I will provide 10 dofollow contextual pbn backlinks to high da, pa for $ 8

I will provide 10 backlinks dofollow pbn contextual high da, pa

Hi, Welcome to my concert, I can provide you with a permanent Contextual contextual DBNF contextual links Having high Dr, Rd, Tf, Cf. This will help boost the ranking of your site from the first pages. I will do these backlinks using Techniques of building natural links. Features of PBN backlinks:★ All DBNF PBN backlinks have

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Why are you ordering me:

  • I will manually make all these PBN backlinks Dofollow contextual.
  • Offer more than 500 unique content related to your niche.
  • Give 3 Dofollow PBN contextual backlinks with DR 50+

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seo – Generate backlinks via a javascript video widget without getting any manual action penalties?

I am finishing an API project that will allow website owners to view related videos on all their pages with a simple javascript code. Associated videos are completely related to the content of the page. And the videos are displayed on the same page that they were clicked on so that the visitor does not leave the page. We hope this will increase the website owner's measures of time spent on the site, the length of the session and reduce their bounce rate while adding rich content to their page.

enter the description of the image here

The purpose of this API project was to generate backlinks to my website to increase my web presence. But now, I read that widget links can be hit by Google's manual actions as well as penalties. And I really do not understand any of this.

If a widget is so good that a website is ready to integrate it or run javascript with the backlink tracked inside the widget, would not Google see this as a signal that the link must have a very good content on its website? Why would they hit content developers with penalties like this?

I can offer the javascript widget with a backlink rel = "nofollow" inside the widget, but because of the costs and constraints of the server, the only way it will be worth it is to be able to get a backlink followed somewhere on the website of the user. Which is good, I can ask them to place a tracking link somewhere on their site. But the problem is that because of the https protocol that many sites use, I do not see any way to track websites that incorporate my javascript code and use my data. Therefore, if an https website uses my javascript widget a lot without creating a link to my site, I can not restrict access to its domain. I just do not know what areas do that.

I could check my apache logs to determine which IP addresses call my javascript code, but I imagine that it would be very difficult to determine which IP address refers to which web domain. And since https does not pass http_referer in PHP, I can not track the websites that use my data.

Is there a solution to this problem and a way for me to be able to offer this really useful widget with video content highly linked to websites while being able to guarantee that I get some kind of follow-up link in exchange for the Dramatic use of the server that my widget will need on my servers?

The code uses .load('http://example.com/page') where example.com is my domain. It would be really better not to offer secret API keys as I target wordpress users and learning curve for registration and implementation of access keys to API could deter the adoption of widgets.

Can I determine which https websites use my script with some kind of code? Or are there any other tips on how to implement backlinks without incurring penalty?

Here is an article about Rand at Moz's widget backlinks. It contains great information, but I do not think it definitely answers if the brand logo backlinks in the widgets are still safe.

Thank you

Provide you with 3 PBN DA 40+ backlinks for $ 15

Provide 3 PBN DA 40+ backlinks

** The real PBN is not like Web2.0 **
** 100% safe and According to Google Updates **

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The simple purchase of low quality loose links is no longer part of off-page SEO. Google keep changing and you too. Align your own SEO strategy with Google updates and think from the start for better results and you'll get results.

We provide High authority Pbn links on areas of authority guaranteeing high quality standards. Our network of giant private blogs has survived all the updates that have occurred and is maintained by professionals. We are the reason why a large number of sites rank for terms that are essential to their success.

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  • Manually made
  • Each PBN blog has its own unique IP addresses
  • Unique articles of more than 500 human readable words with relevant images in all PBN messages
  • All domains are well indexed on Google

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200 blog comments manually Dofollow backlinks for $ 45

200 blog comments manually Dofollow Backlinks

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It is hand made with a bank link guarantee

I'm going to create 200 Dofollow blog comments for $ 5

The most important part of SEO is the BLOG COMMENTS HIGH PR BACKLINKS, your desire goal can be reached by you easily, our hard work will be offered by us. No type of tension and bamboo just hit.

Incredible Offer Total 100 PR2 to PR6 Follow BLOG COMMENTS HIGH PR BACKLINKS at only $ 5 wowSo my friends what are you waiting for? Join us and get our concert soon, more and more things are happening by us, with our commitment to 100% and our results to 100%.

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Over 30 high quality profile backlinks to rank your website for $ 5

Over 30 high quality backlinks to rank your website

Dear friends,
I will make 20 high authority Dofollow profile backlinks for your Dofollow profile website High Authority Backlinks to help you increase the ranking of your website.Main Features:1. Dofollow profile links of high authority
2. fast delivery
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5. All links will come from the High PR website
6. The backlink will come from the site High DA 7. Hat 100% white and manual referencing
8. All the details in the Excel sheet.
9. customer support 24/7 hours.
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I will make 50 unique high PR backlinks on DA30plus sites for $ 4

I will make 50 unique backlinks to high PR on DA30plus sites

I will make 50 unique backlinks to high PR on DA30plus sites

About this concert

This is the best SEO technique to rank your website. Latest SEO Strategy 2019 to increase the authority of your money website with credible HIGH DA and powerful backlinks. These l! Powerful Nks will skyrocket your site on Google and provide you with the max juice! Nk that any backlink could provide.

Features of the service:

100% manual service
100% safe for Google animals
Made according to the latest update of Google 2019
The natural mix of DoFollow and NoFollow links
Acceptability of all languages
Unlimited URLs and keywords
Detailed Excel report on the finalization of the order
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Create 40 manual backlinks DA 90+ to rank for $ 3

Create 40 manual backlinks DA 90+ to rank you

It's the SEO service you need for incredible results. Brings powerful rankings, offers excellent support and we take your safety as our # 1 priority.

Manually created backlinks offer great ranking improvements for new (or old) sites, existing sites with ranking issues, and even sites with sandboxes.

What we offer ..

★ The links will be Do-Follow

★ Manually done

★ 100% indexed in Google.

profile links

I am an SEO expert and have been working with respect since last year. If you want a high level of quality of your Google banking links and your search engine, then other DA manuals … it's only for $ 3

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500,000 SEO GSA backlinks verified for $ 3

500,000 SEO GSA backlinks verified high quality

Cheap GSA backlink service for Google ranking

I will make high quality GSA backlinks for your niche site, your YouTube video, Web2.0, yellow pages, eBay ads, Amazon Store or any other webpage you want.

Each campaign includes (GSA backlinks + full SEO support)
✓ Comments on the blog
✓ Messages on the forum
✓ Micro blogs
✓ Blog links
✓ Spinning and publishing articles in article directories
✓ Contextual links
✓ Web 2.0 publications
✓ Google Crawling

My campaign includes (GSA SER Technical Specifications)

✓ Use fresh proxies and ananmox (class C proxies to provide variants)
New list
More than 80,000 unique domains
Variations of anchor text (partial, secondary, branding, LSI, generic anchor text)
Article Generator
More than 100 platforms

Work report :

I will provide a full work report in Excel / CSV format and include all GSA backlink information.

URL and keywords:

  • I accept unlimited URLs (from the same niche) and unlimited keywords.
  • Nobody can offer you this GSA SER Backlinks service anywhere on seoclerks.com

This service is totally unique and I will do it for you.

So order now! 100% satisfaction.

Note: Accept the adult, gaming or illegal niche!

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SEO Tools for Backlinks

SEO Tools for Backlinks

+ Answer the thread

  1. SEO Tools for Backlinks

    What are the best SEO tools for backlink analytics

Authorizations to publish

  • You Maybe not post new discussions
  • You Maybe not post answers
  • You Maybe not post attachments
  • You Maybe not edit your posts

the Web


provide 35 unique domain backlinks High DA PA Follow the blog comments for $ 3

provide 35 unique domain backlinks High DA PA Follow the blog comments

Hiii I am LIZZA …
*** Welcome to our unique Gig area ***

I will provide you with 35 unique domain backlinks from high DA PA. Follow the comments of the blog.

The unique and effective domain blog comments are one way to increase the ranking of your website in the search engines.
I still work in the white hat method. So you can buy my service without fear. I will create all the links back manually. when I go to a website, I read and analyze the post first, then I create a comment.
Why do I create this concert?

Description: Now, one day, I have mostly seen the demand of buyers of high domain authority sites for the creation of its site authority. So I think I can create a gigantic new gig for needy buyers who want a high domain name blog comment site. So do not hesitate to come quickly and place an order for this new attractive concert.

In this concert, we provide high quality links better than low quality links, check below for more features …
See also Features:

  • 100% unique domain
  • 100% manual work
  • 100% links to follow.
  • 100% approved comments
  • Increases the ranking of your website by 100%
  • Accept unlimited URLs and keywords
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Do not use automated software Fast delivery
  • High DA Websites
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It will rank your site on Google's first page and will increase the number of visitors
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