Database Design – Automatically Delete Many-to-Many Relationships

Is it possible to delete unused / orphaned entries in many-to-many relationships? Either at the database level (MSSQL) or in the frame (EF6).

Let's say you have a relationship:
Student underway
A student may have several courses and a course may be attended by several students.
When the last student of a course is deleted, the course must also be deleted.

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Automation: Is it possible to automatically connect to google meet online meetings online? (for hands-free operation)

I'm looking for a way to automatically connect to scheduled Google Calendar (or hangouts) meetings once they've started (to allow easy hands-free operation while driving).

If there is an option to get an "incoming call screen" to accept or reject the meeting, it is even better.

If I update Play Store with an apk to a newer version, will Play Store automatically update as soon as an even newer version is available?

The Play Store app on my phone is taking longer to get the latest version than other phones; so I updated it with an apk to the latest stable version. Since I updated the Play Store with an apk, I wonder if it will receive updates for even newer versions. As for example, if it was previously on 10.1 and I have updated 10.2 with an apk, it will update itself when 10.3 will be available for download for my particular device model. (or, in other words, when other handsets of the same model will receive version 10.3, will I get it too?)

Web Part – Automatically populates a search field with multiple entries after selecting multiple entries in a search

Excuse me, I beg, for the quality, necessary because of the type of work.

I have a list that indicates upcoming work on various items. Once the work is done on these elements, the drawings must be updated. In the current state, I have the items that indicate when the job is finished and a search that lists the different numbers of operations that are running on that item. The work done affects different designs. I therefore have another search that examines all the drawings. I would like the first search for work numbers to cascade over the search for drawings. So when I select work numbers, only affected drawings are automatically filled. I do not have access to InfoPath or SPD (my company is limited to this). So all I can do is put a script in a webpart. Ideas?

I found a script that works when the first search only concerns one item. It then displays only the items that apply to the next search. I can not find anything that allows me to select multiple items in the first search and display all applicable items in the second.

data types – Postgresql numeric and decimal values ​​are automatically rounded

decimal tcol (9.7)
insert in ttable (tcol) values ​​(17.4604786);

the value becomes stored as 17.46

Same thing if I use a decimal / numeric type

j & # 39; uses

PostgreSQL 11.2 on x86_64-apple-darwin16.7.0, compiled by Apple LLVM version 8.1.0 (clang-802.0.42), 64-bit.

SQL Workbench / J Build 124 (2018-08-20 22:43)
Java version: 1.8.0_211 (64 bits).

Connection Information:
Product Name: PostgreSQL
Product Version: 11.2
Product information: 11.2
Driver name: PostgreSQL JDBC Driver
Driver class: org.postgresql.Driver
Driver Version: 42.2.6
Isolation level: READ ENGAGED
DBID of the workshop: postgresql

views – Automatically submit the exposed form

I am currently working on a block of exposed forms. I wish the form to be automatically submitted using AJAX, whenever an exposed filter is changed.

I looked for it, but I did not find any tutorials or guides.
I do not see any parameters in the view, so I guess I have to implement hook_form_alter (). Is this correct or am I missing something?

How to create a countdown that will change automatically after a day and will not restart after updating the page

I have a page in which there is a counter that will restart again after an interval day automatically, I want to do this counter and how can I set a countdown that always keeps counting down if I update the browser?

Complete list of mechanisms that automatically send authentication information to browsers

I'm trying to create a list of built-in mechanisms that automatically send authentication information or automatically invite the user to provide them in the browsers.

Until here I have

  1. Cookies – sends cookies based on domain / expiration, etc.

  2. 401 WWW-Authenticate: Negotiate (SPNEGO / GSS-API) – for whitelisted domains (requires browser configuration), typically for Kerberos / NTLM

  3. Customer certificate

  4. FIDO U2F (in supported browsers) – forces users to perform an action when they are invited to take up a challenge

  5. WebAuthn (still in development, similar to the above)

  6. And of course also basic authentication (401 WWW-Authenticate: Basic)

Are there any other mechanisms to add to the above? (I excluded SAML / OIDC / OAuth as they do not benefit from any native support or special treatment to my knowledge)