blockchain – an economical way to attack the bitcoin blockchain

The blocks are not orphaned at the entire network level unless a successful attack at 51% (which, thankfully, is certainly not cheap because you have to have the majority of the entire network) . In order for a single node to have an orphan block, you must isolate it from the rest of the network long enough for you to exploit a block with your current hash power, which is probably well below 51%, and who must also be. very big or it will take a very, very long time.

You can do this on testnet or regtest networks without as much hash power in a much more reasonable timeframe, but this network is not considered the primary bitcoin network.

5th dnd – Does Swashbuckler's fantasy footwork apply if the attack was made with Booming Blade?

The Roguish Archetype Swashbuckler (SCAG / XGtE) has the following features:

A very good footwork

When you choose this archetype on the 3rd level, you learn to strike and then escape without retribution. During your turn, if you make a melee attack against a creature, that creature can not launch an opportunity attack against you for the rest of your turn.

The Crossed Blade (SCAG) says the following:

As part of the action used to cast this spell, you must make a melee attack with a weapon against a creature within range of the spell, otherwise the spell will fail.

First question:

Does Fancy Footwork apply (no AP from the attacked creature) if you attacked it with a thriving blade (or a green flame blade)?

Second question:

More generally, since it does not specify a weapon attack, does Fancy Footwork also apply to melee spell attacks?

dnd 5th – What is the maximum static positive modifier to the damage of a melee attack?

I'm building a level 20 warlock for maximum static damage (by static, I mean non-rolling damage) in a melee attack.

A level 20 Hexblade warlock with a charisma of 20 may have the following additions:

  • +5 from 20 cha
  • +5: Lifedrinker (based on charisma)
  • +6: Curse of Hexblade (skill bonus)
  • +10: Grand Master of Arms
  • +3: Magic Weapon

This totals +29 damage.

Aside from using volumes to increase my charisma or getting the legendary item that increases the skill bonus by 1, are there other ways to increase flat damage that I do not know?

The answer does not have to be about a Hexblade warlock; That's exactly what I've found to add the highest static bonus to a damage roll.

Multiclass tweets, RAW, RAI, Errata and Jeremy Crawford are all accepted. Simply explain your opinion or facts and cite your sources!

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Opportunity Attack – What actions or exploits of players are available to disrupt the enemy? Launch spell actions?

Obviously, the Opportunity Attack has changed since 1e, now taking a reaction instead and depending on specific exploit triggers.

There are a number of triggers that refer to manipulative actions, move actions, and ranged attacks, but there are some that have triggers about casting a spell and are capable of disrupting the action. action?

5th dnd – Can the additional attack action granted by Haste be used to push a creature?

haste States:

(…) he wins an extra action in each of his turns. This action can only be used to take the attack (attack of only one weapon) (…) action.

Pushing a creature is one:

(…) special melee attack (…)

but it's not said to be a armed attack.

Therefore, you can not use your hasteaction to push a creature.

dnd 5th – Reckless Attack + Multiple Attack

A druid / barbarian turns into a multi-attack animal and each attack counts as an attack with a melee weapon. Reckless attack States

When you make your first attack, you may decide to attack.
imprudently. This gives you an edge over melee weapons attack rolls
using the Force during this turn, but the attack rolls against you have
advantage until your next turn.

Multiattaque is its own action, so it does not stack with "Extra Attack" because you do not take any attack action.
As the unconscious attack does not mention the action of attack, I would say that you can use it for your multiattack.

Am I wrong? Can I choose the witch of multi-attack attacks first?

5th dnd – Can someone with Extra Attack hit a commander BEFORE throwing a net?

Yes, you can because Commander Strike does not count as "an attack".

In this Q / A ("How do the nets work with Extra Attack?"), It was decided that you can not attack first with a normal weapon and then with a net because the attack with a net (or the intention to do so) locks you in being allowed to take only one attack with this attack action.

Similarly, in your other question, could you use Commander Strike? after In attacking with a net, it was decided that you could not, because once you attacked with a net, you no longer have any other attack that you can do, and it n & # 39; There is no attack that you can forget.

However, in this case, you first activate the Commander Strike function which indicates:

When you perform the attack on your turn, you can give up one of your attacks and use a bonus action to direct one of your companions to the attack.

This does not require you to make an attack of any kind. The clause of the special property of the network weapon only limits the number of attacks that you can actually do:

you can only do one attack, no matter how many attacks you can normally make.

Because you do not do any kind of attack when using Strike Commander, the net restriction does not apply. So you can use Commander Strike for your first attack, then a net for your second attack.

5th dnd – Can you apply the monk 's martial arts function only to your attack roll but not to your damage damage?

The characteristic of the martial arts of the monk is as follows:

You can use dexterity instead of Strength for attack and damage rolls of your unarmed strikes and monk's weapons …

Initially, I thought that meant you had to replace the use of force for both rolls or dexterity for both rolls. But the section on Finesse weapons says:

When you attack with a finesse weapon, you use your force or dexterity modifier. for attack and damage rolls. You must use the same modifier for both throws.

Both features have the same bit "for attack and damage"; However, martial arts do not require the use of the same modifier for both throws. Does this mean that you can only replace the attack jet modifier (or only that of the damage roll)?

One of the reasons you may want to confuse your modifiers is that you want to damage (and therefore hit) a creature, but you do not want to deal a lot of damage to it.
In a case like this, you would like to use your higher modifier for the attack and your lower modifier for the damage.

dnd 5th – What modifiers are added to the attack and damage of this unique long arc of Waterdeep?

There is a unique longbow in the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist module whose description includes:

This single weapon can only be used by a creature of average size or higher with a strength of 18 or more. The bow draws oversized arrows that inflict piercing damage equivalent to 2d6 + the wearer's Force modifier …

However, looking at the PHB section on "Attacks and Dexterity Damage", I realized that it was written:

You add your Dexterity modifier to your attack roll and your damage roll when you attack with a ranged weapon …

For me, this means that, unless otherwise stated, you would add your dexterity modifier to the damage and the attack rolls of a remote weapon.

The fight with two arms is an example of prevention:

You do not add your ability modifier to bonus attack damage, unless this modifier is negative.

The NPC that owns him has a +3 skill bonus, a +7 to the big bow attacks, and deals 2d6 + 4 damage. Unfortunately, their modifiers of strength and dexterity are all four, so I can not say which ones are added.

However, as @thedarkwanderer pointed out in a commentary of this Q / A ("How can I shoot with a bow using force instead of dexterity?"):

"NPCs use different rules than PCs"

This leaves me unsure and asks the following question: if a PC uses this unique longbow, what modifiers do they add to its attack and damage rolls?

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