Disable auto convert links to title of a web page in Trello cards

I really need links to be links, because it makes impossible to copy cards with copy-paste, links are just text.

May be a handy innovation but not for everyone.

Auto close modal widget after 5 seconds

I created a modal widget that appears after adding product to cart, it works perfectly .
Now I need to close the modal after 5 seconds.
please help!

theming – How to create a new region with 100% width and auto height

I searched everywhere but found nothing.

I need to create a 100% region to be placed above the Content region so I can place a full screen slide on it but I don’t know how to do it or else I would need to create a css section within the Content region to use as I wish when I also want it a certain section of some page is at 100% without necessarily modifying the current structure of the body which is not full screen but with a precise and smaller size.

How to do this new region and/or a specific 100% width section unattached from the body style?

City auto Fill when zip code entered

How to auto fill or validate city based on zip code in magento 2.3.6 address field of my account page and checkout page

Help with auto generated data on Sheets – Baseball Pitch tracking

I’m a baseball coach creating a google sheet to help track pitches and results for my college guys during games so they can see a lot of different information. I posted a few weeks ago about how to automatically count a “strike” if cell H5 had any one of 12 different options. I got the answer and am very thankful. Now I have a few different questions.

First, I’d like the chart to autofill the “count” column. Not sure how to do that with unspecified starting and ending points. Also, the count will only ever be up to 3-2. Even if there is another foul ball, the count still stays at 3-2. Third, after an end of the at bat “result” (such as “line hit” or “BB”) is selected, I’d like the count to reset to “0-0” and a new “At Bat” is listed. Again, not at all certain if this is even possible without definite starting and ending points. I can also reformat the cells to be a single cell and have it just be text that populates the cell. Not sure if that would be any easier/better to deal with only one cell instead of two (especially for my following question).

The other big thing I would like to be able to do is find out what the results were at the end of an at bat if the pitcher won or lost the 1-1 count. So after reaching a “1-1” count, we want our pitchers to win that count, forcing a 1-2 count rather than a 2-1 count. Having the data to back up that claim would be great, so knowing what the results were after a 1-1 win vs a 1-1 loss would be great. However, as previously stated, NO idea if that’s possible without definite cells to search. The only thing I can think of is searching for a 1-1 count, then seeing what the next count was (if B7 = 1 and C7 = 1, then B8 and C8) then searching for the next end of the at-bat result. I could make a new table at the bottom for “1-1 Win” and “1-1 Loss” then list all possible results down the column and then the sheet could generate totals for each result in the respective rows.

Just kind of spit balling here. If there are any baseball fans here, I’m more than open for other ways of doing this as well. Just trying to find the best/easiest way for my guys to track and view their data. We use an iPad during games, so the less clicking around the better.

Thanks for all your help, feel free to ask any questions. I can also share the sheet with anyone who wants to have a crack at it. Thanks.

Sheet right now

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automation – Auto sequential number generation

I am using Trello for customer order management, using each list as a project stage, using a card template for a standard customer project – each card is a customer project

Is there a way of automating generating sequential project numbers?

I have researched Trello community and not seen a solution for this.

customization – Auto add taxonomy if post has category

First off this is my first time posting on here. I can usually do research and put together code that I need based off of other’s responses, but I’m stumped on this one. I’ve been at this for almost a week.

I’m using the standard wp post type and categories. I have a custom taxonomy called studio. Some of the posts are auto created during an import, which I select the category to import into. The problem is that after they posts are imported I have to go back and manually select the custom taxonomy, ‘studio’. Some of the categories I have are also listed in the studio taxonomy.

I need to get the ‘category’; check to see if it exists in ‘studio’ taxonomy; if yes; then add it to the ‘studio’ taxonomy for that post.

category studio post
Apples Apples Add
Oranges Oranges Add
House skip
Tv skip
Peaches Peaches Add
Pears Pears Add
Table skip

I tried the AutoTagger plugin but that only searches in title, post and excerpt for provided terms. I’ve also tried numerous codes too many to list, but none worked.

This is what I have that partly works but doesn’t add the ‘category’. It adds the word category to the ‘studio’ taxonomy.

add_action( 'save_post', 'studio_code_save_post', 10, 2 );
function studio_code_save_post( $post_ID, $post ) {
     $post_categories = get_the_terms( $post->ID, 'category' );
     if ( 'post' != $post->post_type || wp_is_post_revision( $post_ID ) )
     wp_set_object_terms( $post_ID, 'category', 'studio' );

If I change

wp_set_object_terms( $post_ID, 'category', 'studio' );


wp_set_object_terms( $post_ID, $post_categories, 'studio' );

It adds a blank term to the ‘studio’ taxonomy.

Thanks for any help.

javascript – React Formik change validation when auto submitting

I have a multistep form with a submit button at the bottom of each section and a clickable list of the sections for navigation. I have implemented an auto submit feature that runs if a user updates information and then navigates away using the menu without clicking the submit button:

 const AutoSubmit = () => {
   const { dirty, submitForm } = useFormikContext();
   React.useEffect(() => {
     if (dirty) {
   }, (dirty, submitForm));
   return null;

The issue is that if the Yup validation fails then the submission is obviously blocked and any information on the previous section is lost. Essentially what i’m trying to do is trigger full validation if a user clicks the actual submit button, but do a partial validation (i.e. no required fields) if its an auto submit so their progress can be saved.

Ive tried using setFieldValue to set an “autoSubmit: true” flag in the above component and then changed the Yup Schema to only require fields etc if its not there or false, but it doesn’t seem to pick up the value in time for the submission (presumably something to do with it running when the component is unmounting). Anyone got any ideas on how to get this working?


macos – How to disable auto spellcheck options programmatically?

macos – How to disable auto spellcheck options programmatically? – Ask Different

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