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Erase unnecessary data and eliminate the remaining files to save space, or adjust the registry of your computer and optimize the system to increase its speed. Without a dedicated uninstall program that removes leftovers, applications leave data in the registry, which can lead to a slower PC and busy storage space. Designed to clean the computer without the risk of losing data, Avast! Cleanup Premium can completely erase the files you do not need and adjust your system to make it faster.
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Clean up unnecessary files and tracking cookies

The modern interface reveals the three functions of Avast! Cleaning, namely cleaning the PC, optimizing it and programming new analyzes.
Once the scan is complete, the cleaning tool displays the amount of unwanted files, the browser cache, the add-ons, as well as the history of downloads and navigations. It shows obsolete software and driver packages, shared DLL files, and reads system logs to help you free up as much storage space as possible.
Avast! The cleanup also targets tracking cookies that installed browsers have collected on time and detects if you are using a bad reputation toilet. According to his findings, cleaning may take more or less time.

Optimize the system and plan new analyzes
Avast! The cleanup can also search for potentially dangerous applications, incorrect system settings, and outdated registry entries and startup items. System Optimization may require a reboot, but do not worry, because a reboot is required for the cleanup to complete.
Thanks to the built-in programmer, Avast! The cleaning can monitor the PC in real time and detect if residual files are left behind. In addition, you can also opt for scheduling a cleaning at a predefined time, process that will not affect your daily activity.

A secure cleaner that requires additional improvements
After a while, everyone feels the need to run their computers faster, and Avast! Cleanup Premium is specially designed for this. It can change the registry and system settings for the PC to work properly and boot faster.
Even if it promises to clean the system and optimize the PC, the application may not succeed at some point, as happened in our tests.

What's up:
Updates: The official website does not provide any information about the changes in this version.


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Avast anti-virus question

How can I turn it off :confused:

I'm trying to run software that requires disabling the antivirus software during installation.

Thank you

Avast virus antivirus alarm during programming

I was programming a function pointer in C language on CodeBlocks
when i compile and run it, avast displays an alert message and moves the .exe file to the virus store.

So, know a solution? Or do you need to hide the Avast screens when programming?


anti virus – HTTPS analysis of Avast prevents clients from accessing a Squarespace site


When HTTPS scanning is enabled in the Avast antivirus software (on a Windows computer) and the client tries to access the site, it receives the messages below and the site does not load. If I disable HTTPS control, the site loads without problems.

From Google Chrome: This site is not accessible. The connection has been reset. Try: Verifying the Connection Verifying the Proxy and Firewall Running the Windows Network Diagnostics ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

From IE: This page can not be displayed. Enable TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 in Advanced Settings and try to connect to [site here] again. If this error persists, it is possible that this site uses an unsupported protocol or an encryption suite such as RC4 (link for details), which is not considered secure. Please contact the administrator of your site.

Avast Antivirus Pop Up: the connection was safely terminated [site here] because he was infected with the URL: Mal.


What are some things on a site that could meet Avast's malware criteria and make it display these messages on browsers?

I am happy to provide the site privately if necessary. I hoped to gather information on what I needed to check or if someone had already experienced it. Thank you!

Troubleshooting I did

  • I've checked all the pages and deleted any links that do not start with https
  • I entered the site in Google's secure status and malware page to search for any malware and found none.
  • Avast contacted: their recommendation was to ask each customer to add the site to their exclusion list. I may not know or be in touch with a potential customer to ask them to add the site to their exclusion list – I'd rather delete anything that makes Avast stumble.

Additional information

  • SSL on the site is active
  • The domain is managed by Squarespace and active (paid)
  • There is also an integrated domain that never expires