Virtual Expert Project Assistant Assistant for $ 10

Virtual Expert Project Assistant Wizard

Data Entry / Data Analysis / Administrative Support / Data Mining / Web Scraping / Virtual Assistant /Excel formatting / Email Collection

I am an expert in data entry / data analysis / administrative assistance / data mining / web cutting / virtual assistant

I can do the following tasks for you:

  • Copy data paste from different links
  • Copy data paste from different websites
  • Entering data from pdf files

Above, all the services that I can provide you with a 100% full guarantee
Guarantee of quality work full satisfaction and responsibility of the work.

I am confident to work with you.


macos – I used Boot Camp Assistant and I can not start OS X

I have installed Windows 10 on my Mac with the help of Boot Camp Assistant. When I entered Windows, he asked me if I wanted to install Boot Camp. I chose yes. Now, when I try to restart on OS X, the message "Unable to locate the OS X boot volume"

Plus, when I hold down the option key while rebooting, I get a Windows option, then a second option that tries to install Windows.

Here is an image of my disk management screen and also the error when trying to restart under OS X.

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

I have the impression that the OS X volume still exists, but Windows does not recognize it. Any help would be appreciated.

pathfinder 1e – How many spells can a level 1 assistant learn?

Here is the full text of the manual:

Choose a number of spells from this page equal to 3 + INT. These are the spells in your spell book. Write these spell names in the Spell Book area of ​​the K section wizard on your character sheet. You can prepare a 1st level wizard spell a day from the spell list of your spell book. If your intelligence score is 13 or higher, you can prepare an additional Level 1 Wizard spell every day! Write this number of first-level spells a day in section K. If a spell says you can cast it on an ally, you can instead cast it on yourself – you do not have to cast it on someone else. Another one.

So what it means is that with your intelligence, you can choose 20 spells to put in your spell book. These are the spells you know. However, the limitation is on how much you can to prepare a day, or get ready to actually use. Since you are at the first level, you will normally be able to prepare only one spell per day, but since you have high intelligence, you can prepare two to use.

Think of it as a buffet menu, there are 20 options, but you can only put two things at once on your plate. The next time you rest, you can prepare new spells, identical or different. They just have to be in your spell book, though.

Firewall – Siri / Bixby Block / Google Assistant / Alexa / Cortana / … in the Home Network

Since the release of Siri by Apple, I'm worried that these "wizards" send records to a server on which the answer is calculated. In reality, they are not an "AI" who would pass a test test, which could understand you and react accordingly, even if they are marketed as such.

Wanting a "smart digital assistant" is a great idea unless you realize that some companies actually have access to these recordings. Worse, as has been unveiled in recent weeks and months, not only do all companies store these records, they also ask their employees to listen to them and correct them.

I'm saving you shit "1984 is here" at this point …

I do not have a dedicated device, such as an Amazon Echo, but Android phones (Samsung and others), iPhones, Win10-PCs and Macbooks are used in my home. All of these devices / systems include at least some sort of "wizard" – and seeing it on my Samsung S10, they are quite inclined to make you use their system even when you have disabled the wizard in the settings .

With a variety of such devices in a home and the way current systems are enabled, a more or less continuous record of what is happening in my home is ultimately stored in a "cloud" attached to my point of view. Internet access. Awesome. Sensational. I do not want that. It's not that I have to hide things, but …

It's the same for businesses: imagine an office with, say, 20 people. Everyone wears / uses a private phone, a company phone and a computer. As a business owner, would you like to record all discussions / meetings on another company's server? Would you trust your employees to disable ALL their assistants? Would you like to take this risk?

What I want is to BLOCK all connections from a device in my network to one of these main servers. At the same time, I do not want to block other services from Apple / Amazon / Google / …

This should be fairly simple and you should be able to create a small firewall rule to install on your router. So I looked for it. Interestingly, I found only discussions like "why would you block them?" and more "how to unlock my Siri in my local / business network".

I am confused! Nobody sees an invasion of privacy? Can not be!

So, everyone knows the ranges of IP addresses of these services so that I can block outgoing connections on my home / business router?

Warning: I am aware that this only works for the devices on my network and nothing prevents the devices from using Siri, and so on. via mobile phone networks. But I guess I can not do anything about it, can I?

Chatbots – What are the common conversation patterns used by voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and Cortana?

The conversation UI is common in IoT and other connected devices nowadays, not to mention smartphones and computers. The main players in the market would probably be Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft's Cortana.

It is usually rare that someone owns products from all of these providers, but I wonder if there are any common conversational design patterns shared by these types of devices in the way they interact with them. user, or they are designed to behave differently to match the market or target group, and where these differences might exist.

The specific areas I think from the point of view of the user experience are:

  • Default voice choice (and variety available for customization)
  • Language used to trigger specific actions
  • Type of language used by the voice assistant to answer
  • Type of indices and audio indicators for specific actions / states

Shopping – Virtual Assistant – Video Surveillance of Horse Racing


I am based in Australia and I am looking to partner with a virtual assistant who can watch horse racing videos for me.

No experience or understanding of horse racing is required, a full workout will be provided.

There can be between 24 and 75 races in Australia each day, and each race takes about 2 minutes, although you probably have to watch each video twice.

The hours are extremely flexible. So you can do it for a few hours each day, or every other day or even once a week. As long as all the races are observed within 7 days.

An overview of the work will be as follows:

1. Watch the broadcast of a race
2. Re-Watch the video again, noting all the horses that meet the criteria
3. Go to another site to see the price of horses.
4. Enter the date, name, course, race number, price and comment in a system.
5. Move on to the next race

Due to the nature of the work, you will need a reliable and decent internet connection.

It probably takes between 20 and 30 hours of work at the beginning, but you still have the opportunity to work longer if you are a machine to learn. Alternatively, if there is too much work for one person, I may be able to separate it.

Thank you for your time and if you are interested in the post, thank you for submitting the following:

1. Name
2. Email address
3. Country / City
4. Hourly rate (US $)
5. Some information about yourself and why you are interested in the job.

Thank you for your time and see you again. It may take a few days to answer, so take your time with the message and do not worry if you do not hear from me right away.



Virtual Assistant for Leasing (full / part time)


I am looking for work, whether short term or full time as a virtual assistant.

Here are some things I can do:
1. research
2. Data entry (adding product or something else)
3. Linkbuding (Guest Messages, Web 2.0, Forum)
4. WordPress (theme creation, content publishing)
5. Content creation / article rewrite (correct English)
6. Transcription
7. Maintenance and management of the website
8. File upload (superior internet connection)
9. Almost anything else if you explain it to me

The price depends on the type and amount of work you need to do. I'm pretty cheap, but I can not charge the same thing, let's say that downloading videos is the same as for searching or creating content.

Do not hesitate to post questions here or to contact me by pm or email ().

5th dnd – A cleric taking the ritual Casting class assistant, is he able to scribe shared spells?

I would like to take the ritual master trick at level 4 to access wizard spells for more utility. Can my cleric spend the material cost to add shared rituals such as Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Identify, Sweet Rest … in the ritual book or should I find a written source based on a wizard?

Voice Command – How to make Assistant only search for music on my phone

I have about 60 music concerts on my Samsung Galaxy S8. I normally use Pi Music Player and am very happy with it. But it's not very practical in the car, so I want to control my music via Google Assistant.

However, when I ask Google's assistant to say, "Play John Prine from my library," that reading my John Prine collection begins or that it offers a random video of John Prine on YouTube . I can not find a way to say reliably that I only want music from my phone.

I was about to buy a new car and enjoy the pleasures of Bluetooth voice commands so I did not have to play my phone while driving (my existing car, aged ten, did not get me out of it. not offer this option). But it seems now that there is no way to do it; Unless I pick up my phone and use the touch screen, the system will broadcast everything that you feel reading rather than just the music on the phone. I've put car purchase on hold until I know if there is a solution to this problem. (I also just spent a very frustrating day trying to find the settings that I can not adjust and not to adjust …) Is there a solution?

Use a Bluetooth microphone in Google Assistant

I'm trying to set up my Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle (BT-S2) to be able to use Google Assistant. It has the following profiles:

I've managed to find an old APK of "Smart Bluetooth Headset" & # 39; which allowed me to map the button 'Recall Last Number'. normal on the & # 39; most useful & # 39; Google assistant, and that seems to work perfectly, opening the wizard and emit the normal beep waiting for the voice.

The problem that I have, is that it does not pick up the audio from the headset's microphone, but from the phone itself. I have tried various combinations of settings in the Google Assistant, as well as various mono routing applications to try to make it work, one of them succeeding at one point but n & rsquo; Using more A2DP and m & # 39; compelling to use a poor sound. quality.

Is there any way I can be:

  1. Have Google Assistant use my headset microphone properly

  2. Forcing the phone to use only the microphone part of my headset instead of the phone one, while still maintaining the A2DP mode for audio?