A Very SLEEPy MySQL Attack

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dnd 5e – opportunity attack (D&D 5e)

An Opportunity Attack is only triggered when a creature, on their turn, willingly leaves another creature’s reach while that creature can see them. So being pushed out of a creature’s reach would not trigger an opportunity attack, nor would a creature moving as a reaction (in the mechanic sense) to another character’s movement. If the creature was led away, such that they move on their turn, out of your ally’s reach, the ally would indeed get an opportunity attack. The creature would not, however, get an opportunity attack on the ally.

I believe this clarification was offered by Jeremy Crawford. If someone has disparate information, feel free to correct me.

You could of course rule this differently, such that leaving a creature’s reach under any circumstance triggers an opportunity attack (perhaps more in line with RAW), but as far as I’m aware, RAI is that opportunity attack is only triggered on a creature when that creature moves on their own turn out of another creature’s reach.

class feature – How does Shadow Sneak Attack Progress? Will it work with Strategic Strike?

First, Shadow Sneak Attack doesn’t progress. It’s 1d6 forever.

You gain the sneak attack class feature, except you deal 1d6 precision
damage regardless of your level. Sneak attack from multiple sources
isn’t cumulative. If you have sneak attack from more than one source,
use only the highest number of dice when you sneak attack rather than
adding the amounts together.

However, fortuitously for you, it does stack with your Strategic Strike. Precision damage stacks with itself by default, and where there are exceptions, they’re called out specifically (as above).

How do I calculate attack rolls for creatures in WFRP 4e

I’ve just begun running WFRP 4e and I don’t get the weapon or bite traits in the bestiary. I understand that the rating (for example bite+9) is the damage including the strength bonus. But do you also add this number to the WS stat for attack tests? Thanks.

dnd 5e – If I ready a action (spell) in response to a companion’s attack, what is a fair GM rulling over the order of events?

In our campaign, I have a cleric who wished to use Ready an Action as his move. His idea behind this was that he wanted to ready Guiding Bolt and the condition he set was that, when one of the player (fighter) attacked a creature (one of 2 trolls), he would release the bolt beforehand. Therefore the figther would have advantage on her attack if the Guiding Bolt hit first.

I ruled that the fighter hit first, but I’m not so sure now – and feel like I was unfair in my ruling, maybe.

I can see both points of view:

  1. If I was the cleric readying my spell, I would cast the spell as soon as I noticed my fighter’s companion intention to attack a creature.

  2. But, also if I’m the fighter and I’m 5′ away from a creature, maybe my attack would land first, before the Guiding Bolt.

I would like some RAW guidance on this please. But, if not explicitly available, then a response with lived experience of a GM on a similar ruling to do with resolving oder of events.

Is the risk for an attack higher or lower when dealing with local adversaries and remote hosting?

Consider your local three letter agency is targeting you. When you host (or generally do stuff beyond hosting) locally is the risk for an attack higher compared to remote hosting?
In case of remote hosting I’d assume a country with a similar IT security level.

The local adversary has better options to hide traffic/attacks… and maybe even better legal options.
People always say: compartmentalize, so why not compartmentalize across multiple countries, use foreign companies …?

Hydra attack ssh : The message is successful, but when using the error

I execute the command

hydra -l ubnt -p ubnt -t 4 ssh 

I get the message it’s successful

Hydra (http://www.thc.org/thc-hydra) starting at 2021-02-22 11:32:05
(DATA) max 1 task per 1 server, overall 1 task, 1 login try (l:1/p:1), ~1 try per task
(DATA) attacking ssh://
(22)(ssh) host:   login: ubnt   password: ubnt
1 of 1 target successfully completed, 1 valid password found
Hydra (http://www.thc.org/thc-hydra) finished at 2021-02-22 11:32:07

But when you visit

putty -l ubnt -pw ubnt
ssh ubnt@

I can not access.Please tell me the possible reason? And how to fix it

dnd 3.5e – Does Discipline Focus (Insightful Strikes) add the Wisdom bonus to each attack of Flashing Sun’s full-attack action?

Discipline Focus (Insightful Strikes) states the following:

At 4th level, you can add your Wisdom modifier as a bonus on damage
rolls whenever you execute a strike from the chosen discipline. At
12th level, you can choose a second discipline to which this ability

and Flashing Sun states the following:

Flashing sun allows you to make an additional melee attack during this
round. As part of this maneuver, you take a full attack action and
make your normal melee attacks. However, you can make one additional
attack this round at your highest attack bonus. All the attacks you
make this round, including the extra attack granted by this maneuver,
are made with a -2 penalty.

So, the thing is, Flashing Sun includes a full attack in its description, and Insightful Strikes says “damage rolls”, in plural. Does this mean that it adds the Wis bonus to each attack’s damage roll, only to the one added by the strike itself, or neither?

dnd 5e – Can weapons with Reach be used to attack “through” willing allies?

Yes, but they will have half cover

The rules on cover are listed here. The total cover rule is the only one that prevents attacking:

Total Cover

A target with total cover can’t be targeted directly by an attack or a
spell, although some spells can reach such a target by including it in
an area of effect. A target has total cover if it is completely
concealed by an obstacle.

Allies don’t give total cover though, they give half cover:

Half Cover

A target with half cover has a +2 bonus to AC and Dexterity saving throws. A target has half cover if an obstacle blocks at least half of its body. The obstacle might be a low wall, a large piece of furniture, a narrow tree trunk, or a creature, whether that creature is an enemy or a friend.

So you can attack “through” an ally but the target will have half cover from the attack.

equipment – Does a force field absorb hit point damage from an attack that would only deplete stamina points?

In Starfinder, personal force fields grant temporary hit points to the user and fast heal those temporary hit points every round for a finite number of rounds. My question is whether the force field provides any protection at all from an attack that would only deplete the target’s stamina points?

If the force field itself had a number of hit points that it would absorb before damage was applied to the user (like a ship’s shields), this would be a simple question–damage would be applied first to the force field and extra over that round’s allotment would be applied to the user’s stamina points and then hit points. But the description of the force field states that it grants temporary hit points to the user and if the user is a player character then they do not lose hit points (temporary or otherwise) until their stamina points are depleted. It seems to me that, rules as written, force fields do not protect stamina points, but since attacks that reduce stamina points do in fact hit the character, a force field should protect them. Am I reading the rules right or am I missing something? Has Paizo clarified this at all?