Auto Refill – Firefox for Android does not automatically fill in the saved / synchronized passwords since the installation and uninstallation of the external password manager

Firefox synchronization worked on all my devices, my login credentials and passwords being perfectly synchronized. The problem started when I was offered to install the Lockwise application on Android. When connections were available in the Firefox application for Android, they did not synchronize with the Lockwise application. The synchronization performed in infinite loop and synchronized nothing. Reinstall or restart did not help. From this moment, Firefox for Android has proposed to enter the passwords of the Lockwise application, but since no password has been synchronized, there was none to fill . I've decided to uninstall the Lockwise application and return to Google's auto-entry service for global management of my Android passwords. But in the Firefox application for Android (which I use most often), I still like to use Firefox Sync's built-in AutoFill feature, as I'd usually do it before installing the Lockwise application. Firefox for Android no longer offers to enter a password. When I look in Tools> Connections, all my passwords are there, perfectly synchronized.

After some research, I checked if the following items concerning: configuration Booleans were enabled: and yes, they were.


Firefox for Android version: 68.2.0

javascript – Fill the form automatically, depending on the option selected

I need your help please! How can I do it by clicking with the key on any menu (menu 1, menu 2, menu 3, menu 4), and clicking on the images of this menu (click on the image chicken, fish, etc.) that appears in the menu of the day, automatically displays all the details of the menu, in the payment form,enter the description of the image here

How to automatically search for a website and provide alerts

I am looking for a way to automatically and periodically search for websites and receive an alert when new content is available.

I am referring to something more complex than what Google Alerts can provide.

The research I am referring to would be a detailed / advanced search on a particular website and would require a selection in various drop-down menus to perform the search.

For example, I would like to know when New York is looking to buy products that I sell.
Here is an example of a site I would like to search:

The search involves entering keywords (eg, "cabinet"), selecting an agency (for example, "Housing Office"), then clicking on "search".

I will receive an email alert when a new result appears.

Is there an available web application that can provide this type of service on a scheduled basis?

javascript – How to automatically create a file with a prefix name: data, hora.json using PHP with Xammp?


create a new file for each request


The code creates a JSON file, but does not create a new file.

because of the problem

does not create a new file because a file of the same name already exists

possible solution

program creates a new file, if it exists, does automatic renaming with prefixes: data-time-user.json
To do this, use the file_exists function.

another problem

I do not know how to use the file_exists function
and I can not automatically rename this file or create a new file for each request

Main objective

I would like to create a new JSON file with each request, each form sent
So, if you have a file of the same name, whenever possible, a new file is created or renamed as follows: 1200111119 * .json

Something like: 110205111119.json -> 11:02:05 11/11/2019 .json


$produto, ' Patrão : ' => $patrao); $contido = json_encode($conteudo,JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE|JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES); // abre o arquivo em modo escrita $file = fopen($caminho.$nomedearquivo.".json",'w+'); // escreve o json no arquivo fwrite($file, $contido); ?>


Warning: fopen (database_db / test / user / 10/11 / 2019-22: 58: 41-.json): failed to open stream: No file or directory of this type in C: xampp htdocs tst cad-tst. php online 64

Warning: fwrite () expects parameter 1 to be a resource, given in C: xampp htdocs test cad-test.php on line 67

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How to play videos automatically one after another in Google Drive?

In Google Drive (Android or online application, should be the same), after downloading several videos, you can read them.

However, when the videos stop, I would like it to continue with the next video in the list.

How to achieve it? I guess it's a missing feature.

android – Create a default activity, extract data from json and automatically transform extracted data into an activity

I want to create a default activity that will not be visible in the application. I wish so that it is the activity of the data that I will recover from json.
So the problem is how can I write code to add an activity to the application and update it every time I add json data,
For example, I want to add levels to my game and I do not want to add all the levels manually in my Android studio project. I've therefore created a java program that sends data to my json link so that the Android app recovers the new data and m game manually and add the activity that contains the data from the new level and this activity will be designed exactly as the default activity, but the difference is the data, my data is a {number, image, word1, word2, word3, word4}
I hope you understood my question

Automatically open the Finder when the disk image is mounted

I have created a disk image (.dmg) with Disk Utility with the APFS file system. When I open the .dmg file, it is mounted and I can access finder and open it manually.

How to make the Finder automatically open a new window with the .dmg content when I open / mounts the .dmg file?

(macOS Catalina, 10:15 am)

8 – Automatically create a subdomain for a particular content type?

I have a new type of content and whenever I add content to this type of content, I want to create a subdomain. for example is my parent domain, for a single entry, I want to generate for the second entry, this should be like
Can any one point me in the right direction for this to happen?

domain access – Automatically create a subdomain for a particular content type in Drupal-8?

I have a new type of content and whenever I add content to this type of content, I want to create a subdomain. for example is my parent domain, for a single entry, I want to generate for the second entry, this should be like
Can any one point me in the right direction for this to happen?