Smart App Banner installation assignment in App Store Connect App Analytics

Reference: Smart App Banners

Are Smart Banner installations included in "Web Referrals" when you view App Analytics > Sources > Web Referrers?

Definition of Web referents: Customers tapped a link form a website that brought them to your App Store product page

For me, this does not seem to include Smart Banner installations.

Another reason why I think that they are do not Referrers Web indicates that it seems that the only way to track clicks and installations from Smart Banners is to sign up with Apple Service Partners (see: / 20422334/2990789).

Does anyone know to have a more concrete answer? I find the analysis of the App Store incredibly inconsistent and lacks documentation.

linear programming – The simplex method does not solve the problem of assignment?

The problem:

I'm trying to solve, it's an online judge for programming problems. The problem could be solved by simply applying an assignment problem solving algorithm such as mincost-maxflow or a Hungarian algorithm. The dice are small (150 out of 150) and I try to put forward a solution with the simplex method – it does not exceed the time limit and I do not think it's my fault.

Problem of assignment

$ min sum c_ {i, j} x_ {i, j} \
sum_ {i} x_ {i, j} = 1 \
sum_ {j} x_ {i, j} = 1 \
x_ {i, j} geq 0

What I did:

  • I added the cycling check – indeed, cycling was present. I've used some schemes to eliminate cycling: Bland's rule, lexicographic rule and Zadeh's rule. None of them triggered the cycle check, but the solution still has not exceeded the time limit.
  • I've removed all the artificial variables and pants. My initialization is $ x_ {i, i} = $ 1 and the other n-1 basic variables are 0 (I use variables that do not have a non-zero value after a Gaussian elimination with $ x_ {i, i} $)

My hypothesis

I am not an expert in the areas of linear programming, but here are some of my thoughts: I think the problem is very degenerate, the rank matrix of constraints is $ 2n-1 $ with n variables having a value equal to 1 and rest n-1 having a value equal to 0. During a step of the algorithm, we enter a situation in which many variables with value 0 are exchanged, which makes the simplex method exponential. I print the cost of the function and the discount ceases after a while, although the cost reduction indicates that an improvement is still possible (that is, the criterion of the ## EQU1 ## Stop of the simplex method is not satisfied).

What I do not want

  • I have an accepted verdict on this problem with mincost-maxflow, so please do not suggest any Hungarian algorithm or similar, I want to know if simplex method can solve this problem
  • Please do not suggest changes for the simplex method that make assumptions about the graphical model of the problem. suggestions such as "make the edges of value 0 an alternative path". I want to know if the purely simplex method can solve the problem (with possible modifications, but that makes no assumptions about the problem).

What I want

  • I want to know if my hypothesis is correct and that the simplex method simply does not apply to this kind of problem.
  • If not, what kind of system can be used to solve this problem.

SharePoint task assignment email – SharePoint Stack Exchange

I have a workflow where clients submit their expense claims, with 2/3 attachments. The customer fills the form in the list and adds the invoice + quotes. Then, the workflow assigns a task to the manager to approve. The standard e-mail containing the link to the task, description and associated elements is displayed. I would like to edit this email, is it possible?
If possible, how can I add attachments added to the form as links in the email? Also, how can I change the layout of this standard email?

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Django – The direct assignment towards the front of a many-to-many set is prohibited. Use morador.set () instead

I am building an API, for a condo system, and when I try to select the residents, I get the following exception:

TypeError at / apartment /
Direct assignment towards the front of a many-to-many set is prohibited. Use morador.set () instead

As the exception suggests, I tried to use the set to save the villagers; however, only the last selected villager is registered. I've also tried using add and it is the same.


Class apartment (models.Model):
number = models.CharField (max_length = 10, null = False, blank = False)
condominium = models.ForeignKey (Condominium, on_delete = models.CASCADE)
dweller = models.ManyToManyField (User, related_name = & # 39; home & # 39;)

Meta class:
db_table = & # 39; apartment & # 39;
verbose_name = & # 39; Apartment & # 39;
verbose_name_plural = & # 39; Apartments & # 39;

def __str __ (auto):
return me.number


ApartmentView class (viewsets.ModelViewSet):
queryset = Apartment.objects.all ()
serializer_class = ApartmentSerializer

def create (auto, request):
condominium = Condominium.objects.get (id =['condominio'])
resident = User.objects.get (id =['morador'])
Apartment.objects.create (number =['numero'], co-ownership = co-ownership, resident = resident)

headers = self.get_success_headers (

return response (
{& # 39; Message: Apartment successfully registered! & # 39;}
status = status.HTTP_201_CREATED,
headers = headers

Assignment – Programmatically inject a logical vector into the check boxes or vice versa

I build a large Manipulate application with about 50 to 60 checkboxes allowing the user to select entities to draw on a main canvas. The main drawing routine, called from Manipulate, is defined as follows:

Clear @ drawingRoutine;
Options @ drawRoutine = {"draw01" -> False, "draw02" -> False, ..., "draw60" -> False};
dessinRoutine[param1_,param2_,opts:OptionsPattern[]]: = Module[{...},...]

I have two basic questions, relating to obtaining data from manipulation controls in a list of options, and vice versa:

1) Since drawRoutine[] accepts a large number of switches as optional parameters. What is the right programming model to go from the long list of Manipulate controls to the list of options without writing each one by hand.

2) For convenience, the Manipuler application allows the user to select, via a menu, a particular "view", each corresponding to a list of things to draw. I code them as an association:

viewAssoc = <|
   "view01"->{"draw01", "draw11", "draw10"},
"view02" -> {"draw50", "draw03"},

My second question is, after having retrieved the options associated with the view selected in the drop-down menu, how can I transfer it to the Manipulate command list in a non-manual way (the latter contains more than 60 commands).

Ideally, I could list all Manipulate controls as a "pending" list:

ctrlList = Hold @ {ctrl1, ctrl2, ctrl3, ...}

However, it is not ideal because the order would be important. I would like to programmatically assign / read / change control symbols where all controls and options are treated as a list without order. For example, to make them belong to any association:

<|ctrl1->"draw01", ctrl1 -> "draw02", ... |>

Or maybe the opposite:

<|"draw01"->ctrl1, "draw02" -> ctrl2, ... |>

The trick here is what is evaluated when and how?

Does it make sense?


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Visual Studio Visual Studio Custom Workflow (Sequential) Without Task Assignment

I create a simple sequential workflow with the help of VS 2015 in SP2013 on-site. Try to assign a task to the user in the format "Domain user name". The problem is that it creates a task but does not assign it to the specified user.

createTask1_TaskProperties1.AssignedTo = "Domain" + "" + "username";

So, when an item is added, a workflow is in progress and when you click it, you can see the task, but the "Assigned To" column is empty.

I've tested the assignment to multiple users (production users, test users). his only job with a live account of my colleague. this account was an administrator of the site collection; I've therefore added other test accounts and active accounts as a site collection administrator. it works.

I have created a SharePoint group and assigned by recovering from this group, but still no luck.
I've used our own AD framework to recover users and assign a task, but still no luck.
I've checked the logs and compared the account for which it works with the other one that does not work and there is not much in the newspapers too: I will post the logs here
Please see the logs below for active and non-active users:
Check and help me, I bang my head on it for two days.

enter the description of the image here