python – Expanding on a problem from Automate the Boring Stuff

Note: this is not the solution for the “Character Picture Grid” problem from Automate the Boring Stuff. Instead, this is an expansion of that problem simply for the sake of understanding nested loops, lists within lists, and iterating through values in order to print a picture on the screen.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to review this. Should I comment more throughout my code so that it’s easier to read? Are there ways to shorten this program so that it could run faster? I’m still quite new to programming.

# This is an expanded version of the Character Picture Grid
# problem from Al Sweigart's book, Automate the Boring Stuff With Python.
# This function takes in user input to determine what direction to print
# the arrow.

rightArrow = (('.', '.', '.', '.', '.', '.'), 
              ('.', 'O', 'O', '.', '.', '.'),
              ('O', 'O', 'O', 'O', '.', '.'), 
              ('O', 'O', 'O', 'O', 'O', '.'),
              ('.', 'O', 'O', 'O', 'O', 'O'), 
              ('O', 'O', 'O', 'O', 'O', '.'),
              ('O', 'O', 'O', 'O', '.', '.'), 
              ('.', 'O', 'O', '.', '.', '.'),
              ('.', '.', '.', '.', '.', '.'))

def printArrow(list):
    rowLength = len(list(0))  # length of x plane coordinates
    columnLength = len(list)  # length of y plane coordinates
    print('Welcome to Arrow Pointer v1.0!')
    while True:
        #main program loop
        print('nnType in one of the following:nnup, down, left, right, or end to exit the program.')
        #user determines direction of arrow to be printed
        userInput = input()
        if userInput.lower() == 'right':
            for i in range(columnLength):
                for j in range(rowLength):
                    #first loop iterates through main list
                    #nested loop iterates through inner list elements
                    print(list(i)(j) + '     ', end='')

        if userInput.lower() == 'left':
            for i in range(columnLength):
                for j in range(rowLength - 1, -1, -1):
                    #iterate backwards to print arrow in opposite direction
                    print(list(i)(j) + '     ', end='')

        if userInput.lower() == 'down':
            for i in range(rowLength):
                for j in range(columnLength):
                    print(list(j)(i) + '     ', end='')

        if userInput.lower() == 'up':
            for i in range(rowLength-1, -1, -1):
                for j in range(columnLength-1, -1, -1):
                    print(list(j)(i) + '     ', end='')

        if userInput.lower() == 'end':


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sharepoint online – Power Automate – Condition to “update item” for “when created or modified”?

To break the loop, use a Power Automate (PA) Trigger Condition.
Please refer to this link for details.

Here are the steps that I would use to break the loop in PA:

  1. Add a (Status) column to your list with a default value Pending. When the PA is triggered for the first time and the corresponding item is updated (Manager’s name, in this case), update the (Status) column’s value as well to something like Updated.

  2. Set the Trigger Condition in PA. The expression would be like ((Status) is a Choice Type Column in the example)

@equals(triggerBody()?('Status')?('Value'), 'Pending')

  1. The PA should only trigger when the (Status)=’Pending’

download one drive for business file from power automate desktop

How can I download one drive for business file from power automate desktop ui flow? I used web automation but not working as I need to select the item and then click on download button.

power automate – How can I get dynamic content with a scheduled cloud flow trigger?

I want to create a scheduled flow to export some items in my SharePoint list as a CSV file daily. When I use the “scheduled cloud flow” option to create it, though, I can’t define a filter query to pull only the items I want:

enter image description here

It tells me there’s no dynamic content available.

If I use exactly the same action (and same user) but choose a “when an item is created” trigger instead, then Flow does pull in my fields as dynamic content as expected:

enter image description here

So, the user is the same, the list is the same, the fields are the same… why in the world can’t I see dynamic content when I use a timed trigger rather than a dynamic one? And what’s the workaround… if I can’t access any dynamic content with a scheduled cloud flow trigger, how do I build a flow that runs once per day with a dynamic trigger? I would create another flow to update a “Run Scheduled Flow” field each day, but then I’d need to be able to do that with a scheduled cloud trigger…!

sharepoint online – How to automate read/download/upload files to SP365 with VBA

Please find the actual code here-under:
Sub BLGet_NewBLData() ”NEW SITE
Dim Path As String
Dim BLfile As String
Dim DirName As String
Dim Temp As String
Dim DTResult As Date
Dim Yesterday As Date


‘ I tried with HTTPS and without.
‘Path = “”
Path = “//”

BLfile = Path
ChDir Path
BLfile = Dir(Path & “.“)

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

    Do While BLfile <> ""
    Temp = BLfile

DTResult = FileDateTime(Path & BLfile)
Yesterday = Now() – 1
If DTResult > Yesterday Then
Workbooks.Open FileName:=Path & BLfile, Password:=””, ReadOnly:=True
BLfile = Temp


        Else: GoTo SKIP

        End If

BLfile = Dir


End Sub

algorithm – Automate Daily meeting scheduler between two individuals

I recently gave an interview and emumba and faced this problem which threw me off.
The problem statement requires me to schedule a meeting for two parties on the same day given their different timeslots and constraints as followed:

#job scheduling problem


#find all the possible slots where u can schedule a meeting between the two individuals for a x time slot
#assume x = 30 for this 

could someone explain the algorithm and the code if possible since I am still unable to make sense of it.

amazon web services – Automate AWS RDS SQL server import from on-premise SQL server

I want to create a full daily backup from an on-premise SQL server, store it on S3, and then restore it onto an existing Amazon RDS SQL Server. Something like this documentation:

Is there any way to automate all the steps? Mainly S3 to RDS.

Thanks. Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

sharepoint online – Error in Microsoft Power Automate while exporting the App

I am getting this below error while exporting Power apps Canvas app. I know it’s related to some permissions but I am the co-owner of this app. Do I miss anything on this?

Can anyone help me to solve this?


Could not find flow ‘af63f417-0397-44ea-8244-0f7719475352′. The caller with object id ’64e6b4c0-80b9-414d-b56c-5406e98ad97e’ does not have permission for connection ‘2157a29e-a6d1-41f6-8a78-4c8ff09f24bb’ under API ‘shared_logicflows’.

power automate – I have a flow that I’m trying to create to move files from one library to another on a scheduled interval. I keep getting an error that I can’t solve

I am trying to set up a flow to move files from one library to another on a scheduled interval using keywords in the file name. I am using the “Get Files (properties only) with a value that says Name ends with “complete”. Each time I test I get an error, but it doesn’t provide an explanation. I have attached screenshots of the flow and error message. Please help.

(First part of flow)(1)

enter image description here