views – How do I set filters to reset automatically on new search?

I have a search and some filters on a drupal 7 site. If I search a term, for example “stuff”, and there are 30 results, I can click a checkbox filter (let’s call it FilterA) on the side and narrow my results down. But now if I type “things” in the search bar and submit it, FilterA is still clicked when the results come up. I need for all the filters to be unchecked when I perform a new search. I’ve gone through I feel every setting in the view and all the search and filter settings and still nothing. Thank you for any help you can provide.

google sheets – Possible to color code text based on JUST the text value and automatically?

I’ve been wondering about this for years… it would be such a life-changer.

Let’s say I have a table:

Spectrum Bills
XYZ Rent
ABC Food/Beverage
Spectrum Bills

is there any way to do conditional formatting on the 2nd column such that:

  1. Once a text value is entered, it gets some default color
  2. If the text is “seen again” in that column, it also gets that same color

e.g. in this example, Bills could be red, rent yellow, food/beverage green, and then Bills on row FOUR becomes red because Bills is already an entry

I know you can do this manually via conditional formatting and creating 1 rule per category, but I do so many sheets with so many different purposes and the text values are rarely the same… and doing the conditional formatting, choosing the damned color every single time, over and over… and then of course you have a new category or text field LATER, and that one has no rule associated with it, so back in we go…

I’ve googled for this so many times and have never seen any solution/add-on, but man, I’d think this would be so useful to people. If there’s a tool you will have made my day.

sharepoint online – Automatically create folder within multiple document libraries

We have a client who has all their client folders in sharepoint online, they usually every year go ahead and manually create a new folder within each client folder with the year (2021).

They have asked if there is a way to automatically create a folder within each separate client folder rather than doing it manually


macos – Big Sur 11.1: AppleScript to Automatically Change Wi-Fi Networks

So, like a user reported here on Stack Exchange, the built-in “networksetup” command in terminal is pretty unreliable at times. It’s slow, and I’ve found for some reason dot1x never actually establishes properly for some types of Wi-Fi networks in my home. The solution: Create an AppleScript to simulate mouse clicks on the menubar to change between Wi-Fi networks.

Why is networksetup so slow compared to manually changing Wi-Fi networks?

The below script has worked fine for me until Big Sur:

use application "System Events"

property process : a reference to application process "SystemUIServer"
property menu bar : a reference to menu bar 1 of my process
property menu bar item : a reference to (menu bar items of my menu bar ¬
    where the description contains "Wi-Fi")
property menu : a reference to menu 1 of my menu bar item
property menu item : a reference to menu items of my menu

to joinNetwork given name:ssid as text
    local ssid
    if not (my menu bar item exists) then return false
    click my menu bar item
    repeat until my menu exists
        delay 0.5
    end repeat
    set M to a reference to (my menu item where the name contains ssid)
    repeat 20 times --> 10 seconds @ 0.5s delay
        if M exists then exit repeat
        delay 0.5
    end repeat
    click M
end joinNetwork

joinNetwork given name:"my network ssid"

The reason why it broke is that Wi-Fi is no longer technically a direct option under the main menu bar. Instead, it’s relegated to the Control Center in Big Sur, and I think there may even be another sub-module it’s technically nested it within the UI. I’ve been reading for hours about people trying to overcome this challenge in Big Sur, for example, to automate a click on specific Bluetooth device, but many AppleScripts people wrote apparently broke in the 11.1 update, and I have no easy starting point here for how to figure out how to accomplish what I am trying to do for Wi-Fi.

Any help here would be tremendously appreciated.

Side note: I know the same user also posted a method using AppleScriptObjC, but as people pointed out, it’s a huge security risk because you need to put your password somewhere as plaintext. The UI script is therefore the better option in my mind, so I’d like to get it to work again.

shared hosting – My own domain redirects automatically to

In, I have the following settings:

Custom DNS: and

How to link my own domain to with https connection

i.e. without redirects automatically to

Edit: my domain accessed correctly now (with no redirect) but cannot be accessed over HTTPS which is the requirement.

keyboard – Looking for a short cut that allows mouse pointer to automatically go to a specific cell of a (background running) Excel spreadsheet


A shortcut that allows me to locate the specific cell in Excel (running in the background) quickly. I would like to be able to hotkey to the cell without having to look at the screen as I’m running 3-4 monitors. This is for productivity where the 5-6 seconds fumbling around for that cell to input data, whilst needing to focus on the monitors at hand are extremely important.

Apple MainStage audio output device changes automatically after some time

I am using Apple MainStage 3.5 and I route the Audio Output to a Loopback virtual device. And this works like a charm. Until it switches to another device after some inactivity.

I tried another Loopback device, but the same thing keeps happening. Does anybody have an idea how to tell MainStage to not switch devices? I thought that setting the hot-plug behavior to do nothing was the key. But it does not seem to work.

I did some Googling, but could not find an answer to my question. I hope somebody knows.

enter image description here

image quality – How can I automatically convert Sony RAW (ARW) to JPEGs as good as the camera creates itself?

I recently found myself in the same situation, took some RAW shots, not RAW + Jpeg, and now have a ton of photos that I need to improve in order to show anyone.

I’ve tried a small handful of programs so far- Imaging Edge, Fotor, FastStone Image Viewer.

Here’s what I’ve found-

Imaging Edge works very well. It’s made by Sony and going by the logic that “Sony knows Sony”, I trust that it knows how to work with it’s own camera’s images. And the results look pretty good. It’s also reasonably fast, 500 pictures took around 30-40 minutes.

FastStone Viewer was nearly as good. I used the “Quality = 100” setting, everything else default. It was as fast, or nearly as fast, as Imaging Edge. The quality was nearly indistinguishable. The jpeg file sizes were much larger, around double the size. FastStone has some other options that could be tweaked that might make more of a difference, but I didn’t play with them.

Fotor was not very good. It was VERY slow, taking about 24 hours to convert the photos (it’s hard to tell exactly how long, because my laptop kept sleeping after a few hours, and I’m not sure the processing was working in the background.) Also, the resulting photos were very ‘noisy’. Some looked ok at the regular size, but when I zoomed in on the photo, there were a LOT of extra color and pixels that distracted from the image. Would not recommend this one.

So, as Michael C says, try the Sony program and see what happens. Imaging Edge is actually three programs (viewer, editor and camera remote control). It’s the viewer that I used to batch-output my photos.

Hope that helps.

How to extract current job information from LinkedIn to Google Sheet automatically?

Let’s imagine I have a Google Sheet to track current job status of past employees. Within the tab which I keep the information, there are three columns: Names, Link to LinkedIn profile, Current Job. I could update the job status manually by opening the LinkedIn profile of each past employee and check for the relevant information. But I’d like to know if it is possible to automate the task. Any idea how this could be done (on Google Sheet, if possible)?

windows 10 – Automatically restart USB audio device after return from standby

I have a speaker system with a built in USB audio interface connected to my PC.
When the PC returns from standby, audio output is not working, even though the device is shown as audio output.

To get audio output again, I have to manually select another source than USB on the speaker system, and then switch back to USB.

I’d like to automate this on my Windows 10 system, so that after logon the USB device is automatically disconnected and reconnected.

I understand that this can be done using the Task Scheduler and a batch file that runs devcon.exe from the SDK, but when I enter “devcon disable “USBVID_154E&PID_1004″” it demands a reboot.

“devcon restart” demands a reboot, too.

Is there a solution for my problem?