to buy goods and solutions online in addition to some retail stores.

Bitcoin is different from these as well as other payment networks according to two essential methods.

First, Bitcoin is decentralized. For-profit companies customize the Visa and Paypal networks and manage them for the benefit of their respective shareholders. Nobody owns or controls the Bitcoin Network. It presents a peer-to-peer structure, with a vast selection of computer systems, all more than the Web working with each other to process Bitcoin transactions.

The second factor that distinguishes Bitcoin is the fact that it comes with its personal digital currency. Paypal and Visa carry out transactions in standard currencies such as the US dollar. The Bitcoin network nevertheless carries out transactions within a new monetary unit, also called Bitcoin.

2. Who produced Bitcoin?

This is a question that, for the moment, no one can answer with certainty, but you will find rumors about it. Bitcoin was created by an individual who identified himself as "Satoshi Nakamoto. "While the name sounds Japanese, The creator of Bitcoin in no way provided individual details.

He collaborated with other former Bitcoin fans through online forums, but did not meet any other members of the Bitcoin neighborhood face-to-face. Then, from 2010, he gradually decreased his participation in the improvement of the currency. His last recognized communication took place in 2011.

We do not know who Satoshi Nakamoto is, but we understand that if he does, he will probably be a very rich man. Millions of bitcoins have been produced in the first two years of the currency, and Satoshi probably has a large selection of a large number of them. Today, he could be a millionaire more than ever.

Before leaving, Nakamoto passed the torch to Gavin Andressen, a moderately-mannered developer, who is currently the lead developer of the project. Andressen now operates under the auspices of the Bitcoin Foundation, the closest factor to Bitcoin's anarchic neighborhood in its official public face.

3. What is a Bitcoin address?

A Bitcoin Adderss is really an important character of 34 characters that pops up something like this: 1AYj46EvNVruodqrkfeW7MXk5wgk67rQFt. The address allows the transfer of bitcoins from one address to another. A bitcoin wallet is generated using public key cryptography, the important audience of the wallet is used because the address of the wallet can be shared safely with other parties.

The important personal data of the portfolio must remain secret and confidential and must not be shared with anyone. New bitcoin addresses can be generated by an Internet wallet provider or perhaps a paper wallet provider.

4. Is Bitcoin anonymous?

The transfer of bitcoins can be done with a high degree of confidentiality. However, transaction details such as how you generated your bitcoin, the details of your wallet, and how you transferred bitcoins to your wallet can be stored on the grid.

5. How can I get bitcoins?

You will find a number of choices for getting bitcoins. A choice would be to exploit them yourself, but this is not a great option for beginners. For all others, your best bet would be to buy them with a standard currency. Internet sites known as exchanges will allow you to exchange bitcoins against standard currencies with other customers. Companies such as Coinbase, which withdraw money from your bank account and convert it into bitcoins at the current exchange rate, are much more convenient. Some Bitcoin ATMs are appearing, which will exchange paper for cash against Bitcoins.

6. How should I buy my bitcoins? (Prime :))

Choosing the best method to buy your bitcoins is based primarily on comfort and security.

Bitcoins are stored in "wallets" which in this case are just files containing encryption keys or secret codes that allow you to transfer your bitcoins to other people. You will find a number of choices. One would be to shop them yourself using one of the Bitcoin apps available for Mac, Computer and Android.

An internet wallet provider is really a much more convenient mechanism for storing your bitcoins, but it may be exposed to security risks. The safest technique to buy bitcoins is a paper wallet. Nevertheless, you must take precautions when storing your paper wallet in a safe and secure place.

I hope your first questions about what Bitcoin is and how to use it can give you clear ideas about what BitCoin is, how to use it and if you want to participate. Use the comment form to add comments. your own questions and our Bitcoin expert will respond quickly. Also, if you have other questions about bitcoin, post them in Bitcoin Discussion Forum

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