azure ad – Access Denied error After migrate on-prem Local AD SP Database to Sharepoint Farm joined to AzureAD DS

I have migrated Sharepoint 2013 Farm which is joined to Local AD DS to Sharepoint 2016 Farm joined to AzureAD DS.

Client wants to take full use of AzureAD DS and want to migrate sharepoint farm to Azure VMs connected to AzureAD DS.

I created a Sharepoint 2016 farm. created normal webapp/Site collection and is able to access as expected.

When I attach sharepoint 2013 DB after upgrade it gives access denied to those upgrade web app.
Do I need to do any changes to existing usernames as they has been now talking to AzureAD DS instead of Local AD.

Azure Function – SharePoint CSOM call with currently signed in user

Can you please explain what functionality you are tyring to achieve? As per your question it is clear that azure function is using daemon app (Confidential App). It will always display SharePoint App.

You can use single sign on app in Azure Ad for your requirement.

Azure Event Hub vs Event Grid or something else?

I have a timer function that calls a group of APIs asynchronously and then converts the XML responses to SQL Server records to an on premises database. I want to send a message in case there is a failure in the response so that I can retry the API call. After reading the documentation for Event Hubs and Event Grids, I’m not sure if either one of those options satisfies my requirement. The following is the documentation I’ve read:

Any insight would be appreciated.

Azure Web App identified target web site is using IIS 10 and detected that it is out of date – how to change

Azure Web App identified target web site is using IIS and detected that it is out of date – how to change
A security scan of a web app running windows has been identified as a High vulnerability. Since this is an old version of the software, it may be vulnerable to attacks. When the Server: Microsoft-IIS/10.0

External References:
Internet Information Services Other Vulnerability
IIS allows local users to cause a denial of service via invalid regular expressions in a Visual Basic script in an ASP page.
Affected Versions: 10.0
External References

How can we do the following to fix this issue when using Azure web app?

Upgrading IIS to a higher version is not a standalone operation. The IIS version depends heavily on the Windows OS version that
you use on your server machine.
If it is not possible to upgrade IIS to a higher version for this type of reason, we strongly recommend that you track and apply the
patches that are published by the vendor.
Please note that all updates and patches for IIS come as Windows Updates. Also, you can select which update package(s) will be

Can Azure files be converted to Figma?

Is there a way to covert Azure files or components to figma?

security – Audit local Users with RDP/Admin on Azure VM’s

wonder if anyone can assist.

I’m trying to audit accounts local users created on a load of virtual machines that were lifted and shifted from on-premises to Azure. I’d like have a way to iterate through the VM’s and then query users and groups on the VM – looking for accounts with RDP access or local administrators, but also just regular accounts.

Does anyone know the best way to do this? I have some ability with the az cli if that’s helpful, but wondered how others might go about this.

They’re mostly windows servers, but some Linux too.

mysql – Azure: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions

I created a mysql database instance in North Europe, then a Web app there in
North Europe, via VS published in Azure and at startup I get an exception as in the screenshot. Everything works locally in VS using this connection string, but not in Azure itself. If you disable the DB instance, the exception is the same, so the application does not connect to the DB at all. I have been suffering with this problem for 4 hours. The connection port to MySQL Azure does not change. In the security settings in my opinion everything is fine. The local mysql server that could theoretically occupy port 3306 is disabled.

connectionString=”; Port=3306; Database=testing-sys-azure; Uid= ###@testing-db-srv2; Pwd= ###; SslMode=Preferred;”

microsoft office 365 – How can I set-up a domain in Azure and use Exchange Server services there?

I’m currently raising a startup company that’s using an ISP’s services. All we have at this time is IMAP for e-mail. And we’re using JIRA/Confluence.

I want to migrate us to a comprehensive infrastructure, using domain accounts for our Windows 10×64 machines, e-mails, shared calendars, shared contacts (i.e. Exchange Server features), Azure DevOps, MS Teams, SharePoint etc.

I did some research, but I couldn’t find any information explaining on how to do that, particularly regarding using Outlook 2019 with Azure. When it’s about Azure AD, I only find information on how to synchronize a local domain to Azure, but no information on how to easily utilize Azure as a replacement for a domain controller.

As a start, I would need to know what to do in order to create a domain on Azure (i.e. using Azure as a domain controller), migrate our domain name to Azure AD and to get Exchange Server features running in Azure, so we can use Outlook 2019 on their machines.

Azure Pipelines is it possible to run bash command with sudo?

So I tried bash task and powershell task and everytime I need to run as elevated sudo user it will fail stating:

"sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified"

lets say I want to run sudo apt-get update using powershell task.
Is there an option of doing these things? So far we were only using windows deployment group but we need to use ubuntu this time and I cannot find a solution to that.