google sheets – How does one automatically generate a hyperlink for a cell containing a path?

I’m familiar with the HYPERLINK formula in Google Sheets to create links in a column, using a value in separate column as seen in this screenshot in row #2.

enter image description here

I want the user to have the ability to enter a path and have a link, using a predefined domain, automatically generated, as shown in A3, without having to use the “INSERT” -> “Insert link” command. This way if they insert new rows, and add a path to a new cell, the link will automatically generate. And if they update the path in the cell, the link updates accordingly. I’m hoping to set this up to also save space because an extra column doesn’t have to be added to the sheet.

I tried conditional formatting, but wasn’t able to accomplish my goal.

flow – Capture Version of Document set automatically when an item is changed

Does anyone know if there´s any way I can set up a flow in power automate to capture a version of a document set when an item is changed? (e.g Major Version published)I know there are not out of the box features do deal with docsets in power automate (at least for know), but perhaps with the action “send http request to sharpoint” there’s a way I can do it. If anyone knows a way to do this (even without power automate) I would be extremly glad.


Google Sheets: Script to send email when a cell value is changed automatically (i.e. not a manual edit) by an API

I have a column of values that pulls data from GoogleFinance using the =GOOGLEFINANCE function in Google Sheets. When the function is working, the column will return a series of figures. Occasionally, there is an error with GOOGLEFINANCE and the cells in the column will return N/A or other error messages.

I want to generate an email to be sent whenever one of the cells in this column returns an error. The only scripts I can find are triggered by manual edits to cells. How can I generate an email when the change is made automatically through the operation of the GOOGLEFINANCE function?

email – If a mail server automatically deleted old messages and I use IMAP on my devices, will I lost that mails?

My father’s work email is configured to use POP. The problem is that he receive tons of spam and he is annoyed to delete it twice (hundreds of spam mail everyday).

I was wondering to configure it in IMAP but my fear is that he could lost emails because server auto-deletes mail older the XX days.

Is there a way to not lost emails autoremoved from server while using IMAP?

Thanks in advance

dnd 5e – Do monsters with telepathy automatically sense creatures in their telepathic radius?

No, telepathy doesn’t inherently grant knowledge of creatures

You don’t get any abilities that are not listed in the description. So if it does not say that you can sense creatures, then you can’t.

Think of it like yelling in a dark room. I don’t have to see you, know where you are, or even whether you are in the room in order for me to attempt to be heard by you. Where you are and whether you’re there only affects your ability to hear me, not my ability to yell.

An example of what you might see if a creature had both telepathy and such a detection ability (as suggested by guildsbounty in a comment) is the Intellect Devourer (p. 191 of the Monster Manual). It has telepathy (to a radius of 60 feet), and also has the separate ability to detect sentient minds (within 300 feet) using its Detect Sentience trait.

How to automatically disable EVF when LCD is pulled out on FujiFilm X-T20?

My X-T20 switches to EVF when the LCD it tilted out. I know some cameras automatically disable the EVF when the LCD is pulled out, since the only reason to pull the LCD out is to use it. How can I set my camera to automatically disable EVF when the LCD is pulled out?

product photography – Image Magick – altering colour levels automatically

I’ve been tasked with finding a way to automatically crop and colour adjust product images. The images are on a white-ish background with somewhat inconsistent lighting.

Manually, we’d use photoshop to adjust the levels to force the top-left pixel to be white, which would apply the changes to the whole image. Photoshop can do this automatically.

I’ve just started learning image magick and I’ve got it to automatically crop the images, which has turned out pretty nice. I’ve also done -contrast-stretch 0%x75% which has worked somewhat well to brighten up the image.

I’m wondering if image magick (or something similarly automatable) can do something similar to what photoshop does. What I’ve got now works fairly well, but not as well as what photoshop does. Any ideas?

Color cell background automatically if value has changed from original

Is it possible to automatically color cell backgrounds if their values has been changed (in my case, the only time a cell changes value is by manual user edit/input – no cell values are computed of functions of other cells)?

calculus and analysis – Why Integrate does not obtain this conditional result automatically for orthogonality of cosines?

V 12.1 on windows.

I remember asking something similar many years ago. I was hoping Mathematica now could have done this automatically:

int_{-pi}^{pi} cos (n x) cos (m x) , dx

For integers $n,m$ is zero for $n ne m$ and $pi$ for $n=m$. This can be verified as follows

res = Flatten(
   Table({n, m, Integrate(Cos(n   x) Cos(m  x), {x, -Pi, Pi})}, 
          {n, 1,5}, {m, 1, 5}), 1);
Grid(PrependTo(res, {"n", "m", "result"}), Frame -> All)

Mathematica graphics

I was looking at this at Maple forum question, and saw that Maple 2020 can now give this result automatically as shown there, which is by using

int(cos(n*x)*cos(m*x), x = -Pi..Pi, allsolutions) assuming n::posint,m::posint

enter image description here

convert(%, piecewise, n);

enter image description here

Mathematica does not do the above directly

Assuming(Element({n, m}, Integers), 
       FullSimplify(Integrate(Cos(n  x) Cos(m  x), {x, -Pi, Pi})))

Assuming(Element({n, m}, Integers) && n > 0 && m > 0, 
       FullSimplify(Integrate(Cos(n  x) Cos(m  x), {x, -Pi, Pi})))

I had to do the following to get same result. Which is more work compared to Maple (one has to know to take the limit).

res = Integrate(Cos(n  x) Cos(m  x), {x, -Pi, Pi})

enter image description here

Assuming(Element(m, Integers), Limit(res, n -> m))
(* Pi *)

Assuming(Element({n, m}, Integers) && n != m, Simplify@res)
(* 0 *)

Any one knows or a trick to make Integrate do the following automatically without having to do post-processing each time? Assumptions are needed ofcourse.

Is the reason Integrate does not do it automatically because needing to use Limit to get the right result?

DMARC automatically

Hi friends,

My cPanel create SPF and DKIM automatically for each cPanel account. But I see that some hosting provider create automaticall… | Read the rest of