I need a virtual assistant for off page and email marketing


I need a virtual assistant for off page and email marketing.

I need 2 or 3 hours a day for a long time …

If you can do it, please send me a message with your reasonable price …

You must be available with TeamViewer …. Monday to Saturday at a specific time …

dnd 5th – Subclass of the psionic assistant AU: psionic casting

From https://media.wizards.com/2019/dnd/downloads/UA-PsychicSoulPsionics.pdf

Psionic wizards get a special ability called the thought form where they become pure energy beings. Part of this ability is psionic spell casting.

Thought form

Psionic spellcasting.

When you cast a thought spell, you
can cast the spell psionically. If you do, the spell doesn't work
require verbal, somatic or material components that have no gold cost.

What does that mean? Functionally, you have an arcane focus as a class entity, so the material component is generally not important.

This means that you cannot cast free spells like Glyph of Protection (200g of consumed dust). However, can you cast spells that don't consume materials like Chromatic Orb (50gp, diamond)?

Otherwise, the "no hardware component" seems irrelevant because you already have your psionic focus to activate the ability.

dnd 5th – AU Psionic Assistant subclass: interactions between forms of thought

Psionic wizards get a special ability called the thought form where they become beings of pure psionic energy.

As you wear your psionic focus, you
can use bonus action to magically transform
your body in pure psionic energy. the
the transformation lasts 10 minutes, until you
use a bonus action to return to your normal shape,
or until you become incapacitated or die.

While you are in thought form, you are a figure of
bright psychic energy, with your psionic
focus hovering inside. Your form may appear as
whatever you want, but it’s obviously magic, it’s
the same size as you, and diffuses a dim light in a 5-
radius of the foot. Any other equipment you are
carry or carry transformations with you and
merges into your thought form.

node.js – npm package as amqp client assistant

I would like to create a common assistant for my application which will manage all the amqplib calls of all my nodeJS microservices.

I would like to import my amqplibHelper into all micro services and use only my support commands which they will call internally in the amqplib node.js library so that I can use different libraries in the future for make changes to amqp commands easier in one central location.

I created a new npm package for this and tried to write something from scratch, but since I don't have too much experience in amqp, I look for a bootstrap or pattern as a starting point.

Can anyone advise me?

I started with that but I feel like I'm not going the right way ….

class commonAmqp {
   amqp = require('amqplib');      
   connection = start();

   constructor(rabbitmqClientm, validQueues) {
      this.rabbitmqClient = rabbitmqClient;
      this.validQueues = validQueues;

      const { queuesLocal, queuesRemote } = rabbitmqClient;
      const isLocal = queuesLocal.includes(queue);
      const isRemote = queuesRemote.includes(queue);

   async initQueue(queue, data) {
      if (!validQueues.includes(queue)) throw HttpError(g.f('Not valid queue'));

      const { connection, queue } = this;
      const valid = queueValidator(queue, data);
      const channel = connection.then(conn => (conn.createChannel()));

      if (!channel || !valid)
        throw new Error('Not valid queue || queue-data');

      channel.then(function(ch) {
        return ch.assertQueue(queue).then(function(ok) {
          return ch.sendToQueue(queue, new Buffer.from(JSON.stringify(data)));


    async start() {      

      const connection = await this.amqp.connect(rabbitmqClient.url);
      console.log('Connected to RabbitMQ-server');

      connection.on('error', (err) => {
         console.log('rabbitmq-err', err);
         setTimeout(start, 2000);

      connection.on('close', () => {
         console.log('rabbitmq-connection closed');
         setTimeout(start, 5000);

      return connection;       

    config(config) {
       this.config = config;
       console.log('config: ' + this.config);


 module.exports = {

Can IBM Watson Assistant be integrated with Whatsapp or Workplace?

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what is google assistant ..?

Hello friends

I want to know what is Google assistant..?

Virtual assistant for email marketing and lead research

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Mobile form navigation assistant, automatically or by scrolling to the "next" button?

I have a form wizard, which looks like this:


At this particular stage, you are expected to choose only one of the three items. On the desktop version, the "Next" and "Back" buttons are fixed at the bottom of the page, so they are always visible. However on mobile, they are replaced by a button to display a summary of an order.

As you can see, when each card contains text, they don't fit on one screen, so the user can't see the navigation buttons.

I see two solutions to this problem:

a) Proceed automatically to the next step, when the user selects one of the items. I'm afraid they might not know exactly what they chose or chose something by accident, then they have a hard time coming back.

b) When selecting one of the items, if the buttons are not in the window, scroll the screen gently to reveal the buttons. In this way, the user has the possibility to change his choice, without thinking of how to return and he is sure of what he has chosen (the card changes color), confirming his choice by clicking explicitly on "next".


Which of these two is more intuitive? Maybe there is a third one?

virtual assistant for data entry, word, excel, photoshop for $ 5

virtual assistant for data entry, word, excel, photoshop

Hello sir,
I will be your virtual assistant and I will provide you with any type of data entry, Ms word, Ms Excel, Ms PowerPoint,
Adobe Photo Shop and typing services!

Here is the list of services I offer:
Data entry

Photo Shop Edition
PowerPoint slideshows
Ms Word Operations
Scraping data
Copy Paste work
Data conversion
PDF to Excel, Word
JPEG to Excel, Word
Type in Excel or Word
Entry of business cards
Internet Search / Web Search

Do you have a BIG project OR an operational work in progress? I can help you, let's discuss the inbox!

Thank you


How do I point out to the user that Google Assistant is enabled for this feature?

I'm working on a feature that allows the user to interact with Google Assistant to get things done by voice. Instead of marketing that activates Google Assistant, how can I display it on the app itself? Any suggestion?