Be your virtual assistant for Pinterest Marketing to increase your traffic for $ 40

Be your virtual assistant for Pinterest Marketing to grow your traffic

Ifraz here to help you develop your pinterest professionally and organically. I will do Pinterest marketing of your account to look professional and popular in no time !!!
If you plan to use PIN-TEREST to generate sales and develop your brand, you're in the right place! I will professionally manage and develop your company Pinterest profile and will also teach you some of my tips. I will create, organize and manage your account tips and help bring it to a higher level.Service included:

-Use the most searched keywords / titles, as well as profile, pin and table descriptions so that your target audience can find you easily.

-Find group hints related to niches and join them to develop your relationships.

-ORGANIZE AND CATEGORIZE your boards so that they look sexy to help you attract followers

-Incorporate HASHTAGS

-Connect to 5 group tips (fashion, marketing, health, beauty, recipes and more)

-Pinning at peak times / spread over 3 times a day.


-Increase your traffic on your website
-Increase your click rate
-You get daily followers interested in your content

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you


bootcamp – Successful removal of Boot Camp Assistant, unable to reinstall

I installed Windows 10 via Boot Camp Assistant without any problems yesterday, but I had to uninstall it to enlarge the partition. I also uninstalled it with the help of Boot Camp Assistant and I received no error message. This was successful and Windows was removed. I now wish to reinstall, but BCA can not find the space. I only have one APFS container that contains all my space and Terminal displays a lot of unallocated space.

I have been looking for four hours and have met a lot of people who were having problems and who were not using BCA or had a usage error, but I do not know what to do when BCA was successful.

I am on a MBP mid-2012 under Mojave. I understand that there are differences between older and newer Macs when using Boot Camp.

I know that I can clean up installing Mojave and restore from Time Machine before using Boot Camp for the first time, but I rather avoid it and I am afraid of using BCA again, when I had a problem even though he has not encountered any error. I want to reinstall Windows.

information architecture – Are the tabs and / or steps of an assistant displayed as separate areas in a sitemap diagram?

I create a sitemap for a business application.

For a section of the application, there is a calendar editing feature. Once clicked, there are three sections / or different types of calendars to configure.

  1. Start / end dates for the entire project
  2. Blocked dates (public holidays, etc.)
  3. Start / end dates for specific tasks within the project

We are currently using a step-by-step wizard to modify the calendar. The user must therefore define the dates in this order.

In my sitemap, do I map each step as a separate area or would it be in a separate user flow diagram?


How to get more petition for immigration consultants in Hong Kong?

How to get more petition for immigration consultants in Hong Kong?

+ Answer the thread

  1. How to get more petition for immigration consultants in Hong Kong?

    How to get more petition for immigration consultants in Hong Kong? We are consultant Visto provides a Canada visa application in Hong Kong, Hong Kong student visa, Hong Kong visa extension, Hong Kong domestic help, etc., so suggest me an expert to get more leads. Thank you

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Why is google assistant at maximum volume with a Bluetooth headset?

No matter what I adjust the volume on my Bluetooth headset, when I use google assistant over it, the volume is at maximum. It is extremely unpleasant for my ears and I do not even have sensitive ears. I've tried adjusting the volume on both the headphones and on my phone, but nothing seems to change it. Even if I put everything in mute, the volume is always at maximum.

Has anyone experienced it and is there a way to solve this problem?

5th dnd – 3-level cleric dip as an assistant

I am currently playing a level 9 divination wizard in a campaign and I am focused on controlling the battlefield. I am the only player in my group to value crowd control, and that's why I focus on this topic.

I've noticed that I always hold enemies with a concentration spell like the Web, hypnotic pattern, or wall of strength. But then, when it's my turn, I have the feeling that there is no way to use a bonus action to do at least some damage and have a good economy of action (in addition to launching a cantrip like action) because I want to keep my slots for CC. spells.

In addition, there is only one healer (a druid) and he is mainly focused on fighting while I am way in the back line supporting And a lot enemies have fire resistance / immunity in our campaign, and most wizard spells are fire-oriented.

So I thought maybe I could dive 3 levels into a cleric and get great armor skills, word of healing to heal, and spiritual weapon have good economy of action and damage of strength, as well as some spells for my pet.

Is it a good idea? Which domain best fits my style of play? Are 3 levels too much?

Virtual Assistant for rent

I am looking for a virtual assistant position or just projects. I can provide services related to HTML / CSS databases, management of e-commerce websites (order processing, customer support, product additions, etc.), to translations from English to French. Spanish, etc.

Skills / knowledge:
– e-commerce store management
– Customer service
– Email processing
– General Hosting and Domain Management (Web Hosting Manager, Cpanel, FTP).
– Search…

Virtual Assistant for rent

2019: Can Google Assistant send a message from the lock screen?

I'm looking for a way to allow Google Assistant's Speech Wizard to send a message when the phone is locked, preferably only to certain contacts and unable to read past messages.

I've googled and all the solutions do not seem anymore valid.

Why hire a virtual assistant?

To add to that, there are more benefits when you hire a virtual assistant. From my personal experience, these are valuable benefits that will help your business.

Benefits of hiring a virtual assistant

You only pay for the time spent on the task.
No office space, equipment, furniture, supplies or training is required.
Your virtual assistant is always available to manage your punctual, seasonal or special projects.
Your virtual assistant knows your company and brings that knowledge to each assignment (temporary recruitment solutions can not provide this type of consistency and reliability).
Your virtual assistant is available when your current staff is overloaded.
Your virtual assistant is a self-employed person, so you do not have to pay social security taxes, FICA taxes, insurance against work accidents and unemployment taxes.
Compliance with the OSHA rules, the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is the responsibility of your virtual assistant.
No medical, dental or vision care benefits to pay.
No holidays, sickness and paid holidays.
No other social benefit, such as 401K, retirement plans, etc., to pay.
You do not have to pay someone to handle problems related to taxes, benefits and compliance.
You do not have the responsibilities associated with employee policies regarding hours of work, vacation, sick leave, leave, leave, benefits, performance appraisals, training, etc.


Can an assistant earn more seats using multiple spell notebooks?

Can an assistant earn more seats using multiple spell notebooks?

If I had two or more spellbooks, each with different spells, does that increase the spell limit?

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