usability – How to support a "Save draft" in an assisted approach when the user takes a long time to perform a step?

I have a simple user workflow, in which the user has to finish the process sequentially. But step 2 can take a day or more to be completed.

In the current user interface, if the user decides to finish the process later, he can click "save" to skip the process and he will be directed to the summary page. The user can save the entire process as a draft. When the user comes back to edit, there will be no wizard approach. They can modify each step by individually selecting the process steps in the summary.

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Is the approach intuitive? Are there any other templates for managing draft backups in a wizard approach?

image stabilization – Assisted Assignment

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Recommendations / Opinions Qualitative Computer Assisted Data Analysis Software (Atlas.ti) [on hold]

I am about to get new CAQDAS and am wondering if anyone already has experience with Atlas.ti, the one I am looking into right now?

Other possibilities are of course

  • NVivo

Grateful for any contribution.