registration – Connection / registration form inspired by Etsy which only asks for the email address in the first step

I am a UI designer, I study to improve my UX knowledge and I have a doubt on a project.
I have a login / registration modal window that works like the Etsy login / registration modal to the payment process. In the first step, it only contains a field for the email address and a "Continue" button.

enter description of image here

Then, if the email is already registered, the modal says "Welcome again" and asks the user to enter the password.

enter description of image here

If the e-mail is not registered on the site, the modal says "You are new here" and asks the customer to create an account and enter a password.

enter description of image here

What do you think of such a solution? Can it be confusing for customers? Is this an unusual model? Thank you for your help!

WordPress asks to connect to public pages on localhost

I started learning wordpress custom theme development a few weeks ago. And I have a wordpress installation on my local host running XAMPP on Ubuntu 18.04.
My problem is that when I disconnect from wp-admin, I can not access the public pages of my website (and they are all set as public). WordPress simply shows a simple login form, and this is not even the one with the wordpress logo, just basic fields with a description.
It is only after logging in that I can browse my website again.
My other wordpress installation (just a different folder in the htdocs lampp folder) doesn't have this problem. But I do not know why the first one … And I could not find any help on the web.

authentication – Western Union asks for bank connection information – a ridiculously bad practice?

I was trying to initiate a Western Union transaction from my bank account, but by the end of the process, this query asked me to enter my bank's login information.

image of a login screen from a third party asking me to enter my bank identifier

The request is obviously from PayWithMyBank, which Western Union uses to process bank transfers.

I can not imagine how it goes for any type of security – disclose the connection information of his bank to a third party? It sounds ridiculous, and I can not even imagine what they do with the login credentials. (And this is not even a bank, as in this related question.)

(Security certificates of the two sites extracted, BTW.)

Is there an angle under which this scenario is not completely crazy?

python 3.x – Python3: Required while: Program that asks for two numbers, displays the values ​​between them in descending order.

As I indicated in the title, use obligatorily while I have to create a program that asks me for two numbers x and z, print all the numbers between x and z and order them in descending order. Do the descent but do not stop it according to the lower value. I leave what I have until now. Thank you in advance the community.


while i < n1:
    print (n1)

Facebook removes the country code from the phone number and then asks for a verification?

Basically, Facebook suddenly asks for a check.

However, they eliminate the country code from the verification.

enter the description of the image here

An obvious explanation is that the guy does not put the country code in his phone in Facebook.

However, this does not seem to be the case.

If the guy clicks on forget the password, Facebook knows its real phone number with the country code.

enter the description of the image here

So, if it uses the forgotten password feature, Facebook knows that its phone number starts with +62

And yes, he receives SMS at this number and can change his password. However, he can not confirm his identity.

Indeed, when it confirms its identity, the phone to the file is 0816-xxx-xxxx instead of + 62816-xxx-xxxx

Anyone else has this problem?

Is it common?

Is it banned permanently and that's how Facebook does it? They require a security check which, to their knowledge, can not be passed because they put a wrong number?

Is this a bug?

How can I tell Facebook about this?

EACH Republican is registered with the following statement. Will they say the same thing if President Warren asks for help from England and France?

I'm sure if President Warren or Biden or Obama or any other Democrat did exactly what Trump did, they would invoke the same law that Democrats now quote against Trump and would call for an indictment.

But that's not the question. The fact is that they attach loyalty to the man before the respect of the written law adopted by the Congress itself and that the previous presidents have signed. They have always undermined their credibility, of course, but it is to guarantee to a man all the power he wants.

Trump himself says it best: he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and his followers would always stay behind him. This is not only true of his constituents. This is the case of members of Congress within his own party. They ceased to be lawmakers and began to support a so-called dictator.

And in fact, for those of you who suggest that Trump did not break the law, I refer you to section 30121 (b) of Title 52 of the United States Code, which calls it a crime to solicit the assistance of any foreign person with a political campaign.

java – My code asks the user to enter. It continues to request entries until the user enters the entry which is the sum of all previous entries

"My code requests an entry from the user and continues to request entry until the user enters the entry for the sum of all previous entries." It then displays the number of attempts. "

   import java.util.Scanner;
               public class untilNext{
               public static void main(String() args){
                 Scanner kbd = new Scanner(;

                 int num;
                 int sum = 0;
                 int count = 0;

                    System.out.print("Enter an int: ");
                    num = kbd.nextInt();
                    count = count + num + 1;
                    sum = sum + num;
                 while(sum >= num);
                 System.out.println("This is your total sum: " + sum);
                 System.out.print("It took you " + count + " tries ");    

plugins – Bing / msn bots asks a lot of my site, randomly

I am facing a big problem with my server. I have a website that continues to receive massive requests for pages coming from "Bing / Msn" bot every second or so and the IP address changes from time to time. Which puts a heavy load on my server.

My processor is constantly over 90%

I've tried to block the htaccess bot and robots.txt, but they do not seem to have any effect.

If anyone has an idea to overcome that, it would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Sysprep accepts unattended files and always asks the Windows 2019 server

This is my unattended file.

That's the window I still have. Why? What is missing or where is he confused?

To use the APK mirror, Primezy asks for credit card information. Is it safe?

When I try to use APKmirror, he asks me to join Primezy who, without good reason, asks for credit card information. Is it legitimate?