miui – Disable Google Assistant Gesture

Im using Miui 12.5 in my Redmi 9, and for navigation im using gestures(swipe up for menu, swipe from corners to center to go back, etc), but sometimes when swiping up, instead of going back to home screen it shows the google assistant(like in the image) and i could not find where to turn this off. How can i disable this behavior?

enter image description here

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installation – Reinstalling Oracle 19c on Windows 10. Fatal Error in Oracle Database Configuration Assistant

I have tried many times to reinstall Oracle 19c. Every time, when I run setup.exe I get an error on the installation step that says [INS-20802] Oracle Database Configuration Assistant Failed. In error, there is said
[FATAL] Error while executing “C:UsersFarrukhDownloadsoracleORACLE_HOMErdbmsadmindbmssml.sql”. Refer to “C:UsersFarrukhDownloadsoraclecfgtoollogsdbcaoracledbmssml0.log” for more details. Error in Process: C:UsersFarrukhDownloadsoracleORACLE_HOMEperlbinperl.exe
Look at the log file “C:UsersFarrukhDownloadsoraclecfgtoollogsdbcaoracleoracle.log” for further details.
Oracle Database Configuration Assistant failed.

When I go to “C:UsersFarrukhDownloadsoracleORACLE_HOMErdbmsadmindbmssml.sql”, there is written CREATE OR REPLACE LIBRARY dbms_sumadv_lib AS ‘C:UsersFarrukhDownloadsoracleORACLE_HOMEbinoraqsmashr.dll’;

When I go to “C:UsersFarrukhDownloadsoraclecfgtoollogsdbcaoracledbmssml0.log”, it’s blank.

I deleted Oracle manually several times. Maybe I did something wrong.
Is it possible to solve this problem?

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android 11 – Google Assistant working but not showing up

Since a few days, my Google Assistant has a strange behavior: when I long press home button, it works fine and shows himself like in the image

enter image description here

but this window doesn’t show up when I say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”. The assistant does work and replies vocally to my commands, but I want it to also show up like in the image. It used to show up on voice interaction until some days ago

Phone: Samsung Galaxy A71
Android version: 11
One UI version: 3.1
Google version: (updated on 23 Jun)

hard drive – Migration Assistant thinks disk is 2x as large as it really is?

I have a new 16GB/1TB Macbook Air and I’m trying to copy across my files etc from my old 16GB/1TB Macbook Pro, using Migration Assistant.

There is about 420GB of the 1TB available on the Macbook Pro:

enter image description here

Unfortunately, Migration Assistant on the Air is failing because it says there isn’t enough space on the Macbook Air to copy everything across.

It thinks my main disk is 1.12TB:

enter image description here

How can this be?

I am running up-to-date OSX 11.4 on both machines, and have run First Aid on all the disks on both machines.