gui design – Assignment of tasks and state user interface


for example

Task A (Importance: 500, category: II)

Task B (Importance: 200, category I)


User A – Presence: 50, Competence: 14, Categories: I, III, Value: Low

User B – Presence: 250, Skill: 5, Categories: I, III, Value: Average

User C – Presence: 175, Skill: 14, Categories: II, Value: Average

This system must be built on conditions and criteria:

  1. the user cannot get tasks from her Category

(therefore, users B and A fall at the start) – The Task A is automatically assigned to User C)

  1. More important tasks are above all dedicated to people more skill

(therefore, user C, does not have category I for Task B – so B and A remain, due to the higher skill of user A – he gets this task.)

it all depends on the conditions and criteria you define. There are many possibilities – however, it's worth limiting everything to the minimum first.

The main question is whether the tasks should be assigned by a competent person or automatically?

I think the type should be the same as the task Category.

Based on what is the user value to be measured? – I suggest a larger scale 1-10 – instead of Low – Medium – High, calculated based on skill, attendance (calculated based on number of completed tasks).

Go a little further psychology – the execution of the tasks must give Satisfaction and gratification – you may want to consider gamification and add task categories in which users feel best

  • Motivation
  • Price
  • The importance (of the task)

Based on what is the user competence to measure?

It is important to remember that each parameter must be connected in a logical and contextual way in one way or another.

For example, presence with the number of tasks performed over time (you must therefore collect this data to calculate the following)

In the context of gentle management, it is impossible to categorize people in this way. usually a PM, assigns tasks based on their knowledge of the team.

As far as interface design is concerned – this is a complex task:

Scopes to consider:

  • Creating tasks
  • Assignment of tasks
  • Show users (lists)
  • CRUD tasks
  • Completed tasks

enter description of image here

linear programming – Calculation of an optimal integer assignment for an optimal LP solution

I modeled an ILP where I have a set of outfits and a set of friends with , all these friends should take an outfit with the least effort , given the fact that these outfits differ in size, body shape and adjustments. The solution should be like this:

with the following constraints:

The trigger at LP would be to put:

Now, given the fact that we don't have any wholeness gap in this problem and for each fractional LP solution, there exists an integral
solution achievable with the same cost, how can we give a polynomial time algorithm which, from any given optimal LP solution, calculates such an optimal integer assignment.

software engineering – Pseudo-code assignment and problem definition (Java)

Using your problem definition statement from step 1 for our Java Airlines case study, describe the functionality of the software you plan to develop using pseudo-code. I must have it in java.

Problem definition:
To find a problem definition, write down some sample questions you would ask the president of Java Airlines to better help what he would like his software to do. Be creative in your questions!
Write a false problem definition statement to sum up what you think Java Airline software should be.
Attention to detail will gain full marks on this task.

Please help me with these questions and fully answer step by step while using Java as well.

java – problem definition assignment

To find a problem definition, write down some sample questions you would ask the president of Java Airlines to better help what he would like his software to do. Be creative in your questions!
Write a false problem definition statement to sum up what you think Java Airline software should be.
Attention to detail will gain full marks on this mission.

Could someone explain to me or summarize to me what should I do?

Google Sheets – Automatic ID Assignment Using Table Matrix and Text

I'm probably approaching this error, but I'm trying to automatically assign an ID to an item, I would like the format to be C #### where #### starts with 0 and is assigned to 0001.

The expected output would be C0001, C0002, C0003 … C9999

={"UID"; ARRAYFORMULA(if(D2:D="", "", ("C"&(text(row(D2:D)-1), "####"))))}

Without text formatting, there is no problem assigning the first element as C1. If I assign the previous 0, this would generate as C0001 … C00011 as opposed to C0011.

Thanks in advance for your help.

bipartite correspondence – assignment problem – find the $ k $ agents with the best assignment

The problem of assignment can be extended to solve this problem. The regular problem without the k $ You can resolve this restriction by building a minimal-cost network at minimum cost:
enter the description of the image here

We have a source $ S $ sink $ T $ and the bipartite graph corresponding to the medium. Note that each edge has two values $ f / c $ which denote the maximum flow allowed by this edge and the cost of each unit of flow. Now the problem is that we want to allow the most k $ flow units of $ S $ at $ T $. To do this, simply duplicate the node $ S $ in $ S_1 $ and $ S_2 $ and put an advantage among them so that the cost of each unit is equal to 0 (no penalty) and the maximum allowed flow is equal to 0. k $. The new graph will look like this:

enter the description of the image here

The minimum cost maximum flow of $ S_1 $ at $ T $ is the solution to the initial problem for a problem solved k $.

The output of the Bash Time command is different with the assignment of environment variable

Usually, the time The command displays three lines:

> time sleep 2
real    0m2.003s
user    0m0.000s
sys     0m0.006s

However, when added with a variable assignment, the output becomes a line:

> VAR="" time sleep 2
0.00user 0.00system 0:02.00elapsed 0%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 2060maxresident)k
0inputs+0outputs (0major+86minor)pagefaults 0swaps

Why does this happen? And is there a way to keep the variable assignment while having the output on three lines?

algorithms – Assignment problem with symmetric matrix

I came across a problem that, I think, can be reduced to the problem of Hungarian assignment / algorithm.

We have matrix $ A $ and matrix $ B $ who are the two $ n times n $ symmetric matrices. We can rearrange $ B $ as follows: column $ i $ can be traded with the column $ j provided that the next row $ i $ is traded with the line $ j. This preserves the symmetry of $ B $.

The problem is to find a rearrangement of $ B $ in this way that minimizes the Frobenius norm $ A-B $.

Any orientation on an approach would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

graphical interface – What is the best user interface model for a multi-level assignment?

I have designed the following presentation in the hope of helping the user to more effectively perform multi-level assignment interaction, but I am afraid that the amount of data displayed will not in fact, it is an information overload.

As seen below:

Current design

Suppose that there are lots of records, and for each record: there can be several sections, for each section: 20 to 50 modules, and for each module, an assignment on 3 levels or for a group of users, either for a specific group. user only.

Inheritance and assignment of objects

I have these two classes:

Class A{
 public void transformar(){
  this = new B(...);

Class B extends A{

When I call the transformation method, it can not compile and generates the following error:

The left side of an assignment must be a variable

How could I solve it?