Sheet G How to obtain an average duration?

I have a duration series which is also the result of a formula in a column formatted in duration

Duration :

I would like to get the MIN, MAX and AVERAGE values. For the average I tried this formula


I have this error:

#VALUE! ERROR TIMEVALUE parameter '' cannot be parsed to date/time

How to exclude the cell with no value inside?

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mysql – hello, it shows me the current stock of the year 202001, how can i make it show me the current stock of the year 202002 with the average


displays current_stock for the year 202002 and not 202001 next to the average as indicated in the query

use prueba;
create table consumos(
id_consumos int primary key auto_increment,
annomes varchar(6),
cod_establecimiento varchar(5),
cod_med varchar(5),
consumo int,
stock_actual int

insert into consumos values (null,"202001","02630","00091",30,20);
insert into consumos values (null,"202001","02630","41696",80,40);
insert into consumos values (null,"202002","02630","00091",100,80);
insert into consumos values (null,"202002","02630","41696",200,100);

it is the query when i get the average it gives me the current stock of the year 202001 but i want to have the stock of the year 202002

select annomes,cod_establecimiento,cod_med,avg(consumo),stock_actual
 from consumos group by cod_establecimiento,cod_med;

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