opengl – ClearType background problem, too many textures for shaders

I'm building a text editor for Windows. I use the DirectWrite rasterizer to generate very high quality font bitmaps. To write text, I passed bitmaps to OpenGL shaders with an array of texture coordinates and quad offsets and called glDrawArraysInstanced.

The problem is that ClearType font bitmaps are tied to specific backgrounds.
This means that if the user wants to use multiple font colors on different backgrounds with different font sizes, I need to generate a ton of textures:

# of ClearType bitmaps = (# of backgrounds) * (# of colors) * (# of sizes)

This is not a problem in GrayScale rendering where the color can be passed to the shader and the background is transparent:

# of GrayScale bitmaps = (# of sizes)

I find this problematic because the user could inadvertently slow down the program. And then, there is the limit of the textures that you can adapt to a single shader …

I would like to support both rasterization methods.

  • Is there a way to solve the problem gracefully?

magento 2.1.9 – Product image in png format on a black background on the product detail page

I've uploaded a ".png" image for a product in the background, which displays a black background on the detail page ahead.

I want to show how it is with the png format and without background.

enter the description of the image here

I tried it in etc/view.xml like this:

     [255, 255, 255]

but does not work.
Any other suggestions please.

plugin development – Prevent the profile page as the default background page, but enable "Edit my profile"

I use the Adminimize plugin to disable most sections of the backend for some user role. Only pages created by the plugin have remained available for this user role.

The behavior is that after a user with this user role login, he accesses the profile page.

I use the following codes in the main script of my plugin to prevent the loading of the profile page on the first page after login:

// Skip and Hide Profile
add_action('load-profile.php', function() {
    if(check_if_certain_user_role()) {
        exit(wp_safe_redirect( menu_page_url('myplugin-first-page', false)));

The script above works and it is transferred to the first page of the menu of my plugin myplugin-first-page. However, in the link "Edit my profile" menu at the top right, it is inaccessible, it will also be transferred to the first page of my plugin.

How to adjust this behavior to allow the user to access the profile page only via the link "Edit my profile"?

Thank you in advance.

sharepoint designer – I'm trying to customize the font and the background of a list

I have a list app displayed on an SP page, but the fonts are small and simple. I'm trying to customize the background color, the font and add a scroll bar to items (which can be advanced).

I managed to change the font size with the help of the script editor and to integrate the following elements

.ms-vh2 {
Font size: 20 pt! important; }
.ms-vh {
Font size: 20 pt! important; }

I'm new to coding so any help would be appreciated

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redhat enterprise linux – Rhel 7: Systemd fails to start a process if the background option is provided

I have a systemd file (serv_unit.service):

Description=My service

ExecStart=/etc/init.d/myscript start



source /etc/ # JAVA_home & other vars are resolved through this file
case "$mode" in
    # Start daemon
    daemon --user=abc $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -cp $appClassPath $MAIN_CLASS $args &

The problem I am facing is when I run the following command:

systemctl start serv_unit.service

I do not see a java process. But when I delete trailing And this is to say:

daemon --user=abc $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -cp $appClassPath $MAIN_CLASS $args

the java process can be seen (& the java process does not hang, which precludes the possibility that it hangs in the background)

What is the cause?

Is it a standard in Android apps to have a background navigation only about the activities of parents

I have checked several applications and, in most of them, the navigation from the bottom is visible only for the activities of the parents. When I engage in an indoor activity, bottom navigation disappears. everyone is just following this approach without proper guidance,

and is it a good approach to have a basic navigation only on the activities of the parents?

and in what cases we hide the navigation on the activities of the children, if not in all.

For example, I have an element in the navigation Teamwhen the user presses it, I open the team screen, which contains 5 items; thus, when the user goes further in these elements, I disable the navigation, is this the right approach?

Applications – When access to notifications is not available on your phone, is it possible to run third-party apps / in the background?

I have installed (…) (device monitoring application) on a phone.
During installation, the target phone displays an error saying "Access Notifucation – this feature is not available on this device".

Since my monitoring application does not work properly! Or does not work at all.

Question: I understand that (…) is a background / third-party application – Is it possible to run a third-party application on a device where the notofication access feature is unavailable?

How to design an edition version on a white background?

I am working on designing a user profile for a website. The information (name, email, user name, etc.) is on a pure white background.

The type of editing function I want to use involves clicking a change button. The information is instantly changed into editable fields such as text boxes. My problem is that I'm not sure how to style editable fields. One method I've used is a white field on a darker background to give the appearance of the edit field embedded in the page, but since my background is already white, it does not work. The dark style gives the impression that the fields jump from the page.

Are there design styles that I can use to make it clear that these fields are editable now?

Creating an NFC tag with contact information readable by analyzing iPhone's tag background

Although several NFC tag analysis apps on iOS can read vcard-encoded tags and correctly add contact information to the Contacts app, it appears that the tag analysis of Apple's background (available in later X and iPhones) will not read business cards. My question is therefore to know if there is a way to encode an NFC tag so that it can be read by iOS background analysis and load a contact. Does Apple have a universal link, for example, that will load contacts and associated data? Ideally, I would like something that would also work in Android, but I would be content with something that would only work in iOS.